Proceedings of the Annual Congress of Correction

American Correctional Association, 1893
Proceedings for 1884 and 1885 include report of conference of prison officials, Chicago, 1884, separately paged.


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第 46 頁 - So went to bed : where eagerly his sickness Pursued him still ; and, three nights after this, About the hour of eight, (which he himself Foretold should be his last,) full of repentance, Continual meditations, tears, and sorrows, He gave his honours to the world again, His blessed part to heaven, and slept in peace.
第 69 頁 - The United States of America and the Emperor of China cordially recognize the inherent and inalienable right of man to change his home and allegiance, and also the mutual advantage of the free migration and emigration of their citizens and subjects respectively from the one country to the other for purposes of curiosity, of trade, or as permanent residents.
第 45 頁 - I hear a voice you cannot hear, Which says, I must not stay ; I see a hand you cannot see, Which beckons me away.
第 44 頁 - Thanks. I have other business just now. Any man who would leave the army at this time, to electioneer for congress, deserves to be scalped." He wrote again, " I shall never go to Washington, until I go by the way of Richmond.
第 45 頁 - We'll bury him; and then, what's brave, what's noble, Let's do it after the high Roman fashion, And make Death proud to take us. Come, away; This case of that huge spirit now is cold. Ah, women, women! come; we have no friend But resolution, and the briefest end.
第 70 頁 - Hayes, who succeeded me as president of the United States, bore a very honorable part. His conduct on the field was marked by conspicuous gallantry, as well as the display of qualities of a higher order than mere personal daring.
第 63 頁 - Compound for sins they are inclined to By damning those they have no mind to.
第 74 頁 - You feel. I am sure, as I do about this whole business. A fair election would have given us about forty electoral votes at the south — at least that many. But we are not to allow our friends to defeat one outrage and fraud by another. There must be nothing crooked on our part. Let Mr. Tilden have the place by violence, intimidation, and fraud, rather than undertake to prevent it by means that will not bear the severest scrutiny.
第 69 頁 - Neither my recommendation, nor that of the secretary of the treasury, nor the recommendation of any member of congress, or other influential person, should be specially regarded. Let appointments and removals be made on business principles, and by fixed rules.
第 73 頁 - With such a recognition fully accorded it will be practicable to promote, by the influence of all legitimate agencies of the General Government, the efforts of the people of those States to obtain for themselves the blessings of honest and capable...