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killed her! Enough; I bore the visitation like a man ; and when að order came to join a battalion of my regiment in Spain, I willingly obeyed it. You know the rest; and, but for you, if the dead are united in another world—as my heart fondly tells me that they are-I would have been with thee, Pauline !

He stopped ; a tear trickled down his cheek; and, to divert the sadness of his thoughts, I proposed that we should retire for the night. The host lighted us to a dirty and comfortless apartment; and, without undressing, we threw ourselves on the outside of the bedcoverings, and, wrapped in our cloaks, were speedily asleep. We were still fast as watchmen, when the guerilla roused us. For all, he had agreeable intelligence. There was a post established lately by General Laval, but two leagues off, occupied by a party of French lancers.—that the voltigeur could join easily. A few miles, in an opposite direction, a squadron of Julian Sanchez light cavalry were cantoned ; and once with them, the fosterer and I would be in safety. Accordingly, after an early breakfast

, we took leave of each other, each to follow out his respective fortunes, and, not improbably, meet again - upon a field of battle.

One thing I must not forget : when summoned to the court-yard to mount our horses, we found the hidalgo and his friend, the little physician, settling accounts with the worthy host. On certain charges in the score, the parties held very opposite opinions. A long and bootless argument ensued; and, as disputants occasionally will part, the monetary transaction of the morning seemed to have raised neither in the estimation of the other.

In turn I advanced to the landlord, paraded my purse, and demanded in what I was indebted for great hospitality, excellent wine,

and a supper.

That would kill the divil !” was an addition of the fosterer's.

With a profound bow, the host_begged to leave the consideration entirely to myself, and forthwith I produced a guinea. I never saw joy so strikingly displayed: every line of the landlord's face expanded -the lip curled graciously—the eye sparkled; when a change as suddenly came over it, and the countenance at once changed to the very picture of despair. What could have caused this change? I turned my head. Immediately behind me the partida guide was standing, his finger in a monitory position, while his dark eye told the rest.

“ Not for worlds,” faltered the unhappy man, “would I accept one real for any poor service I could show a dog-I beg pardon, Senhor,-a

-a gentleman, who has the honour of Don Juan Diez' acquaintance !”

The guerilla motioned us to ride on. I did not look back, but a groan reached me from the doorway of the venta, as if a heart had broken. There was no mistake about it—the landlord was the sufferer!

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King Henry. How now! what news? Why com’st
thou in such haste ?"

Juliet. O, for a falconer's voice,
To lure this tassel-gentle back again !”



THE absolute authority exercised by the Partida leaders over the Spanish population, was apparent in the readiness with which their orders were obeyed—and of this, the independent style in which we had lived at free quarters for the last week, would have been a sufficient guarantee. Not contented with the demolition of his supper and the occupation of the state apartments, we found that “mine host” had been laid under farther requisitions, and obliged to remount the Frenchman and Mark Antony, whose horses were sent back by two villagers to the mountains. To a casual inquiry that I made touching the safe delivery of the animals, the guerilla, who accompanied us, replied with a stare expressive of surprise that a doubt should be entertained upon the subject; and then pointing significantly to his neck, he led us to clearly understand, that nothing insures punctuality and despatch like an occasional application of the halter.

In the course of an hour's ride we fell in with the party we expected, and our guide delivered us over to their sale keeping. That night we were entertained at the expense of an alcade, who loaded us with civilities, and would listen to no hint of ours touching remuneration in the morning. The extent of his hospitality, and the anxiety he evinced to anticipate our wants, drew forth from me a flattering eulogium. As I proceeded, the guerilla leader merely shrugged his shoulders-and then privately assured me, that this generous functionary was one of the greatest scoundrels in the province, and that he was more than suspected of intriguing with the French. “ He fancies that he blinds us—no matter-we know him well—all I shall say, my friend, is—that for the horse you ride, I would not have my neck in the same insecurity.”

As he spoke, we gained the crest of a hill which commanded an extensive view of the flatter country that lay beneath, and from a small wood, at a league's distance in our front, we perceived the smoke of a



large fire curling upwards. The partida pointed to the spot, and told us that there a picket of light German cavalry was bivouaced, and therefore, that his escort was no longer necessary—then bade us a friendly farewell—and in half an hour the fosterer and I found ourselves once more within the allied outposts.

On announcing myself to the officer in command as the bearer of a private despatch for Lord Wellington, I was furnished with a fresh horse and the escort of a couple of dragoons — and leaving the Empecinado's present to the care of the fosterer, I immediately rode off to reach head-quarters at Frenada.

As I passed through the diferent cantonments, I fancied a general activity prevailed among the soldiers, which formed a striking contrast to the quiet and reposė in which, a week before, I had left the allied camp. On the roads I had frequently encountered convoys moving in various directions, and the commissariat department seemed to be particularly on the alert. With an Irish officer, who was riding in the same direction, I entered into conversation for a few minutes, while I and my escort breathed our horses over a rough road that rendered a quicker movement dangerous ; and from him I ascertained that the allied army was in perfect readiness, and it was the general opinion that “Lord Wellington had mischief in his head !” As he spoke, wheeling round a bending of the road, we came suddenly in sight of another that crossed it at right angles; and at a quarter of a mile’s distance, observed a staff-officer, followed by an orderly dragoon, riding towards the point of junction at a pace which led me to infer that, like myself, he was the bearer of despatches. “ Talk of the devil,” exclaimed my loving countryman—“ may the Lord forgive me for saying so !—but that's himself!” The hint was quite sufficient-I spurred my horse, cantered safely over as rugged a causeway as man could meet withreached the cross-roads—and halted at the point of junction, before the allied commander gained it.

On perceiving me pull up, Lord Wellington reined his borse in, and a brief colloquy ensued.

66 Your name ?" 66 O'Halloran.” “ Whence come you ?” “ From the Empecinado.” " Where is he?” “ Heaven only knows. " Your business ?“ To deliver a French despatch.” “ Are you aware of the contents ?” “ No--we could not read it ;” and I placed the packet in his hand. At one rapid glance his eye ran over the secret characters

“Ha! I have the key,” he muttered ; then placing the document in his coat pocket, he desired me to ride on, report myself at head quarters, wait there for further orders, gave his horse the reins-and thus ended an interview that had barely occupied a minute.

I remembered the marked politeness which he had lavished upon Peter Crotty, and marvelled that his lordship had not the civility to even bid

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