Half Hour Talks on Character Building 1910

J. S. Kirtley
Kessinger Publishing, 2003年5月1日 - 616 頁
A stimulating volume for men and women in every walk of life. It will arouse to consciousness the spirit of moral adventure, which leads to the power of initiative in the uplifting and building of noble character. An entirely new and striking book, thoroughly human, interesting and sympathetic, showing in a kindly way how to solve the problems and overcome the obstacles of everyday life. A practical book for every member of the family by self-made men and women. Also special autograph articles on true success and character building by ex-president Roosevelt, Senator Albert J. Beveridge, Charles M. Sheldon, Pres. James B. Angell, Gen. O.O. Howard, Ballington Booth, David Starr Jordan, Edward Bok, A.K. McClure, David Rankin, Gen. A.W. Greely, Helen Keller, Mary E. Woolley, Margaret E. Sangster, Lucy Waite, and many other noted men and women. Handsomely illustrated with full page portraits and engravings.

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