The Library of American Biography, 第 12 卷

Jared Sparks
C. C. Little and J. Brown, 1847


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第 280 頁 - ... distance from New Castle, northward and westward unto the beginning of the fortieth degree of northern latitude, and then by a straight line westward to the limits of longitude above mentioned.
第 204 頁 - This I can say, that I had an opening of joy as to these parts in the year 1661, at Oxford, twenty years since ; and as my understanding and inclinations have been much directed to observe and reprove mischiefs in government, so it is now put into my power to settle one. For the matters of liberty and privilege...
第 280 頁 - ... but if the said river shall not extend so far northward, then by the said river so far as it doth extend; and from the head of the said river, the...
第 253 頁 - A serious Apology for the Principles and Practices of the People called Quakers...
第 386 頁 - I purpose to see you if God give me life this fall, but I grow old and infirm, yet would gladly see you once more before I die, and my young sons and daughter also settled upon good tracts of land for them and theirs after them, to clear and settle upon, as Jacob's sons did.
第 320 頁 - Persuasive to Moderation to Dissenting Christians, in Prudence and Conscience, humbly submitted to the King and his Great Council.
第 235 頁 - Perm, in two volumes. To which is prefixed a Journal of his Life, with many original Letters and Papers not before published.
第 235 頁 - Truth exalted: in a short but sure testimony against all those religions, faiths, and worships, that have been formed and followed in the darkness of apostacy; and for that glorious light, which is now risen and shines forth in the life and doctrine of the despised Quakers, as the alone good old way of life and salvation.
第 130 頁 - I to die this moment," said he in his despatches to the Admiralty, "want of frigates would be found stamped on my heart ! No words of mine can express what I have suffered, and am suffering, for want of them.
第 280 頁 - The said land to extend westward five degrees in longitude, to be computed from the said eastern bounds, and the said lands to be bounded on the north by the beginning of the three and fortieth degree of northern latitude, and on the south by a circle drawn at twelve miles...