The Code of Health and Longevity: Or, A Concise View, of the Principles Calculated for the Preservation of Health, and the Attainment of Long Life ..

A. Constable & Company, 1807

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第 58 頁 - ... me in health, to help my bad constitution, and comfort my very weak stomach. I therefore applied myself diligently to discover what kinds of food suited me best. But first I resolved to try, whether those which pleased my palate, agreed or disagreed with my stomach, in order to judge for myself of the truth of that proverb, which I once held for true, and is universally held as such in the highest degree, insomuch that epicures, who give loose to their appetites, lay it down as a fundamental...
第 67 頁 - ... often as they are guilty of it, they by way of apologizing for their conduct, say, that it is better to live ten years less, and enjoy themselves; not considering of what importance are ten years more of life, especially a healthy life, and at a maturer age; when men become sensible of their progress in knowledge and virtue, which cannot attain to any degree of perfection before this period of life.
第 92 頁 - Nor do I ever find myself the worse for writing immediately after meals; nor is my understanding ever clearer ; nor am I apt to be drowsy ; the food I take being in too small a quantity to send up any fumes to the brain. O, how advantageous it is to an old man to eat but little ! Accordingly, I who know it eat but just enough to keep body and soul together...
第 50 頁 - Discourses, wherein he acquaints us with the irregularity of his youth, his reformation of manners, and the hopes he entertained of living a long time. Nor was he mistaken in his expectation, for he resigned his last breath without any agony, sitting in an elbow chair, being above a hundred years old.
第 81 頁 - God's blessing, may be quite sure that I am at a very great distance from such a period. Nay, I have reason to think, that my soul, having so agreeable a dwelling in my body, as not to meet with any thing in it but peace, love, and harmony, not only between its humours, but between my reason and the senses, is exceedingly content and well pleased with her present situation : and of course, that a great length of time, and many years must be requisite to dislodge her. Whence it must be concluded for...
第 75 頁 - ... than men. But, on my draining off the waters, the air mended, and people resorted to it so fast, and increased to such a degree, that it soon acquired the perfection in which it now appears ; hence I may say with truth, that I have given, in this place, an altar and a temple to God, with souls to adore him.
第 51 頁 - I am mentioning, was of an infirm constitution, till about forty, when by obstinately persisting in an exact course of temperance, he recovered a perfect state of health ; insomuch that at fourscore he published his book which has been translated into English under the title of " Sure and Certain Methods of attaining a Long and Healthy Life.
第 74 頁 - Then, when I cannot enjoy their conversation, I betake myself to the reading of some good book. When I have read as much as I like, I write ; endeavouring in this as in every thing else, to be of service to others, to the utmost of my power.
第 62 頁 - I should die ; nevertheless, they would try what good two things would do me; one was to bleed me, the other to purge me ; and thereby prevent my humours altering, as they every moment expected, to such a degree as to ferment greatly, and bring on a high fever. But I, on the contrary, who knew that the sober life I had led for many years past, had so well united, harmonized, and disposed my...
第 91 頁 - Thou, moreover, freest him from the dreadful thoughts of death. How greatly is thy faithful disciple indebted to thee, since by thy assistance he enjoys this beautiful expanse of the visible world, which is really beautiful to such as know how to view it with a philosophic eye, as thou hast enabled me to do. Nor could I, at any other time of life, even when I was young, but altogether debauched by an irregular life, perceive its beauties, though I 'spared no pains or expense to enjoy every season...