The Parliamentary Debates, 第 1 卷

Published under the superintendence of T.C. Hansard, 1820




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第 859 頁 - As defence, however, is of much more importance than opulence, the act of navigation is, perhaps, the wisest of all the commercial regulations of England.
第 871 頁 - That an humble address be presented to His Majesty, to return His Majesty the thanks of this House for his most gracious message to this House, signified by His Grace the Lord-lieutenant.
第 179 頁 - ... against foreign competition, is set up as a ground of claim by other branches for similar protection; so that if the reasoning upon which these restrictive or prohibitory regulations are founded were followed out consistently, it would not stop short of excluding us from all foreign commerce whatsoever.
第 871 頁 - The King thinks it necessary, in consequence of the arrival of the Queen, to communicate to the House of Lords certain papers respecting the conduct of her majesty since her departure from this kingdom, which he recommends to the immediate and serious attention of this House.
第 871 頁 - The King has the fullest confidence, that in consequence of this communication, the House of Lords will adopt that course of proceeding which the justice of the case, and the honour and dignity of his Majesty's crown, may require. "GEORGE R.
第 633 頁 - That it is a high infringement of the liberties and privileges of the Commons of...
第 179 頁 - ... every other country, each trying to exclude the productions of other countries, with the specious and well-meant design of encouraging its own productions ; thus inflicting on the bulk of its subjects, who are consumers, the necessity of submitting to privations in the quantity or quality of commodities; and thus rendering what ought to be the source of mutual benefit and of harmony among states, a constantly-recurring occasion of jealousy and hostility.
第 421 頁 - Did his noble friend conceive, that the commercial greatness of England had arisen from any superior advantage in its climate, any superior fertility in its soil ? No. He might go to the east or to the west, to the north or to the south...
第 179 頁 - ... unrestrained foreign competition would be discouraged, yet as no Importation could be continued for any length of time without a corresponding Exportation, direct or indirect, there would be an encouragement, for the purpose of that exportation, of some other production to which our situation might be better suited; thus affording at least an equal, and probably a greater, and certainly a more beneficial, employment to our own Capital and Labour.
第 181 頁 - As long as the necessity for the present amount of revenue subsists, your petitioners cannot expect so important a branch of it as the Customs to be given up, nor to be materially diminished, unless some substitute, less objectionable, be suggested.