The Life and Reign of William the Fourth

Fisher, Son & Company, 1837 - 868 頁

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第 251 頁 - ... of his Majesty's person and government against treasonable and seditious practices and attempts...
第 555 頁 - ... security of our establishments in church and state, with the maintenance of the reformed religion established by law, and of the rights and privileges of the bishops and of the clergy of this realm, and of the churches committed to their charge. These are institutions which must ever be held sacred in this protestant kingdom, and which it is the duty and the determination of his majesty to preserve inviolate.
第 555 頁 - You will consider whether the removal of those disabilities can be effected consistently with the full and permanent security of our establishments in Church and State, with the maintenance of the Reformed Religion established by law, and of the rights and privileges of the Bishops and of the clergy of his realm, and of the churches committed to their charge.
第 264 頁 - I had the happiness to command, and judging that the honour of His Majesty's arms, and the circumstances of the war in these seas, required a considerable degree of enterprize, I felt myself justified in departing from the regular system...
第 623 頁 - In resolving to recur to the sense of my people in the present circumstances of the country, I have been influenced only by a paternal anxiety for the contentment and happiness of my subjects ; to promote which, I rely with confidence on your continued and zealous assistance.
第 298 頁 - Majesty commands me to express his anxious hope that this consideration, joined to the sentiment of mutual affection and common interest, may dispose the Parliaments in both kingdoms to provide the most effectual means of maintaining and improving a connection essential to their common security, and of consolidating as far as possible into one firm and lasting fabric, the strength, the power and the resources of the British empire.
第 584 頁 - GENTLEMEN OF THE HOUSE OF COMMONS, " I thank you for the supplies which you have granted, and for...
第 123 頁 - Atlantic surge Pours in among the stormy Hebrides ; Who can recount what transmigrations there Are annual made ? what nations come and go ? And how the living clouds on clouds arise ? Infinite wings ! till all the plume-dark air, And rude resounding shore are one wild cry.
第 352 頁 - I need to fear : peace is the wish of my heart, but war has never been inconsistent with my glory. I conjure your majesty not to deny yourself the happiness of giving peace to the world, nor to leave that sweet satisfaction to your children ; for...
第 764 頁 - Thus it hath pleased Almighty God to take out of this transitory life, unto his divine mercy, the late most high, most mighty, and most excellent monarch...