Occasional Papers: Dramatic and Historical

Small, Maynard, 1907 - 225 頁

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第 116 頁 - Till one wide conflagration swallows all. Thence a new world, to nature's laws unknown, Breaks out refulgent, with a heaven its own: Another Cynthia her new journey runs, And other planets circle other suns. The forests dance, the rivers upward rise, Whales sport in woods, and dolphins in the skies; And last, to give the whole creation grace, Lo! one vast egg produces human race. Joy fills his soul, joy innocent of thought; What power, he cries, what power these wonders wrought?
第 32 頁 - Cold is that hand, which, living, was stretched forth At Friendship's call, to succour modest worth. Here lies James Quin — Deign, reader, to be taught Whate'er thy strength of body, force of thought, In Nature's happiest mould however cast, To this complexion thou must come at last.
第 13 頁 - I'll meet thee there. Loth. To-morrow, Oh, my better stars ! to-morrow Exert your influence ; shine strongly for me ; 'Tis not a common conquest I would gain, Since love as well as arms, must grace my triumph.
第 36 頁 - Clive. In spite of outward blemishes, she shone, For humour famed, and humour all her own : Easy, as if at home, the stage she trod, Nor sought the critic's praise, nor fear'd his rod : 690 Original in spirit and in ease, She pleased by hiding all attempts to please : No comic actress ever yet could raise, On humour's base, more merit or more praise.
第 47 頁 - Whose acting's hard, affected, and constrain'd, Whose features, as each other they disdain'd, At variance set, inflexible, and coarse, Ne'er know the workings of united force, Ne'er kindly soften to each other's aid, Nor shew the mingled pow'rs of light and shade.
第 56 頁 - Garrick, the charming man, the fine fellow, the delightful creature, both by men and ladies, when they were admiring everything you did and everything you scribbled, at this very time, /, the.
第 114 頁 - Circe,' and others, all set off with the most expensive decorations of scenes and habits, with the best voices and dancers. " This sensual supply of sight and sound coming in to the assistance of the weaker party, it was no wonder they should grow too hard for sense and simple nature, when it is considered how many more people there are that can see and hear than think and judge.
第 47 頁 - Sense may kindly end with ev'ry line? Some dozen lines before the Ghost is there, Behold him for the solemn scene prepare. See how he frames his eyes, poises each limb, Puts the whole body into proper trim. — From whence we learn, with no great stretch of art, Five lines hence comes a ghost, and, Ha ! a start.
第 46 頁 - Here Havard, all serene, in the same strains, Loves, hates, and rages, triumphs, and complains ; His easy vacant face proclaim'da heart Which could not feel emotions, nor impart. With him came mighty Davies. On my life, That Davies hath a very pretty wife :— Statesman all over !— In plots famous grown !— He mouths a sentence, as curs mouth a bone.
第 104 頁 - ... pay than any of his predecessors : he would laugh with them over a bottle, and bite them in their bargains : he kept them poor, that they might not be able to rebel ; and sometimes merry, that they might not think of it : all their articles of agreement had a clause in them that he was sure to creep out at, viz.