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hat, nevertheless, he would make the tryal; and of supplying his Majesty's traops. This the

his advice of his intention was conveyed in a agents for the captors had bern loud in their wetter from Cundapore, dated the igrh of Ja- repreicotations of the muppricd righi of the auary, and received here the 8th of February. ariny, and they and ene oli ers had wone every 13. The General's representation of the danger of thing that was difrelpecttularid injurious to lin; she enterprise, and fatal consequences of a which circumitances, lo contrary to good order and tailure, was exprefled fo forcibly, that we did not difcipnoe, could not tail to increale the fpirit think it proper, alter an opinion given in such for plader in the soldiery, yb, enco 'rared by it:ong terms by the officer who was to execute the practice of their oricens, were beim: loole the Service, tó peisiit in cxacting a compliance and undeeling as the most licentious ir. eboot.rs. withour above-mentioned orders; and we, ikere- . The Ceneral turcher laiờ, he fufpoled Colonel fore, though with reluctance, despatched discre- Macleod would deliver the papers on thic lubject tionary orders to the General to deler the at- of these disputes, and called upon us to take tempi, at the same time recommending to him to measures to prevent stich dangerous proceedings :

give due weight in the scale to the advantages that the croups in Budnure were almost in a state Hleider's death would aford hin, which, in our of nutin;; the enemy collecting a force within opinion, more than counterbalanced the objec- thirty milus; the prospect of re-letting the ciiy tions which might in itrict prudence be urged every moment more citant, owing to the djeagainft the attempt.

tion of the femautjar llyat Saib, who, from the The service, however, had been performed illiberal and indecent expreslions of the sit.cers, before the dispatch of our orders; and on the 14th was tuled with apprehentions that made him

of February th: Prelident received advice, in a utterly defpond, and rendered himn incapable of note from Captain Torriano, commandant at any exertion. Onore, of our army having forced the Gauts,

Such was the accusation against the army, and and gained potletion of the city of Bedmure. such the materials afforded by the General, as, Advice of this important event was thortly after grounds upon which governinent were to take communicated to you by the President.

their mealures in so delicate and critical an emer. Subiequent reports, and inteiligence collected gency. Colonel Macleod had not delivered the from private tetters, made us, very impatient 10 papers, as fupposed by the General; he had only receive a relation of his success from the General on his arrival, as mentioned in a former parahimself, as we loon understood that a treaty of a graph, given in a memorial, atligning his reaparticular nature had been concluded with Hyat lons for quitting the army, and itating, with Saib, the governor of Bednure under Heider candour and moderation, the circumstances of

Ali, and that he was continued in the govern- his own rank and services, and the complaints , meilt of that city, with an authority little infe- of his Majesty's troops, which had rendered it

Tior to what he held beiore we had become impollible for him to continue to serve under the mafters of the place.

command of Brigadier-General Mathews. There On the 26th of February Colonels Mac!cod circumitances, as well as our resolutions in conand Humberitone, and Major Shaw, the principal sequence, will be communicated by a future conofficers of his Majesty's troops, arrived here from veyance, only deeining it material to mention at the army, which they left some days after the present, that being of opinion the fervices of an surrender of Bednure; but we had still no officer of Colonel Macleod's ability and expeletters from Brigadier-General Mattheus. Thele rience were abiolutely requitite at io critical a gentlemen, on their arrival, each give in me- period, we had made a request to him on the 7th morials, stating their reasons for quitting the of March, to continue to serve on this coait until army.

we could receive the determination of the Govere Mangalore surrendered by capitulation the gh nour-General and Council, or General Coote, of March, after a practicable breach had been regarding his case; giving him ailurances, that nearly effected. Carwar, and other forts in the we would endeavour, in the inean time, to place Soundah country, had been likewise reduced by him on a footing that might be satisfactory, in a feparate detachment under Captain Carpenter; any practicable manner he could point out. and some forts inland, a considerable dittance to Colonel Macleod ihowed a readiness in comthe Eastward of Bednure, by other detachments. plying with our request that entitled him to

In the letter from the General above-men- every mark of attention from the company. He tioned, dated the 4th of March, he taxes the recalled to our attention his difficulties in serving whole army

in terms the most levere and unqua- with General Matthews; viill, however, offering litied, but altogether general and indiscriminate, to serve wherever and in whatever shape we might with offences of the higheit criminality. He command; but, in order to avoid all difputes resays, that, after the surrender of Bednure, the lating to King's and Company's troops, and to tame of discontent broke out amongit the of- enable him to serve with more efficacy, he sugficers, which rapidly Ipread from those in the im- gested the necetlity of our beltowing Company's mediate service of his Majesty to the Honourable rank upon him. Company's servants, and that this name being In consequence of the General's reference, we blown up by a tew zealots for plunder and booty, called upon Colonel Macleod, the 18th ot March, he was apt to think, was one caute of depriving for the papers alluded to, who in return demandhim at that critical time of the service of Lieutt- ed from our justice an extract of the General's nant-Colonels Macleod and Humberitone. Fie letter, in which those disputes on his conduct mentioned, in very concise term., some points were mentioned. of difference betwixt hinself and Colonel Mac- Colonel Macleod being furnished with the de

fired cyta7. delivered the parens required

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and the mata

companied with a letter from himself, in vindi- in a letter dated the 20th of February, e': cation of his own character, and of the other Mahratta Treaty having arrived from Poona officers involved in one general accusation.- The peace had been duely proclaimed at : Thele papers are of too great a length to be sent by bay, and every neceffary step taken on an overland detparch; but they contain imputa- for the performance of the treaty. The R tions agiiinit the General of a very serious nature, had failed the 5th of April with Coloneis , and supported by Itrong testimony.

leod and Humberstone, Major Shaw, and a Our want of information from Gen. Matthews officers, to join the army, Lieut. Pruta, Juid us under a necetlity of applying to Colonel commander of the vessel, having been presa Macleod. to furniih us with a detail of the opera- apprized of the peace, and furnished with tions of the army, from their leaving Cundapore same orders as had been circulated to all the to the surrender of Bednure, and any informa- rine, not to commit hoftilities against the N. tion he could afford respecting the nature of the rattas; when on the 18th of April we treaty with Hyat Saib, and the proceedings in alarmed by an account given by a Lascar, x. consequence.

had escaped, that the Ranger had been anai Colonel Macleod, in consequence, sent in the on the 8th, three days after leaving Bombay, journals kept by himself and Col. Humberttone, the Mahratta ficet, and, after a mot defpeand gave us ail the information in his power rela- resistance of near five hours, was obliged to é tive to the surrender of Bednure and the treaty mit to superior force, and, with the whole ca with Hyat Saib. When the respective details of voy of boats, had been carried into Gheriah. thele gentlemen and General Matthews of the We were under great anxiety and uncertzi: lame event thall come before you, you will double for a considerable time, regarding the fai leis make due comparison.

Col. Macleod and the other officers, which We are informed that the Gencral, notwith

not entirely removed till the 23d of May, standing the capitulation, immediately on getting the pretident received a letter from him, dated a poiletlion of Bednure, contined Hyat Saib a close Gheriah the 5th of that month. In this lette: priloner, and that inany bad consequences re- the colonel mentions he had made severai us. fulted from the alarm and impresiion given by successful attempts to convey advice of his miski.co this proceeding. That very great treasures were tune, and then relates tome circumstances of ! found in the Durbar, amounting to fourteen lacks engagement, referring for a more parucular 3. and upwards, betides much other treasure and count to Lieut. Pruen. The account Colos jesiels not exposed, which were at firtt publickly Macleod gives is—That, on the morning of ihown to the officers by the General, and declared 8th of April, they found themfelves near es to be the property of the army. That the breach Mahratta Aeet belonging to Gheriah, whic. between the General and Hyat Saib was foon after without speaking or ceremony, attacked inade up; and, in a few days, the army were Ranger with great fury. Lieut. Pruen fou altonithed to hear that Hyat Saib hud claimed all his vellel with the greatest courage. Their a this money, which evidently belonged to the go- fence was desperate, and ceakú not till eba vernmeat of the country, as his private property, were almost all killed or wounded. Major Star and that the General biad reitored it to him on was shot dead; Col. Humberitone that plea. Col. Mulcovi bad been detached at this through the lungs; Lieut. Stuart, of the jour time, but this crdistaction reviving a dilcontent regiment, was almost cut to pieces on boarding and fufpicion occationed by a former atiair at Lieut. John Taylor, of the Bombay troops, Onore, some of the other principal omñcers were thot through the body; Lieutenant Secon, ofite carried to Hyat Said by the General, who pre. Roinbay Artillery, and Lieutenant Pruen, cceVailcu

him io make a donation to the army mander of the vetiel, were wounded with it of bali a lack of pagodas.

on boarding. In the beginning of the acid We wok thi Gcncial's conduct, and the state Colonel Macleod received two wounds in of the athy, under contideration, on the 27th left hand and shoulder; and, a little before it to on March, and now tiuplinit a copy of our pro- over, a mulket-ball passed through his

1 Cerwinna uli aliis very diñcult and dilagreeable which pierced his lungs and fpleen. Lietu wiration,

Pruen's account likewite proves that the Mara Feeling the strongest conviction that the fer- tas beg an the attack, and that he received a bus. Vice would not proper in huis hands, we thought ber of thot before he returned a gun. Their it our indispensable duty not to continue hiin any force contiited of two large ships, a kerch, and Luriger in command oi the army in the bedzure eight gailivats, with which the Ranges camps country; and se acordingly came to a riolu- only twelve guns, twelve-pounders, iuitainei i tion to rumore him hercisom, and to fu!pend close engagement of four hours and a halt; and bin from the Hon. Coir.pany's fervice,' until he for the fait hour the two ihips and the ketch 619 fear the meri churgee again't him. were lained along lide of the Ranger, in whid

pizapored Lilienant-Coluncł. Muriend, of situation the engagernent was continued with hic Majetty's forces, the officer first in rack up- inuiquetry only; and the brave detence of the on this colt, and why had Gittin uithed hincfcifcers and crew prevented the enemy from by the defeat of Tippoo Saib at Panany, to fuc- entoring the veffel, till, from the number of ced General Matitieas in the command of the killed and wounded, and most of the marquets army in the Bednure counsay; and we allo de- being rendered unferviceable, the fire of die Sired Lieutenant-Colo: el tuinbcritore and Major Ranger was so much reduced, thai the comindoShaw to rejoin the army.

der was under a neceflity of striking; and the We had lonic days befare, on the 17th of instant the concurs were down the enemy ranked Mini, seccived advice from wr. D), Anderson, on board, and cruelly cut and wounded leveral of



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the officers and men, while others jumped over for that place next day, when he said he may

board, to avoid immediate death. The same possibly collect 1200 sepoys, and 400 Europeans, - night, the Ranger was carried into Gheriah, with tive pieces of cannon, to meet the enemy - where the Subedar and officers disowned all in the field. His next letter is dated the 27th,

knowledge of the peace, and refused to release at Cundapore, in which he repeats his intelli

the veffel and officers without orders from Poo- gence and requests for a re-enforcement, without 6. nah.

which, he obferves, it will be next to a miracle We are concerned to add, that Col. Hum- if he can preserve his footing. He then mentions, beritone died at Gheriah the zoth of April, of as a certainty, that a very large force was arrived the wound he received in the action. Col. Mac- within 35 miles of Bednure. His next letter, leod's recovery was long thought impollible, but and the last we have received from him, was dated he is now perfectly reitored to health. Lieute- the tit of April, at Bednure, and advised, that nants Stuart, Taylor, Seton, and Pruen are allo Tippoo Saib, with 1000 French, 12,000 horte, recovered.

and as many infantry, with a few guns, were The Ranger, with Colonel Macleod and the arrived within 45 miles, and purpoled puthing other surviving officers, arrived here the 29th of on without delay. We foon after received an Nay, having been relealed from Gheriah the account froin Captain Matthews, the General's 24/th, in too disabled and despoiled a condition brother, dated ai Cundapore, of a smart action to inake lier way to the southward.

having happened, in which the Company's troops Our last letter from Mr. Anderson is dated gained conliderable advantage. This account the 19th of May, upon receipt of the intelligence was not distinct, and only collected from the of the capture of the Ranger, which he inme- country people. diately communicated to Mhajee Scindia, and Our nexi accounts informed us of the loss required him, in ttrong terins, to give fome ex- of the two ports the General had established at planation with regard to this outrage, and the the Gauts, by which the communication bemeasures which he intended to pursue in vindi

tween Bednure and the Sea coast was cut of. cation of his own honour, which was thus brought The principal post, which had been represented into question. Scindia declared that none of, as very strong, appears to have been loit after a his late letters from the minister gave him the very ilight detente, by the misconduct of the least reason to apprehend any linister intentions officer in command. The fugitives who escaped of the Wahratta government, and he allured from the Gauts communicated such disorder Mr. Anderson, that he had written in strong and panick to the garrilon ai Cundapore, that terms to the minister, to punish with death the little else but an escape was thought of, in atperson who committed this act of boitility, and tempting which, numbers of men and hortes to make fuil reititution of the itares and effects were drowned. large magazines of Itores anu taken that if they coinplied with these requi- provitions, which were depolited at Cundapore, liuons, he would undertake to reconcile che were immediately set fire to in the confusion, and English government; but it they retused, they a large field of artillery disabled or left to the mult tale che consequences: that for his pari, enemy, who, it is to be observed, had not even Vince to eno mous an outrage had been com- made their appearance when this shameful fight mited after the conclusion of the treaty, he and destruction of a post, said to be tenable, took inut consuli and adopt the inclinations of the place. A part of the garrison escaped to Onore, Ei gliste

which is under the command of Capt. Torriano, So far from punishing the officer who com- who, by his resolute and prudent conduct, premitted the act of hostility, we are atlured by vented the panick from intecting his garriton, Colonel Macleod, that he received from the mi- and made an effort to recover the post at Cunda. niiter public marks of approbation, and hono- pore, in which he did not succeed. rary rewards for his conduct. Colonel Macleod Thele accounts were foon followed by others was invited to the ceremony held upon this oc- ftill more urfavourable, of the lots of Bednure, cation, and some of the officers were actually and that part of the army which was above the poctent usen the Subedar exhibited in public Gjuts under the command of General Matthews Burbur, according to the cuttom of the country, in perion. The moit authentiek information we the honorary ornaments which had been sent to have received of this disaiter is from Major him tronn Poonah.

Campbeil al Mangalore, and the particulars given By this tiine, matters to the southward had by him are as follow:-" The .:th of May, taken a very unfavourable turn:--the latter and the Intrepid had hardly failed, when a Sepoy of April we received advice from the Select Cop- arrived trum Bednure, with the distretling accounts mittee at Madrats, in a leiter dated the 12th of of the General, after tix days employed in letting Much, that I'ippoo had sent the greatest part of articles of capitulation, having marched out his armyout of the Carnatic, through the Chan- of the fort the 3d current, with his whole gumah Pals, and that they concluded he him garriton, with all the honours of war, in exselt would fojn follow, in order to use his utmott pectation of being allowed in the same manner ettorts to recover his valuable polletlions in the to come here; but, as naturally might be expectBlunure country.


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ed from an enemy by whom taith is so seidom General Matthews fent repeated advice of the kept, the brave but unfortunate garrison was no enemy's approach in force, and requisitions for tooner got out of the gates, than they were Il-enforcement. Under the 20th of March he surrounded by both forie and foot, and fored writes from Mangalore, of a body of 50,003 to lay down their arms, and are now detained quin, with 25 pieces of cannon, being to the priloners. The snclancholy account is Catwald ui Bucure, and that he tacaid lut of confirmed by another person, a Sepoyo wise

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was also in Bednure fort when it was given up. coast, and an account of their proceedings, ve He corroborates every part respecting it; both think it right to insert a paper transmitted to us Sepoys agree that there was a considerable quan- by the Seicot Committee at Madras, with their tity of water and provifions in the fort.”

letter of the 12th of March, being intelligence Under the 19th of May, Major Campbell given by Capt. Light, whose vefsel bad been made writes" I have nothing further to add to my a prize of sy M. Suffrein. laft defpatches than a painful confirmation of the The French fleet, consisting of 11 fail of surrender of Bednure, the cause unknown, but the line, and the La Fine and Bellona trigates, the conlequence is, that Tippoo Saib is now left Acheen the 20th of December; the Hannibal encamped with his whole army in our front, his and Bello!a were sent to cruite of the Brules. rear is just arrived, so that I expect an attack The 6th of January the fieet arrived at Ganj-m; to-morrow morning. A Madras soldier has the 10th ditio the Coventry was taken; ie 2.1 ome in to us, and says the number of French spoken with the Blandford that morning, who

Tippoo has with himn does not exceed 305; me intormed Capt. Woleiley that in the night he h..i rest of his army no: less than 100,000 richting engaged a privateer. The Coventry feeing 2 thip

at anchor in Ganjım Roal., supposed it to be die The force General Matthews had with him at privater; and ran ciute in betore the discovered Bednure, and the posts above the Gauts, confitted ihe rest of the fleet. On the 11th, the Blandeerd of detachments of the 98th and 1c2d regiments, was taken by the Coventry. On the 18th, the and of the rooth regionent of his Majetty's Blake was taken by the Coventry. On the iceh troops, the greater part of the Bombay intantry, and 21st, three small vessels in ballast were taken originally 300 rark and file, the 2d grenadier ani lunk,” battalion of Sepoys, and the 3d, 5th, with, and We have not heard of any material captures 15th battalions, except fom: detachments from made by the French fleet, except the Coventry thein, and the Bombay Europea:s, which were aad Biandford. at Ocre and other forts. According to Colonel We have the pleasure to acquaint you that Macleou', computation, for we have no retums the ficet under Vice-Admiral Hughes arrived ar to guide us, our lots in this unhappy attair Madras the 13th of April. The Admiral laiv amounts to about 600 Luropeans, and about 1600 nothing of the French rieet in his pallage, and Sepoys. We belove mentioned the force the ge- it seems doubtful whether they were io tie northneral Suppolcd he thould be able to collect.

ward or the southward. The Britol and ber It was time relief to us in this mistortune, convoy arrived the 17th of April, and soon ater and gave us contidence and hopes of retrieving the Company's ship Duke of Athol had the miss it, that juit at this time we received ivice, by fortune to blow up, by which a number of lives the uf Burtora, of the preliminaries of a ge- were loft. The Fairford was destroyed by fre neral peace having been signed at Paris the 20th in this harbour on the sth curt. as you will of January.

be advised by the board. --The grand arıny had There is still a very respectable for e remains marched to the southward, upon an expeíition ing at Carwar, Onore, and Mangat re. We againit Cuddalore — The fieet wisat Masras the are apprehensive for the latety o: 0.1010, in cafe zoth of April, and, we understand, was foon to it incuid be vigoroully attacked, but trust the proceed to the southward, to co-opera.e with trops at Caruar and Mangalore will be pre- the army against Cuddalore. fried. Ai Cirwar, and the ports dependent, We are much concerned to acquaint you, that there is one batalion of tepays; and it Man- we have private advice, that Lieutenant

Geral giulore the 420 icgiment, and iome mall de- Sir Eyre Coote died at Madras the 26th of Agrii, tachments from other regiments, and Company's the day after his arrival from Bengal in the Retotroops, amounting aitogether to about 400 men, lution country thip. behidcs arrill ry, and upwards of tour batta- Cepy of a Letter from Mr. Hutchinson to the Secret Jions of Sepoys, giving, on a rctur dated the Committee of the Court of Directors, &c. 8th of Mav, near zoco men.

There is also a Ginilin, futncient itock ct provitions, and a number of THE Hon. the President of Bombay having able oices in the place, which is under the directed the commandant of the Viper cuttig command of Major Campbeil; and we have proceeding with despatches for Butfora, to touch Strong hopes that the itrength of the gurritun, here for intelligence, 1 embrace the opportunity ani the approach of the munioun will bundle the of acquaiiting you with the most recent accu:att 17 pts of the eneiny.

rences in the Carnatick, which have come to my This force will prove a good foundation for knowidee. a new army; and we trust, notwithstanding our Gen. Stuart, with a powerful army, was before laic lois, we mall be abic, with proper atlitt- Cuddalore, when information was received of a ance of money, and a body of European intan.

treaty of peace having been concluded at Lontry, to renew and conuzue a powerful diser- don ile gih of February between the beiligerent se on this count (Malabar, againit the doni. poners, in consequence of which a celui of nivis af Tippco Saib. The pace in Europi, and hostilitiusimu.cuatuiy took place. It is magica with the Mihralldy, will now tuasie this partie the gardion muit have mordy submitted, as we dency, without anger, to furnith a strong body had succeeded in the attack on their lis, od oi sepoys, and a respectable dirachinent of ata had carryed their redoubts. In effection its tillery, in addition to thoie now in the south- service a very heavy loss was Siltainedi ca the ward.

part of the Briuth fasces, computed at 610 Euna Left you should not have received advice of peans, and 356 Sepoys, Lilled, wou ded, and the early return of the Fier.ch ficet in the other miiling. This happened on the 13th ult. On





sos the 25th - the enemy made-'a fally from the fort, Richardson, of Camberwell, Surrey.--2. The and advanced clofe up to our works, commenc- Rev. Morton Rockclilf, of Woodford, in Effex,

ing and fupporting the assault with great fpirit to Miss Bennet, eldest du hter of Thomas Leigh ' and intrepidity, but they were repulsed, with the Bennet, Esq. of Thorpe-Place, in Surrey.-3.

lots oí about 200 Europeans, and their Colonel Miss St. Barbe, ot Lymington, Hanis, to the D'Aquitaine taken prifoner.

Rev. Mr. Browning, Feilo:y of Kino's College, Oil or about the both ult. there was an engage- Cambridge.-William Billingham, Esq.to Miss ment between the British and French fleets near Funny Chu.mondeley, youngest daughter of the Pondicherry, but I do not learn any decisive Hon. Robert Cholmondeley:- Jonathan i oring, blow was ttruck by either side. Mons. Suitrcin Elq. of Walworth, to Miss Gillmore.-6. At returned to Cuddalore, and Sir Edward Hughes St. Mirgaret's church, Weitininter, Mr. is supposed to have itood on towards Madras, as it Thomas, on James-itreet, Buckingham-gate, to was reported he was in want of water, and his Miss Hind, of the same place.-9. William people were very fickly.

Sirode, Elq. of Upper Brook-street, to Mrs. The southern army acting in the Carnatick, Leonard, of Bruton-itreet, Berkley-focare. under the command of Col. Lang, had made an Samuel Newniam, Elq. late a banker o: Bristolz irruption into the Coimbature country, subduing to Mrs. Mugiev orth, relict of the late Henry Carnor and Dindegil, when the Colonel was Mugie worth, E!q ot Charlton-house-ul. recalled to join the grand army before Cuddalore, Charles Coies, Elq. of Dircham-Grove, Hants, aad Col. Fuilarton invested with the command, t9 Mifs Barwell, of Hertford-itreet, lifter to who with great fpirit and activity had pushed on Richard Barwell, Esq. of Stanited, in Suitex.no to Darampore, which fell to him the lit ul. He John Haynes Harrison, Elg. oi Copford- Hall, was then within fix days inarch only oi Paliaga- Ellex, to Miis Fike, of Bury, in Sunfolk, cheri, towards which place his further progreis daughter and sole heires of the late Rev. Joha was totally barred, by an order from Gen. Stuart, Flike, of Thorpe, in the fame county ----13: to move back to Cuddaloré. He is now on his John Thomas Atkyns, Esq. oi Nowington, to return again to the Coimbature country, itrongly Mis Atkyns, o Downing-itreet, Weitmifter. re-enforced.

--15. Edmund Lacon, Eių. of Yarmouth, to A detachment of 300 Europeans, together Mos Mortlock, fiter of John Mortlock, Efq: with a supply of powder and provisions, are sent receiver-general for the county oi Cambridge.-froin Madras to Mangalore in his Majesty's ships 16. Thoinas B. Purkyns, Elg. one of the equerBrittol and lhis. A further re-enforcement is ries to the Duke of Cumberland, to Mils James, de'tined for the fame part, with an intention of daughter of Sir William Jaines, Bart, -17. enabling Coi. Campbell to take the field, in case Alexander Adair, Elg. of Flixion-Hall, in the it should be expedient.

county of Suttoik, to Miss Lydia Thomas; No accounts are yet received of the expected daughter of the late Sir Wilian Thomas, Bart. fieet, which was to have lost England in January oi Yapton-Place, in the county of buildi.-20. lait.

Anthony Ayre, Esq. elueit lon of Anthony I have the honour to be, with the greatest re- Ayre, Lig. O Grove, in Noringhanthire, to. spect, Gentlemen,

Mis Franies Wilbraham Bootie, thid daughter Your faithful and obedient humble servant, oi Richard Witbraham Bootie, Elg.-- Daniel

JOHN HUTCHINSON. Francis Houghton, Ef;. fort-major of the garAnjengo, 1915 July, 1783. .

rsion of Gurces in Athic., to Miss Philippa

Evelyn, dauchter of the late Charles Evelyn,

Etq. of Tornets; in Bevonttire:
Conftantinople, 027. 24.

NE of the Sullas, oi a prince, who was

087. THE reigning Prince of Solms, Ferdinained Sultan Murad.

077William Erneit, in the 68th Nov. 26. Lady of Edmuird Reynolds, Elg. of Milford, Hants, a fon.--27. Lady of Tho

year of his at :--27. At Mo.9, in the high

bourhooi of Paris, the Right Hon. Lavy Caryll, mas Hammerley, Eig. of Pall Mall,' banker, a

Ldy. oi Lu] Carillo-25. Linell Lea, Líq. dauchter:- Dec. 8. Hon. Mrs. Fane, of Berners

manyet lit. co!. of 2d ris, of militia of the strect, a fon.-9. Lady of William Middleton, Flq. of Stockfield, Yorkshire, two fons.--17.

Tower bamlei.-24. Laly St. Clair, wife of Lady of Governor Penti, a lon.-13. Ludy of

Co!. Temple.--A. B.ith, Mrs. Mir; Raleigh,

oly turning dicendant, in a direct line, from John Betterworth, Esq. of Carhair, Cornwall, a

Sir' Water Raleigh.----30. in his goth year, daughter.

Thomas Bucknall, Eq. many years inaiter builo

der in Portmouth and Plymouth docks.-31. MARRIAG É S.

At Bui, the Right Hon. John Spenser, Earl Neru. "HE Rev. George Henry Glaffe, tu- Spaniei, Viic. A thorpe, high steward of St.

dent of Christ-Church, Oxford, to Albans, and president of the British Lying-in Mii Fletchereldett daughter of Thomas Hufpital. His lordrip was born Dec. 18, 1734" Fletcher, Eig. of Great Laling.–27. Will. and on Dec. 27, 1755, married Georgians, eldeit Witham, oi Grays-Inn, Ely. to Mits Langdale, daughter of the late Right Hon. Stephen Poyntz, eldest daughter of Thomas Langdale, of Hams- and by her ladyship hud ilue George Joha Visc. 1tead, E19.-30. Thomas Watson, M. D. of Alihorpe, to whom the title and ettate devolve, Christ Church, Surrey, to Mi Vulle, of the born Sept. 1, 1758; Lady Georgiana, bom Haymarket.--DicI. Simuel Sloper, Esq. 10 June 7, 1757, married to the Duke of DevonMiis Richardson, Waughter of die Rovo Mio ihire; Ladj Henrietta Frances, born Juiy it),



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