Miscellany Accounts of the Diocese of Carlile: With the Terriers Delivered in to Me at My Primary Visitation

G. Bell, 1877 - 274 頁

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第 225 頁 - Elizabeth, by the grace of God Queen of England, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith etc.
第 227 頁 - I shall not read to them any corrupt or reprobate books or works set forth at any time contrary to the determination of the universal catholic church, whereby they may be infected in their youth in any kind of heresy or corrupt doctrine, or else...
第 54 頁 - The parishioners follow the Example of their Parson ; and have the Body of the Church in as nasty a pickle as the Quire. The Roof is so miserably Shatter'd...
第 42 頁 - The altar has no rails, and stands at a distance from ye east window, having two rows of seats or benches, betwixt it and that for the scholars. They have a tradition that ye steward and jury of ye mannour sate formerly on these benches in judgment (of life and death) f upon such malefactors as were arraign 'd for any capital crime...
第 230 頁 - And the same Usher shall continue no longer than the space of three years in his...
第 80 頁 - Even such is tyme, which takes in trust Our youth, our joyes, and all we have, And payes us but with age and dust. Within the darke and silent grave, When we have wandered all our wayes, Shutts up the story of our dayes.
第 31 頁 - Observed, expressed, showed, held religiously Hath here this monument thou seest in sight, The cover of her earthly part, but passenger Know Heaven and Fame contains the best of her.
第 80 頁 - EVEN such is time, which takes in trust Our youth and joyes, and all we have, And payes us but with age and dust, Which in the darke and silent grave,' •• When we have wandred all our wayes, Shuts up the story of our dayes : And from which earth, and grave, and dust, The Lord shall raise me up I trust.
第 54 頁 - Common-prayerbook, and an insufferably torn Bible of the old Translation. There was no Surplice to be found; nor did ever any such thing (as far as any present could remember) belong to this Church. One of 'em told us that sometimes, on an Easter-day, the Parson had brought a Surplice with him; had Administer'd ye Sacrament in it : But even that Ordinance (amongst the rest) was most commonly celebrated without one.