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第 17 頁 - Bernewell to the master and scholars of the house of Corpus Christi and St. Mary, Cantebrigg, of the advowson of the church of St.
第 15 頁 - Cambridge, what he had acquired to himself in fee, a certain House of scholars, chaplains, and others, under the name of the House of Scholars of St Michael...
第 12 頁 - Exchequer and the chamberlain concerning the allowance of 4</. a day to the warden and 2б/. а day to each of the scholars in the King's Hall in Cambridge. 12 Aug. Patent, 20 Edw. 3. p. 3. m. 22. — Licence to the master and scholars of Clare Hall, Cambridge, to acquire lands, tenements, rents, and advowsons of churches to the value of 40/. per annum. 30 Sept. Patent, 21 Edw. 3. p. 3. m. 21. and 34.— Grant to the warden and scholars of King's Hall, Cambridge, of 20/. per annum, which the preceptor...
第 76 頁 - The College was further incorporated by an Act of Parliament of the reign of Elizabeth under the name of "The College or Hall of the Holy Trinity in the University of Cambridge.
第 76 頁 - WIDVILLE, consort of Edward IV, under the title of the Queen's College of St Margaret and St Bernard. The Foundation...
第 371 頁 - ... •The canon law is a body of Roman ecclesiastical law, relative to such matters as that church either has, or pretends to have, the proper jurisdiction over. This is compiled from the opinions of the ancient Latin fathers, the decrees of general councils, and the decretal epistles and bulls of the holy see...
第 19 頁 - In the 40th year of Edward III. protection was granted for John de Langeton, clerk, and others, coming from Scotland into England, to study in the University of Oxford or elsewhere.
第 37 頁 - Licence to the master and scholars of the House or College of St. Michael, Cambridge, to acquire lands, &c.
第 25 頁 - Cambridge are or shall be indicted into Chancery. 6 Oct. Patent, 13 Ric. 2. p. 2. m. 2. — Licence to John duke of Lancaster to give the manor and advowson of the church of Landbech to the master and scholars of the House of the College of Corpus Christi and St. Mary, Cambridge. 28 Feb.
第 29 頁 - Hen. 4. p.]. m. 35. — Linence to Nicholas Fitz Symond, vicar of the church of St. Patrick, Donaghmore, in the diocese of Meath, to come to study in the Universities of Oxford or Cambridge for five years, receiving the profits of his vicarage. 4 Nov. Similar licence for three years to Hugh Fitz Owyn, parson of the church of Rathcomarthy in the diocese of Meath. 5 Nov. Patent, 2 Hen. 4. p. 2. m. 31. — Licence to David Herberd clerk, and Peter Shelton, clerk, to give three roods of land in Cambridge,...