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and educated in the knowledge of God's Word, through faith in Christ our Saviour, all would be equally educated towards heaven. For the rule of heavenly love is, “Where there is neither Jew nor Greek, Barbarian, Scythian, bond nor free; but Christ all and in all.Such a state on earth can never be possible unless those that are high become lowly, and all are willing to follow, in spirit and in truth, the wonderful declaration of our blessed Lord : “ If I, then, your Lord and Master, have washed your feet, ye also ought to wash one another's feet; for I have given you an example, that ye should do as I have done to you !" .

But not with the infinite hypocrisy and washing of the Pope and his Cardinals (imitated, as we have seen recently, by the Emperor of Austria) gathering a company of dirty beggars in public show for admiration, and then, themselves in purple robes, stooping to apply their royal fragrant towels, moistened from golden ewers, to feet already washed in preparation for this monstrous caricature ! (See the description, in the Observer of the 12th of April, of that scene of Royal FootWASHING.)

Does it not, dear cousin, seem incredible that any set of rational beings should seize upon the most wonderful symbol of Divine condescension, compassion, and love, and pervert it into a claim of human authority and power, in God's pretended Vicar on earth, to trample under foot the souls of the poor and needy? Just so the offering up of the Mass, as the sacrifice of the Son of God for the sins of the world, is an actual sacrifice of the deluded masses, in their ignorance, guilt, and superstition, to the Man of Sin and Son of Perdition. Such profane and blasphemous falsehoods in assumption of the power on earth of forgiving sins, and absolving in the name of the Most High God, and with the claim of his infallibility, all souls that he can persuade, as in the time of Luther, to believe in such impostures! All this, along with the exclusion of the Bible from our common schools, at the bidding of the Romish priesthood ! An insurance for life, that the children shall all grow up in the ignorance of their fathers, and sin on, in the same perversion of God's offer of salvation !

But now I must tell you something about the bright little cherub, our nephew's dear boy, Wyatt, who has taken possession of all our hearts so completely by his winning ways, as never any child of our acquaintance did before. I mention this, because I enclose for you a little photograph of him, taken in the Isle of Jersey about a year ago, and at this day quite a perfect likeness; and because my dear husband has found in him so remarkable an instance of the power with which the idea of God may seize and possess the mind of a child from the earliest period, though presented first only in the book of Nature, and in the question and its answer, Who made you? His aunt, I believe, was the first person that ever put the question to him, or attempted to instruct him in its answer; but the simplicity of his faith, and the wonder and solemnity, yet almost affectionate reverence and confidence, with which he has learned to refer sun, moon, and stars, father and mother, brother and sisters, and all good people and things to God, are a very beautiful proof that religion and the idea of God, if taught from the earliest period, would be found as intelligible, in the dawnings oí our infantile reason, as the workings of self-consciousness itself.

The other day little Wyatt, having unknowingly taken cold, was standing at a window, looking up toward the sky, his mother not dreaming of any illness; when he suddenly turned his face to her, and said, “ Mamma, do you think if Wyatt was to die, God would take Wyatt up to heaven ?" and without a moment of further warning fell down in a convulsion, which deprived him entirely of sense and motion. You may well suppose his parents were terrified beyond measure ; but he was put immediately into a hot bath, and when the doctor arrived, was found quite restored to life and to his senses, and has since recovered to all appearance completely. Could any agency but that of the Spirit of God have been working in the mind and heart of the little fellow by that window of the mind looking up to heaven, co-present with a sudden sense of illness and nearness to death, when he asked that question? “Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings thou hast perfected praise, that thou mightest still the enemy and the avenger.” God in Christ may often be dealing with children in their unuttered thoughts and questionings, which, when learned by the parents, if followed up with something of the divine tenderness, and love of Christ, accompanied with earnest prayer, would bring them very surely into his fold, and keep them from the paths of the Destroyer. That process of faith in the heart of every Christian mother would soon carry it out perfectly in faith and prayer, and by a mother's love teach the love of Jesus from earliest infancy; would itself still the Enemy and Avenger by removing his intended victims beyond reach of his power, even amidst all temptations ! When shall it once be ?

Little Wyatt is certainly one of the brightest, sweetest, most captivating and attractive little minds ever set in its frame of immortality. So artless, yet inquisitive; so full of sensibility and feeling ; so quick and intelligent in his perceptions; so rapid in the acquisition of language, and so swift to catch the meaning of new words, and so evidently thoughtful and correct in their use, when he can hardly pronounce them in his prattle ; and he is so manly and at the same time so childlike, and not precocious, but so confiding and affectionate toward those who love him, and so quick to perceive and value their sincerity; such a lover of pictures and animals, from Jumbo down to our own chickens ; discerning the artistic merits of the show; and asking the why and the how and the purpose of everything, — that we sometimes think, if his life is spared and he is not spoiled by over indulgence and affection, his promise will develop into some bright form of commanding and enduring genius. God grant it may be so !

So for dear little Wyatt's attractiveness as a child, and the expectations of his promised greatness. Now for one of his dear aunty's letters to the child when absent from her charge.

My dear, darling little Wyatt, my very dear boy, you don't know how much we love you, and how sorry we all are to hear of your sickness. But we hope, by our dear Lord's tender mercy, you will soon be much better, and that we may see you again in health, and rejoice in all your prattle and fun. You well know how the dear Saviour loves little children, and all that he does for them is for their good; so you must not be troubled or afraid in your sickness, because Jesus himself is with you and watches over you. You remember how he once became a little child for your sake, and he knows the heart of a little child, and besides has given charge to his loving angels to take care of you and keep you as one of his little lambs. If he wishes to take you up to heaven while you are a little child, it is because he has a bright and blessed infantschool up there in the New Jerusalem, where he will put you in one of his dear loving classes, and hold you by the hand, and teach you, and show you all the bright treasures that he has in store for you.

There it will everywhere be so beautiful and bright and holy, that the city and the country everywhere will be safe and lovely, and so full of glory and of happy youthful saints, the children of his kingdom, that he says in the Bible that the very streets of the city, which are of pure gold, as clear as glass, shall be full of boys and girls playing in the streets thereof. The angels will love to play with you. Still, you need not be in a hurry to go, but only to have everything just as the Lord pleases, when and how; and we all want you to stay with us here just as long as God can spare you to us, and so we earnestly pray for you that our loving Jesus, who is the great physician for us all, may give you life, health, and strength, to make us all yet more happy in your happiness, and in all your sweet and winning ways with us on earth, and then, when

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