Anatomy of the Arteries of the Human Body: Descriptive and Surgical, with the Descriptive Anatomy of the Heart. Authorized and Adopted by the Surgeon-General of the United States Army for Use in Field and General Hospitals

Lippincott, 1862 - 401 頁

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第 4 頁 - In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States, in and for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. PREFACE. THE following treatise has been written in the hope that it may supply, in some degree, a real want.
第 386 頁 - ... round the outer side of the carpus, beneath the extensor tendons of the thumb, to the upper end of the space between the metacarpal bones of the thumb and index finger, and, finally, passes forward, between the two heads of the First dorsal interosseous muscle, into the palm of the hand, where it crosses the metacarpal bones to the ulnar border of the hand, to form the deep palmar arch. At its termination it inosculates with the deep branch of the ulnar artery.
第 255 頁 - ... of an hepatic vein, and of minute arteries ; nerves and absorbents, it is to be presumed, also- enter into their formation, but cannot be traced into them.
第 400 頁 - Light Infantry and Riflemen, prepared under the direction of the War Department, having been approved by the President, is adopted for the instruction of...
第 215 頁 - ... to the interval between the internal condyle of the humerus and the olecranon process of the ulna, where, between the heads of the flexor carpi ulnaris muscle...
第 319 頁 - Its course corresponds to a line drawn from a point midway between the anterior superior spine of the ilium and the symphysis pubis, to the inner side of the inner condyle of the femur.
第 399 頁 - To which is added, the Basis of Instruction for the US Cavalry, from the authorized Tactics, — including the formation of regiments and squadrons, the duties and posts of officers, lessons in the training and use of the horse, — illustrated by numerous diagrams, with the signals and calls now in use ; also, instructions for officers and non-commissioned officers on outpost and patrol duty. With a drill for the use of cavalry as skirmishers, mounted and dismounted.
第 400 頁 - Department, having been approved by the President, is adopted for the instruction of the troops when acting as Light Infantry or Riflemen, and, under the act of May 12, 1820, for the observance of the militia when so employed.
第 403 頁 - Field Artillery, prepared under direction of the War department, having been approved by the President, is adopted for the instruction of troops when acting as field artillery. •* Accordingly, instruction In the same will be given after the method pointed out therein; and all additions to or departures from the exercise and manoeuvres laid down in the system, are positively forbidden.
第 36 頁 - I have reason to believe that the valves in the right side of the heart, do not so perfectly do their duty, as those of the left; therefore, we may suppose it was not so necessary."* Many years back, Mr.