The Political Economy of Full Employment: Conservatism, Corporatism and Institutional Change

Philip Arestis, Mike Marshall
E. Elgar Pub., 1995 - 281 頁
This is a collection of good papers addressing one of the compelling issues of our time. Shaun P. Hargreaves Heap, International Journal of Manpower This is an important book, addressing a critical topic, and deserves wide readership. Martin Rhodes, Political Studies This book does a good job of combining theory and description of recent history with policy experiences and hopes. It effectively reminds us that full employment is not some impossible dream, but an attainable goal if we use appropriate theory to analyze employment problems and create the right policies to stimulate employment and maintain it at full employment levels. Not only experts, but lay-people and students will learn much from the contributions in this book. Johan Deprez, Journal of Economic Issues This timely volume features essays from an international group of economists which address issues relating to the objective of securing full employment. The contributors adopt a political economy approach that highlights the nature and significance of institutional change. As well as offering a detailed empirical investigation of the unemployment experience in advanced countries, the book makes a critical evaluation of New Right economic policy making in the UK and the US, and examines the main international and domestic obstacles to the achievement of full employment, the prospects for job creation in the UK, and the impact of technological change.


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obstacles to and strategies for the achievement
Obstacles to full employment in capitalist economies

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