Weights for 50+: Building Strength, Staying Healthy and Enjoying an Active Lifestyle

Simon and Schuster, 2005年12月20日 - 128 頁
Weight training is one of the fastest, most effective ways to lose fat, improve muscle tone, and strengthen bones. It also helps guard against osteoporosis, diabetes, and heart disease. Weights for 50+ shows how easy it is for anyone — at any age — to get started with weights. It teaches exercises that are suited to varying ages and degrees of strength, including super-easy, easy, intermediate, and advanced.

The program in Weights for 50+ focuses on the use of small free weights (starting at just 3 lbs.), and includes stretches and release moves — everything readers need to design a personalized weekly exercise plan. Weights for 50+ also describes proper training methods and explains how to achieve specific goals by varying the workout and carefully monitoring the number of repetitions. Last but not least, the author shows how to have fun and enjoy a workout for staying young.

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Dr. Karl Knopf has been involved with the health and fitness of the disabled and older adults for almost 30 years. A consultant on numerous National Institutes of Health grants, Knopf has served as advisor to the PBS exercise series “Sit and Be Fit,” and to the State of California on disabilities issues. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and has written several textbooks and articles. Knopf is president of the Fitness Educators of Older Adults Association. He also coordinates the Fitness Therapist Program at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, California.