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despotism, like the renowned queen of England ; one “ who possessed the grace, the gentleness and feminine accomplishments of Mary Stuart, without her weakness, who joined to Castilian pride, as a queen, extreme sensibility and softness of deportment as a woman.”

If we turn to the records of this country, we find, among the female portion of its aboriginal inhabitants, proofs of no despicable qualities. Looking at the red man's race, who can fail of admiring the noble, selfdenying spirit of Pocahontas, the friend of our fathers, the victim, in her prime, of civilized life? Within the present century, when the men of the Mokawk tribe were debased by Intemperance, and embroiled in sanguinary wars with their brother Indians, the females called a council, by themselves, and so did they protest against these giant sins, as, for a season, to bring sobriety and peace within the borders of their people.

Such being the power of Pagan woman, what might we not anticipate from this sex, where the mild gospel of Jesus had appeared ? It was for conscience' sake that females, like the lady Arabella, left homes of peace and plenty, and often families of noble rank, and came to these shores with the Pilgrim band. How many of this sex once fled to this land, from the religious persecutions of France, and chose danger, privation, and death, rather than subscribe creeds hostile to their faith. What sacrifices have they made in the Catholic Church, The Convent may be the fruit of erroneous opinions, yet it has shown forth gloriously the power of woman. Such self-denial, such unwearied devotion to prayer and the ceremonies of a church, such offices of charity, furnish proofs of the moral capacity of this sex, misled as they often have been, on which the Protestant believer

may dwell with grateful emotions and inspiring thoughts.

Another encouragement to female effort may be found in the general Facilities for Improvement in our age. Education is receiving more thought than in any former period of the world. She who desires it can enjoy higher literary advantages, better instruction, more useful manuals, and other aids in the school-room, than were ever before possessed in any community. The pulpit is emitting new light for the spiritual man, and the press is redolent with a moral fragrance. Such is the progress of society, that conversation, social manners, and the incitements of example now combine in furtherance of personal culture.

The growing elevation of your sex in popular estimation should also encourage you, my friends, to untiring devotedness, and patient self-culture. She, who was once regarded as but the satellite of a proud planet, is now herself marked in the catalogue of heaven's luminaries. Already are the names of Madame de Stael, Edgeworth, Jameson, Martineau, and Hemans, : and of Sigourney, Sedgwick, Child, Lee, and others, enrolled on this bright register. Nor is the moral advancement of women less remarkable than her literary attainments. The Alcoran may exclude her from Paradise, and teach her that she has no soul; practically, if not literally, it has done this. But Christianity places her in the same high rank with man. She is an heir of the Redeemer's kingdom. In the social edifice she is viewed as the rich tracery of its massive frame-work ; the more graceful and delicate part, yet as essential to the completeness of the structure, as its giant pillars and solid masonry

He was

In her Constitutional Susceptibilities woman should find motives for signal excellence. Philosophy teaches that sensibility alone will prompt to the kind offices of Christian beneficence. Why does man pass so often, in passive indifference, the helpless child of woe? Because nature has not gifted him with a tender heart. formed to buffet the storms of public commotion. Extreme sensibility would have made him shrink from the encounter. But woman was endowed with a sensitive spirit, that she might feel for the sufferer, and an active imagination, to picture his troubles, and an ardent love, to relieve them. How can she fail of perpetual charities?

Again, her temperament is friendly to piety. St. Augustine calls hers the “ devout sex.” And meet is the appellation. For her weakness teaches her to lean upon an Almighty arm ; and her trustfulness,—so striking, that to doubt, suspect, and despond, come, in her, only from peculiar physical infirmity, or from a most erroneous education,-leads her to confide in God. Add to these the earnest affection of this sex, and we have a moral predisposition to religious sentiment. To them is given a vantage ground, which they should joyfully and gratefully occupy. She, on whom the heavier burden is laid, is gifted with superior powers of endurance. Virtue is the prize of humanity, and she is placed nearer than man to its goal. Piety is the crown of our life, and for her brow is it pre-eminently fashioned. The divine Spirit, dwelling in all souls, is yet imaged to our minds, in Scripture, and in Nature, as a still, small voice,” a gentle and quiet influence, which is peculiarly congenial to the soul of woman.

Her Domestic Habits furnish the final encouragement


of woman to constant self-improvement. In the sequestered paths of home, having hours and days, in which the needle is her quiet employer, how may she meditate on the touching and lofty themes of human concern. Why should she wander from the ways of truth, integrity, and purity? She has her temptations it is true.

In some situations they may be greater than man’s. But, taking our whole mortal existence, and the usual occupations of the sexes, it will hardly be denied, that woman may, if diligent in attention, hear those voices of admonition, which are drowned in man's ear, by the world. She may enjoy seasons for communing with her soul, and surveying the riches of the interior world, and for estimating the vanity of sensual, and the glories of spiritual things, such as are seldom granted to man. She walks, ever, as it were, beneath that moral arcade, which Provi. dence has raised above us to proclaim his hallowed presence. Can she withdraw her eyes from it, and look downward, and become a servant of time? Will she, will one thus nobly privileged,—surrender her birthright? If she comprehends its value, she cannot be other than an aspirant for the prize of life eternal.

But how shall this prize be obtained ?

Let the young woman understand that religion is not a strange thing, disconnected from this world, out of herself, and to be introduced by some mysterious influence. It is the unfolding of a principle within her. You must study self, and seek the kingdom of God in your own soul. There only will you ever find and establish it. Religion consists in giving the heart,—this very heart which beats with emotion at the objects around you, unto spiritual pursuits. So directed, it will flow out on your fellow beings, and spring upward to the Father.

Search the Scriptures. Use them chiefly as a mirror in which you are to see yourself. Dwell on the writings of the Psalmist. They speak to human experience as few books, even in the sacred volume, address us. You will feel no joy, for which they have not the language to express your gratitude. No sorrow will so deluge your heart, that God will not, through them, send a holy wind, to assuage the waters. Peruse especially the life of Christ. There is your model, an incarnation of the Divinity. Rest not until you also have begun to grow in the image of God. Do you love what he loved ? Are you living as he lived ? Have you the same high purposes, to "please your Father," and to “ go about doing good?"

Pour out your soul before the Lord. Prayer is our spiritual aliment. It teaches us humility. For who can carry self-important and haughty feelings to the throne of Infinite Purity ? Prayer will teach you to see the hand of Providence in all that befalls

you. While

you present all issues before him, second causes will not disturb and distress you. Submission is the fruit of devoutness. “Thy will be done,” be this your petition, and it will not only reconcile you to those overwhelming events, which would else prostrate you in the dust, but it will be a daily sedative amid the disquieting cares of your lot. And, though you feel burdened with guilt, do not restrain prayer before God. He is the friend of the penitent. Nor let a cold heart keep you back from this service. The habit of being instant in prayer is indispensable to salvation. Besides, who can tell that, even while you are speaking, the cloud will not roll off, and the face of your Father, a view of his love, deep, unutterable, and divine, and the sense of his precious presence, revisit

your soul ?

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