Journal of the House of Delegates of the Commonwealth of Virginia


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第 83 頁 - That an act entitled an act ceding to the United States exclusive jurisdiction over certain lands acquired for public purposes within this State, and authorizing the acquisition thereof...
第 220 頁 - AN ACT Relating to motion-picture fllms, reels, or stereopticon views or slides ; providing a system of examination, approval, and regulation thereof, and of the banners, posters, and other like advertising matter used in connection therewith ; creating the board of censors ; and providing penalties for the violation of this act.
第 113 頁 - Education has recently, over the protest of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, and the Sons of Confederate Veterans...
第 71 頁 - ... at a rate of interest not exceeding 6 per cent per annum and have a liberal margin of profit on such transactions.
第 61 頁 - In counties having a population of not less than one hundred thousand nor more than one hundred and fifty thousand...
第 115 頁 - March 14, 1924, entitled an act providing for the regulation, supervision and control of persons, firms, corporations and associations owning, controlling, operating or managing motor vehicles used in the business of transporting persons or property for compensation on the improved public highways of this State, which are or may hereafter be declared to be parts of the State Highway System or any of the county highway...
第 165 頁 - Mr. Homer L. Ferguson, President of the Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company, who was to speak on "Shipbuilding During the World War," was prevented from coming on account of a business emergency.
第 196 頁 - System in the said district; to levy taxes to pay the interest thereon, and to create a sinking fund for the payment of the principal of said bonds at maturity...
第 286 頁 - ... to create a sinking fund for the payment of the principal of said bonds, in each and every year after their issue, until finally paid.
第 147 頁 - No city or town shall impose any tax or assessment upon abutting land owners for street or other public local improvements, except for making and improving the walkways upon then existing streets, and improving an'd paving then existing alleys, and for either the construction, or for the use of sewers; and the same when imposed, shall not be in excess of the peculiar benefits resulting therefrom to such abutting land owners.