An historical and statistical account of new south wales

Sampson, Low, Marson, Low & Searle, 1837

讀者評論 - 撰寫評論





第 222 頁 - And he said unto him, Went not mine heart with thee, when the man turned again from his chariot to meet thee? Is it a time to receive money, and to receive garments, and oliveyards, and vineyards, and sheep, and oxen, and menservants, and maidservants? The leprosy therefore of Naaman shall cleave unto thee, and unto thy seed for ever.
第 364 頁 - THY spirit, Independence, let me share, Lord of the lion-heart and eagle-eye, Thy steps I follow with my bosom bare, Nor heed the storm that howls along the sky.
第 89 頁 - Prepare thy work without, and make it fit for thyself in the field ; and afterwards build thine house.
第 451 頁 - if it had been possible, they would have plucked out their own eyes, and given them to him.
第 411 頁 - When bad men combine, the good must associate ; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.
第 123 頁 - ... joined between Our Sovereign Lord the King and the prisoner at the bar, and would a true verdict give according to the evidence...
第 275 頁 - Act to promote the building of Churches and Chapels, and to provide for the maintenance of Ministers of Religion in New South Wales...
第 443 頁 - The Court in passing a sentence so inadequate to the enormity of the crime of which the prisoner has been found guilty, have apparently been actuated by a consideration of the novel and extraordinary circumstances, which, by the evidence, on the face of the proceedings, may have appeared to them to have existed during the administration of Governor Bligh, both as affecting the tranquillity of the colony, and calling for some immediate decision.
第 443 頁 - Sydney ; agriculture in a yet languishing state ; commerce in its early dawn ; revenue unknown ; threatened with famine ; distracted by faction ; the public buildings in a state of dilapidation and mouldering to decay ; the few roads and bridges formerly constructed rendered almost impassable: the population in general depressed by poverty ; no public credit nor private confidence ; the morals of the great mass of the population in the lowest state of debasement, and religious worship almost totally...
第 58 頁 - There would I muse on Nature's book, By deep lagoon or shady brook, When the bright sun ascends on high, Nor sees a cloud in all the sky ; And hot December's sultry breeze Scarce moves the leaves of yonder trees. Then from the forest's thickest shade, Scared at the sound my steps had made, The ever-graceful kangaroo Would bound, and often stop to view, And look as if he meant to scan The traits of European man.