The Journal of the Royal Geographic Society of London, 第 42 卷

"List of geographical works and maps recently published" in vol. 6-11.

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第 281 頁 - The expedition had now performed Its functions. I saw that old Father Nile, without any doubt, rises in the Victoria N'yanza, and, as I had foretold, that lake is the great source of the holy river which cradled the first expounder of our religious belief.
第 281 頁 - N'yanza to see what connection there was, by the strait so often spoken of, with it and the other lake where the "Waganda went to get their salt, and from which another river flowed to the north, making " Usoga an island." But I felt I ought to be content with what I had been spared to accomplish ; for I had seen full half of the lake, and had information given me of the other half, by means of which I knew all about the lake, as fer> at least, as the chief objects of geographical importance were...
第 viii 頁 - Library. — 1029 volumes of books and pamphlets have been added to the library during the year...
第 13 頁 - tis caught and torn Upon the abrupt black line of cypresses Which signs the way to Florence. Beautiful The city lies along the ample vale, Cathedral, tower and palace, piazza and street, The river trailing like a silver cord Through all, and curling loosely, both before And after, over the whole stretch of land Sown whitely up and down its opposite slopes With farms and villas.
第 20 頁 - The messenger wore his hair collected in seven erect tails, standing in a line extending from the centre of the forehead to the nape of the neck...
第 clxv 頁 - ... by differences in the conditions of the earth's crust under continents as compared with oceans. By the combination of pendulum observations with the astronomical and geodetic measurements * See ' Account of the Operations of the Great Trigonometrical Survey of India by Colonel Walker,
第 165 頁 - The sacred importance of the White Mountains has been recognised in the Far East for ages. They are first heard of under the name of Bukhian-shan ; a name not of Chinese origin, but reminding one of the Mongol Burkhan, as the Gentehi Mountains in Mongolia (according to some, Khan-ola at Urga) were called in ancient times. Formerly there was greater similarity between the Mongol and Mancliu languages than at present.
第 clv 頁 - LL.D. of Cambridge, and MA of Dublin. Of the Royal Society he was not only a Fellow, but also a Vice-President, and had further received from it the Copley Gold Medal. Amongst similar first-class scientific prizes, he had been awarded the Brisbane Gold Medal from Edinburgh, the Prix Cuvier from Paris, and the Wollaston Medal from the Geological Society of London. He was a member of the Academies of St. Petersburg, Berlin, Copenhagen, Brussels, Stockholm, and Turin, and a corresponding member of the...
第 xvii 頁 - New Works before the expiration of a month after reception. III. The title of every Book, Pamphlet, Map, or Work of any kind lent, shall first be entered in the Library-register, with the borrower's signature, or accompanied by a separate note in his hand.
第 cxvii 頁 - From the SOCIETY. — Proceedings of the Geological and Polytechnic Society of the West Riding of Yorkshire, 1870.