Showing plainly and clearly how to Preside over and Conduct every kind of
Public Meeting. With full expositions of the Manner of Procedure in

the American Congress, the British Parliament, the Legislature
+ of New York, the Grand Lodge of F. and A. Masons, etc.

Numerous Precedents from the best authorities. Also, the full Text of the
Constitution of the United States, with its Various Amendments.

RY THE AUTHOR OF “Webster's Practical Letter-Writer," “ Webster's Reciter," etc.

ABSTRACT OF CONTENTS. Preface.... What is Public Business ?.... Rules of Order.... Motions, How made.... Chairman-his requisites; necessity of impartiality; dignity requi. site... The Meeting.... Points of Order.... Debate....Speakers.... Arrang. ing for a Meeting... The “Call"....A New Club ....Alma Mater.... Boys in Blue.... Committee of Arrangements....Caucus and Caucusing....Conventions.... Towu Meeting8.... Ward Meetiugs,... Committees.... Resolutions and Motions....Amendments.... Rules.... Divisions.... Yeas and Nays.... A Quorum.... Speaking.... Points of Order and Appeals.... Debate.... Questions....... Privileged Questions.... Comunittee of the Whole.... Call of the Honse....Adjournment.... By-Laws of Citizens' Central Committee.... Forms and Formulas.... Farmers' Club... Iusurance Club.... Social Club... British Parliament.... Congress of United States.... Business Rules of U. 8. Senate....Business Rules of U. S. House of Representatives....Joint Business Rules of the two Houses.... Rules of the Senate of New York Relating to Order....Rules and Order of Now York Assembly.... Joint Rules of the Senate and Assembly.... Routine of a Business Meeting.... Masonic Rules of Order...,Parliamentary Authorities.... Parliamentary Summary ....Constitution of the United States, with all the Amendments.

In this free country, where every man who does his duty as a citizen may be at any moment called upon to preside over, or assist in the deliberations aud debates of public meetings, it behooves all to be thoroughly “ posted' as to the ways and means of properly conducting such assemblages. This book will be found to contain a succinct and practical digest of the many volumes devoted to this important matter; it is the honey extracted from the hoarded stores of the most eminent writers. A careful study of its thorough. Jy prepared pages will find either Chairman or Speaker “armed at all points" that can possibly arise,

This book contains over 200 pages, bound in boards, with a splendid illuminated cover.

Price 50 Cents.

7 Copies of the abore book sent, post naid, to any address in the world on receipt of price, Address DE WITT, Publisher,

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Containing Plain, Practical Directions for Carrying on every kind of Commercial and

Banking Business. Including Mercantile Letters on every conceivable subject, Laws and Usages of Banking and Brokerage, Forms of Official Papers of Shipping, Insurance, etc., etc. Also containing an extensive and very useful Glossary of Words and Phrases used in Commercial and Banking Circles. Together with a very full Exposition of the Specie and Paper Currency of the

whole World, and
their Intrinsic and Nominal Value.

BY THE AUTHOR OF o Webster's Chairman's Manual," "* Webster's Reciter,” « Webster's

Practical Letter-Writer," etc., etc.

Webster's Business Man treats upou every topic incidental to the experience of a Business Man. While its main design is to instruct the reader in the details of Commercial Correspondence, the subject matter of these specimen letters embraces all points of interest to the general reader.

Prominence has been given to Banking, and the relationship between bankers and their dealers, inasmuch as hundreds of thousands of persons maintaining accounts of deposit and discount, are in ignorance of the duties of bankers and the rights and privileges of dealers.

To the body of the work has been appended:

1. A Glossary of the Technicalities of Commerce, or terms employed by mercantile men at home and abroad, as a peculiar and distinctive language not familiar to the general reader.

2. A Table of Moneys in which mercantile accounts are kept in various foreign countries, information all important to dealers in imported merchan. dise; and

3. Several forms of important documents not to be found in a majority of works upon book-keeping.

This work has been submitted to the perusal of several of our most emi. nent bankers aud traders, and has invariably met with their approval.

This book contains over 200 pages, bound in boards, with a splen. did illuminated cover.

Price 50 Cents.

1r Copies of any of the above books sent, post-paid, to any address in the world on receipt of price. Address

DE WITT, Publisher,

33 Rose Street, New York,




Being a Pictorial and Practical Explanation of the Marvellous Art of Prophetic Fortune Telling, whereby, through the simple use of ordinary playiug cards, any person of common intelligence, can glean full perfect, and exact Knowledge of the Past, the Present, and the Future; as well as every Secret in a persou’s Life or Thoughts. The whole clearly aud fully set forth, so that every one can read their own Fortune and that of others. To which is added, a Treatise upon Chiromancy ; or, the Art of Divination throngh Reading the Human Hand, and a full description of the Sacred Book of Thot, the Egyptian Oracle of Destiny. By MADAME CAMILLE LE NORMAND,

Illustrated by 1750 Engravings.

If you buy a “ Fortune-Teller " at all, buy the above, for the following reasons: IT TEACHES YOU TRULY ALL ABOUT

ALL ABCUT "A certain Blonde Lally;"

the Result of your Loving - not Agreeable Intelligence;

wisely, but too well;" a Dark-complexioned Lady;

the Robbery of your Plate and a Widow seeking to marry again;

Jewels; a certain Present of Jewelry;

that Splendid Set of Furs that a Strange Lady that you are to

you hope for; see;

the Lady that rode in the Cars a Declaration of Love from a

with you; Rich Suitor;

the Strange Gentleman that was Disappointments, both in Love

so attentive to you at the ball: or Money Matters;

the Money you expect to be left Discord in the Family Circle;

to you; Good and Bad News;

whether your Hopes will be ful. Journeys by Land or Water;

filled; Marriage;

your Title to that Estate; Men of Tact and Cunning;

your Joys, Sorrows, AnticipaMaliguaut Females;

tions, Regrets, Gains, Losses. Money to be Received:

In short, from this book you Marriage to be broken off, or

can learn everything that can Offers refused;

be truly taught by any person the Separation between you and

or book in the world, as to a Widow.

your future fortune. the Results of that Divorce Suit;

This book contains over 200 pages, bound in boards, with a splendid illuminated cover.

Price 50 Cents.

IT Copies of the above book sent, post-paid, to any address on receipt of price. Address

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Birth day Vorses !

Toasts !

This book contains a greater variety of really choice selections for the above uses thau cau be found in any similar publication. Under the proper heads will be found Dedicatory Pieces, and brief and beautiful extracts suited to every age and condition in life ; Childhood ; Youth; Manhood; Beauty; Love; Marriage; Birthday and other Anniversaries, all have their appropriate sentiments presented in well-chosen pieces, many of which now appear in priut for the first time. The entire alphabet of Acrostics ou proper names, male and female, is also given, and such an array of Valentine Verses as were never before brought together iu one volume. To crown all, a splendid collection of Toasts, suitable to almost every social event, whether public or private, are given. The aim of the compiler has been to include only such selections as are most strik. ingly appropriate in each department, and not, as in other similar works, to string together by the hundred a mass of poetical extracts, with little or vo arrangement, and less fitness for the purpose intended.

The book is strongly bonud in handsomely illuminated stiff paper cover.

Price Twenty-Five dents.

Single copies mailed, post-paid, to any address, on receipt of price.
DE WITT, Publisher,

33 Rose Street, New York.


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Containing Full, Plain, and Accurate Explanations of FORTUNE-TELLING BY DREAMS, VISIONS, Etc.

Tbe only True and Reliable Treatise (cousulted by the Great Corsican) npon that most nseful aud marvellous Art. Compiled trom Original Sources. Together with an Anecdotal Account of Remarkable Visions and Apparitions, and a General Dictionary of the Siguification of Dreams and Reveries. Arranged and explained in the most familiar and intelligible renner for the instruction of ordinary readers.

The Modern Sidyl, and authoress of Fortune-Telling by Cards," etc.

To which is added the Perfect Edition of


CONTENTS. PART 1.-Preliminary Notice--Second Sight; the Correct Interpretation of dreams-Remarkable Dreas, Visions, Oracles, etc.-General Explanåtion of Dreams, Visious, etc.

PART II.-Truthful Explanatiou of Dreams, Visions, Omens, and Fore. warnings, placed in alphabetical order, aud interpreted in accordance with the teachings of the wisest authorities, together with designations of numbers fortuuate for huniau happiness, bearing relatiou to dreams and visions beneath every possible aspect.

PART III.-Soinpambulism, Second Sight, Visions-Authenticated In stances of wonders while in sleep, and of Prevoyance-A Clairvoyant DreamSwedewborg's Walking Visiou-Seeing with the Eyes Closed-Natural Sec. ond Sight-Zschokke's “Inward Sight".-Prevoyant Visiou of John KuoxThe Ropemaker of Nuremberg-Dr. Petetiu's Patient-The Estatica of Bo. logne-Alexis the Seer-The Sexton of Rudbaxton-A Protective Apparition—The Pastor's Vision-Buckingham's Murder.

PART IV.-Bonaparte's Oraculum; or, Book of 'ate--iuclnding General Rules to be observed, Questions, Key to the Oraculum, and the Oraculum proper.

This book contains over 300 pages, bound in boards, with a splen. did illumiuated cover.

Price 50 Cents. 07 Copies of lhe above book sent, post-paid, to any address on receipt of price. Address DE WITT, Publisher,

33 Rose Street, New York.

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