Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan, 第 1-2 卷

Catalogue of the library of the Society, in v. 47.

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第 100 頁 - For this is he that was spoken of by the prophet Esaias, saying, The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord) make his paths straight.
第 129 頁 - So, if we correctly interpret the decision of the Board of Appeals, appellant's application stands rejected upon two grounds, viz. (a) lack of invention over the prior art cited, and (b) lack of invention per se. It is not always easy to draw the line of demarcation between invention and mere drafting skill where designs are involved. The statute requires invention; the design must be "new, original and ornamental," and patents for designs are subject to general rules of patent law.
第 108 頁 - was originally a perch for the fowls offered up to the gods, not as food, but to give warning of daybreak. It was erected on any side of the temple indifferently. In later times, not improbably after the introduction of Buddhism, its oi'iginal meaning was forgotten ; it was placed in front only and supposed to be a gateway.
第 111 頁 - ... wall-plates. Two large rafters whose upper ends crossed each other, were laid from the wall-plates to the heads of the taller uprights. The ridgepole rested in the fork formed by the upper ends of the rafters crossing each other. Horizontal poles were then laid along each slope of the roof, one pair being fastened close up to the exterior angles of the fork.
第 53 頁 - Next it is proved that it turns, when it occurs on the North side of the Equator, from the east, or the right hand, by the north, towards the west, or contrary to the hands of a watch...
第 50 頁 - Ships which put to sea in due time very soon get beyond their influence to the eastward, and it is very well known that they never extend far inland. All these circumstances properly considered clearly manifest the nature of these winds, or rather positively prove them to be whirlwinds, whose diameter cannot be more than 120 miles, and the vortex seems generally near Madras or Pulicat, where a branch of the Ballagat mountains extends towards the sea.
第 134 頁 - ... usually consists of two parts, a first and second, or upper and lower clause. The manner of playing the game is as follows : The reader reads half the stanza on his card, and the player having the card on which the other half is written calls out, and makes a match. Some children become so familiar with these poems that they do not need to hear the entire half of the stanza read, but frequently only the first word. The Kokin Garuta, or the game of Ancient Odes, the Genji Garuta, named after the...
第 125 頁 - Shinto, teaches with emphasis that morals were invented by the Chinese because they were an immoral people, but in Japan there was no necessity for any system of morals, as every Japanese acted aright if he only consulted his own heart.
第 112 頁 - I believe, technically called 'journals.' The primeval hut had no flooring; but we find that the shrine has a wooden floor raised some feet above the ground, which arrangement necessitates a sort of balcony all round, and a flight of steps up to the entrance. The transformation is completed in some cases by the addition of a quantity of ornamental metal-work in brass.
第 138 頁 - ... contents of an arsenal, flags, streamers, banners, etc. A set of these toys is bought for every son born in the family. Hence, in old Japanese families, the display on the Fifth day of the Fifth month is extensive and brilliant. Besides the display indoors, on a bamboo pole erected outside is hung, by a string, to the top of the pole, a representation of a large fish in paper. The paper being hollow, the breeze easily fills out the body of the fish, which flaps its tail and fins in a natural...