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grown re.

is to proclaim its requirements and sanc always had, along with persecution, tions to them as individuals having souls, their highest and most substantial for the salvation or loss of which they are themselves responsible, and who must

It was for fidelity in this hear and obey the Gospel each for him- direction and on this basis, that God self, expecting that if the truth is ever to gave Daniel a deliverance and a reach and influence the government under which he labors, it will be by its being this ground, that a long line of He

It was here and on

kingdom. tending its light and its reforming power brew worthies “subdued kingdoms, through all ranks, till it rises to those who wrought righteousness, , realized occupy the highest places in the State. And if he finds a people willing to receive

promises, stopped the mouths of him, he is to persevere in proclaiming to lions, quenched the violence of fire, them the message of salvation, though escaped the edge of the sword, out laws and magistrates forbid, and even at of weakness were made strong, the expense of liberty and of life. He is not indeed to court persecution. If

waxed valiant in fight, turned to

pero secuted in one city he may flee to another. flight the armies of the aliens.” It But a people willing to receive the Gos was here and in this, that primitive pel are not to be abandoned, though all the Christianity had its persecutions, it should be arrayed against their instruction. is true, but equally its strength and In such a case, they and their rulers

must victory. In fact, the great papal see that an embassador of Jesus Christ apostasy was but the full does not account even his life dear unto

sult of departure from this ground, himself, so that he may 'testify the Gospel of the grace of God. The proba. and from that living faith of which bility is, altogether, that the government this is the natural and appropriate of China will sooner or later array itself expression. And when, after long minions, of Protestant, as it has of Roman ages of degeneracy and darkness, Catholic Christianity. ... And if not from

the Reformation broke upon the the government, may come from popu. world, it had its highest confidence, lar superstition and prejudice, excited to spirituality and power, as well as nant empire over the souls of a third of persecutions and successes, in the the human race. But come how and same direction and standing on the when it will, the worthy embassador of same ground. And grateful as was Jesus Christ will not be deterred from his

the help received, and flattering as work by persecution. Knowing that the blood of martyrs is the seed of the

seemed the prospects opened and church,' be will be ready to scatter even opening, when the civil power came that seed, if called to it by the command to its aid and took it into alliance and providence of his Savior."

with itself, experience has proved This is in entire harmony with the that that was the hour of its real views presented in the preceding decline, and that the element of remarks. It is, we maintain, the formalisms and corruptions, little only true and scriptural basis for the better than those from which it propagation and support of Chris- broke away, and whose state-entianity, either at home or abroad— trenched existence and support

have as applicable to South Carolina as only given hot-bed growth to all to China ; to nominally Christian as forms of rationalistic unbelief, and to “ heathen governments.” In the left its own great work to be subannunciation of it, on the occasion stantially done over again. named, the wise and devoted Wis.

So true is it, that whenever Christ's ner“ being dead, yet speaketh.” people have stood and acted upon the We believe, moreover, that just ground now indicated, they have when and where the servants and had, notwithstanding persecution, church of God have most fully their highest success and glory: acted on this basis, making Christ Thus it will always be. His people and his promises proportionally their may be as sure of it, as that he is on only strength and hope, they have the throne, and wields all power,


and is as able, if they will trust him, orders from the supreme government to to lead captivity captive and give this advancing a principle which, if corgifts to men as he ever was. In

rect, would reprieve from the long-re. deed, it was in this way that, by the corded decision of Heaven, all the sanagency of our own missionaries, and guinary persecutors who executed the

horrid decrees of Herod, Nero and Tra. their supporters and friends, India

jan,—who made themselves drunk with was first opened to modern missions.

ibe blood of the martyrs of Jesus,-and When Hall and Nott landed in In- who, as God has declared, shall have blood dia, government-a British govern to drink, for they are worthy? These ment, too—threw itself between

persecutors destroyed the saints of the them and the people to whom they to do so by superior authority; but for

Most High; they were positively ordered bore the message of salvation. At doing so, have they not been sentenced length, after many difficulties, they

to eternal death? were on the point of being driven well, that whenever human commands

“ Your Excellency knows perfectly from the country. At that moment run counter to the divine commands they they addressed a letter of remon cease to be obligatory; and that no man strance“ to the Right Honorable Sir

can aid in the execution or support of such Evan Nepean, Governor, &c. &c.” lence at the authority of Heaven. Can

counter commands, without aiming vioThey said :

your Excellency, or any other man, deny

the truth of this? “ That exercise of civil authority which, • It is our ardent wish that your Excel. in a manner so conspicuous and deter- lency would compare, most seriously, mined, is about to prohibit two ministers such an exercise of civil authority upon of Christ from preaching his gospel in In us with the general spirit and tenor of our dia, can be of no ordinary consequence; Savior's commands. "We most earnestly especially at the present moment, when entreat you not to send us away from the Christian public in England and Ame. these heathens. We entreat you by the rica, are waiting with pious solicitude to high probability that an official permission hear how the religion of the Bible is wel. from the supreme government for us to comed and encouraged among the pagans remain here, will shortly be received; of this country.

and that something more general, and “ We would solemnly appeal to your to the same effect, will soon arrive from Excellency's conscience, and ask : Does England. We entreat you by the time not your Excellency believe that it is the and money already expended on our miswill of Christ that his gospel should be sion, and by the Christian hopes and preached to these heathens? Do you not prayer attending it, not utterly to defeat believe that we have given a creditable its pious object by sending us from the testimony that we are ministers of Christ, country. We entreat you by the spiritand have come to this country to preach ual miseries of the heathen, who are daily his Gospel? and would not prohibiting us perishing before your eyes and under from preaching to the heathen here be a your Excellency's government, not to known resistance to his will? If your prevent us from preaching Christ to them. Excellency finally exerts civil authority We entreat you by the blood of Jesus, to compel us from this heathen land, what which he shed to redeem them. As min. can it be but a decided opposition to the isters of Him who has all power in beaspread of the Gospel among those immor. ven and on earth, and who with his faretal beings whom God has placed under well and ascending voice, commanded your Excellency's government? What his ministers to go and teach all nations, can it be but a fresh instance of that per we entreal you not to prohibit us from secution against ihe church of Christ, and teaching these heathens. By all the printhat opposition to the prevalence of true ciples of our holy religion, by which you religion, which have so often provoked hope to be saved, we entreat you not to the indignation of God, and stamped with hinder us from teaching the same religion sin and guilt the history of every age? 1o these perishing idolaters. By all the Can you, Right Honorable Sir, make it solemnities of the judgment day, when appear to be otherwise to your own con your Excellency must meet your heathen science-to that Christian public who must subjects before God's tribunal, we entreat be judges in this case-but, especially, can you not to binder us from preaching to you justify such an exercise of power to ihem that Gospel which is able to prepare your God and final judge ?

them as well as you for that awful day. “ Your Excellency has been pleased to “ By all the dread of being found on the say that it is your duty to send us to Eng. catalogue of those who persecute the land, because you have received positive church of God, and resist the salvation of

Vol. III.


men, we entreat your Excellency not to judged the great whore ;” and church, by sending back those whom the again they shall shout - Alleluia !" church has sent forth, in the name of the and then shall go up from the earth, Lord, to preach his Gospel among the in quick reply, the voice of the four heathen; and we earnesily beseech Al and twenty elders and beasts, falling mighty God to prevent such an act, and

down and worshiping and saying, now and ever to guide your Excellency in that way which shall be most pleasing

Amen, Alleluia !” And then an. in his sight.

other voice shall come “ from out of “But should your Excellency finally the throne,” saying,

66 Praise our disregard the considerations we have presented; should we be compelled to leave

God, all ye his servants, and ye that this land, we can only say, adieu, till we fear him, small and great;" and to meet you, face to face, at God's tribunal."

that shall respond the acclaim of the This is Bible ground. It was broad earth, and it shall go up as worthy men of God and ministers the voice of a great multitude, and of Christ. It did its work. By steps as the roar of many waters, and as consequent upon and connected with the roll of mighty thunderings, say. it, India was opened to the Gospel. ing, “ Alleluia! for the Lord God It is the only true and effective omnipotent reigneth.

Let us be ground of preaching and effort any glad and give honor to him: for the where, at home or abroad-in marriage of the Lamb is come; and Greece, Constantinople and Singa- his wife hath made herself ready!" pore, no less than in India. And, O! what a marriage song shall that cavil who will at the rashness of it, be! Blessed are they that shall take and rage as persecution might in part in it. But earth shall hear it, consequence of it, let American and help to sing it. " These are the churches, ministers and missionaries, true sayings of God.” And then to say nothing of others, assume shall he, who is “ faithful and true," and act upon this ground, in good and is “ clothed with a vesture dip. faith, the world over, and righteous. ped in blood," and whose name is nesses shall again be wrought, pro “the Word of God," go forth in remises realized, successes achieved, gal state to meet his church, hav. of which our faith has scarcely yet ing on his vesture and on his thigh any practical apprehension. True, a name written,“ KING OF KINGS it may wake up the great conflict in AND LORD OF LORDS.” And new and fearful forms, but it will be they shall go up together to the none the less the sign and pledge of nuptial feast, and the angelic voice victory. Earth shall shake beneath shall cry, to all that fly in the midst the tread of such a faith, and apoca. of heaven, “ Come, gather yourlyptic visions hasten to their realiza. selves together unto the supper

of tion. Just in the distance, beyond the the Great God.” Thus shall the smoke of her burning and above the Conflict of the Ages have an end, wail of her desolation (Rev. xviii and earth's great sabbath comeand xix,) a voice shall come, saying, to be followed only by one short “Rejoice over her, heaven and holy conflict more, and the great Judg. aposiles and prophets; for God hath ment, and the New Jerusalem comavenged you on her;" and follow. ing down from God out of heaven, ing that, shall come the responsive with the adornments and the joys shouts of heaven's and earth's re that are to be hers for the eternal joicings. One voice shall be heard ages. God hasten it in its time; from heaven, as of much people, and to this end, give all his people saying, “ Alleluia! Salvation and to maintain and defend, here and glory and honor and power unto every where, their blood-bought, the Lord our God: true and right. God-given freedom. eous are his judgments; for he hath


Any contest is a serious one that But we dismiss such consideraputs in hazard the supremacy of Law tions. Important as they are in the over individual will and unreasoning present unpromising posture of the force. Such a hazard has given case, we cherish the hope and bedignity to many struggles of inferior lief that the controversy will yet be note ; and such a one now invests decided upon its original and intrinwith their highest interest even the sic merits. A fair discussion, before gravely important issues involved in the tribunal of public opinion, of the the controversy between Massachu. questions these involve, can not hin. setts and South Carolina. " Is there der and may promote such a result; Law in the land ?” is a question the solemn appeal of Massachusetts which, seriously raised, wakens the to her sister states has brought them anxiety of thousands, who might distinctly before the people, and the care little to know which of two par response to that appeal may require ties was at the outset right or which of our citizens an intelligent decision wrong. There can be no society, of of them as a matter of individual nations or of individuals, recognizing duty. These questions are subabsolutely no law above them. And stantially the following: especially, a Union such as ours, Do the laws of South Carolina subsisting by force of a constituted designed to prevent the entrance and paramount law, becomes im. into that state of free persons of possible, the moment it is settled color, violate the rights of Massathat a question of conflicting rights, chusetts or her citizens ? arising under that supreme constitu If so, do they justify the measures tion, is to be permanently decided, taken by Massachusetts to obtain re. not by its law, but by the mere will dress, as being necessary and proper? of one of two contending states. Nor Is the subsequent action of South upon such conditions is it any more Carolina consistent with her obligadesirable than possible. Any mea. tions as a member of the Union ? sure, therefore, tending even re. The law of South Carolina out of motely to bring a contest between which the controversy has arisen, is sovereign states to such an issue, an act passed in December, 1835, threatens at once the usefulness and embodying the substance of similar the existence of the Union. In the enactments made at different periods present controversy, South Carolina, from 1820 till that time. The se. refusing the arbitrament of that cond section of that act provides, tribunal which the supreme law of 66 That it shall not be lawful for any the land has provided, has chosen to free negro or person of color to assume the attitude of a combatant come into this state, on board any in a personal encounter, in prefer- vessel, as a cook, steward, or mari. ence to that of defendant in an ami- ner, or in any other employment on cable suit at law. If her example is board such vessel; and in case any to be followed, this contest, and others vessel shall arrive in any port or like it, can have but one result. Car- harbor of this state, from any other ried on, as it must be, by a course of state or foreign port, having on hostile legislation, incompatible with board any free negro or person of any thing like authority in the Union, color, employed on board such ves. or friendship and peace among its sel as a cook, steward, mariner, or members, it must end, sooner or la. in any other employment, it shall be ter, in the utter subversion of both. the duty of the sheriff of the district

in which such port or harbor is sit- discretion, and casting into prison uated, immediately on the arrival of such as she may specify, without such vessel, to apprehend such free the necessity of alleging against negro or person of color, so ar them the commission of any crime. riving contrary to this act, and to “ Second. That the state has a confine him or her closely in jail, right to inflict corporal punishment, until such vessel shall be hauled off by the application of the lash, to any from the wharf and ready to pro. extent, upon the persons of citizens ceed to sea. And that when such of Massachusetts, solely because vessel is ready to sail, the captain of they may be found a second time the said vessel shall be bound to in the ships of their own state touchcarry away the said free negro or ing at her port. person of color, and to pay the ex 6. Third. That the state has a penses of his or her detention.” right to sell into absolute slavery for The captain is further required to life, human beings, unoffending pergive security that he will comply sons, freemen of Massachusetts, enwith these requisitions, and failing to titled by her constitution and laws do so, is to be compelled to haul off to the fullest security of life, liberty his vessel one hundred yards from and property, as well when followthe wharf into the stream, and there ing a lawful calling on board her to remain until he shall proceed to ships as when at home.” sea, under penalty of fine and im And Gov. Briggs, in his message prisonment.

of January 6th, 1845, says: By the third section of the same “ The Legislature and people of act, it is enacted :—That any free Massachusetts believe that law to be person of color, imprisoned by virtue in direct and palpable violation of of the preceding section, shall have that clause of the Constitution of the warning never again to enter the United States which declares that state ; and every such person who the citizens of each state shall be shall not depart from the state, or entitled to all privileges and immuhaving departed shall ever again en nities of citizens in the several ter into the limits of the state, shall, states,' and also of that part of the by the first section of the act, be Constitution which confers upon liable to seizure by any white per. Congress the power to regulate son, and to subsequent summary commerce with foreign nations, proceedings, terminating in an order among the several states, and with to leave the state, and upon failure the Indian tribes.'' to comply with the order, in corpo. South Carolina, on the other hand, ral punishment, at the discretion of Dec. 6th, 1844, the court; and if such person shall Resolved, That free negroes and still remain in the state, or having left persons of color are not citizens of it shall afterwards return," he or she the United States within the meanshall be sold at public auction as a ing of the Constitution, which conslave."

fers upon the citizens of one state With respect to these laws, Mas. the privileges and immunities of citsachusetts, in her declaration and izens in the several states.” And protest, charges that they assume also, the following principles.

"That the right to exclude from “ First. That the state has a right their territories seditious persons, or to send officers on board of the ships others whose presence may be danof other states touching at her ports, gerous to their peace, is essential to with the design of distinguishing be- every independent state.” tween the persons who constitute Such are the laws of South Carothe crew, and of seizing, at her sole lina, and such the positions assumed

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