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5. All hail', triumphant Lord',

Who sav'st us with thy blood'!
Wide be thy name adored',
Thou rising', reigning God'!

With thee we risé,
With thee we reign',
And empires gain
Beyond the skies'.



Iambic. Four feet. L. M. 1. Up to the hills I lift mine eyes',

Th’ eternal hills' beyond the skies';
Thence all her help my soul derives';

There my Almighty refuge lives. 2. He lives', the everlasting God',

That built the world', that spread the flood";
The heavens with all their hosts he madé,

And the dark regions of the dead.
3. He guides our feet, he guards our way';

His morning smiles bless all the day:
He spreads the evening veil', and keeps'

The silent hours while Israel sleeps. 4. Israel', a name divinely blesť,

May rise securé, securely rest';
Thy holy Guardian's wakeful eyes'

Admit no slumber' nor surprise.
5. No sun shall smite thy head by day',

Nor the pale moon with sickly ray
Shall blast thy couch'; no baleful star'

Dart his malignant firé so far.
6. Should earth and hell with malice burn',

Still thou shalt gó, and still return
Safè in the Lord'; his heavenly caré

Defends thy life from every snarè.
7. On thee foul spirits have no power';

And in thy lasť, departing hour',
Angels', that trace the airy road',
Shall bear thee homeward' to thy God'.



Iambic. Four feet alternating with three feet. C. M 1. How did my heart rejoice to hear'

My friends devoutly say,
“ In Zion let us all appear',

And keep the solemn day'!”
2. I love her gates', I love the road':

The church adorned with grace
Stands like a palace built for Goď

To show his milder facè.
3. Up to her courts with joys unknown'

The holy tribes repair';
The Son of David holds his throné,

And sits in judgment therè.
4. He hears our praises and complaints';

And while his awful voicé
Divides the sinners from the saints',

We tremble and rejoicè.
5. Peace be within this sacred place,

And joy' a constant guest;
With holy gifts' and heavenly gracé

Be' her attendants blest'.
6. My soul shall pray for Zion still',

While life or breath remains';
There my best friends', my kindred dwell',

Thēre God', my Savior', reigns'.


THE REDEEMER'S MESSAGE. lambic. "Four feet alternating with three. C. M. 1. HARK', the glad sound, the Savior comes',

The Savior' promised long'!
Let every heart

prepare a throne,
And every voicé a song'.

2. On him the Spiriť, largely poured',

Exerts his sacred fire ;
Wisdom' and might', and zeal' and love

His holy breast inspiré.
3. He comes the prisoners to release,

In Satan's bondage held';
The gates of brass before him burst',

The iron fetters yield'.
4. He comes', from thickest films of vicé

To clear the mental rayo;
And on the eyes opprest with night,

To pour celestial day.
5. He comes', the broken heart to bind',

The bleeding soul to curè;
And with the treasures of his grace

T'enrich the humble poor.
6. Our glad Hosannas', Prince of Peace,

Thy welcome shall proclaim';
And heaven's eternal arches ring

With thy beloved name.


PROCLAMATION OF THE GOSPEL. Iambic. Every third line in a stanza has four feet; the other

lines have three feet each. S. M.
1. How beauteous are their feet',

Who stand on Zion's hill';
Who bring salvation on their tongues',

And words of peace reveal'!
2. How charming is their voicè,

How sweet' the tidings are ! “ Zion', behold thy Savior King',

He reigns and triumphs herē.”
3. How happy are our ears'

That hear this joyful sound,
Which kings and prophets waited for',

And sought', but never found'!
4. How blessed are our eyes',

That see this heavenly light';
Prophets and kings desired it long,

But died' without the sight'.

5. The watchmen join their voice,

And tuneful notes employ';
Jerusalem breaks forth in songs',

And deserts learn the joy.
6. The Lord makes bare his arm'

Through all the earth abroad";
Let every nation now' behold'

Their Savior and their God'.

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Galatians—Chapter iii. 1 O Foolish Galatians', who hath bewitched you that ye

should not obey the truth', before whose eyes Jesus Christ 2 hath been evidently set forth', crucified' among you? This

only would I learn from you, Received ye the Spirit by the 3 works of the law, or by the hearing of faith'? Are ye

so foolish' ? having begun in the Spirit, are ye now' made 4 perfect by the flesh'? Have ye suffered so many things in 5 våin'? if it is yet in vain“. He therefore that ministereth

to you the Spirit', and worketh miracles among you, doeth

he this by the works of the law', or by the hearing of faith' ? 6 Even as Abraham believed God', and it was accounted to 7 him for righteousness'. Know yề therefore, that they who 8 are of faith', the same are the children of Abraham'. And

the scripture foreseeing that God would justify the heathen

through faith', preached before the gospel to Abraham, 9 saying', In thee shall all nations be blessed'. So then they' 10 who are of faith' are blessed with faithful Abraham'. For

as many as are of the works of the law', are under the curse: for it is written', Accursed is every one that continueth not

in all things which are written in the book of the law' to do 11 them. But that no man is justified by the lâw in the sight 12 of God', is evident'; for', The just shall live by faith'. And

the law' is not' of faith' : but The man that doeth them' 13 shall live by them. Christ hath redeemed us from the curse

of the law', being made a curse for us';—for it is written', 14 Accursed is every oné that hangeth on a treé ;—that the

blessing of Abraham might come on the Gentiles through

Jesus Christo; that we might receive the promise of the 15 Spirit through faith". Brethren', I speak after the manner

of men'; though it is but a man's' covenant', yet if it is 16 confirmed, no man disannulleth', or addeth to it.

Now to

Aoraham and his' seed were the promises madè. He saith

not', And to seeds , as of many', but as of one ;- And to thŷ' 17 seed', which is Christ'. And this I say', that the covenant

that was confirmed before by God in Christ, the law which

was four hundred and thirty years after', cannot disannul 18 that it should make the promise of no effect. For if the

inheritance is by the law it is no more' by promise'; but

God gave it to Abraham' by promise'. 19 What

purpose then serveth the law' ? It was added because of transgressions', till the seed should come to whom

the promise was made; and it was ordained by angels' in 20 the hand of a mediator'. Now a mediator is not a media21 tor of one'; but God is one'. Is the law then against the

promises of God'? By no means': for if there had been a

law given' which could give lifé, verily' righteousness would 22 have been by the law'. But the scripture hath concluded

all under sin, that the promise by faith of Jesus Christ 23 might be given to them that believe. But before faith'

came', we were kept under the law', shut up to the faith 24 which should afterwards be revealed'. Wherefore the law

was our schoolmaster' to bring us to Christ“, that we might 25 be justified by faith'. But after_faith' is comé, we are no 26 longer under a schoolmaster'. For ye all are children of 27 God' by faith in Christ Jesus'. For as many of you as 28 have been baptized into Christ', have put on Christ'. There

is neither Jew' nor Greek', there is neither bond, nor free,

there is neither malé nor femalè; for ye are all one in 29 Christ Jesus'. And if ye are Christ's', then are ye Abra

ham's seed', and heirs' according to the promisè.



How wonderful a specimen of human corruption is presented in the so general profanation of the name of God', exhibited in light-minded cursing and swearing! How perfectly at a loss is Reason for a motive to originate, and explain this conduct! Why should the Name of the Creator' be treated with irreverence? Why should not anything else be uttered by man', if we consider him merely as a rational being without recurring at all' to his moral' and accountable character', rather than language of this naturé ? Certainly', it contributes not in the least degree, to the advancement of any' purposet; unless that

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