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to the aid of our fellow men, who are “sitting in the region and shadow of death.” What zeal will be too ārdēnt; what labor too persevēring'; what sacrifice too costly’, if by any means we may tell them of Jesus' and the resurrection, and the life eternal! Who shall be daunted by difficulties', or deterred by discouragement'? If but one Pagan should be brought', saringly, by your instrumentality to the knowledge of God', and the kingdom of heaven', will you not, my brethren', have an ample recompensé ? Is there here a man who would give up all for lost because some favorite hope has been disappointed'? or who regrets the worldly substance which he has expended on so divine an enterprisé ? Shame on thy coward spirit' and thine avaricious heart'! Do the Holy Scriptures', does the experience of ages', does the nature of things justify the expectation', that we shall carry war into the central regions of delusion and crimé, without opposition', without triál? Show me a plan' which encounters not fierce resistance from the Prince of Darkness and his allies in the human heart', and I will show you a plan which never came from the inspiration of God. If missionary efforts suffer occasional embarrassments'; if impressions on the heathen be less speedy', and powerful', and extensivé, than fond wishes have anticipated'; if particular parts of the great system of operation bé, at times, disconcerted'; if any of the “ministers of grace ” fall a sacrifice to the violence of those whom they go to bless “ in the name of the Lord',” these are events which ought to exercise our faith and patiencè; to wean us from self-sufficiency'; to teach us where our strength lies, and where our dependence must be fixed'; but not to enfeeble hope, nor relax diligence. Let us not “despise the day of small things." Let us not overlook, as an unimportant matter, the very existence of that missionary spirit which has already awakened Christians in different countries from their long and dishonorable slumbers', and bids fair to produce, in due season,

a general movement of the church upon earth.” Let us not for one instant harbor the ungracious thought, that the prayers, and tears, and wrestlings of those who “make mention of the Lord,” form no link in that vast chain of events by which he will establish', and“ will make Jerusalem a praisé, in the earth.” That dispensation which of all others is most repulsive to flesh and blood', the violent death of faithful missionaries', should animate Christians with new resolution. “ Precious in the sight of the Lord', is the death of his saints.” The cry of mârtyred blood ascends to the heavens“; it enters into “ the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth.” It will give him no rēst till he “rain down righteousness'" upon the land where it

has been shed', and which it has sealed as a future conquest for Him whó in his “majesty rides prosperously because of truth', and meekness, and righteousness.”

For the wôrld, indeed', and also for the church“, many calamities and trials are in storé, before the glory of the Lord shall be so revealed', that “all flesh shall see it together." “I will shake all nations', and the desire of all nations shall come.” The vials of wrath which are now running', and others which remain to be poured out, must be exhausted. The“ supper

of the great God” must be prepared', and his “ have its course. Yet the missionary cause must ultimately succeed. It is the cause of God', and shall prevail. The days, O brethren', roll rapidly on', when the shout of the isles shall swell the thunder of the continent', when the Thames' and the Danubè, when the Tiber and the Rhinè, shall call upon the Euphrates', the Ganges', and the Nile; and the loud concert shall be joined by the Hudson', the Mississippi', and the Amazon', singing with one heārt and one voicé, Alleluià! Salvation"! The Lord God omnipotent rēignēth!

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Iambic. Four and three feet, alternately.
1. The rose that blooms in yonder valé

With fragrance scents the air;
But Sharon's rose is sweeter still',

Its blossoms are more fair.
2. This plant', derived from Paradisé,

Delights in sacred groundo;
On Zion's hill', by Siloa's brook',

On Bethlehem's plain 'tis found.
3. Wet with those dews of love diviné,

Which once on Hermon fell'
Warmed by the Sun of righteousness' -

It buds and blossoms well.
4. Tend', then', this plant with pious care,

Nor think the labor vain";
It is an emblem of the heart'
Where heavenly graces reign.

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LOVEST THOU ME?—John xxi. 17.
Trochaic. Four feet, and three with an additional short

1. Love I thee', thou blest Redeemer'?

Love I thee', thou sinner's friend'?
Love I thee', my soul's preserver' ?-

Whither can such question tend ?
2. Well I know my heart is ficklė;

Well I know the force of sin';
Well I know a subtle tempter',

Foe to virtué, lurks within.
3. Still, the question gives me anguish',

When I hear it put by theer;
Dost thou, Lord’, indeed suspect mé ?

Dost thou some unsoundness seé ?
4. By thy Spirit's power to quicken',

By thine own sufficient might',
Set me free from all deception";

Keep me safely'-keep me right.
5. Grace to lean upon thy bosom',

Grace to purify and savé,
Gracè, till I arrive in heaven',-
Gracè, eternal grace, I crave'.


PILGRIM'S SONG. Trochaic and iambic, alternately. Three trochaic feet with a

long syllable added; three iambic.
1. Rise', my soul', and stretch thy wings,

Thy better portion tracé ;
Risè from transitory things',

Towards heaven', thy native place.
Sun', and moon', and stars' decay —

Time shall soon this earth removém
Risè, my soul, and haste away'

To seats prepared above.

2. Rivers to the ocean run',

Nor stay in all their course :
Fires ascending' seek the sun';-

Both speed them to their source;
So a soul, that's born of God',

Pants to view his glorious facè;
Upward tends to his abodé,

To rest in his embrace.
3. Fly me riches', fly me cares",

While I that coast explorè;
Flatt'ring world', with all thy snares',

Solicit me no more.
Pilgrims fix not here their home,

Strangers tarry but a night';
When the last dear morn is comé,

They'll rise to joyful light'.
4. Cease', ye pilgrims', cease to mourn,

Press onward to the prize';
Soon the Savior will return',

Triumphant in the skies':
There we'll join the heavenly train',

Welcomed to partake the bliss';
Fly from sorrow and from pain'

To realms of endless peace.

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Iambic. Four feet. Called long meter 1. God is the refuge of his saints',

When storms of sharp distress invadè;
Ere we can offer our complaints',

Behold him present with his aid.
2. Let mountains from their seats be hurled'

Down to the deep', and buried there';
Convulsions shake the solid world',

Our faith shall never yield to fear. 3. Loud may the troubled ocean roar';

In sacred peace our souls abidè ;

every nation', every shoré, Trembles', and dreads', the swelling tide.

3. Bei

Sea An

Th Th An


4. There is a stream whose gentle flow'

Supplies the city of our God';
Life, love, and joy still gliding through',

And watering our divine abodè.
5. Thāt sācrēd strēam—thy holy word',

Our grief allays', our fear controls';
Sweet peace thy promises afford',

And give new strength to fainting souls'.
6. Zion enjoys her monarch's lové,

Secure against a threatening hour';
Nor can her firm foundations move,
Built on his' truth', and armed with power'.



Iambic. Epic measure, sometimes styled long proper meter. 1. The Lord', the sovereign', sends his summons forth',

Calls the south' nations', and awakes the north';
From east' to west the sounding orders spread'
Through distant worlds and regions of the dead'.
No more shall atheists mock his long delay';

His vengeance sleeps no more ;-behold the day'! 2. Behold", the Judge descends'! his guards are nigh";

Tempest and firē attend him down the sky.
Ileaven', earth', and hell', draw near"; let all things comè,
To hear his' justice and the sinner's doom'.
But gather first my saints', (the Judge commands',)

Bring them', ye angels', from their distant lands. 3. Behold', my covenant stands forever good',

Sealed by th' eternal sacrifice in blood”,
And signed with all their names'; the Greek', the Jew',
That paid the ancient' worship’, or the new'.
There's no distinction here ; comè, spread their thrones',

And nēar me sēat my fāvorītes and my sons. 4. I, their almighty Savior' and their God',

Ti am their Jūdge: ye heavens', proclāim abroad
My jūst ēternāl sēntēnce, and déclarē

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