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35 And sought it in the likeliest mode
Within her master's snug abode.

A drawer it chanced, at bottom lined
With linen of the softest kind',

With such as merchants introduce 40 From India, for the ladies' user ;

A drawer impending o'er the resť,

open in the topmost chesť,
Of depth enough“, and none to spare“,

Invited her to slumber therè.
45 Puss, with delight beyond expression',

Surveyed the scene', and took possession.
Recumbent at her ease ere long',
And lulled by her own hum-drum song',

She left the cares of life behind',
50 And slept as she would sleep her last';
When in' came', housewifely inclined',

The chambermaid', and shut it fast", —
By no malignity impelled',

But all unconscious whom it held.
55 Awakened by the shock', cried Puss',

“Was ever cat attended thus'!
The open drawer was left, I see',
Merely to prove a nest for mer;
For soon as

60 Then came the maid', and it was closed";

How smooth thēse kērchiefs', and how swēet'•
Oh what a delicate retreat"!
I will myself resign to rest,

Till Sol, declining in the west',
65 Shall call to supper'; when', no doubt,
Susan will come and let me out.”

The evening camè, the sun descended,
And Puss remained' still unattended'.

The night rolled tardily away;
70 (With her', indeed, 'twas never day' ;)

The sprightly morn her course renewed',
The evening gray again ensued',
And Puss came into mind no more

Than if entombed the day before. 75 With hunger pinched', and pinched for room',

She now presaged approaching doom',
Nor slept a single wink', or purred',
Conscious of jeopardy incurred.

That night', by chance', the Poet, watching',

was well

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80 Heard an inexplicable scratching';

His noble heart went pit-a-pat”,-
And to himself he said, “What's that" ?"
He drew the curtain at his sidé,

And forth he peeped', but nothing spiedo; 85 Yet, by his ear directed', guessed

Something imprisoned in the chest',
And doubtful wháť, with prudent care',
Resolved it should contînue there.

At length a voice', which well he knew , 90 A long and melancholý mēw',

Saluting his poetic ears',
Consoled him', and dispelled his fears":
He left his bed', he trod the floor',

He 'gan in haste the drawers explore 95 The lowest first, and without stop',

The rest in order to the top'.
For 'tis a truth well known to most
That whatsoever thing is lost,

We seek iť, ere it come to lighť, 100 In every cranny but the right'.

Forth skipped the Cat'; not now repleté
As erst with airy self-conceiť,
Nor in her own fond apprehension'

A theme for all the world's attention, 105 But modest', sober', cured of all

Her notions hyperbolical',
And wishing for her place of resť
Any thing' rather than a chest'.

Then stept the Poet into bed', 110 With this reflection in his head


Beware of too sublime a sensé
Of your own worth and consequence !
The man who dreams himself so greať,

And his importance of such weight, 115 That all around, in all that's doné,

Must move and act for him alone',
Will learn in school of tribulation'
The folly of his expectation.



Iambic. Four feet.
TWICE through the hall the chieftain strode;
The wavings of his tartans broad',
And darkened brow', where wounded pride

With ire and disappointment vied',
5. Seemed', by the torch's gloomy light',

Like the ill demon of the night,
Stooping his pinions' shadowy sway'
Upon the nighted pilgrim's way':

But, unrequited lové, thy dart'
10. Plunged deepest its envenomed smart',

And Roderick, with thine anguish stung',
At length the hand of Douglas wrung;
While eyes that mocked at tears beforé,

With bitter drops were running o'er'.
15. The death-pangs of long-cherished hopé,

Scarce in that ample breast had scope,
Buť, struggling with his spirit proud',
Convulsive heaved its checkered shroud',

While every sob'—so mute were all20. Was heard distinctly through the hallo;

The son's despair, the mother's look',
Ill might the gentle Ellen brook';
She rose, and to her side there camé,

To aid her parting steps', the Graemè.* 25. Then Roderick from the Douglas brokè ;

As flashes flame through sable smoké,
Kindling its wreaths long', dark", and low',
To one broad blaze of ruddy glow',

So the deep anguish of despair 30. Burst, in fierce jealousy', to air

With stalwart grasp his hand he laid'
On Malcolm's breast, and belted plaido;
“ Back', beardless boy'!” he sternly said,

“ Back", minion'! hold'st thou thus at naught 35. The lesson I so lately taught'?

This roof", the Douglas' and that maid',
Thank thou for punishment delayed'."

* Pronounced Grame; a as in late.

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Eager as grey-hound on his gamé,

Fiercly with Roderick grappled Graeme; 40. “ Perish my namé, if aught afford'

Its chieftain safety', save his sword"!"
Thus as they strové, their desperate hand'
Griped to the dagger or the brand';

And death had been —But Douglas rosé, 45. And thrust between the struggling foes'

His giant strength : ...." Chieftains, foregò!
I hold the first who strikes', my foè.
Madmen', forbear your frantic jaro!

What'! is the Douglas fallen so far,
50. His daughter's hand is deemed the spoil

Of such dishonorable broil'?
Sullen and slowly they unclasp',
As struck with sħamé, their desperate grasp";

And each upon his rival glared',
55. With foot advanced', and blade half bared'.

Ere yet the brands aloft were flung',
Margaret on Roderick's "mantle hung";
And Malcolm heard his Ellen's scream',

As faltered through terrific dream'.
60. Then Roderick plunged in sheath his sword',

And veiled his wrath in scornfu] word.
“ Rest safe till morning"; pity 'tweré
Such cheeks should feel the midnight air'!

Then' may'st thou to James Stuart tel”, 65. Roderick will keep the lake and fell,

Nor lackey', with his free-born clan',
The pageant pomp of earthly man.
More, would he of Clan-Alpine know',
Thou canst our strength and passes

show Malisè, whåť, hò!” his henchman came; 70. “Give our safe conduct to the Graemè.”

Young Malcolm answered', calm and bold',
"Fear nothing for thy favorite hold'.
The spot an angel deigned to grace,

Is blessed, though robbers haunt the place : 75. Thy churlish courtesy for those

Reservè, who feel to be thy foes.
As safe to me the mountain way'
At midnight', as in blaze of day',

Though', with his boldest at his back', 80. Even Roderick Dhū beset the track.

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Iambic. Five feet.
1. Roll on, thou deep and dark-blue ocean'-roll'!

Ten thousand fleets sweep over thee in vain";
Man marks the earth with ruin-his control'
Stops with the shorè ;-upon the watery plain'
The wrecks are all thy' deed', nor doth remain'
A shadow of man's ravagé, save his own',
When, for a moment', like a drop of rain',
He sinks into thy depths with bubbling groan',

Without a grave', unknelled', uncoffined', and unknown. 2. His steps are not upon thy paths',—thy fields'

Are not a spoil for him”,—thou dost ariser
And shake him from theè; the vile strength he wields'
For earth's destruction thou dost all despisé,
Spurning him from thy bosom to the skies',
And send'st him shivering', in thy playful spray',
And howling', to his gods', where haply lies'
His petty hope in some near port or bay“,

And dashest him again to earth":—there lēt him lāy.* 3. The armaments which thunder-strike the walls'

Of rock-built cities', bidding nations quaké,
And monarchs tremble in their capitals',-
The oak leviathans', whose huge ribs maké
Their clay creator the vain title také
Of lord of thee, and arbiter of war^ ;-
These are thy toys', and’, as the snowy flaké,
They melt into thy yeast of waves', which mar

Alike the Armada's pride', or spoils of Trafalgar'.
4. Thy shores are empires', changed in āll save thee.

Assyria, Greece, Romè, Carthagé, what are they'?
Thỹ wāters wasted them', while they were free',
And many a tyrant' sincè; their shores obey'
The stranger', slavé, or savage; their decay'
Has dried up realms' to deserts":—not so thoû,
Unchangeablé, save to thy wild waves' play'-
Time writes no wrinkle on thinè azure brow'
Such as creation's dawn' beheld', thou rollest now'.

* Should be lie.

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