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to Ditto, 98. Method of composing his Sermons, &c., 100. Treatise of
Biathanatos, 100. Makes his Will, 101. His charities, 103. Filial af.
fection of, 104. Extracts from his private accounts, 105. His last Lent
Sermon, 107. Joy at his recent Life, and at death, 108. Attempt of
Dr. Fox to cure him, 109. Mortuary Monument of him executed, 110.
His Epitaph and Portraits, 111. His happy death and burial, 113. Hon-
ours paid to his tomb, 114. Private subscription sent for his Monument,

114. His foatures, eulogy, and character, 115. Poetical Epitaphs on, 116.
Dorset, Edward and Richard Sackville, Earls of, 88.
Dort, Synod of, 101.
Drayton Beauchamp, Church and Parsonage, 198.
Drury, Sir Robert, 69.
Duncon, Rev. Edmund, [not Edward] 297.
Duport, Dr. Jamos, 268.
Duppa, Dr. Bryan, Bishop of Salisbury, 96.

Earle, Dr. John, Bishop of Salisbury, 227.
Elizabeth, Queen of England, 139, 200, 207.

-, Queen of Bohemia, 85, 153.
Ellesmere, Thomas Lord, 57, 59, 324.
Elmer, John, Bishop of London, 197.

Farrer, Nichulas, 275, 297.
Fell, Dr. Samuel, 342.
Ferdinand de' Medicis, Duke of Florence, 140.
Fox, Dr., 109.
Field, Dr. Richard, 47.
Fulgentio, M., 101.
Fulman, Mr., 239.
Fulston Church, Wilts, 297.

Gardiner, Dr., 342.
Gataker, Rev. Thomas, 84.
Gauden, Dr. John, 45.
Gentilis, Albericus, 132, 135.
Goodier, Sir Henry, 95.
Gretzerus, the Jesuit, 228.
Grindal, Edmund, Archbishop of Canterbury. 207.
Guarini, Battista, 131.
Gunning, Dr. Peter, Bishop of Ely, 363.

Hacket, William, 202, 246.
Hales, John, of Eton, 174.
Hall, Dr. Joseph, Bishop of Norwich, 96.
Hammond, Dr. Henry, 334, &c.

Harding, Dr. Thomas, 191.
Harrison, John, 170.
Harsnett, Dr. Samuel, Bishop of Chichester, 81.
Hay, James, Earl of Doncaster, 85.
Henchman, Dr. Humphrey, Bishop of London, 286.
HERBERT, George, 95. Life of, 257. His birth and family seat, ibid. Fam.

ily of, ibid. His education,-entered of Cambridge, 259. Account of
his mother, 260. University, character and titles at, 264. His conduct
as Orator, 266. Replies to Melvin's Satires, 267. Verses on Dr. Donne's
Seal,-his hopes of Court preferment, 270. His health impaired by study,
-His verses on affliction, 271. Death of his Court friends, 272. Deter-
mines to take Orders, 273. Made Deacon,- Repairs the Church of Lay-
ton Ecclesia, 274. His Letter to his mother in her sickness, 275. His
own illness, 278. His resignation, recovery, and his person described, -
Courtship and marriage of, 279. Receives the Rectory of Bemerton,-
-hesitates at taking Orders,-convinced by Bishop Laud, and is ordain-
ed, 281. Holiness of his life,-his induction, his delight in the title of
Priest, 282. Address to his wife thereon, 283. Repairs the Church and
Parsonage,—instances of his humility and goodness, 284. His christian
conduct, ibid. His' Country Parson, 286. His Sermons, 287. Pious
life of him and his parishioners, 289. His love for Music, 293. Anec-
dotes of, ibid. Is seized with a consumption, 296. Mr. Duncon's visits
to, 297. His acquaintance with Nicholas Farrer, 298. Sacred Poems,
sent to, 303. Their publication, ibid. His reflections on dying,-hymn

by, 305. Dying conduct of, ibid. His Letter to Nicholas Farrer, 309.
Herbert, Lady Magdalen, 95, 260, &c.
Herbert of Cherbury, Lord, 257.
Herbert, Sir Thomas, 340.
Hooker, RICHARD, His birth and character of his childhood, 183. Schoolmas-

ter's advice, 184. Success of his intercession with J. Hooker, 185. Is
patronised and sent to Oxford by ditto, and Bishop Jewel, 186, 187. Fil-
ial affection of, 187. His visit to Bishop Jewel, ibid. Is made Tutor to
Edwin Sandys, 189. His learning and piety at Oxford, ibid. Is admit-
ted on the College Foundation, 190. Graduates there, and becomes Fel-
low, 191. His pupils, ibid. His subsequent course of study, 193. Be-
comes Hebrew Lecturer, 194. Is expelled his College, ibid. Re-admit-
ted, takes Orders, and is appointed to preach at St. Paul's, 195. His jour-
ney to London, and Sermon, 196. Unhappy marriage of, 197. His resi-
dence at Drayton Beauchamp, 198. Recommended to be Master of the
Temple, 199. Receives the office, 200, 214. His religious disputes with
Travers, 216. His defence of his doctrine of Faith, ibid. And Justifica.
tion, 217. His charitable belief concerning Papists, 219. His mildness
in argument, 220. His controversial writings published, and his Ecclesi-
astical Polity commenced, 211. Dr. Spencer's eulogium on, 222. Is
presented to the Rectory of Boscum, 223. Publication of his first four

presented to the Rectory of Boscum, 223. Publication of his first four
books of Polity, 224. Receives the Rectory of Bishop's Bourne, and his
holy life there, ibid. 227, 231. Preface to his books of Church Polity,
224, 225. Eulogies on them, 226. His friendship with Dr. Saravia, 227.
His preaching, 230. Conspiracy against, 233. Conduct in his sickness,
235. Occasion of his death, ibid. His death, 237, 239. Epitaph on,
238. Appendix to his Life, 239. His will and family, ibid. Authenti-
city of the last three books of Polity considered, 241. His remaining

writings destroyed, ibid. G. Cranmer's Letter to, 244.
Horton, Sampson, Parish-Clerk of Bishop's Bourne, 229.
Howland, Dr. Richard, Bishop of Peterborough, 214.

Jackson, Dr. Thomas, 191.
James I. King of England, 74–76, 79, 80, 85, 87, 88, 139, &c., 148, 153,

204, 226, 243, 266, 324.
Jewel, John, Bishop of Salisbury, 185, 189.
Ireland, Mr. 259.
Juxon, Dr. William, Archbishop of Canterbury, 339.

Kent, Henry Grey, Earl of, 88.
Kiibie, Dr. Richard, 320.
King, Dr. Henry, Bishop of Chichester, 90, 91, 110, 117.

Dr. John, Bishop of London, 78, 327.

Lake, Dr. Arthur, Bishop of Bath and Wells, 294, 324.
Lambarde, William, 127.
Laud, William, Archbishop of Canterbury, 281, 332, 350.
Layton Ecclesia, Church of, 273.
Leicester, Robert Dudley, Earl of, 203, 213.
Lothesley, or Loseley Hall, 58.

Martin, Gregory, 245.
Martin Marprelate, 214.
Matthew, Dr. Tobias, Bishop of York, 328.
Melville, or Melvin, Andrew, 267, 307.
Mirandula, J. Picus, 54.
Montague, Dr. James, Bishop of Bath and Wells, 74.
More, Sir George, 58, 61.

Sir Thomas, 53.

Anne, 58, 82.
Morley, Dr. George, Bishop of Winchester, 43, 338.
Morton, Sir Albert, 143, 161.

Dr. Thomas, Bishop of Durham, 63.
Moryson, Fynes, 192.

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Mountfort, Dr. T. 114
Murray, Thomas, 156

Nash, Thomas, 214.
Naunton, Sir Robert, 266.
Neale, Dr. Richard, 259.
Nethersole, Sir Francis, 266.
Nevil, Dr. Thomas, 260.
Northumberland, Henry Percy, Earl of, 59.

Oley, Rev. Barnabas, 287.

Paine, Dr., 342.
Paolo, Padre, 101, 147.
Parry, Dr. Richard, Bishop of St. Asaph, 270
Paul V., Pope, 147.
Pearson, Dr. John, Bishop of Chester, 363.
Perkins, Rev. William, 160.
Pey, Nicholas, 156, 162.
Phillips, Fabian, 243.
Pierce, Dr. Thomas, 333, 373.
Pole, Cardinal Reginald, 191.
Prideaux, Dr. John, 323.
Prudentius, Clemens Aurelius, 99.
Pullin, Rev. John, 369

Rastall, William, 53.
Reynolds, Dr. John, 186, 194.
Rotherham, Thomas, Archbishop of York, 317.
Rudde, Dr. Anthony, Dean of Gloucester, 56.

Sancroft, Dr. William, Archbishop of Canterbury, 364.
SANDERSON, Dr. Robert, Bishop of Lincoln, Hooker's MS., 342. Life of, 3il.

Birth of, 317. Family of, &c. 318. His education, 319. His degrees,
&c. at Oxford, 321-326. His acquaintance with Dr. Sheldon, 326. Re-
signs his Fellowship, 328, and marries, 329. Instances of his piety and
charity, 329. Excellence of his Sermons, 332. His Convocation em-
ployments and Answers to Calvin, 333. Is made D.D., 334. Employed
to reform the Prayer Book, 336. Called to the Assembly of Divines,-
made Professor of Divinity, and excellence of his Lectures, 336. Attends
the King in the Isle of Wight, 338. Forced to quit his College, 341. Per-
secuted at Boothby Pannell, 345. Prayer used by, in altering the Litur-
gy, 346. His singular memory, 347. His debate in the Quinquarticular
Controversy, 348. Prefaces to his Sermons referred to, 351. Made
Prisoner by the Parliament, ibid. Cases of Conscience written by, 352

Walton's interview with, 254. Character of his person and manners, 357.
Mr. Boyle's friendship to, 359. Recommended to a Bishopric, 360.
Made Bishop of Lincoln, 361. His conduct as such, 364. His principal
studies, 366. Extracts from his Will, 367. Conduct of, in his last sick-

ness, 369.

Sanays, Dr. Edwin, Archbishop of York, 188.

Sir Edwin, 188.
Saravia, Dr. Adrian, 227, 235.
Savile, Sir Henry, 192.
Scioppius, Jasper, 150.
Sheldon, Dr. Gilbert, Archbishop of Canterbury, 318.
Somerset, Robert Carr, Earl of, 75.
Spencer, Dr. John, 181, 222, 241.
Stapleton, Dr. Thomas, 225.
Stuart, Arabella, 268.

Theobalds, Palace at, 76.
Thorndike, Rev. Herbert, 271.
Throgmorton, Sir Nicholas, 171.
Travers, Rev. Walter, 197, 214.

Valdesso, Signor John, 301.
Velserus, Marcus, 150.
Vietta, Signor John, 139, 140.

Usher, Dr. James, Archbishop of Armagh, 182

Wadsworth, Rev. James, 164.
Wall, Dr., 342.
Watson, William, 140.
Westphaling, Dr. Herbert, 19).
White, Dr. Thomas, 87.
Whitgift, John, Archbishop of Canterbury, 206, 241, 244.
Williams, Dr. John, Archbishop of York, 273.
Wolly, Sir Francis, 62.
Woodnot, Mr. Arthur, 275.
Wotton, Sir Henry, Birth-place of, 125. His Lectures at Oxford, 131. His

friendship with Dr. Donne, 136. His travels, ibid. Becomes Secretary
to the Earl of Essex, 138, but goes abroad at the commencemeut of his
rebellion, 139. His residence in Italy, ibid. Sent on a secret Embassy
10 Scotland, 140. Returns to Florence, ibid. His reception by King
James I., 141. Sent Ambassador to Venice, 143. Corresponds between
the Republic and the King, 148. Sentence in an Album, 149. Loses
and recovers the King's favour, 150. His interest with the Dukes of Ven-
ice, 151. Prisoners liberated by, 152. Sent Ambassador to Germany,

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