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ger, 272.

Busaco, official account of the battle of, feated, 389_Narrative of the Dissentious

between the combined forces under Lord at Madras, 392-Memoirs of Robert Casy,

Wellingion and the French, 399. Earl of Monmouth, 477-Wallis's Lon.
Butter, description of a new invented churn don, 458--The Contemplatist, 474.
to facilitate the making of, 225.

Critique on the Elegy wiitten in a Country
Scotch method of curing, 250.

Church-yaid, 208.

Cronometer, patent for a new, 55.
Cadiz, particulars relative to the state of, Cruelty to Animals, reflections on, 474.

Cambridgeshire, occurrences in, 79.

Cumberland, occurrences and deaths in,
Canabals, account of a dreadful expedition

257, 345
of some, 160

Cures for the Asthma, 407, 498.
Canal, Dock, Brewery, Fire and Life in. Cursory Observations by a literary Lous-

surance Shares, monthly prices of, 86,

174, 262, 350, 438, 520.
Captivity, contented, lines to, 47.

Darger, singular escape from, 170.
Carter, John, esq. biographical skeich of, Dartmouth, the Earl of, biographical

sketch of, 55.
Cata trophe, melancholy, at Paris, 77. Death, noies to the dialogue of Æschine
Cat le, method of relieving when gorged or on the Fear of, 280
overfed, 225.

injury of describing in terrific co-
Chace and the Church, the, 68

Tours, 273
Charter of Liberties, the necessity of read- Death of Adam, a drama, translated from
ing in churches and chapels, 95.

Klopstock, 22, 183, 470.
Chinese Paste, 56, 140.

Denmark, questions proposed by the aca-
Rallish, a substitute for olive oil, demy of, 2:32.

Devonshire, occurrences and deaths in,
Churchill's Guide to Health, review of, 43. 79, 108, 4:2
Climate, some observations on), 407. Difierence between a great and an illus-
Clover, the practice of growing for seed trious man, 381.
recommended, 454

Domestic Occurrences, 161, 343.
Coast of Norfolk, dreadful storm on the, Doranie, a characteristic sketch, 16.

Dogs, British race of, ancient celebrity of,
Cobbett, Mr. tried and committed to New- 272.
gate for libel, 69.

Dorsetsbire, occurrences in, 257.
Coid, artificial, new method of producing, Doubtful Son, the, a new drama, account

of, 64
Columbus' Cask, query respecting, 13.

Dress, male and female, observations on
Comte, M. a ventriloquist, anecdote of,

the revolutions produced in, and their
Corn, average prices of, 87, 175, 263, 351, Driess, John Peter, niemoirs of, 50S.

commercial effects, 377.
439, 521
Covent Garden Theatre, account of the

Drysander, Jonas, death of, 429.
performances at, 242, 329.
Covemry, the Earl of, short memoir of, Earth, a new theory of the diurnal rotation

of the, 318.
Country Life, 410.

Earthquake at St. Michael's, account of,
County Annual Register, review of, S03.

Cowper, observations upon, 120.

Ebrall, Thomas, inscription to the memory
Cresus, a characteristic sketch, 15.

of, 162.
Criticism-Stutt's Real State of France, 35 Edinburgh Institute, opening of, with the
Treatise on the Passions, 39-Churchill's

objects it embraces, 491.
Guide to Health, 43–Atkin's History of Egremont, the Earl of, presented with a
the Israelites, ib.-Elton's Tales of Ro-

superb vessel from the Sussex Agricul-
mance, 121_Witherby's Wisdom of the tural Society, 434.
Calvinistic Methodists, 126 - Barrett's Egypt, the importance of this country in s
Woman, 129_Fox's Appeal to the Mis-

commercial point of view, 141.
sionary Society, lvi-Account of Four Electric kel, account of the, 501.
Years' Resideiice at Tongataboo, 212– Elegiac Stanzas on the death of Lord Nel-
Ellis's Pracrical Renarks, 22:3— Verral's
Pleasure of Possession, 296~Johnson's Elegy on the death of a friend, 46.
(M) Sonnets, 300-County Annual Ellis's Practical Remarks, review of, 223,
Register, 383-The Maid of Renmore, Elphinston, James, inscription to the me
384-Tov's Scripture Geography, 388-
Aspland's Bigotry and lalolerance de. Elton's Tales of Romance, review of, 191.

soni, 311.

mory of, 516.

Emilius and Sophia, or the Recluse, a frag. Haydn, Joseph, the celebrated musician,

ment from Rousseau, 116, 193, 287, biographical sketch of, 145.

Haymarket Theatre, account of the per-
Entomological Society, plan of this insti- formances at, 64, 147.
tution, 157.

Hayter, John, an eccentric character, somo
Epicures, hint to, 328.

account of, 257.
Epitaphs, curious, 149, 411, 468.

Head, Mr. David, death of, 260.
Essay on the genius and writings of Wie- Heath, on the advantages to be derived
land, 465.

from, in the feeding of stock, 402..
Essex, occurrences and deaths in, 164, Hemp, substitute for, 55.
345, 432, 517.

Herring, John, esq. short account of, 259.

Hertfordshire, occurrences in, 258.
Failures, some observations on the great High Life in the City, a new play, account
extent of, 72.

of, 147,
Fear, remarkable instance of the effects of, High Tide, extraordinary, at Teignmouth,

Fezzen Sheep, description of, 500.

at Boston, 438.
Filtering Water, improved patent machine Historical Chronicle, 77, 159, 254, 337,
for, 20.

422, 514,
Final Rejoinder, 98.

History, the importance of an early ac-
Fire, dreadful, at Paris, 77.

quaintance with, 273.
- at Bristol, 167.

Holberg, Buron, litarary life and travels of,
Fire-grare, improvement of the, 139.

10, 104, 196, 274, 570, 460.
Fitzgerald, Sir T. J death of, 348. Holland, literary and scientific news from,
Flower, Mrs. inscription to the memory of,


political state of, 73, 154,248.
Foreign Literary Intelligence, 56, 141, Hope, sonnet 10, 488.
232, 811, 408, 499.

Horse-chesnut, a substitute for soap, 406.
Fox's Appeal to the Missionary Society, House of Commons, on the uncertainty of

Horse-flesh, on the use of, 145.
review of, 131.
France, literary and scientific news from,

the origin of the, 355.
56, 142, 233, 319, 408, 499.

Huntingdonshire, occurrences in, 165.
and England, the financial, com- Hydrophobia, recipe for the cure of, 56.
mercial, and political state of, contrasted,

Impromptu, 223.
French Language, rules for acquiring the, India, narrative of the dissentions in, 592.

Ink, Indian, drawings, remedy for the gloss
National Institute, account of the

in, 55.
proceedings of the, 227.

red, how to prepare, 55.
Fruit-trees, inethod of keeping in vigour, Inscription to the memory of John Irwin,

Furze, or Whins, important information on

of Thes. Ebrall,
the properties of, 49.


of Mrs. Flower,
Gallant Naval Actions, 255, 423,

Gazette Intelligence, 159, 254, 337, 422,

of James Elphin-
Germany, literary and scientific news of, loterment of the Princess Amelia, 427.
56, 142, 233, 321, 408, 500.

Countess de Lille, 429.
Glass, method of making red transparent, Ireland, occurrences and deaths in, 83,

170, 348.
Gloucestershire, occurrences in, 164

Iron, as a substitute for timber in buildings,
Goldsmid, Abraham, esq. memoirs of the

advantages of, 55.
life of, 322

Iron Water Pipes, bad effects of, 140.
Goui, remedy for the, 408.

Irwin, John, inscription to the memory of,
Grass Lands, new mode of improving, 490. 162.
Gray's Elegy, a critique on, 209.

Italy, literary and scientific news of, 143,
Grignion, Mr. C. memoirs of, 502.

234, 521, 409.

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esq? 162.

ston, 516.

Hampshire, occurrences and deaths in, 79, Jack the Giant Killer, a new drama, ac-
165, 345.

count of, 147.
Happiness, Solomon in search of, 447. James the First, rescued from the severity
Harwichi, great improvements of the town of Hume, 272.
of, 517.

Johnson's, Miss, Souneta, review of, 300.

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Kent, occurrences and deaths in, 79, 258, Meteor, account of a, seen at Brezeau, 450.

Mice, to destroy in corn-stacks, 406.
meeting of the freeholders of, on the Miscellanea, facetious and eccentrie, 66,
subject of parliamentary reform, 334. , 148, 243, 327, 410.
King, ite, indisposition of, 413, 504. Mitred Captain, the, 328.

debates in parlia- Modern Love Sonnet, a, 411.
ment on this subject, 418, 509.

Mohomasim, the ass-driver, a tale, 267.
Kiss, the, a narrative, 267.

Montgolfer, M. death of, 82

Moore, Ann, of Tutbury, a woman said to
Lancashire, occurrences and deathis in,

live without food, query respecting, 211,
258, 246.

account of a visit to her
Lancaster, Mr. Joseph, analy is of his lec-

by a medical gentleman, who suspects
ture at Newcastle, on a new system of

her to be an impostor, $21.
education, 492.

Mural Characters, 14.
Language, an universal and characteristic Morning, irregular ode 10, 46.
one, premium proposed for, 235.

Murse, Francis, esq. singular speech of, og
Lavater, an interesting anecdote of, 107.

being appointed sheriff of Norwich,
Launch of the Queen Charlotte, 79.

Laurel-tree, query respecting the, 295.

Mudford's Contemplatist, review of, 474.
reply to, 408.
Lector, liis final rejoinder to Philo, on the Mutis, a celebrated botanist, death of, 410.

Murderer, the, a metrical tale, 134.
use of the letter K, 98.
Licences granted by Bonaparte to the Ame. Navigation of the Romans, essay on the, 6.
rican vessels, form of the, 256.

Narrative of the Dissentions at Madras,
Life of John Brown, 291.

review of, 992,
and Travels of Henry Vogel, 3, 110,

Four Years' Residence at
204, 289.

Tongatab.o, 212.
of Baron Holberg, 10, Nelson, Lord, elegiac stanzas on the death
104, 196, 274, 370, 460.

of, 311
Lille, the Countess de, death of, 429.

New South Wales, intelligence from, 160,
Lincolnshire, occurrences and deaths in,

80, 165, 259, 4.2.

Norfolk, occurrences and deaths in, 80,
Liniers, Dou Santiago de, some account of

166, 299, 46, 432.
the life and military exploits of, 236.

Northumbrland, occurrences in, 81, 166.
Lint, a preparation of, 406.

Notes to the Dialogue of Æschiges on the
Literature for Loungers, S55.

fear of death, 280.
Liverpool Theatre, riots at, 258.

on virtue,
Locke, Wm. esq. short memoir of, 429. »

whether it can be taught? 449.
Longevity, instances of, 89, 84.

Nottinghamshire, occurrences in, 81.
Love Letters to my Wife, by James Wood. Nubilia and the British Critic, 468.

house, 74, 135, 224, 312, 398, 488.
Lyceum Theatre, account of the perform- Obscurity in Style, a panegyric upon, 52.
ances at, 65, 146, 243.

Observations upon Cowper, 126.
Madras, narrative of the dissentions at, S92.

by a literary lounger, 279.
Maid of Renmore, the, review of, 384.

on the revolutions produced
Male and Female Dress, on the revolutions in male and female dress, 377.
produced in, 377.

- on the difference between a
Maldon, restoration of the charter to the great man and an illustrious man, 381,
borough of, 346.

Ode, irregular, to morning, 46.
Man, on the difference between a great and Oil, olive, a substitute for, 250.
an illustrious, 381.

Open Countenance, an, 412.
Manners and Customs of the natives of Ton- Opinion of the World to be despised, 9.

gataboo, sone account of, 214--222. Oprical Instrumeni, account of a new, 2X
Maple-tree, advantages of cultivating the, Opulent Blind, prospectus of an institution

for the education of the, 177.
Markham, Dr. anecdote of, 244.

Origin of the House of Commons, uncer
Marriages and Deaths, in and near London, tainty of the, 953.
78, 162, 257, 944, 429, 515.

Oxfordshire, occurrences in, 81, 167.
Memoirs of Remarkable Persons, 57, 145,
235, 322, 502.

Paine, Thomas, epigram by, $29.
Memoirs of Robert Cary, Earl of Mon- Parliament, the, arraigned and convicted,
mouth, review of, 477.

360, 456.
Merited and mercantile nobility, 411. Parliamentary Intelligence, 418, 509.
Metcalf, John, alias Blind Jack, account Passions, Treatise on the review of, 89.
of, 8%.

Peas and Beans, to preserve green, 406.


Persian Ambassador, letter from the, 66. Religious and philosophical notions of the
Pharmaceutical Society of Paris, prize Tongas, 219.
questions of the, 233.

Remarks on the migration of birds and in-
Pilot-fish, account of a, 231.

Sects, 108.
Plants, growing, how to preserve at sea,

genius of Miss Baillie, 114.

arguments of J. B. in fa-
Plots, or the North Tower, a new play, ac- vour of suicide and duelling, 201.
count of, 243.

Republication of scarce Tracts, No.Il.
Poetical Saint, a, 67.

Woman not inferior to Man, 17, 98,
Talent, the peculiar circumstance

of its attaining, at one period only, a cer-

tain degree of perfection, 274.

The Parliainent arraigned and convicted,
Poetry, original, -Elegy on the Death of 360, 456.

a Friend, 46-Irregular Ode to Morning, Rickman, Clio, sianzas by, 22.3.
ib. Contented Captivity, 47 - Love Rosiosun, Mr, Morris, death of, 450.
Letters to my Wife, 47, 135, 224, 312, Roinan Wall discovered at Newcastle, 166.
398, 488—The Murderer, 134-Stanzas Romans, essay on the navigation of th, 6.
by Clio Rickman, 223—Impromptu, ib. Royal Academy, dispute between the, and

- Elegiac Stanzas on the Death of Lord the British Insti'ution, 4o9.
Nelson, 311-Parting with my Dearest,

anniy rsary meeting of the,
397 — Lines to Miss E. A.M.G. ib. ibid
Hope, 488.

Society, fransactions of the, 137,
Porter, rules for bottling, 55.,

225, 313.
Portugal, official dispatches relative to the Ru-sia, literary and scientific news of, 144,

operations on the British army in, 158, 24, 409.
254, 337, 422, 508.

Rutiandshire, occurrences in, 347.
observations on the political state
of, and on the affairs of Spain in general, Salter, Mr. his mode of improving grass
74, 155, 246, 330, 416, 508.

lands, 490.
Potatoes, on the preservation of, 407. Sadler, Mr. account of his aërial vovage

importance of planting whole, from Oxford, 167 - From Bristol, S47.

Satan's strange actings, $29.
Powder-mill, destruction of, at Dartford, Scntch method of curing !!!T, 230.

Scotland, occurrences and deaths in, 8i,
Premium Hunters disappointed, 411.

170, 260, 347.
Princess Amelia, account of the death and Scottish Manners, sketches of, 291.
funeral of, 427.

Sea-sickness, investigation into the causes
Prospectus of an institution for the educa-

of, 313.
tion of the opulent blind, 177.

Secret Chamber, the, or the Noble Pea-
Provincial Occurrences, 79, 163, 257, 343, sant, an original diama, 364, 450.--
492, 517.

Sermons, apology for short, 328.
Prussia, death of the Queen of, 171. Shakspeare, anotations on), 191.
Public Affairs, state of, for July, 69- Sheep, improved mode of marking, 140.

August, 150—September, 245- Octo- cure for the rot in, 318.
ber, 330-November, 412-December, - of Fezzen, description of, 500.

Sheepshanks, Rev W. death of, 170
Publications, monthly list of new, 75, 157, Shippen, William, query respecting, 295.
251, 335, 420, 512.

Shipwreck, new scheme for preserving per-
Purnell, Mr. Paul, rleath of, 434.

sons from, 317.

description of some new-in-
Queen Charlotte, a new ship of 120 guns, vented boats for the like purpose, 433.
account of the launch of, 19.

Silver, Major, death of, 435.
Queen Elizabeth, Earl of Monmouth's ac- Simm, Mr. Hugh, short account of, 170.
count of the death of, 491.

Snow, red, account of a fall of, 409
Query, a philosophical one, 201.

Soap-makerz Ashes, on the use of, as a
relative to Ann Moore of Tutbury,

manure, 403.

Society of Arts, transactions of the, 49,
William Shippen, 295.

225, 489.
the laurel-tree, 295.- Soham Unitarian Chapel, account of the
Reply to this query, 468.

disturbance at, 390.

Solomon in search of happiness, 447.
Rain-spout, effects of a, 409.

Somersetshire, occurrences and deaths in,
Raleigh's, Sir Walter, ilgrimage, 327. 167, 547.
Regency, debates in parliament ou the ap- Southward, Simon, an eccentric character,
pointment of a, 509.

account of, 81.

South America, intelligence from, 255, Tricks upon Travellers, a new opera, al-
410, 501.

count of, 65,
Spain, political state of, 74, 155, 246, Turkish, or oriental paste, 56, 140.
390, 416, 508.

Twenty Years Ago, a new drama, account
literary intelligence fro.n, 144, 321.

of, 146.
Spelman, Rev. Henry, death of, 259,

Varieties, literary and philosophical, 3,
Stocks, monthly prices of, 88, 176, 264,

138, 229, 316, 405, 495.
352, 440, 522.
Storm and High Tide, distressing effects Vegetation, extraordinary instance of, 54..

Vegetable Blue, directions for making, 143.
of, 492.
Stratt's Real State of France, review of, Verral's Pleasures of Possession, review of,

Velvet, new method of fabricaring, 143.

Subterraneous Vault, discovered at Bea- Vesuvius, Mount, account of an eruptica

consheld, arcount of, 81.
Suicide and Duelling, an essay on, 24.

of, 342.
remarks on the

Vinegar, test for discovering sulphuric acid


in, 498.

Virtue, -
Suffolk, occurrences and deaths ini, 168,

—whether it can be tauglii? 263,

Sugar manufactured from beet-root, 408.

Vogel, Henry, the adventures and travels
Surrender of the Isle of Bourbon to the

of, 3, 110, 204, 283.
British, 941

Wales, occurrences and deaths in, 82, 4
Sussex, occcurrences and deaths in, 81, Wallis's London, review of, 485.

Warwickshire, occurrences and deaths in,
Sweden, literary and scientific news of, 57,

81, 169.

Wieland, essay on the genius and writing
political state of, 73, 247.

of, 465.
Swindling, singular instance of, 308. Wernerian Natural History Society, pro-

ceedings of the, $15.
Tasso, on the injustice which has been Windham, Right Hon. William, political
done to the muse of, 116.

life of, 57.
Tea, on the unwholesomeness of, 297.

anecdote of, 244.
Theatrical Recorder, 64, 145, 242, 329. Witherby's Wisdom of the Calvinistic Me
Thunder-storm in Scotland, 170.

thodists, review of, 126.
Tiles, method of increasing the durability Wollaston, Dr. his lectures at the Roşal
of, 226.

Society, S13.
Tongataboo, Narrative of Four Years' resi- Woman not inferior to Man, 17, 98, 187,
dence at, review of, 212.

Topham, an extraordinary powerful Wooden Bridges, improved method of con-
man, account of, 486.

structing, 234
Toulmin, Dr. to the editor, 265. Woollen Cloth, improvement in the ma-

his translation of the Dialogue of nufacture of, 199.
Æschines on Virtue,-wliether it can Worcestershire, chronicle of events in, for
be taught, 265, 441.

, the year 1809, 304.
Townserid, Rev. Joseph, on 'he French World, its opinion to be despised, 9.
language ; containing rules for the easy Yelverton, Right Hon. Lord, death of, 516

acquirement of it, 89.
Toy's Scripture Geography, review of, 388. Yorkshire, occurrences and deaths in, 22,
Transactions of Learned and Econoinical

169, 260, 454.
Societies, 49, 137, 225, 313, 399, 489.

Young, Admiral Sir George, death of, 165.
Treaty between his Britannic Majesty and Zoffani, Johann, a celebrated painter, short

the Prince Regent of Portugal, 255. memoir of, 516.


Printed by Squire and Warwiek,

Funnyal's lin-Court, London,

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