Reports of Cases in Criminal Law: Argued and Determined in All the Courts in England and Ireland

Edward William Cox
J. Crockford, Law Times Office, 1858

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第 375 頁 - Riel, against the form of the Statute in such case made and provided and against the peace of our said Lady the Queen, her Crown and dignity.
第 323 頁 - That if any Person shall by any false Pretence obtain from any other Person any Chattel, Money, or valuable Security, with Intent to cheat or defraud any Person of the same, every such Offender shall be guilty of a Misdemeanor...
第 212 頁 - Eyre to be this, — that they are declarations made in extremity, when the party is at the point of death, and when every hope of this world is gone ; when every motive to falsehood is silenced, and the mind is induced, by the most powerful considerations, to speak the truth.
第 xlvi 頁 - Every verdict and judgment which shall be given after the making of any amendment under the provisions of this Act shall be of the same force and effect in all respects as if the indictment had originally been in the same form in which it was after such amendment was made.
第 88 頁 - Act, in respect of any Act done by him, if he shall at any Time previously to his being indicted for such Offence have disclosed such Act, on Oath, in consequence of any compulsory Process of any Court of Law or Equity in any Action, Suit, or Proceeding which shall have been bond fide instituted by any Party aggrieved, or if he shall have disclosed the same in any Examination or Deposition before any Commissioners of Bankruptcy.
第 426 頁 - That if any person shall falsely make, forge or counterfeit, or cause or procure to be falsely made, forged or counterfeited, or willingly aid or assist in falsely making, forging or counterfeiting any...
第 iv 頁 - ... common gaol or house of correction, with or without hard labour, for any time not exceeding three months...
第 66 頁 - for preventing the difficulties that have been experienced in the prosecution of the lastmentioned olt'enders," it is enacted " that it shall be lawful to charge in the indictment, and proceed against the offender for, any number of distinct acts of embezzlement, not exceeding three, which may have been committed by him against the same master within the space of six calendar months from the first to the last of such acts...
第 x 頁 - ... and no warrant of commitment shall be held void by reason of any defect therein, provided it be therein alleged that the party has been convicted, and there be a good and valid conviction to sustain the same.
第 147 頁 - ... shall be guilty of felony, and being convicted thereof, shall suffer death as a felon ; and if any person shall unlawfully and carnally know and abuse any girl, being above the age of ten years and under the age of twelve years...