Myra's Daughters: A Novel

Sunstone Press, 2001 - 254页
Myra was the pampered daughter of a wealthy steel magnate from Pittsburgh, her husband Lamont a would-be poet from Charleston, South Carolina, who buries his dreams to become a stockbroker in a Washington office. It was a strange marriage of two totally different people and it produced two totally different daughters. Barbara, the creative one, moves to Paris and becomes an artist after her first husband is killed in the D-Day landings in Normandy. Annabel, the younger greedy daughter, stays in the Washington and Virginia hunt country and has multiple marriages. After their father's death from a heart attack and Myra later has a stroke, Annabel forges the will with the help of a lawyer, a supposed family friend. The cataclysmic results of Annabel's treachery bring the story to a surprising conclusion.

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作者简介 (2001)

Maddox grew up in Washington, D.C. and attended Potomac School. Her first poetry was published in "The Washington Post" at the age of ten. The author of novels, she has also written short stories and screenplays.