Rhode Island: Its Making and Its Meaning; a Survey of the Annals of the Commonwealth from Its Settlement to the Death of Roger Williams, 1636-1683, 第 2 卷

G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1902


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第 124 頁 - That our royall will and pleasure is, that noe person within the sayd colonye, at any tyme hereafter, shall bee any wise molested, punished, disquieted, or called in question, for any differences in opinione in matters of religion...
第 185 頁 - His enemies gave him the death of a soldier, for he was shot at Stoningham, by three young Sachems of his own rank.
第 190 頁 - Indian fire away, and he did so to the purpose ; sent one musket bullet through his heart, and another not above two inches from it He fell upon his face in the mud and water, with his gun under him.
第 115 頁 - Bay, where the said river falleth into the sea; and on the north by the line of the Massachusetts plantation; and on the south by the sea; and in longitude as the line of the Massachusetts...
第 84 頁 - And we, moreover, find, that in those places, where these people aforesaid, in this colony, are most of all suffered to declare themselves freely, and are only opposed by arguments in discourse, there they least of all desire to come...
第 248 頁 - ... calm midnight thoughts, what are these leaves and flowers, and smoke and shadows, and dreams of earthly nothings, about which we poor fools and children, as David saith, disquiet ourselves in vain ? Alas ! what is all the scuffling of this world for, but, come, will you...
第 126 頁 - Collony or Plantation, and extending towards the east, or eastwardly, three English miles to the east and north-east of the most eastern and north-eastern parts of the aforesayd Narragansett Bay...
第 75 頁 - Scriptures to maintain, that he that can say it is his conscience, ought not to yield subjection to any human order amongst men.
第 19 頁 - I should read, if I be not mistaken, that is he that has wrote a book of the lawfulness of divorce; and, if report says true, he had, at that time, two or three wives living. This, perhaps, were good doctrine in New England; but it is most abominable 482 The Puritans in Old England.