The Journal of the Indian archipelago and eastern Asia (ed. by J.R. Logan).

James Richardson Logan

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第 63 頁 - ... that the owners of the soil cannot eject the cultivator " so long as he continues to pay him a certain portion of the " produce, generally one-tenth ; that the owner of the soil may " sell, or otherwise dispose of his interest, without prejudice to "the cultivator, and the cultivator vice versa; that, in case the " cultivator allows the land to lie waste, the owner of the soil " may eject him by due process of law ; that the fact of lands " lying uncultivated for certain periods is evidence of...
第 2 頁 - This, and their great ignorance of all foreign nations, has rendered them, although essentially weak and puerile, avaricious, vain and arrogant to such an extreme, as to fancy themselves nothing less than the very first nation on the globe.
第 46 頁 - English, and, as the transfer was now fical, arrangements were at once made to conduct the government on improved principles. The station was incorporated with Pinang and one of the first subjects which occupied the attention of the new government was the disposal of forest lands and the encouragement of agriculture.- It appeared evident that all prospect of commercial prosperity was destroyed by the esta blishment of Singapore ; and it followed that if Malacca was to be a valuable acquisition, it...
第 312 頁 - In November 1816, the King of Quedah's messenger returned from Siam with a positive order to attack Perak. The King of Quedah says, — «' It greatly afflicted me to execute this order.
第 274 頁 - Island and to this colony, and on which the superior authorities may be also desirous to receive your opinion and judgment, previous, to the adoption of any final plan or arrangements. 2. The principles of my suggestions on this subject have been that nothing can tend so effectually to the suppression of piracy, to the encouragement and extension of lawful commerce, and to the civilization of the inhabitants of the Eastern Islands, as affording a steady support to the established native sovereigns...
第 157 頁 - There are besides some graphic imitations of external sounds, called onomatopoetica, words the formation of which indicates the relatively greatest passivity of the mind. There may be, besides, some casual coincidences in real words ; but the law of combination applied to the elements of sound, gives a mathematical proof that, with all allowances, such a chance is less than one in a million for the same combination of sounds signifying the same precise object.
第 314 頁 - ... as loudly calls for the interference of a powerful Government like the British. It has lately been observed, in allusion to the present state of affairs of Continental Europe, that, "As the safety of all states depends on the observance of the LAWS of Nations, all acts done in avowed and systematical defiance- of its principles, gives a right of war to all states against ASDBRSON'S CONSIDERATION.
第 289 頁 - Sir, — I am directed by the Hon'ble the Governor in Council, to submit to the notice of His Excellency the Right...
第 319 頁 - Pinang in the seven years preceding 1822, was 16, 300 piculs per annum. A reduction of the supplies from Junk Ceylon, and from Perak, in consequence of the war, as well as the almost total discontinuance of the annual produce of 1,000 piculs from Kwala Mooda, has much reduced the importation of tin. It was also a part of the plan of the present Governor of Pinang, amongst the important objects contemplated, and too numerous to detail, to turn the views of the Siamese Court to the great advantage...
第 311 頁 - I am," wrote this potentate over twenty thousand subjects " ho who holds the royal sword and the dragon betel stand and the shell which came out of the sea which flowed from the Hill of Se Guntang.