Tales of a voyager to the Arctic ocean [by R.P. Gillies].


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第 297 頁 - It pleases your worship to say so, but we are the poor duke's officers. But truly, for mine own part, if I were as tedious as a king, I could find it in my heart to bestow it all of your worship.
第 356 頁 - Oh, what was love made for, if 'tis not the same Through joy and through torment, through glory and shame, I know not, I ask not, if guilt's in that heart : I but know that I love thee, whatever thou art.
第 361 頁 - ... concerning ancient manners and customs, the progress of arts and sciences, and the various branches of antiquity, we have never seen a mine so rich as these volumes. The variety of Pepys' tastes and pursuits led him into almost every department of life.
第 360 頁 - BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES OF BRITISH CHARACTERS deceased since the Accession of George IV. ; comprising two hundred and thirty subjects, chronologically arranged, with a list of their engraved Portraits. By WILLIAM MILLER. Handsomely printed in 2 vols. 4to., price 32.
第 357 頁 - THE GERMAN NOVELISTS : Tales selected from ancient and modern Authors in that Language, from the earliest period to the close of the Eighteenth Century ; with Critical and Biographical Notices. By THOMAS ROSCOE, Esq. In 4 vols. post 8vo. uniform with the Italian Novelists. Price 38s. 4. SANDOVAL ; or, the FREEMASON : a Tale of the Spanish Revolution. By the Author of
第 360 頁 - Characters, there should be found some few in elevated life, whose glaring vices I have ventured to paint in the honest colouring of indignant truth, let no ungenerous motive be attributed. The instances are not numerous : they, thank God ! seldom occur in this country : but whenever decency, decorum, and public opinion are thus, in...
第 359 頁 - MEMOIRS of the LIFE of MRS. SIDDONS. By JAMES BOADEN, Esq. Interspersed with Anecdotes of Authors and Actors, and intended as a Companion to the Author's Life of her Brother, Mr.
第 360 頁 - To our mind, the interest of these Volumes lies not nearly so much either in their political matter, nor even in their literary curiosities, as in a much more simple attraction— their character as a piece of private biography and striking delineation of individual peculiarities. In these respects, the work forms what a painter would call an admirable study of human nature. It is the production of Major...
第 40 頁 - ... and turned it so as to throw a blaze of light over the stateroom ; and you may judge of my terror when I beheld, not a ghost, nor a thief, but a tall, dark coloured serpent standing nearly erect by my bedside, with its eyes brightly gleaming from a head frightful and appalling beyond description. Never, in my life had I...
第 356 頁 - ... come so near his great rival in generous competition. There is the same brilliancy and force and picturesque completeness in the descriptive parts, the same rapidity in the movements, the same distinctness and individuality and truth in the characters, the same vivacity in the dialogue, and the same power of exciting and keeping up of interest. Like our great Scottish Novelist, too, he has shown wonderful versatility of talent j and the grave, the comic, the humble, and the sublime, what excites...