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Mrs B. locks and double-locks the door behind me MRS B.'S ALARMS.

with a celerity that almost catches my retreating Mrs B. is my wife; and her alarms are those produced garment. My expedition therefore combines all the by a delusion under which she labours, that there dangers of a sally, with the additional disadvantage are assassins, gnomes, vampires, or what not in our of having my retreat into my own fortress cut off. house at night, and that it is my bounden duty to Thus cumbrously but ineffectually caparisoned, I leave my bed at any hour or temperature, and to do perambulate the lower stories of the house in darkbattle with the same, in very inadequate apparel. ness, in search of that disturber of Mrs B.'s repose, The circumstances which attend Mrs B.'s alarms are which, I am well convinced, is behind the wainscot generally of the following kind. I am awakened by of her own apartment, and nowhere else. The pantry, the mention of my baptismal name, in that peculiar I need not say, is as silent as the grave, and about as species of whisper which has something uncanny in cold. The great clock in the kitchen looks spectral its very nature, besides the dismal associations which enough by the light of the expiring embers, but there belong to it, from the fact of its being used only in is nothing there with life except black beetles, which melodramas and sick-rooms:

crawl in countless numbers over my naked ankles. 'Henry, Henry, Henry.'

There is a noise in the cellar such as Mrs B. would at How many times she has repeated this, I know not; once identify with the suppressed converse of anticithe sound falls on my ear like the lapping of a hundred pative burglars, but which I recognise in a moment waves, or as the 'Robin Crusoe, Robin Crusoe' of the as the dripping of the small-beer cask, whose tap is parrot smote upon the ear of the terrified islander of troubled with a nervous disorganisation of that kind. Defoe; but at last I wake, to view, by the dim fire- The dining-room is chill and cheerless: a ghostly light, this vision : Mrs B. is sitting up beside me, in arm-chair is doing the grim honours of the table to a listening attitude of the very intensest kind; her three other vacant seats, and dispensing hospitality night-cap (one with cherry-coloured ribbons, such as it in the shape of a mouldy orange and some biscuits, can be no harm to speak about) is tucked back behind which I remember to have left in some disgust, about either ear; her hair-in paper—is rolled out of the Hark! the clicking of a revolver? No; the way upon each side like a banner furled; her eyes warning of the great clock-one, two, three. . are rather wide open, and her mouth very much so; What a frightful noise it makes in the startled ear her fingers would be held up to command attention, of night! Twelve o'clock. I left this dining-room, but that she is supporting herself in a somewhat then, but three hours and a half ago; it certainly does absurd manner upon her hands.

not look like the same room now. The drawing-room Henry, did you hear that?'

is also far from wearing its usual snug and comfort"What, my love ?'

able appearance. Could we possibly have all been “That noise. There it is again; therethere.' sitting in the relative positions to one another which

The disturbance referred to is that caused by a these chairs assume? Or since we were there, has mouse nibbling at the wainscot; and I venture to some spiritual company, with no eye for order left say so much in a tone of the deepest conviction. among them, taken advantage of the remains of our

“No, no, Henry; it's not the least like that: it's a fire to hold a reunion? They are here even at this file working at the bars of the pantry-window. I will moment perhaps, and their gentlemen have not yet stake my existence, Henry, that it is a file.'

come up from the dining-room. I shudder from head Whenever my wife makes use of this particular to foot, partly at the bare idea of such a thing, form of words, I know that opposition is useless. I partly from the naked fact of my exceedingly unrise, therefore, and put on my slippers and dressing- clothed condition. They do say that in the very gown. Mrs B. refuses to let me have the candle, passage which I have now to cross in order to get to because she will die of terror if she is left alone with Mrs B. again, my great-grandfather walks ;' in comout a light. She puts the poker into my hand, and pensation, I suppose, for having been prevented by with a gentle violence is about to expel me from the gout from taking that species of exercise while he chamber, when a sudden thought strikes her.

was alive. There are more things in heaven and 'Stop a bit, Henry,' she exclaims, until I have earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy, I think looked into the cupboards and places;' which she pro- as I approach this spot; but I do not say so, for I am ceeds to do most minutely, investigating even the well-nigh speechless with the cold-yes, the cold : it short drawers of a foot and a half square. I am is only my teeth that chatter. What a scream that at length dismissed upon my perilous errand, and was ! There it comes again, and there is no doubt

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this time as to who is the owner of that terrified tion too incompatible with reason for Mrs B. to build
voice. Mrs B.'s alarms have evidently taken some her alarms upon. Sometimes, although we lodge
other direction. 'Henry, Henry,' she cries in tones upon the second story, slie imagines that the window
of a very tolerable pitch. A lady being in the case, is being attempted; sometimes, although the register
I fly upon the wings of domestic love along the pre- may be down, she is confident that the chimney is
cincts sacred to the perambulations of my great-grand- being used as the means of ingress.
father. I arrive at my wife's chamber ; the screams Once, when we happened to be in London--where
continue, but the door is locked.

she feels, however, a good deal safer than in the Open, open !' shout I. What on earth is the country—we had a real aların, and Mrs B., since I matter?'

was suffering from a quinsy-contracted mainly by There is silence; then a man's voice—that is to my being sent about the house o' nights in the usual say, my wife's voice in imitation of a man's—replies scanty drapery—had to be sworn in as her own in tones of indignant ferocity, to convey the idea of special constable. a life-preserver being under the pillow of the speaker, 'Henry, Henry,' she whispered upon this occasion, and ready to his hand: “Who are you—what do you there's a dreadful cat in the room.' want?'

‘Pooh, pooh !'I gasped ; 'it's only in the street: You very silly woman,' I answer; not from un- I've heard the wretches. Perhaps they are on the politeness, but because I find that that sort of tiles.' language recovers and assures her of my identity No, Henry. There, I don't want you to talk since better than any other—'why, it's I.'

it makes you cough; only listen to me. What am I The door is then opened about six or seven inches, to do, Henry? I'll stake my existence that there's and I am admitted with all the precaution which a- Ugh, what's that?' attends the entrance of an ally into a besieged And, indeed, some heavy body did there and then garrison.

jump upon our bed, and off again, at my wife's Mrs B., now leaning upon my shoulder, dissolves interjection, with extreme agility. I thought Mrs B. into copious tears, and points to the door communi- would have had a fit, but she hadn't. She told me, cating with my attiring-chamber.

dear soul, upon no account to venture into the cold “There's sur-sur—somebody been snoring in your with my bad throat. She would turn out the beast dressing-room,' she sobs, all the time you were herself, single-handed. We arranged that she was to away.'

take hold of my fingers, and retain them, until she This statement is a little too much for my sense of reached the fireplace, where she would find a shovel humour, and although sympathising very tenderly or other offensive weapon fit for the occasion. During with poor Mrs B., I cannot help bursting into a little the progress of this expedition, however, so terrible roar of laughter. Laughter and fear are deadly a caterwauling broke forth, as it seemed, from the enemies, and I can see at once that Mrs B. is all the immediate neighbourhood of the fender, that my disbetter for this explosion.

concerted helpmate made a most precipitate retreat. Consider, my love,' I reason— consider the extreme She managed, after this mishap, to procure a light, improbability of a burglar or other nefarious person and by a circuitous route, constructed of tables and making such a use of the few precious hours of dark-chairs, to avoid stepping upon the floor, Mrs B.

It was then much ness as to go to sleep in them? Why, too, should be obtained the desired weapon. take a bedstead without a mattress, which I believe defying grimalkin from her eminence, and to listen

better than a play to behold that heroic woman is the case in this particular supposition of yours, to the changeful dialogue which ensued between when there were feather-beds unoccupied in other herself and that far from dumb, though inarticulately apartments ? Moreover, would not this be a still speaking animal. greater height of recklessness in such an individual, ‘Puss, puss, pussy-poor pussy.' should he have a habit of snor'

Miau, miau, miau,' was the linked shrillness, long A slight noise in the dressing-room, occasioned by drawn out, of the feline reply. the Venetian blind tapping against the window, here

Poor old puss, then, was it ill ?

Puss, puss. causes Mrs B. to bury her head with extreme swift- Henry, the horrid beast is going to fly at me! 'whist,

whist, cat.' ness, ostrich-like, beneath the pillow, so that the

*P8-8-8-8, PS-8-8-8, miau; p8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8,' replied peroration of my argument is lost upon her. I the other in a voice like fat in the fire. enter the suspected chamber—this time with a lighted My dear love, cried I, almost suffocated with a candle—and find my trousers, with the boots in them, combination of laughter and quinsy, ‘you have never hanging over the bedside something after the manner opened the door : where is the poor thing to run to?' of a drunken marauder, but nothing more. Neither

Mrs B. had all this time been exciting the beis there anybody reposing under the shadow of my shovel, without giving it the opportunity of escape,

wildered animal to frenzy by her conversation and boot-tree upon the floor. All is peace there, and at which, as soon as offered, it took advantage of with sixes and sevens as I left it upon retiring-as I had

an expression of savage impatience partaking very hoped-to rest.

closely indeed of the character of an oath. Once more I stretch my chilled and tired limbs This is, however, the sole instance of Mrs B.'s upon the couch ; sweet sleep once more begins to woo having ever taken it in hand to subdue her own my eyelids, when 'Henry, Henry,' again dissolves alarms. It is I who, ever since her marriage, have the dim and half-formed dream.

done the duty, and more than the duty, of an efficient Are you certain, Henry, that you looked in the

house-dog, which, before that epoch, I understand shower-bath? I am almost sure that I heard some- sisters. Not seldom, in these involuntary rounds of

was wont to be discharged by one of her younger body pulling the string.'

mine, I have become myself the cause of alarm or No grounds, indeed, are too insufficient, no supposi- inconvenience to others. Our little foot-page, with a

courage beyond his years, and a spirit worthy of a better tried to call you back. But when I sent you down cause, very nearly transfixed me with the kitchen stairs, I quite forgot that this was the morning upon spit as I was trying, upon one occasion, the door which I had ordered the sweeps!' of his own pantry. Upon another nocturnal expedi- One of those gentlemen was at that moment lying tion, I ran against a human body in the dark—that underneath with his skull fractured, and it cost me turned out to be my brother-in-law's, who was also in fifteen pounds to get it mended, besides the expense search of robbers—with a shock to both our nervous of a new drawing-room carpet. systems such as they have not yet recovered from. It is but fair to state the primary cause to which It fell to my lot upon a third to discover one of the all Mrs B.'s alarms, and, by consequence, my own rural police up in our attics, where, in spite of the little personal inconveniences, are mainly owing. Mrs increased powers lately granted to the county consta- B.'s mamma was one of the last admirers of the Old bulary, I could scarcely think he was entitled to be. Manor House and Mysteries of the Castle school of I once presented myself, an uninvited guest, at a literature, and her daughters were brought up in her select morning entertainment -it was at 1.30 A.M.-- own faith: that Mrs Radcliffe was a painter of nature, given by our hired London cook to nearly a dozen as it appears on earth; and that Mr Matthew Lewis of her male and female friends. No wonder that Mrs had been let into the great secret of what was going B. had “staked her existence' that night that she on-as they say at St Stephen's—'in another place.' had heard the area gate ‘go. When I consider the So nervous, indeed, did my respected mother-in-law extremely free and unconstrained manner in which I contrive to make herself throughout her lifetime, by was received, poker and all, by that assembly, my only the perusal of these her favourite books, that it was surprise is that they did not signify their arrivals by rumoured that she married each of her four husbands double knocks at the front door.

at least as much from a disinclination to be without On one memorable night, and on one only, have I a protector during the long watches of the night, as found it necessary to use that formidable weapon from any other cause. Mrs B. herself was haunted which habit has rendered as familiar to my hand as in her earlier years with the very unpleasant notion its flower to that of the Queen of Clubs.

that she was what I believe the Germans call a The gray of morning had just begun to steal into doppelgänger: that there was a duplicate of her our bedchamber, when Mrs B. ejaculated with going about the world at the same time, and that unusual vigour : Henry, Henry, they ’re in the some day or other-or night-they would have a front drawing-room; and they 've just knocked down distressing meeting. And, moreover, at last they did the parrot-screen.'

so, and in the following manner. Her mamma was ‘My love,' I was about to observe, “your imaginative residing for a few days at Keswick, supping full of powers have now arrived at the pitch of clairvoyance,' horrors in the German division of the late Mr when a noise from the room beneath us, as if all the Southey's library every evening, and enjoying herfire-irons had gone off together with a bang, com- self, doubtless, after her own peculiar fashion, when pelled me to acknowledge to myself at least that she suddenly felt ill, or thought she was falling, and there was something in Mrs B.'s alarms at last. I sent a post-chaise, express, to fetch her daughter trod down stairs as noiselessly as I could, and in (Mrs B.), who happened to be staying at that time almost utter darkness. The drawing-room door was with some friends at Penrith. The long mountain ajar, and through the crevice I could distinguish, road was then by no means a good one; and it may despite the gloom, as many as three muffled figures. be easily imagined that nothing but filial duty would They were all of them in black clothing, and each have induced my doppelgänger to have started upon wore over his face a mask of crape, fitting quite such a journey at dusk—although it was sure to be a closely to his features. I had never been confronted fine moonlight night-and alone. Mrs B., however, by anything so dreadful before. Mrs B. had cried being warm and comfortable, went off to sleep very Wolf!' so often that I had almost ceased to believe soon, like any boulder, nor did she wake until the in wolves of this description at all. Unused to chaise had skirted Ullswater, and was within a few personal combat, and embarrassed by the novel miles of home. She had looked carefully under both circumstances under which I found myself, I was seats, and even into the side-pockets of the carriage standing undecided on the landing, when I caught before starting, to make sure that there was no other that well-known whisper of Henry, Henry' from passenger: and yet there was now a form sitting the upper story. The burglars caught it also. upon the opposite cushions—a female form, muffled They desisted from their occupation of examining up in much clothing, but with a face pale in the the articles of vertà upon the chimney-piece, while moonlight, with eyes half shut, yet with a look of their fiendish countenances relaxed into a hideous haggard meaning in them, steadily fixed upon her own. grin. One of them stole cautiously towards the It was herself! It was Mrs B.'s double! The dreaddoor where I was standing. I heard his burglarious ful hour was come. The poor girl closed her eyelids feet, I heard the Henry, Henry!' still going on to keep off the horrid sight, and tried to reason with from above stairs ; I heard my own heart pit-a-pat, herself upon the impossibility of the thing being really pit-a-pat within me. It was one of those moments in there, but in vain. She had been thoroughly awake, which one lives a life. The head of the craped she was sure; the vision was not the offspring of a dismarauder was projected cautiously round the door, as tempered brain, for she felt collected, and even almost if to listen. I poised my weapon, and brought it calm. Venturing to steal another look at it, there down with unerring aim upon his skull. He fell like it still sat, peering with half-shut eyes into her face a bullock beneath the axe; and I sped up to my bed with the same curious anxiety as before. Not even chamber with all the noiselessness and celerity of a when they rambled over Keswick stones, nor until bird. It was I who locked the door this time, and she felt herself being lifted out in the post-boy's arms, piled the wash-hand-stand, two band-boxes, and a chair did she trust herself to look forth again. The caragainst it with the speed of lightning.

riage she had just quitted was empty. "There was Was Mrs B. out of her mind with terror that at something sitting there, man,' said she solemnly, such an hour as that she should indulge in a paroxysm pointing to the vacant cushions. “Yes, miss, replied of mirth?

he, pointing to a huge package on the ground beside "Good heavens!' I cried, 'be calm, my love; there them; 'I promised to bring it on for a poor man, a are burglars in the house at last.'

cabinet-maker at Pooley Bridge, and seeing you 'My dear Henry,' she answered, laughing so that were asleep when we stopped there, I made bold to the tears quite stood in her eyes, “I am very sorry ; I put it upon the opposite seat. I hope it did not


inconvenience you, miss. It was only a looking-glass; took private lessons of painters and artists for recreaand as I know pretty young ladies don't object to tion and pleasure; Richter gave them, “because the seeing themselves in looking-glasses, I turned its face prison fare of bread and water depended upon them.” towards you.'

From Oeser's studio Goethe sauntered to the drawingroom of the Breitkopf family, or gossiped at the

Clavier with Corona Schröter, or dined and danced at A STRUGGLE FOR LIFE AND RECOGNITION. the hotel at Dölitz with mine host’s amiable daughter,

or wrote songs for Annette Schönkopf, and played

them with her. Jean Paul lodged in an out-ofIn the latter half of the last century, the university of the-way garret, and the only visits he paid were to Leipsic was twice honoured in a way that is seldom the beg: if they had only been successful! Bankruptcy privilege of the same seat of learning: in the year was advancing with rapid strides upon the finances of 1765 Wolfgang Goethe, and in 1781 Friedrich Richter, the young theologian, every prop of his house was matriculated in it. No further merit, however, belongs failing, the widow was alone with her infant children, to Leipsic, either in the case of Goethe or of Jean and under the pressure of extreme destitution, wrote Paul. A striking parallel is offered in the academic bitter lamentations. Fate seemed to have let her lives of the two poets at the Saxon university. The blood-hounds loose upon our hero. It was not that son of the Frankfort patrician was designed for the poverty which Horace admonishes the Roman youth to study of jurisprudence, without either choice or oppo- accustom themselves to look upon, which had burst sition on his part; and with just as little personal upon himpreference the son of the widow of Hof was devoted to the study of theology. Both, at first, regularly

Angustam, amice, pauperiem pati attended certain lectures, rather, however, as critics

Robustus acri militia puer

Condiscatthan as students; both were accustomed, though yet mere lads, to regard themselves as equal to the men poverty not in the form of hardiness and abstemiouswhom age and experience, office and distinction, had ness, but in the shape of ghastly, hollow-eyed destituplaced far above them, and to try their strength with tion. He pressed his suit among the professors, but every authority, fearless of an overthrow. Where is the professors had amanuenses and famuli, native lads the wonder that the religious awe, with which they of the town, and most diligent attendants at lectures, ought to have regarded such high dignitaries, had whose exemplary virtues secured them the preference. dwindled down to nothing ? Both Goethe and Richter The situations were few, and the applicants many. quickly separated themselves from all learned circles Strangers coming to Leipsic found the local charities and companions, their original plans of study were reserved for local purposes. abandoned, their intended professions—the law of the The battie-field tries the quality of our armour. one, and the divinity of the other-were renounced in Weak souls bend before the first storm of adversity; favour of a multitude of other objects; both worked not so, however, the brave spirits that have within hard in all directions, read books, and wrote poems, them an unconquerable strength and freedom of will, excerpts, and notices; neither of them received or and proud hearts, that nothing can crush. Richter, expected any guidance from the university, but each perhaps, was fired with some thoughts of ambition laboured, by rigorous self-culture, to lay the founda- when he exchanged the solitude of his quiet village for tion of his own intellectual life. Both roamed the the driving bustle of Leipsic; dreamy fancies hovered fields and the woods, had a seeing eye and a sensitive round him when he was in company with distinguished mind for the beautiful and the living, recognised the men of science, and a gentle voice whispered to him great and the whole in the minute and the particle; both that he would one day be as famous as any of them. greatly preferred the blue heavens, the misty heights | The day of hope had dawned brilliantly on his horizon, at morning dawn, the green forest, and silent nature but as rapidly as a dream its glow vanished before in her peaceful majesty, to the speaking professors the rough realities of the world. Jean Paul was not on their wooden chairs, and the choking atmosphere disposed, however, to admit that evening had come and dust of a lecture-room: on which account both down upon his soul. It is true, dark thoughts did at were regarded as bad students. When young Goethe times steal upon him, but a livelier, loftier stoicism returned to his native city, many à tongue was taught him to overcome them. He possessed a bold, eager to defame him; and in whatever company he elastic humour; and all his unsuccessful suits, vain appeared, whispers began to circulate about him as toils, and thick-coming misfortunes, he used to a wild and riotous youth. The scandal-mongers of welcome with a quiet and severe irony. “Misfortune,' Hof acted in just the same manner towards Richter, he used to say, 'is like a nightmare—the moment you when he fancied he could go on with his writing just begin to fight with it, or to bestir yourself, it is gone. as well at his mother's, as in Leipsic, where he met What is poverty? Where is he that complains of it? with nothing but hunger and hardship: for years he The pain is only like the piercing of a maiden's ears, in was regarded as a wild and unbridled genius. Twice order to hang jewels in the wounds. A youth who ten years afterwards, the best and noblest spirits of the feels and reasons in this way, and who studs his time listen to the words of the sage of Weimar as to reasonings with such poetry, will find or make a way an oracle; and ladies of quality are found crowding the for himself in the world. Viam aut inveniam aut antechamber of the author of Titan, begging a lock of faciam!' as his motto expresses it. his hair.

He set out with the conviction that the only sucIn the features presented, Richter's residence in cessful plan of resisting sufferings, destitution, and Leipsic bore a perfect resemblance to that of Goethe ; starvation, was downright uninterrupted work. He in others, the most striking distinctions are apparent. began, mindful of his maxim, by preparing for fight. The university men set up a loud laugh at the He had now finally abandoned theology; literary Frankfort freshman, on account of his old-fashioned labours must henceforth be the stay of his life. In wardrobe; but at the same time they secretly envied his little bow-windowed chamber, the philosopher of him for the large remittances and letters of credit with nineteen thinks and writes night and day. The Greenwhich he was furnished. Jean Paul met with no land Processes are ready. The manuscript is taken to ridicule on account of his large wardrobe, but with the nearest bookseller, and in an hour is returned to plenty because of his poor and torn attire; instead of its author. A second, a third proposal, with like results. having credit at the bankers, he was only too happy Now he goes about among the publishers, imploring when he could earn his dinner from day to day. Goethe them, as he had before done the professors, and with

the like invariable refusals. How ignorant of the suffered quite enough loss by the Greenland Processes.
world this scribbler must be, to fancy that a publisher The manuscript travelled over all Germany, and from
who knows what he is about, will, in circumstances so every journey returned with the invariable reply :
unfavourable to the bookselling craft—which indeed We thank you for your esteemed offer, but regret that
always exist!—undertake, as soon as he is asked, the our time and resources are fully engrossed by other
printing of a work whose author has never been heard undertakings.'
of, whom no one patronises, no one recommends! A ship is dashed to pieces on a rock; the crew are
What prodigious assumption, too, to expect payment! drowning; boards and planks, spars and masts, are
If the work had been of a popular nature, and he had drifting about amid the waves; from the surging
said nothing about twenty louis-d'ors, the case might food a hand is thrust up; it grasps a beam, and holds
have been different, but a book like that, and a price! fast by it, and the elements lose one of their victims.

The Greenland Processes continued to wander from The demons of the sea are laughing; sure of their one office to another, from this city to that, their prey, they mock the struggle of the swimmer: ‘Look, anthor in the meanwhile having to solve the problem, poor wretch; stare your very eyes blind; wave your whether it were possible to live upon nothing, and white signal in the wind, and burst with your wail of how ? At length a Potosi was discovered in Berlin: anguish : but no sail comes in sight. Tremble, and an adventurous speculator, Voss by name, purchased say your last prayer, if you can; for see, there swims the right, for sixteen louis-a reduction of four from the shark: a moment, and all is over with you!' The the twenty-of bringing Jean Paul into the market situation has often been represented in smaller or

I scarcely know with what to compare the feeling larger paintings: it was the situation of Richter. He of a young writer who holds his first printed essay in had shouted himself hoarse, and the only answer to his hands: a joy, a pride overpowers him-an ecstasy his cry had been the murmur of the waves ; he had that swells all the higher from the consciousness looked himself blind, and the white sail—the letter (whether he will confess it or not) that he has taken that announced the acceptance of his manuscript-had the first step towards immortality. The critics take never hove in sight. The shark swims towards himcare to dispel all such pleasing illusions. A letter from the prospect of disgrace and destitution! Are his lips his mother did the work as effectually in the mind of uttering their last prayer? No! Richter will fight the author of the Greenland Processes. The good woman, with the shark for life or death. hearing that her son had published a book, began to Weeks and months rush past us like the wind; believe it at last possible that he might actually we see not from whence the whirlwind comes nor produce a sermon; so she wrote to Friedrich, desiring whither it goes. A morning chases away the evening; him to come to Hof

, where there was a chance of his to-day replaces yesterday; we complete another year, being permitted to preach in the Hospital Church. we know not low, we whose lives are happy, or even Such a proposal operated like a cold bath on any tolerably so. But the poor, the unfortunate? Time flies remains there might have been of the author's self- with rapid wing over plenty and enjoyment, but slowly satisfaction. Jean Paul's answer shews he thought no the days and hours of poverty drag their lengths better of his private critic than modern writers do of along. In winter, spring is longed for on account of official reviewers. “What is a sermon,' returned he, its lengthening days and greater warmth ; in summer, 'but something every student can make and deliver the shorter days of autumn are looked forward to, But do you suppose that all your clergymen in Hof which yield a few hours more rest to the weary body. can understand a line of my book, to say nothing of In this manner, during his three years' residence in being able to write it?'

Leipsic, Jean Paul told off his evil hours and dreary Unfortunately for Richter, the speculation Voss days; he deluged the journals and newspapers with embarked in did not succeed: the Greenland Processes essays and treatises, wrote verses to order, also conwas printed, but nobody bought or read the book. gratulations and wedding-eve jokes, and filled whole The world had something better to do; far greater chests with the extracts he had made from borrowed trifles claimed its attention. The Cagliostrians and books. By this means, indeed, he became possessed Rosicrucians occupied the attention of politicians; the of a library, for books he did not possess. A vehement, fashionable world was just then horrified at the wife but yet measured, heat burned within him. Necesof one of the court-councillors passing the lady of the sity and destitution had lost their sting for him; he president without greeting her. In another rank, a has looked despair in the face, and found that it has dreadful tale was going the round of the tea-tables: nothing maddening for him. His philosophy consoles the comptroller's wife, forgetful of her station, had liim with the assurance that hunger and nakedness, given orders for a new velvet mantle with a broad perils and contempt, yea ofttimes the cross and the fringe! A new actress had appeared in one of the poisoned cup, have been the reward the world has theatres, or some syren's bell-like voice was to be heard; given for wisdom. In all ages and countries the world to-day there was to be a procession, and to-morrow a has neglected its benefactors and persecuted its poets deserter was to be shot. How, in the face of so many and instructors: Roger Bacon and Galileo pined away comedies and tragedies, could time or inclination be in the prisons of the inquisition ; Torquato Tasso was found for reading the Greenland Processes ? Just as the confined in the cell of a madhouse; Camoens died in public ignored the work, so did the critics. Editors the streets of Lisbon, a beggar; and Burns, a thoroughand reviewers disdained' to notice a writer who had bred steed of Phoebus, was compelled to drudge all his neither contributed to nor corresponded with them. A days in the gear of a cart-horse. But the gold that is solitary scribe in Leipsic condescended, with an undis- thrown into the hottest melting-pot comes out the guised sneer, to notice the work in these terms: purest, and the canary-bird sings all the sweeter the Much, perhaps all, the author has written with great longer it has been trained in a darkened cage. bitterness against literature, theology, wives, cox. Jean Paul betook himself to literature, in the first combs, &c., may be true, but we have no doubt what- instance, as the only means of providing himself with ever that the attempt at wit, which is evident on every a living; he wrote, in fact, to get money-to live. page, will excite disgust in the mind of the rational in the further prosecution of this course, the material reader, and lead him to throw the book aside with aim gradually began to disappear. Jean Paul will contempt.'

| labour on, and think and feel, and will still demand, A potosi of sixteen louis-d'ors is very soon ex- and at length receive recognition; literature ceases to be hausted; a fresh shaft must be sunk. The Selections a means, and becomes an end with him ; the struggle from the Papers of the Devil was tried; but Voss declined for existence merges in a struggle for recognition. the publication, vehemently protesting that he had Many years ago, at Paris, in the early dawn, a young

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