tude and magnanimity which few could they were entertained, or the ease and affahave evinced under similar circumstances. bility with which they were treated. His Though the path of the distemper which Lordship's natural and acquired accomcarried him off was often oppressive and plishments were considerable.

His taste severe, yet it was never allowed to form for the fine arts, of which he was always & any material interruption to the exercise of ready patron, was highly refined; and in his public duty; which he continued to some of them he was himself a proficient. discharge till within a very short time of It is said that he used sometimes to express his death, with a firmness and alacrity equal a regret to his private friends, that his eduto what he discovered during the most vi- cation had been neglected in youth ; but gorous period of his public life. A lead. no indications of this could readily be dising quality in his Lordship's character was, covered either in conversation or in busi. resolute firmness to any purpose he had

His letters showed an ease 'and aconce formed. He was not apt to enter into curacy of expression, and at the same time any enterprise without due deliberation, a clearness of perception and comprehennor was he inattentive, in forming his plan, siveness of ideas, which did him great cre. to the counsel and suggestions of others; dit. A great part of his time was devoted to but having once made up his mind, with public business, in which he seemed to take respect to any measure, he persevered in a pleasure, and in epistolary correspondence executing it with ardour and determination, no man could be more effective. And it in opposition to difficulties, and unpromiso deserves to be mentioned to his Lordship’s sing appearances, which would have damp. praise, in these times, when so many of ed or subdued less resolute spirits. Im our nobility and gentry forsake their native pressed with a high idea of the importance country, that he spent almost the whole of of his official character, he was no less keen- his time in the county over which he prely jealous in supporting the dignity of it, sided, watching over its interests, and than conscientious in discharging its duties; spending the revenues of his large estates and instances have occurred, in which he in doing good to those around him. His has asserted and carried points, which he Lordship died a few days after he had comknew to be right, with manliness and de- pleted his eightieth year. When he suc cision, even in the face of those who were ceeded to his titles and estates of the Earlgreatly his superiors in civil authority. dom of Eglinton, he was in a very infirm With respect to his munificence and liber- state of health ; but by attention to a cer. ality, it is not enough to say that they tain regimen, which he adopted and ad. were such as became his character as a no. hered to with a degree of firmness highly bleman and Lord Lieutenant. They were characteristic of his decision, he so far reshown by him to an extent and with an ease cruited his constitution, as to attain the age and dignity which few have discovered in at which comparatively few arrive. He similar stations. He was ever forward in was the son of Alexander Montgomerie of patronizing and aiding all undertakings Coilsfield, Esq. by Lilias, daughter of Sir connected with the business or improve. Robert Montgomerie of Skelmorlie, and ment of the county ; and his contributions was born in 1739. He succeeded his cou. in behalf of charitable institutions were sin in 1796, and married Eleanora, daugh. uniformly liberal and readily bestowed ; ter of John Hamilton of Bourtrcehill, who while his patronage of them, when convin- died 1817. His son, the late Lord Montced of their propriety, was never withheld gomerie, who died in 1814, married, in when solicited. His charity to the poor at 1802, Lady Mary Montgomerie, eldest all times was exemplary, but particularly daughter of the former Lord Eglinton, and in seasons of public distress; and his ser left two sons, Hugn, who died 1817, and vants and domestics will long have occasion Archibald, the heir to the titles and estates to lament his loss, as a generous and kind of Eglinton, a very promising boy, of semaster. For hospitality he was pre-emi. ven years of age. In addition to the titles nently distinguished. Easy of access, his already mentioned, his Lordship bore those house was always open to all who chose of Lord Montgomerie and Kilwinning; he to visit him, from motives of friendship, was created a British Peer' in 1806, by the business, or respect ; every attention was title of Baron Ardrossan ; he was one of paid to the comfort of his guests; and they the State Councillors of the Prince of Wales; were often at a loss whether to admire he was a Knight of the order of the This. most the splendour and elegance with which tle, and Heritable Sheriff of Renfrewshire.



Oct. 23. At Rome, Lady Kensington, of a son.

Nov. 8. At Cork, J.ady Audley, of a son.

23. At Bemersyde House, Mrs Clarke, of a daughter.

26. At Haughton, Mrs Farquharson of Gustave Magnus D'Arfelt, Colonel, AideHaughton, of a son.

de-Camp to his Majesty the Emperor of 27. At London, the Lady of Henry Russia, Knight of the Russian Orders of Brougham, Esq. of Brougham, M. P. of a St Anne, &c. to Louisa Cuthbert, daugh. daughter.

ter of the late Thomas Brooke, Esq. 28. At Edinburgh, Mrs Miller of Glen Nov. 11. at Pulmore, near Aberdeen, lee, of a son.

the Rev. Robert Doig, one of the ministers 29. At Wellshot, the Lady of Captain of Aberdeen, to Miss Dingwall, daughter Wm. Stirling, of a son.

of the late Mr Alex. Dingwall, merchant, 30. At Carfin, Mrs Gordon, of Harper. Aberdeen. field, of a son.

17. At Hackney, Robert Hogg, Esq. of Dec. 1. At Boulogne, the Lady of Lieu. the East India Company's service, to Catha. tenant-Colonel Maclachlan, of a son. rine, daughter of Wm. North, Esq. Leven

2. At the Hague, the Countess of Ath. Hall, Garth, Yorkshire, lone, of a daughter.

22. At Cathrine Bank, M. John Hun3. The Lady of William Hay, Esq. of ter, merchant, Edinburgh, to Miss MarDrummelzier, of a son and heir.

garet Sawyers, daughter of the late Mr 4. At Aberdeen, the l.ady of Lieut.- Alexander Sawyers, accountant in GlasCol. Clerk, of a son.

gow. 6. At Musselburgh, the Lady of Major At Glasgow, Mr W. T. Nimmo, Dons, of a son.

Royal Rank, to Miss Eliza Stewart, daugh& At Stranraer, the Lady of Major- ter of the late Mr George Stewart, merGeneral M Nair, C. B. of a son.

chant, Jamaica. - At Muncaster Castle, Lady Lindsay, 25. At Babington, Warwickshire, Arch. of a son.

Christie, Esq. eldest son of Rear-Admiral II. At Edinburgh Castle, the Lady of Christie, of Baberton, county of MidCaptain Cargill, of the 74th regiment, of a Lothian, to Sarah, eldest daughter of the daughter.

late Dr Wilner. 12. Ac Ilford, Essex, the Lady of Lieu. 30. At Burntisland, Alexander Purves, tenant-Colonel Allan, of a daughter. Esq. to Miss Campbell, eldest daughter of

At Edinburgh, Mrs Laing Meason the late James Campbell, Esq. of Lindertis, of a son.

At Springfield, Arbroath, Captain 13. At Balbegno Castle, the Lady of Scott of Newton, to Mrs Rolland of Auch. Captain Ramsay, of a daughter.

mithie. At Dunsinane, the Lady of J. M. At St George's, Hanover Square, Nairne, Esq. of a daugliter.

London, Captain Peter Macdougall, of the 15. Mrs James Campbell, Northum. 57ih regiment, to Miss Jane Macdonald of berland Street, of a daughter.

Albemarle Street. 16. At Edinburgh, Mrs Waugh, Minto Dec. 2. At St Peter's Church, Dublin, Street, Newington, of a son.

Charles Drury, Esq. of the 3d regiment of 19. At Merchiston Castle, near Edin. dragoon guards, to Elizabeth, eldest daughburgh, Mrs Fordyce of Ayton, of a son. ter of Lieut.-Col. Hart, Inspecting Field

21. In Great Russel Street, Bloomsbury, Officer, centre district. the Lady of James Loch, Esq. of a son. 5. At Porfar, David Scrymgeour, Esq.

- At Greenock, Mrs Turner of Kilbuie, writer there, to Miss Margaret Sturrock, of a son.

Forfar. 23. Lady Mackenzie of Coul, of a son. 6. At Glasgow, John Barbour, Esq.

- At Edinburgh, Mrs Hagart of Ban- Lochwinnoch, to Mary, youngest daugh. taskine, of a daughter.

ter of Robert Arthur, Esq. of Gavlemoss. 25. The Lady of Wm. Stothert, Esq. At Gosport, Lieut. W. C. Clark, of Cargen, of a son.

Rifle Brigade, to Mary Gavin, fourth 26. Mrs Colonel Munro, George's Square, daughter of the late Lieutenant-Colonel Edinburgh, of a son.

Maclean. 28. At the King's Stables, Grassmarket, 11. At Laurencekirk, Mr Charles Care Edinburgh, Ann Comrie, upwards of 50 negie, Marykirk, to Ann, daughter of Mt years of age, and one of the out-patients of Robert Lindsay, late of Straitbraes. Dr Thatcher's Dispensary, and wife of 15. At Leith, James Andrew, Esq. of Mr Malloch, shoemaker, was safely deli- Craigend, to Miss Hutton, daughter of vered of a still born son, being her first William Hutton, Esq. child.

16. Captain David Campbell, of his Majesty's late 96th regiment, to Agnes,

youngest daughter of the late Alex. Pola July 20. At Madras, Peter Cleghorn, lock of Whitehall, Esq. Esq. barrister at law, to Miss Isabella Al. At Glasgow, Major M'Gregor, of the lan, daughter of the late Thomas Allan, 58th regiment, to Miss Spens Stuart ColEsq. merchant in Leith.

lier, daughter of Robert Collier, Esq. Bar.' Oct. 30. at St Petersburgh, Le Comte rack Master of Glasgow.


17. In St Paul's Chapel, Edinburgh, ties of old age, he seemed a strong with the Colonel Farquharson, to Rebecca, fourth vigour of youth," at the mention of his fa. daughter of the late Sir George Colquhoun vourite's name, and the remembrance of of Tillycolquhoun, Bart.

his misfortunes. 18. William Wrixon Becher, Esq. a il. At Ruchill, Mrs Maclean, wife of gentleman of considerable property, and Hugh Maclean, Esq. younger of Coll. representative for Mallow in Parliament, 12. At his lodyings in Lambeth, London, to Miss O'Neill. The ceremony was perAngus Macdonald, Esq. late Paymaster of formed at Kilfane church, by the Hon. and the rifle brigade. Rev. the Dean of Ossory.

14. At West Bendochy, Perthshire, at an At Senwick, near Kirkcudbright, advanced age, George Playfair, Esq. of Major-General Riall, Governor of Granada, Galry. to Miss Eliza, eldest daughter of the late 15. At Kirkaldy, Miss Janet Millar, James Scarlett, Esq. jun. of Peru, in the youngest daughter of the late Henry Mila Island of Jamaica.

lar, Esq. surgeon. 20. At Glasgow, Mr John M. K. Ward 18. At No. 10, Broughton Street, Edin. rop, merchant, to Jane, daughter of the burgh, James, eldest son of Dr John Camplate Adam Lightbody, Esq. of Hurlet. bell.

22. At Edinburgh, Mr John Paterson, 19. At Edinburgh, Robert, fourth son of agent for the Leith Bank, Dalkeith, to the late Robert Kay of Harlaw, BerwickMary, eldest daughter of Mr Richard Lees, shire, aged 19. Galashiels.

At his house, near Ayr, Capt. Hugh 23. At Bellwood, Andrew Forbes Ram- Fergusson, late Barrackmaster, Ayr. say, Esq. surgeon in the Hon. East India At Rineten, Capt. John Macdonald, Company's service, Bengal Establishment, of Gardensdale. to Isabella, fourth daughter of the late At Montrose, after a short illness, John Young, Esq. of Bellwood.

Miss Margaret Chaplin, daughter of the late Lately. At Laurieston Place, Edin- Rev. Mr Chaplin of Kinnell. burgh, William Gordon, Esq. of Evie, to 22. At Shawfield Bank, William DalMiss Christiana, daughter of Mr George gleish, Esq. Murray, merchant.

23. In Paris, Quintin Craufurd, Esq. a At Pickering, J. Nicolson, yeoman, gentleman no less known for the various of Pickering Marshes, after a series of excellent publications with which he lias en. years courtship, to his housekeeper, Miss riched the literary world, than for the exE. Wilson ; the bridegroom being up- tensive political knowledge, acquired from wards of 80 years of age, and the bride a long residence in the different Courts of 20.


His house has been for many years past the · daily resort of the most dis.

tinguished characters of every nation, and April 16. At Calcutta, James Wade, the noble hospitality which he there exerciEsq.

sed will be long remembered by a large May. At Sagur, East Indies, William circle of acquaintances. Paterson, 30th Bengal native infantry, eld 24. At Lower, Patrick Carnegy, Esq. of est son of the late William Paterson, Esq. Lower. of Braehead of Kilmarnock.

At Aberdeen, James Johnston, Esq. June. At London, aged 36 years, Robert, late of Woodhill. only son of the late James Keltie, Esq. 27. At Edinburgh, Miss Marion Russell, Royal Navy.

daughter of the late David Russell, Esq. of il. At Corntallam, Colonel Charles Woodside, merchant in Glasgow. Trotter, commanding Palamcottah, and the 28. At his house, Heriot Hill, Alexander district of Tinnevelly, aged 54 years. Kinnear, Esq. banker in Edinburgh.

Sept. 24. At Kingston, Jamaica, Major At Lausanne, Mrs Col. Gerard, of Ferrier, 92d regiment.

Rochsoles. Oct. 11. Near Three Rivers, Canada, At the manse of Latheron, in the John Campbell, Esq. late of Auchinwillin. county of Caithness, the Rev. Robert Gun,

23. Of a fever, at Gibsonport, on the winister of that parish. Mississippi, Mr Simon Fraser, son of the 29. At Eaglesham, Mr James Howie, of late Alexander Fraser, Esq. Sheriff-clerk of Nether Malletsheugh, in the 85th year of Haddingtonshire.

Nov. 5. At Inverfolla, Appin, Donald At Annan, George Richardson, Esq. Macintyre, aged 101. He was a native of late Provost of that burgh, aged 79 years. that parish, and, the greater part of his life, Dec. 1. At Holmes, Mungo Fairlie, Esq. rented a farm under Sir John Campbell of of Holmes, one of his Majesty's Deputy Ardnamurchan, Bart. He was the last of Lieutenants and Justices of the Peace for the followers of Prince Charles in that dis- the county of Ayr. trict, to whose interests he was ardently de - At Manley, Devonshire, Henry Man. voted, so much so, that amidst the infirmi- ley, Esq. of Manley.


his age.

Dec. 1. At Whitehaven, Sarah Scott, ed a profound and universal feeling of roaged 100 years. Her husband died about gret throughout the whole circle of his actwo years ago, at the age of 105.

quaintances and friends. His abilities and 2. Aged 67, Matthew Robinson, sexton attainments were of no ordinary cast. His of the parish of Foston, Yorkshire ; being eloquence in the pulpit, and his sagacity found extended lifeless in a grave, which he as an ecclesiastical lawyer, were generally had commenced digging in perfect health. acknowledged, but, from the unobtrusive

At Ketten Hall, James Hay, Esq. character of the man, the vastness of his of Linplum.

genius, and variety of his acquirements, At Montrose, Mr David Christison, were known and appretiated only by a in the 68th year of his age.

few private and literary friends. When, 3. At Tenby, in South Wales, William in the hours of retirement, he unfolded Hamilton, Esq.

to them the ample stores of his mind, 4. Suddenly, the Rev. William Elder, of his conversation was indeed a treat, rich the Associate congregation of Newtown, in in varied and delightful instruction. In the 62d year of his age, and 37th of his theology especially, the Doctor was deepministry. On the Sabbath preceding he as- ly skilled. It was a maxim of his, that sisted in dispensing the Lord's Supper to a every man should unceasingly labour congregation in the neighbourhood ; on the to become an adept in his particular Thursday he preached at a district meeting profession, and in practice he completeof the Bible Society in his own congrega- ly exemplified that maxim. He was intion; and on the morning of the Saturday, timately acquainted with the history of while at breakfast, he instantly expired. the church, and of the various sects, and

6. At Aberdeen, Peter Gordon, Esq. of - schisms, and tenets, that prevailed within Abergeldie, aged 68.

its pale, in ancient and modern times. 8. At Peterhead, Mrs Harlaw, wife of His views of Christian truth, however, were John Harlaw, Esq. aged 71.

not taken from the doctrines of that sys. 9. At Newabbey manse, the Rev. Wil. tem, or the dogmas of this polemic, but liam Wright, in the 88th year of his age, were chiefly formed on a critical examinaand 51st of his ministry.

tion, and a careful comparison of the sacred At Bath, Jas. Ker of Blackshiels, Esq. text. And though these views were quite 10. In the 65th year of his age, Mr John at variance with the fume and fury of the Buchanan, late merchant, Glasgow. popular theology of the present day, they

At Chorley, Lancashire, Mrs Mar- perfectly harmonised with the tone, and garet Sigston, wife of Hugo Arnot, Esq. of temper, and doctrine of the gospel, as exBalcormo.

hibited in the gospel itself. The friend 11. At Actou House, Middlesex, John who bears this feeble testimony to the meDalzell Douglas, youngest son of Henry rits of the departed would have a melanchoAlexander Douglas, Esq.

ly pleasure in expatiating on the many es12. At Glasgow, Miss Janet Patoun, timable traits of his private character, but aged 88 years, daughter of the late Rev. being necessarily limited in an article of Mr Patoun, Renfrew.

this kind, he must conclude by declaring, 13. At Dundee, John Guild, Esq. in the in a single sentence, that the death of this 77th year of his age, late Provost of that able and excellent man has deprived the burgh,Imuch and justly regretted. poor of a humane benefactor, his vicinity

At No. 1, Great King Street, Edin- of a kind and social neighbour, his relaburgh, Mr William Pringle, Assistant tives of an attentive and affectionate friend, Surgeon R. N. only son of Mr S. Pringle, and his professional brethren of a faithful builder.

counsellor and enlightened guide ! 14. At Edinburgh, aged 30, Mr Wil 16. At his house, 118, Prince's Street, liam Brydon, writer.

Edinburgh, Robert Fullarton, Esq. 15. At Edinburgh, Dr Daniel Ruther. At Spoutwells, James Buchan, Esq. ford, Professor of Botany in the University late of Huntingtower. of Edinburgh.

17. At his house in Hill Street, Berkeley At Dumfries, William Heron, Esq. Square, London, the Hon. Charles Finch. of Duncow, much respected.

At his house, 14, Hart Street, EdinAt Bath, aged 90, Mrs Cradock, re- burgh, James Stewart, Esq. late of the is. lict of Dr Cradock, late Archbishop of land of Grenada. Dublin, and mother of Lord Howden.

At Edinburgh, Mr John Black, wri. At Edinburgh, Mr Alexander Shear. ter, (late rector of the Fortrose Academy,) e, builder, aged 37.

much and justly regretted. At Kinsale, at an advanced age, Near Manchester, Miss Catherine Lady Kinsale.

Mitchell, youngest daughter of the late 16. At the manse of Lochgoilhead, of ty. James Mitchell, Esq. of Montrose. phus fever, the Reverend Dr M.Dougall, 18. At Edinburgh, Miss Christian Ru. minister of that parish, in the 63d year of therford, youngest daughter of the deceased his age, and 36th of his ministry. The Dr John Rutherford, Professor of Materia death of this accomplished man has excit- Medica in the University of Edinburgh.

19. At St Andrew's, the Rev. Principal den, of the Hon. East India Company's Hill.

service, son of Mr Munden, of Drury20. At his house, Laurieston Place, Edin. Lane Theatre. burgh, Mr John Martin, of the Chancery At Horsley, Gloucestershire, John ShepOffice, Edinburgh.

pard, Esq. He has left L. 400 to the At Kilbarchan, after a short illness, Gloucester Infirmary, and L. 1000 3 per Ágnes Anderson, wife of Mr James Semple, cent. Consols to the Society for Promoting merchant there.

Christian Knowledge. 22. At her house in Forth Street, Edin At Lanark, in the 79th year of his age, burgh, Mrs Anne Dalzel, widow of the Mr James Hamilton, late farmer at Jerris. late Andrew Dalzel, Esq. Professor of wood. Greek in the University of Edinburgh. At Brussels, at an advanced age, Lord

At Edinburgh, Mrs Alice Plender. Edward Bentinck, brother to the late and leath, relict of the late James Grant, Esq. uncle to the present Duke of Portland. merchant in Edinburgh.

im. At his house, the Stirling Castle, in the 24. At her house in George's Street, Edin- parish of Trelawney, island of Jamaica, burgh, Mrs Ann Rutherford, widow of the aged 62, William Sawyers, Esq. late Walter Scott, Esq. writer to the signet. Lieut. James Colclough, late of T'intern,

Lately, in the Friar's Vennel, Dumfries, in the county of Wexford, Aid-de-Camp aged 75, Bridget Constable, wife of Deacon to Gen. MʻGregor. The gallant exploit Johnston, blacksmith, who is left, at the of this young officer, in defending and age of 87, to lament the loss of a partner, saving his general, when surprised at Porto whom he had been united in marriage tobello, is fresh in the recollection of the and cordial affection for no less than fifty- public. Upon that occasion he was singly four years and a half.

opposed to three Spanish officers, whom he At Ringwood, Mr Christopher Cobb, slew at the bed-chamber door of M'Gregor, aged one hundred and two years, who live who had thus an opportunity to leap out ed in the reign of three kings ; he was ma of the window, and effect his escape by py years a merchant in the Newfoundland swimming to the Hero, which lay at a trade.

short distance from the shore.—Lieut. Col- At Chacewater, Elizabeth, the daugh. clough followed, but in the descent from ter of Joseph Ralph. Though she had the window he sprained his ancle. He reached her 21st year, her height was only had previously received a severe wound in two feet ten inches ; she was not at all de- the hand, in the encounter with the Spanish formed, but rather well proportioned. Du- officers. Lieut. Colclough suffered much zing her life she was never known to laugh, from his wound and sprain ; about a fortor cry, or utter any sound whatever, though night after he was seized with the yellow it was evident she both saw and heard; fever, of which he died in ten days. Lieat. her weight never exceeded twenty pounds. C. was in his 20th year. He sailed last

At High Wycomb, Bucks, aged 89, Christmas from the Thames, with General Mr Matthew Bates, one of the oldest and M'Gregor, in the Spanish patriotic ser. most celebrated horticulturists in the king, vice. dom.

Within a few hours of each other, Mr At her house in Castle Street, Mrs John Green, of Bromyard, in Hertford. Mure, widow of the late William Mure, shire, and Elizabeth, his wife. Their Esq. of Caldwell, one of the Barons of his united ages amount to 160 years. They Majesty's Exchequer in Scotland.

had been married 59 years, and had 22 In India, Lieutenant-Colonel Henry children in less than 19 years. Odell, of the 25th light dragoons.

At Godalming, Nicholas Loftus, Esq. At Crail, in the prime of life, Wil. formerly Lieutenant-Colonel of the 4th reliam Macdonald Fowler, Esq. writer in giment of dragoon guards, in the 80th year Edinburgh.

At her seat, Charlton House, near At London, a few weeks after his return Malmsbury, aged 82, the Countess of Suf- from India, Robert Stewart, Esq. of the folk.

Honourable East India Company's medical At her brother's house, near Pitts- service, third son of the late Robert Stewart, burgh, Pennsylvania, Miss Mary Watt, Esq. of Ballechin. many years a resident in Glasgow, and At Paris, Mrs B. Wallis, the wife of sister to Dr James Watt.

Lieutenant. General Bayley Wallis, and Aged 68, John Bowles, Esq. He sister of Sir Robert Wilson, M. P. was the first who entered the field in order At Paris, suddenly. Capt. John Doig, to combat the principles and sophistry of late of the 21st regiment. Tom Paine.

On his estate, Mount Pleasant, DomiAt Saint Helena, by the rupture of nica, John Lowndes, Esq. aged 64, Sur. a blood-vessel, Mr Valentine Josephı Mun- veyor-General of the island.

of his age.

Printed by George Ramsay and Company, Edinburgh.

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