demned him unheard, and in his absence, occasion, while the highest praise was just. to be also illegal; and that he refused to ly bestowed on Mr Owen's character and obey the warrant. The messenger replied, motives, great doubts were generally exthat he had brought a force with him to pressed as to the practical utility of his execute the warrant, and the men were in schemes ; and the motion for referring the the house. Mr Hobhouse desired him to scheme to a committee was rejected by a carry back his refusal to the Speaker ; but great majority. The great evil under the messenger said he could not quit him. which the country at present labours is the " Then," replied Mr Hobhouse, “ you want of employment for the labouring clasmust use your force, for I will submit to But Mr Owen's plan does not seem nothing else.". Two other messengers soon to touch this grand point. He does not after made their appearance, when the first point out how this evil is to be remedied, messenger laying his hand on Mr Hob. and without this, of what use are all his house, said, ** You are my prisoner." Mr schemes for the future improvement of the Hobhouse then replied, “ I must submit labourer, while he cannot procure employto force, but I protest against this illegul ment and food. This is the first consideraseizure, and desire you to inform the Speak- tion, and until this be satisfactorily settled, er thereof." Mr Hobhouse was immedi. all speculation about less material objects ately taken to Newgate by two of the mes seems worse than useless. sengers in a hackney coach.

NATIONAL DEBT.- In the course of PARLIAMENTARY REFORM. ---On the debate in the foregoing question, Mr Tuesday the 14th, Lord John Russel Ricardo advocated a plan for terminating brought forward his motion on borough the distresses of the county by paying off a reform, on which occasion it was stated by great portion of the national debt. For Lord Castlereagh, that if, withou: entering this purpose he proposes a tax of 15 per into the general question of what was to be cent. on capitals. He takes landed properdone with all boroughs, he would confine ty at thirty years purchase as the sum himself to any single case of gross corrup to bear the impost. Other property, we tion, he would not oppose the disfranchise- presume, would be taken at twenty years ment of the borough where such corruption purchase. About 20 per cent. on the was proved ; and the right thus taken from principal so obtained would pay off the a corrupt borough he would either extend National Debt. The sums would require to the circumjacent district, or would trans to be apportioned in something like the fer to some populous town now unrepre. following order: From the proprietors of sented. This declaration of the Noble houses and lands L. 400,000,000. From Lord was received with general satisfaction the fund holders L. 30,000,000.

From by all parties in the House, and Lord John merchants, manufacturers, and other capiRussel accordingly the next evening talists, L. 140,000,000. The result would be brought in a bill, which was read a first to put the fundholders in possession of onetime, for taking the Elective Franchise fifth of all the lands and effects of the from the Borough of Grampound, and country. transferring the right of electing two Bur. Scottish BURGHS.-On the motion of gesses to the town of Leeds.

Lord Archibald Hamilton, the committee Mr Owen's Plan. On the 15th, the appointed last session to consider and replan of Mr Owen, for amcliorating the con port on the petitions for reform in the Roy. dition of the poor, was brought under the al Burghs of Scotland has been re-apconsideration of the House of Commons by pointed. 2 motion of Sir W. de Crespigny, on which



wards went into the véstry-room, and while SINGULAR FELONY.--A trial of a sin- engaged with the collectors in counting gular description took place in the Com- up the money, was observed to put several mission Court of Dublin on the 6th inst. notes into his pocket. The gentleman (Al. A Mr William Sinith, a person previously derman King) who observed this, accosted of respectable character, 70 years of age, him and said, he feared he (Smith) was veand who boasted his independent circum- ry ill, on which he said, “ No, he was in stances, had attended at a charity sermon

perfect health.”

Alderman King replied in the church of St Michael's on the 14th that must be impossible, for he saw him November, where he assisted the collectors convey several Bank-notes from the collecof the contributions, by opening the pews tion-plates into his pocket.

Smith then, for them, and other like services; he after. putting his hand to bis head, said, “God

it was,


bless me! I am unwell ;"--he then tea-dealer ; Brain's, a large shoe warehouse; took three notes from his pocket, and said, and an empty house, formerly occupied by “ I must have dropped them there when Mr Ashmead, haberdasher. No lives proseeking my snuff-box.” He was told that videntially were lost. he had yet more, but answered he would be 25. The following curious circumstance upon oath he had not Being farther took place at Garion Bridge toll-bar, bepressed, he said, “ Let us put them on tween Hamilton and Dilserf, on the night the table, and have no more said about between Friday and Saturday last. Four them." His pockets were then emptied, fellows of suspicious character had spent and notes brought out in handfuls squeez- the afternoon in drinking at the toll-house, ed together, in all about thirty. A Mr and deeming it more convenient, instead Empson, an apothecary, was brought for of paying their reckoning, to attempt their ward to prove his mental imbecility ; but escape by the end window, which over. upon being interrogated as to his (the hangs a considerable precipice, three of prisoner's) situation, upon the Sunday them had already accomplished their purnight the felony had been committed, he pose, and the fourth was just about to fol. admitted that he found his patient playing low his companions, when he was secured cards. These facts were clearly proved in by the tollman, and some assistants, and evidence, and the Jury relurned a verdict detained in the house. Wishing to release of Guilty, but recommended the prisoner their comrade, the three fellows demanded to mercy on account of extreme old age from without that he should be restored to and former reputation ; but the Judge said, them, otherwise they would come back these circumstances only aggravated the " and wring their hands in the blood of enormity of the offence, and added, that he the family. The tollman, however, bolled conceived the Jury were under a mistaken the door, and resolved to detain the prison. idea, as the offence, great as

They shortly after went away, but was not capital. He was sentenced to seven in consequence of the threat they had used, years transportation.

a good many of the neighbours were re. 18. Bill of Christenings and Burials from quested to come and guard the house for December 15, 1818, to December 14, 1819, the night. Two hours afterwards, seven in London, &c.

fellows, including the three above mention. Christened in the 97 parishes within ed, some of then armed with muskets, the walls, 1277 ; buried, 1149.

came in order to effect their object, the reChristened in the 17 parishes without lease of the prisoner, and to take revenge the walls, 5592; buried, 4143.

for his detention. But the party that Christened in the 24 out-parishes of guarded the house being too strong for Middlesex and Surrey, 13,356 ; buried, them, they, after discharging ore shot, 4041.

succeeded in surrounding and taking four Christened in the 10 parishes in the city . prisoners, who were immediately marched and liberties of Westminster, 4175; buri. off under an escort to Hamilton jail. ed, 4014.

31. Important to Winc Merchants. On Christened, Males, 12,574: Females, the 29th inst. Messrs Thomson and Coates, 11,726, in all 24,300. Buried, Males, wine merchants, London, were charged 9671; Females, 9557; in all 19,228. under the 54th of Gcorge Ill. chap. 8, Whereof have died,

commonly called the Cape act, with having Under 2 years 4779 | 40 and 50 2095 mixed a quantity of Port wine with a quanBetween 2 and 50 and 00 1918 tity of Cape wine, against the statutc.

1771 60 and 70 1600 There is a penalty of' L. 300 attached to the 5 and 10 8:26 | 70 and 80 1230 offence, it' it is with a fraudulent intention. 10 and 20 631 80 and 90 666 Mr Coates contended that to mix Port wine 20 and 30 1577 90 and 100 . 144 with Cape red wine was not contrary either 30 and 40 1990 100 and 103 1 to the letter or the intention of the act of Decreased in the burials this year, 479. Parliament; and, thirdly, that they had

FIRE.- A letter from Bristol, dated done nothing inconsistent with the revenue, December 15, says _" We had a tremen which was neither in fact nor iniention indous fire here last night in High Street, jured. It was the daily practice of the which broke out a quarter before nine, most respectable wine-merchants in the commencing at Whitmarsh's, a tea-daler, trude to mix Port wine with Cape, in order or rather in a small manufactory at the to improve the barren flavour of the Cape, back of his premises, used for the stoving and to make it keep longer. The question of straw.bonnets. The flames raged with as to the legality of the practice was theregreat fury until four o'clock, when, by the fore of the highest importance to the trade, exertions of the firemen, their progress was with whom, if he were guilty, he shared stopped. The following houses are de- the guilt in common. He admitted there stroyed, with property to a considerable a was an excess of eight gallons, which might mount, viz. Mr Reeves, a respectable have been legally seized; but asked the stationer aņd bookseller ; Whitmarsh's, s surveyor, whether there was not a corre.

sponding decrease in a pipe of Port wine at lic debt thence was gradually sinking to the the time of the increase in the Cape which year 1793, when the unredeemed debt a. was seized. The fact was admitted. Mr mounted to L. 237,989,148. From that Mayo, the Solicitor of Excise, contended, year it rapidly and constantly increased to that the Court could only be governed by the present year, and on the 5th Jan. 1819, the letter of the act, which was, he said, the total debt of Great Britain and Ireland against the defendant. The Court, in give amounted to L. 1,181,502,362 ; of which ing judgment, said there was no imputation has been redeemed L. 389,637,049 ; leaving whatever upon the character of the firm, of the total unredeemed debt L. 791,867,313. which the officers of Excise had always Thesinking fund amounted to L. 15,815,001, made an honourable report, and those who and the total charge, including the sinking had presumed falsely to impeach its re- fund, to L. 5,749,296. spectability deserved punishment. Thein An official account of the total weekly formation did not charge them with any amount of bank notes and bank post bills thing criminal or corrupt, and the question in circulation, from the 230 November merely turned on a point of law. On this 1919, to the latest period to which the bead the Court were clearly of opinion that same can be stated, states the total for the there had been a mixing within the mean week ending the 30th of November, at ing of the act, and adjudged the whole of L. 23,248,340, of which L 6,745,850 the wine so mixed to be forfeited.

are under L.5; for the week ending the New Improvements East of Carlton- 7th December L. 22,536,690, of which Houses-All the arrangements are at last L. 6,694,040 are under L. 5; for the week formed for the architectural improveinents ending 14th December L. 22,418,220, of cast of Pall Mall, and in the spring the which L. 6,624,990 are under L. 5; and Forkmen will begin pulling down the for the week ending the 21st December old buildings, commencing with Waterloo L. 22,194,050, of which L. 6,569,560 are House. The other premises to Suffolk under L.. 5. Street, including the west side of that street

JANUARY 1820. to Little Suffolk Street, and the south side 1. The New Year.The scene of boise of the latter, are also to be removed ; and terous festivity which the first morning of a few of the houses in Hay-Market, oppo- the year annually introduces into Edinsite the Opera house, are to be re-built, burgh, has on the present occasion passed Cockspur Street, from the east side of Suf. over without any disposition to riot. The folk Street to Whitcomb Street, is to be streets as usual were crowded with parties, videned by the reduction of the frontage of passing to and from the houses of their the houses No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Whit friends, to give and receive their annual comb Street will be no longer a thorough. congratulations; and noisy mirth, the fare; a high brick wall is to be erected usual effect of liberal potations, was to be nearly opposite the Mewsgate. The outlet heard in all quarters ; but, with the excepfor carriages will be from Little Suffolk tion of occasional drunken quarrels, har. Street

mony and good humour prevailed. A Melancholy Accident.-On Monday, as strong picquet of the Ist regiment of Royal some young men were amusing themselves Edinburgh Volunteers was on duty, and on the ice at Lochend, near Edinburgh, it the civil authorities had taken every presuddenly gave way, by which five persons caution to prevent or put down tumult, were plunged in the water, of whom, we but happily there was no occasion for their regret to state, two were unfortunately interference. drowned. One of them, Daniel Fraser, a Populution, Rental, and Tithes of Eng. shoeniaker, aged 18, was the son of a poor land and Wales.-- From a paper comwidow, residing in Dickson's Close ; the posed by competent persons and privately name of the other is Robert Scott, a cur- circulated, we copy the following :rier, aged 16. We are informed that the The nuniber of square staordinary watchman acquainted with the tute miles in England and saving apparatus was most unhappily ill in Wales is

57,960 the Infirmary.

The rental of land in both L. 89,476,8:2 Financial Accounts.-Accounts have The amount of tithe

2,353,249 been printed by order of the House of Com- The resident population in mons, showing the amount of the total ca 1811(exclusive of the army pital of the funded debt of Great Britain,

10,150,615 including the Austrian and Portuguese Number of persons in a loans, as it stood on the 1st of February,

175 or 5th of January, in each year, from the Agricultural population

36 Fear 1786 to the year 1819 inclusive. By Scotland and Ireland are nearly equal these accounts, it appears that the total a. in area, and, together, equal to England mount of the unredeemed debt, in the year and Wales. The assessed rental of Scot1786, was L. 233,231,248, of which the land in 1811 was L. 3,899, 364. total charge was L, 10,302,402. The pub. Value of Land.-Leicester and so

and navy).

square mile

merset, deemed the most fertile, (Middlesex dent hopes that distress and starvation, the excepted,) average at 28s. per acre ; the primary causes of all the discontent and whole surface of England and Wales at disaffection recently manifested, will soon 175. 2d. per acre.

give place to prosperity and its consequent 6. Execution.—Yesterday morning, at cheerfulness and content. nine o'clock, Bryne Judd and Thomas The Weather. The present winter has Clapperton, for a robbery at Roadmains, been more severe than any we have expeagreeably to their sentence, were executed rienc d since the memorable one of 1813-14. in the Lawnmarket. Their behaviour was For these some weeks past the frost has becoming their awful situation. Shortly been very intense ; and in several places before they were thrown off, Clapperton the thermometer stood some degrees below called out in a firm voice to his fellow suf. Zero. Snow has also fallen in abundance, ferer—" Are you ready?” And on his and the mail coaches have been retarded, indicating, by a sign, that he was so, and in some instances stopped altogether, Clapperton dropt a handkerchief, and they and the mails forwarded in lighter vehicles were launched into eternity. Thomas or on horseback. Several individuals have Williamson, who was recently appointed perished in the snow, and carters and pascommon executioner, officiated on this oc sengers travelling in waggons exposed to casion, under the superintendence of the the weather have been found frozen 10 Glasgow executioner.

death. Melancholy Accident.—On the night of 13. High Court OF JUSTICIARY.Tuesday last, James Sharp and John Hed, Sedition and Blasphemy. On Tuesday the derwick, when riding home from Cricff 21st ult. the Court met to try the case of market, proposed a race, and having accord- Matthew Shiells, residing in College Wynd, ingly set off at full speed, left the rest of Edinburgh, accused of vending blasphetheir companions behind. When they mous libels, by having sold three several came to Bishop Bridge, where there is a numbers of the paper printed by Richard quick turn in the road, Hedderwick and Carlile, called the Republican, which conhis horse went over the precipice, nearly tained matter alleged to be of a blasphe30 feet in height. The horse was killed by mous nature. The prisoner had been ad. the fall, and Hedderwick was so much mitted to bail, and having failed to appear, bruised, that he is not expected to live.- the Court pronounced sentence of outlawry The horse of Sharp kept the road, but against him, and declared his bail-bond the rider was thrown over the precipice, and forfeited. killed on the spot.

Sedition.--Case of Mr Kinloch of Kin. 8. State of the Country. The measures loch.-- On the 22d the Court met in order recently adopted by Parliament, supported to proceed to the trial of George Kinloch, as they have been by the manifestations of Esq. of Kinloch, charged with the crime a great body of the community, have had of sedition. This gentleman, who is a the effect of quieting the country, and put. Commissioner of Supply and Justice of the ting down that disposition to outrage, which Peace for the county of l’ert), presided excited such alarm in the minds of most some months back at a meeting of radical people at the time of our last publication. reformers at Dundee, where he delivered a The bodies of armed citizens, which that speech, which it is alleged in the indict. alarm had taken from their homes to watch ment, contained the most inflammatory, the proceedings of the radical reformers in mischievous, and seditious expressions, the west of Scotland and other disturbed dis. “ calculated to degrade and bring into tricts, have now resumed their several contempt and detestation the Government peaceful avocations; and it deserves to be and Legislature of this realm, and to withrecorded to their honour, that they are now draw therefrom the confidence and affecequally forward along with the wealthier tions of the people, and to fill the realm classes in contributing to the relief of the with trouble and dissension." Upon the operative manufacturers in distress, as they diet being called, Mr Kinloch failed to apwere to step forward in support ot the pear, and he in consequence was outlawed, constitution and the laws of their country, his bail bond declared forfeited, and all his when these men, under the influence of fa- moveable goods and gear escheated for his gitious demagogues, were deluded into Majesty's use.— The Lord Justice Clerk measures menacing the tranquillity of the spoke as follows" Gentlemen of the country. The necessary powers with Jury-I am extremely sorry that you have which magistrates have been clothed by had' occasion to be summoned here, and the new laws, will effectually prevent the that there are no further proceedings upon distressed labourers being worked upon, as

that summons. You must be sensible, of late, by the orators of tumultuary meet this is not the fault of the Public Prosecu. ings; and certain indications which now lle has done his duty in preferring appear of returning activity in the princi. this charge of sedition against this person, pal manufacturing districts, give conti- who was regularly cited ; but, as he has


failed to appear, it remains only for us to of which there have been executed 25 pronounce sentence of fugitation against Died

13 him. In the absence of the Lord Advocate Removed to the Hulks at Sheerness, and Solicitor-General, I think it right to preparatory to transportation 376 state to the Crown Counsel now present, in Do. to Portsmouth

125 reference to the person who has this day Do. to Gosport

177 been fugitated, that the Court trusts espe. Do. to Woolwich

161 cial care will be taken that he do not re Do. to the Penitentiary

55 main within any part of this realm, but Do. to the Refuge for the Destitute 20 that the Public Prosecutor will use the Do. to Bethlem Hospital

2 power of the law to bring him to justice, Do. by Habeas Corpus, for trial at and to answer to the vory serious charge the Assizes that has this day been exhibited against Do. to the House of Correction for him. The Solicitor-General here came the city of London, pursuant to into Court_“ I have just stated, Mr Soli. their sentence

73 "citor-General, that the Court relies upon Do. to do. for Middlesex

310 the Public Prosecutor taking steps to have Do. to Female convict Ships, destined the person who has just been fugitated ap to New South Wales prehended, if found remaining in any part Discharged, having had his Majesty's of his Majesty's dominions." -The Solici.

free pardon

15 tor-Gencral replied—“ I presume it is not Do., being acquitted at the Old Bai. necessary for me to assure your Lordship ley Sessions

426 and the country, that, in as far as his Do. by Proclamation, no bills being Majesty's Advocate and those bound to found

254 concur with him in the performance of the Do. not prosecuted

34 public duty are concerned, no exertions Do., having undergone their sentence shall be wanting to bring to justice the in of imprisonment

101 dividual who has now fled from the laws of Do., being privately whipped

51 his country, and to prove that the law will be Do., being fined one shilling

73 intlexibly administered to all conditions of Do., upon bail, and other causes 25 the people, and against the highest as against the meanest of his Majes y's sub

2367 jects.” Mr Kinloch, we are informed, is Remained in custody Ist Jan. possessed of a landed estate in the county of 1820, Males


361 Perth, amounting to upwards of L. 3000


113 per annum. He left Edinburgh for the Continent on the morning of the 21st. Statement of the number of Criminal

Theft and Ilousebreaking:-On the 3d Offenders in his Majesty's Gaol of Newinstant, John Reynolds and Robert M‘Gie, gate, who were convicted at the Old Bailey for going into a byre, in the parish of Stow, Sessiors in the year 1819, and the nature breaking open a chest therein, and stealing of the offences they were convicted of ; also a variety of articles of wearing apparel, the number acquitted, discharged, &c., towere sentenced to 14 years transportation. gether with the number sentenced in the

On the 4th Henry Kerr and Alexander same period :-
Fraser, for six different acts of theft and Stealing in dwelling houses

59 housebreaking, were sentenced to transpor. Burglary

29 tation for life and on the 8th George Beg- Highway robbery

27 rie and William Paterson, for shopbreak Housebreaking

21 ing and theft, in Edinburgh, received sen. Sacrilege

1 tence of 14 years transportation.


2 State of Crime in the Metropolis in the

Unnatural offence

Year 1819.

2 Statement of the number of Persons Uttering forged notes

14 committed to his Majesty's Gaol of New. Stealing Post-office letters containing gate, and how they were disposed of in the Bank-notes

3 year 1819.

Stealing privately in shops

10 Males, Females. Tot. Murder

1 In custody on 1st Jan.

Cutting and Stabbing

1 1819, committed to Manslaughter

2 31st December 277 107 384

2 Under 20 years of

Maliciously shooting Above that age

1228 357

2344 Having possession of forged Bank.
notes without lawful excuse

80 Receiving stolen goods

15 2728 Embezzlement by Servants

10 Bigаnnу



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