for founding at Dusseldorf a polytechnic the modern Greek orthography. The picschool, and an academy of the fine arts. tures are upon vellum, and represent the The government allows for these founda- principal circumstances mentioned in the tions the annual sum of 28,000 francs. Iliad. M. Angelo Maio, Professor at the

dustria. Statistics of Austria.-M. Ambrosian College, has caused the manuAntoine Strauss, bookseller at Vienna, in- script to be printed in one volume, with the tends publishing a work, that cannot fail engravings from the pictures, and the puto illustrate the general history of the merous scholia attached to the manuscript. states comprehended within the Austrian These new scholia fill more than thirty-six monarchy. In this work, entitled the Ec- pages in large folio ; they are all of a very desiastical Topography of Austria, it is ancient period, and the greater part of them proposed to give detailed notices of every are by authors anterior to the Christian era, parish, from chronicles extant in the church- and to the school of Alexandria. The aues

, or from other documents in the ar- thors quoted are one hundred and forty in
chives of the chapters and convents, or of number, whose writings have been lost, or
those appertaining to the state. The his- are entirely unknown. The manuscript,
tory of each parish to be preceded by a geo- however, does not contain the Iliad entire,
graphical, physical, and historical, de- but only the fragments which relate to the
scription of the situation wherein the parish pictures.
stands ; also with sketches of its antiquities, Sweden.-German literature has been
monuments, tombs, and inscriptions, of very much cultivated of late years in Swe-
its schools and hospitals. The number of den. Exclusive of a collection of classical
parishes is more than fifteen hundred, and German authors printed at Upsal, in the
there still remain more than sixty chapters original language, (sixty-six volumes in
and convents, in all of which valuable do- the whole,) the best works of various au-
cuments are to be found. It will corre- thors have been translated into Swedish.
spond with Sir John Sinclair's Scotland. Denmark.- The King of Denmark has

Italy - Italian Language.-The Italians granted a pension of two hundred crowns,
appear to interest themselves in the Proven- for two years, to four gentlemen of celebrity,
çal language and literature, from the affi- for the purpose of making tours and voyages
nity which it bears to their own. In their in foreign countries. Their names are Bask,
comments on the work of M. Schlegel, a philologist ; Ingemann, a poet ; Clau-
published last year at Paris, on the same sen, a theologian, and N. Gæde, a natur-
subject, they controvert the position assum- alist of Kiel. Schew the botanist, and Leize
ed therein, that the oldest monuments of the naturalist, have likewise been fur
the modern languages derived from the nished with the means requisite for contie
Latin, with the exception of the Romane nuing their voyages.
Provençal, cannot be traced higher than Professor C. F. Severin, at Copenhagen,

In support of their has published a small work on the subject opinion, they advance authorities from Mu- of popular instruction in Denmark. It ratori, Carli, Ciampi, &c. who all ascribe appears from this, that the rise and proan bigher antiquity to the Italian language. gress of such instruction may be referred Very recently there has appeared a frage to the era of Frederick Iv. who founded ment from a manuscript of the twelfth cen. 'in one single year, 1721, two hundred and tury, which exhibits an Italian translation forty new schools. Christian VI. was not from the Latin and from other Italian wri- less zealous than his predecessor, for protings

, all of which prove, as is asserted, moting the culture of the sciences and of that the Italian language, at that period, letters, and for the general advancement of Fas adult.

knowledge. But the first seminary for the Excavations at Pompeii.- In prosecu- express purpose of providing good teachers ting the excavations at Pompeii, they have and instructors was not established till the lately discovered several edifices in the fine year 1791, under the reign of Christian street that leads to the temples of Isis and VII. This was erected near Copenhagen, Hercules, and to the theatre. In a house and it served for a model to several others supposed to have belonged to some man that have since been set up in the provinof science, some surgical instruments were The great proprietors, copying the found of excellent workmanship ; also some example set by government, have founded paintings representing fruit and animals, different schools on their estates. executed with great truth.

Greatest Waterfall in Europe discover. Manuscript of the Iliad. There has re ed in Lapland. In the mineralogical recently been discovered, in the Ambrosian port of Lapland presented to the Swedish Library at Milan, a manuscript copy of Government, amongst other curious facts, the Iliad of Homer, of the fourth century; the discovery of a great waterfall in the with sixty pictures, equally ancient. The River Lulea is particularly mentioned. It characters are square capitals, according to is said to be one-eighth of a German mile the usage of the best ages, without distinc- broad, and at its greatest height to fall 400 tion of words, without accents or the aspi- feet perpendicular. rates; that is to say, without any sign of

the twelfth century.

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try; by John Sell Cotman, Esq. author of On the first of February 1820 will be Architectural Antiquities of Norfolk, &c. published a Treatise on Trolling, by T. F. The drawings were made by bim in the Salter, author of the Angler's Guide. summers of 1817 and 1818, and are to be

Mr Leigh Hunt has ready for publication accompanied by historical and descriptive in course of February, Amyntas, a Tale of notices. It seems, the two royal abbeys at the Woods, from the Italian of Torquato Cacn, though shorn of much of their for. Tasso, with a brief notice of the author. mer grandeur, are, happily, still nearly

The first volume of the series of new persect ; the royal castle of Falaise, and novels, to be published periodically, under the more important ones of Arques and the title of " The Circulating Library," Gaillard, retain sufficient of their ancient will consist of an exquisite Edinburgh tale, magnificence to testify what they must have under the title of " Glenfell.

been in the days of their glory : the towns A new and improved cdition of Burns's and chateaus, which were the cradles of works, edited by his brother, Mr Gilbert many of our most noble and illustrious faBurns, is in preparation. It will be ac milies, the Harcourts, Vernons, Tanker. companied by the account of his life, and villes, Gurneys, Bruces, Bohuns, Grena criticism on his writings, and some obser- villes, St Johns, &c. are still in existence ; vations on the character and condition of and of more modern date, when our Henthe Scottish peasantry, by Dr James Cur. rys and Edwards resumed the Norman rie, of Liverpool. To which will be now sceptre, numberless buildings of the highfirst added, some further particulars of the est beauty are, says Mr Cotman, everyauthor's life, some new notes illustrative of where to be met with. his poems and letters, and many other The concluding volume of Dr Clarke's additions.

Northern Travels through Denmark, SweA new edition is printing of the Life and den, Lapland, Finland, Norway, and Rus. Adventures of Robinson Crusoe ; with a sia, with a description of the city of St biographical and critical preface ; embel. Petersburgh during the tyranny of the Em. lished with twenty engravings by Mr C. peror Paul, will soon be published. Heath, from a series of designs by T. Sto The seventh and eighth volumes of Dr thard, Esq. R. A.

Ranken's History of France are in the The next Part of the Journal of New press. | Voyages and Travels will comprise a faith An Historical and Topographical Ac

ful translation of Cordova's Voyage of Dis count of Devonshire is preparing for pubcovery to the Strait of Magellan.

lication ; being the ninth part of Magna Mr O'Meara, late surgeon to Napoleon, Britannia, or a concise account of the sevewill shortly publish a second manuscript ral counties of Great Britain ; by the Rev. from St Helena, containing an authentic Daniel Lysons, A.M.F.R.S.F.A. and L.S. history of the events which occurred in rector of Rodmarton, Gloucestershire ; and France, from the period of the Emperor's the late Samuel Lysons, Esq. F.R.S.F.A.S. return in 1815, until the battle of Water, keeper of his Majesty's records in the loo, including a variety of observations on Tower of London. the conduct of the Generals opposed to him The second volume of Travels in vari. on that memorable occasion.

The an

ous Countries in the East; more particunouncement of this unquestionable produc. larly Persia; by Sir Wm. Ouscley, LL. D. tion of Napoleon, as the second manuscript and private secretary to Sir Gore Ouseley, of St Helena, proves that he recognizes the Bart. will be published in the course of the first as his; and, indeed, we have the au. ensuing spring: thority of Dr O'Meara for stating, that the A Journal of a Tour through part of the first manuscript from St Helena, as well as Snowy Range of the Himala Mountains, the manuscript from Elba, were undoubted and to the Sources of the Rivers Jumna productions of Napoleon. Hitherto public and Ganges; with notes, on the hills at the opinion has been divided on the subject ; foot of the Himala range between the rivers and the works, in consequence, have lost Sutley and Alacknunda, in the course and much of that importance to which they are towards the close of the Goorkha war in entitled.-Monthly Mag.

1815, is announced ; by James Baillie Proposals are circulated for publishing Fraser, Esq. with a map of those reby subscription, Specimens of the Architec- gions. tural Antiquities of Normandy, in a series Twenty Views in the Himala Moun. of one hundred etchings, representing ex. tains, in elephant folio, uniform with Daterior and interior views, elevations, and niel's Oriental Scenery, and Salt's Views details, of the most celebrated and most in Abyssinia, illustrative of Fraser's Tra. curious remains of antiquity in that coun. vels, engraved from the original drawings

great interest.

made on the spot by the author, are in pre. ' Charles Heath, and others, will be com. paration

pleted in twelve numbers. Views of Paris ; consisting of sixty en Views in Greece, from original draw. gravings, by Mr Charles Heath, and other ings by Edward Dodwell, Esq. F.S.A. artists, from views taken in the French ca. will be completed in twelve parts, each pital and its vicinity, by Capt. Batty, of part containing five beautifully coloured the Grenadier Guards, are announced, and plates, mounted to imitate the drawings, on will be conducted on the same plan as the royal folio, the size of Stuart's Athens. Italian and Swiss Scenery, and consist of A new English Dictionary is proposed twelve numbers, each number containing to be published by subscription, in two vofive plates.

lumes quarto, price L. 4, 4s. in boards, The admirers of the secret history of under the title of an Analytical Dictionary literature are at length about to be grati. of the English Language, by Mr David fied with the publication of that long-looked- Booth, author of the “ Introduction to an for book,“ Spence's Anecdotes ;" the whole Analytical Dictionary," and other works. of the manuscript remains of the late Mr It will be published in four parts, or halfSpence are in the hands of Mr Singer, who volumes, with an interval of three months is about to publish them, with many addi. between the publication of each. tions from the original notes and memoran An enlarged edition is printing of Dr dums. It is said, that this work will con Reid's Essays on Hypochondriasis and tain many very curious particulars of Pope other Nervous Affections. and his contemporaries, hitherto unpublish An English edition of Gen. Lacroix's ed, with other miscellaneous matter of very History of the Revolutions in St Domin

go, with notes and illustrations, is in a forMr W. Gardener of Leicester, justly ward state of preparation for the press. respected as the author of the Sacred Melo. Mr Doncaster is preparing a work for dies, is about to publish an oratorio of the press, illustrative of his new System of

Judah," which he has selected from the Hydro-agriculture and Mechanical Spadecanon of the Old Testament, and connect Cultivation ; together with the proposition ed with sacred compositions of Haydn, and selection of his newly-discovered agri. Mozart, and Beethoven, which have never cultural paradox ; and also on the proprieyet appeared. It will be published in three ty of parcelling out the glebe lands of the parts, and the first part will appear ip Fe country into convenient-sized poultry farms, bruary or March.

for the employment of the poor in spade Speedily will be published, Part I. of a cultivation thereon, as well as for the adSeries of Portraits of the British Poets, vantage of small capitalists. from Chaucer to Cowper and Beattie. The In January will be published, Part I. of portraits will be engraved the line man. Illustrations of Hudibras, being a series of ner by Messrs Armstrong, Englehart, Fin- portraits of celebrated political and literary den, Fittler, Pye, Rhodes, Robinson, C. characters, impostors,and enthusiasts, allud. and A. Warren, Wedgewood, Worthing. ed to by Butler in his Hudibras; to be ton, &c. from drawings made expressly for completed in ten parts, each part containthe work by Mr Thurston, from the most ing six portraits. authentic originals, many of them not Sir Arthur Clarke, author of an “ Essay hitherto engraved.

on Warm, Cold, and Vapour Baths," has A periodical work, to be published quar- nearly ready for publication, a small voterly, is announced, under the title of the lume, entitled the Mother's Medical Assist. Retrospective Review, consisting of criti- ant, containing instructions for the prevencisms upon, analyses of, and extracts from, tion and treatment of the diseases of infants curious, useful, and valuable books in all and children. languages, which have been published from. Speedily will be published, a volume the revival of literature to the commence called the Canadian Settler, being a series ment of the present century ; edited by a of letters from Lower and Upper Canada, Society of Members of the University of in June, July, and August, 1819, by T. Cambridge.

Carr. Dr Whitaker's History of Yorkshire, Mr Bayley's History of the Tower of Part II. is in the press. The whole of the London, with biographical anecdotes of landscapes in this work will be engraved royal and distinguished persons, deduced from beautiful drawings by J. M, W. Tur. from records, state papers, manuscripts, ner, Esq. R. A. and the architectural sub- and other original and authentic sources, jects by Mr Buckler, which will be execu will appear shortly. ted in the very best style of the art.

Horæ Homileticæ, or Discourses in the No. XII. which completes Miss Batty's form of Skeletons upon the whole ScripItalian Scenery, will be published on the tures, containing altogether at least 1200, Ist of February 1820.

similar to, but distinct from, those in the The Views in Switzerland, from draw. five volumes already published, are anin gang by Major Cockburn, engraved by nounced by the Rev. C. Simeon, M. A.

fellow of King's College, Cambridge, in In'a few weeks will be published, in eleven volumes octavo.

royal octavo, volume first, of Medical The Lady's Magazine is now in the Botany, or History of Plants in the Mafiftieth year of its progress; and such a teria Medica of the London, Edinburgh, length of duration is certainly an indisput- and Dublin Pharmacopoeia, arranged ac. able evidence of public favour. With a cording to the Linnean system ; illustrated view of securing a continuance of encou- by seventy-two coloured engravings. ragement, the proprietors have resolved to The first part of the Second Tour of commence a New Series, on a plan which Doctor Syntax in Search of the Picturwill correspond with the spirit of the times, esque, is printing in eight monthly numand the improved state of the female bers, forming a second volume, when mind.

complete. Written by the same author ; Mr Accum has in the press, a Treatise with designs by Thomas Rowlandson, on the Adulterations of Food, and on Cu- Esq. linary Poisons; exhibiting the fraudulent Geraldine, or Modes of Faith and Pracsophistications of bread, wine, beer, tea, tice, a tale, by a Lady, is printing in three coffee, cream, spirituous liquors, cheese, volumes 12mo. mustard, pepper, vinegar, olive oil, pickles, A new satirical work, entitled Edinburgh, confectionary, and other articles employed is announced for publication, by the auin domestic economy, and the methods of thor of “ London, or a Month at Stedetecting them.

vens's." Mr Parr is about to publish, Remarks Dr A. P. Wilson Philip has in the press, on the Treatment and Cure of Scrofula, a fourth edition of his Treatise on Fevers, detailing the success of his practice for in onev olume 8vo, including the vamany years past in removing that disease. rious species of simple and eruptive fe

Dr Syntax has been some time travelling through France, and has a new work in a state of progress, the first part of

EDINBURGH. which will appeat shortly, under the title Proposals for publishing by subscription, of the Tour of Dr Syntax in Search of the in one volume 12mo, 10s. 6d. extra boards, Grotesque.

Elgiva, an Historical Poem in 6 Cantos, Mr G. G. Carey has a work in the press, with other Poems; by John Gordon, Surof great utility, a practical treatise on the geon in Keith, who was drowned while funds, entitled Every Man his own Stock. bathing with some of his companions in broker.

the river Isla, in the summer of 1819.





Dramas, adapted for Representation by Juvenile Persons ; by H. Howard. 4s. 6d.

An Essay or the Dramatic Character of PICTURESQUE Views of the celebrated Sir John Falstaff; by Maurice Morgann. Antiquities of Pola in Istria ; by Thomas 8vo. 8s. 6d. Allason. Royal folio, L. 3, 158. Proofs on

EDUCATION. French paper, L.5, 10s. India proofs,

Les Jeunes Femmes ; par J. N. Bouilly, L. 6, 155.

with sixteen engravings. 2 vols. 12mo. BIOGRAPHY.

16s. Vellum paper, L. 1, 12s. The Life of James the Second, King of A Visit to the Manor-house, or the England, &c. ; by the Rev. J. S. Clark, Twelve Days at Christmas ; with Hints 2 vols. 4to. L. 6, 6s.

for Improvement; by Mrs Taylor. 12mo.4s. Sketch of the Life, Character, and Wri The Eskdale Herd Bay; by Mrs Blacktings, of Madame de Stael; by Madame ford. 12mo. 5s. Necker, with a portrait. 8vo. 12s.

The History of Britannicus and his Sis. Anastasius, or Memoirs of a Greek ; ter Octavia ; by Miss Sandham. 6s. written at the close of the eighteenth cen.

HISTORY. tury. 3 vols. crown 8vo. L. 1, 1ls. Ed. Part II. of a General History of the DRAMA.

County of York ; by Thomas Dunham A Critical Examination of the respec- Whitaker. Demy, L. 2, 2s. each ; and the tive Performances of Mr Kean and Mr large paper, with proof impressions of the Macready, in the Historical Play of King plates, L. 4, 4s. each. Richard III. 2s.

France as it Is; not Lady Morgan's A Short Reign and a Merry One; a France ; by William Playfair. 2 vols. 8vo. farce, in two acts ; by John Poole, 25. L. 1, 4s.


A Compendious History of the Jews, with a full-length portrait of the author ; particularly calculated for the use of Schools by Robinson. Atlas 4to. L. 4, 4s

. and young Persons ; by John Bigland. Poems; by Joshua Russell. 6s. 4s. 6d.

Lorenzo, or the fall of Redemption. A History of the United States before 8vo. 4s. 6d. the Revolution, with some Account of the Syntax in London. Royal 8vo. L. 1. Aborigines; by Ezekiel Sanford. 8vo. 14s. Hymns and Poems, Doctrinal and Ex

perimental, on a Variety of Subjects; by An Abridgment of Blackstone's Com. Daniel Herbert. 2 vols. 18mo. 78 mentaries on the Laws and Constitution of

PHILOLOGY. England; for the use of Students, and a A Companion to the Italian Grammar, bem dapted to modern Statutes and Decisions; ing a Selection from the most approved Noby John Gifford. 8vo: 155.

vels, Comedies, and Tragedies, in the ItaA Compendium of the Poor Laws, rela- lian Language ; with Notes, by Mr Guaz. ting to the Removal and Settlement of the zaroni. 12.no. Poor. 18mo. 4s.

POLITICS. Law of Descents; by Mr Watkins. 8vo. An Appeal from the Judgment of Great 12s.

Britain, respecting the United States of Criticisms on the Bar; by Amicus Curiæ. America ; by Robert Walsh. 18s. 12mo. 6s.


Lyra Davidis, or a new Translation and A General Analytical Index to the Lon. Exposition of the Psalms, on the principles don Medical and Physical Journal, Vol. 1 of the late Bishop Horsley ; by the Rev. to 40, inclusive. 8vo. L. I, Is.

John Fry. 8vo. 188. Letters on Disorders of the Chest, &c. A Letter to the Bishop of St David's, 35.

on his Lordship's Misconceptions of a A Complete System of Domestic Medic Pamphlet, “ Reflections concerning the cine for the Use of Families ; by John Ingle. Expediency,” &c.; by Samuel Wix. 12mo. 45. 6d.


Discourses on the Three Creeds, and on The Literary Pocket-Bouk, or Companic the Homage offered to Our Saviour on cer. on for the Lovers of Nature and Art, for tain occasions during his ministry, with an 1820. 58.

Appendix ; by E. Nares. 8vo. 10s. Od. Chess rendered Familiar, by Tabular Sermons preached in the Cathedral Deinonstrations of the various Positions and Church of Worcester; by the late Rev. Movements of the Game; by J. G. Pohl. James Stillingfleet. 8vo. 14s. man. royal 8vo. L. 1, ls.

The Chronology of Our Saviour's Life ; The Traveller's Fire-Side; a series of by the Rev. C. Benson. 8vo. 6s. Papers on Switzerland, the Alps, &c.; by A Vindication of our authorized TransS. M. Waring. 12mo. 5s. 6d.

lation and Translators of the Bible ; by The Quarterly Review, No. XLIII. the Rev. H. J. Todd. 8vo. 6s. Time's Telescope for 1820. 12mo. Is. Theological Tracts : by Bowdler. 5s. 6d. The Wandering Jew; by the Rev. T. A New Plan for Social and Domestic Clark 12mo. 8s.

Worship, wherein all who love the Gospel Abstract of America and the British may unite together, with the Feasts and Colonies; by William Kingdom. 8vo. Fasts of the Established Church ; by the 10s. 6d.

Rev. W. Smith, M. A. author of Domestic A correct and complete Representation Altar, &c. 8vo. 53. of all the Provincial Copper Coins, Tokens The Life, Deeds, and Opinions, of Dr of Trade, and Cards of Address, on Copper, Martin Luther ; faithfully translated from which were circulated as such between the German of John Frederick William the Years 1787 and 1801 ; second edition ; Fischer, Superintendent at Plawney in engraved by Charles Pye, of Birminghata. Saxony, with an Appendix; by John Kortz.

Vindicæ Hibernicæ, or Ireland Vindica. 12mo. 6s. ted; by M. Carey. 8vo. 16s.

Sermons on Practical Subjects; by W. NOVELS.

Barlass, Minister of the Gospel ; with a Dacresfield, or Vicissitudes on Earth. 4 Biographical Sketch of the author prefised, Tols. 12mo. L. l.

by Peter Wilson, LL.D. 8vo. 145. Varieties in Woman. 3 vols. 16s. 6d.

TOPOGRAPHY. The Exile of Poland, or the Vow of Cele Walks through Bath, with 21 engravbacy; by Mrs Richardson. 3 vols. 12mo. ings ; by P. Egan. 12s. foolscap, 16s: 16s. 6d.

demy. Earl Osric, or the Legend of Rosamond ; A Description of the Characters, Man. by Mrs Isaacs. 3 vols. 12mo.

ners, and Customs, of the People of India ;

by the Abbé J. A. Dubois. 4to. 1.. 2, 2s. Pope's Essay on Man, with designs by An accurate and interesting Description Uwins, engraved by Heath, and others, of those delightful regions which are to be



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