ABSTRACT the restrictive acts passed Brown, Dr, review of his Physiology of the

in Farliament iu December last, 169 Mind, 395_Explanatory statement by
Acoustic instrument, notice of a new one, the author of remarks on, 530

Buenos Ayres, revolution there, 467
Africa, kind of soap used there, 556 Burckhardt, the late Mr, his Travels in
Agricultural Reports, 87, 183, 285, 383, Nubia, 145
479, 577

Burghs, royal, account of the convention
America, United States of, President's mes. of, 222

sage to Congress, 74-Destructive fire at Burning spring in America, notice of a,
Savannah, 268_Ways and means of 459
the, 563

Bystander, the, No. I. 209_No. II. 355
Spanish, accounts from, 168— --No. III. 434-No. IV. 499
Fundamental law of the republic of Co- Cadiz, massacre of the inhabitants of, 370
lumbia, 371–Revolution in Buenos Cambridge, remarks on the university of,
Ayres, 467, 565_Capture of Valdivia 19
by Lord Cochrane, 564

Canzone of Tasso, 342
Aminta of Tasso, Scottish imitation of, 536 Cape of Good Hope, defeat of the Caffre
Anacreon, verses fron, 112

invasion of the, 73
Ancient condition of Edinburgh, 537 Carabus, soap made in Africa from a spe-
Angostura, murder of British soldiers cies of, 556
there, 563

Caroline, Queen, her arrival in Britain,
Antar, a Bedouin romance, account of, 129 and proceedings consequent thereon, 573
Apparition in Ayrsmoss, account of an, Chalmers, Dr, review of his second pam.

phlet, 106
Appointments, Promotions, &c. 83, 181, Chathan, great fire at, 280
283, 379, 477, 575

Chias, island of, notice respecting, 556
Arbuthnot, late Abbot, death of, 582 China, state of Christianity in, 554
Arctic regions, view of Scoresby's Account Circuit Intelligence, 568
of the, 409

Cleland's Rise and Progress of Glasgow,
Assembly, General, commission of, vote ad remarks on, 221
dresses to the King, 280

Clyde, the Marmaiden of, 422mAdditional
-, proceedings of the, notes to, 452

Coach establishments in London, 180
Bankrupts, monthly lists of British, 91, Cochrane, Lord, captures the Fort of Val-
187, 289, 387, 483, 581

divia, in Chili, 564
Basalt, remarks on Daubuisson on, 134 College for ladies, suggested by an Ameri.
Bavaria, museum of the Crown Prince of, can lady, 216

Columbia, fundamental law of the repub-
Bedouin romance, called Antar, some ac lic of, 371
count of, 129

Comet, notice respecting one, 458
Benger's Memoirs of Tobin, &c. remarks Commercial Reports, 89, 185, 287, 385,

481, 579
Berlin, formidable tumult there, 467 Commons, House of, bills for controlling
Berri, Duke of, assassination of, 266

the press passed in, 76—Send Mr Hoba
Births, lists of, 92, 188, 290, 388, 484, house to Newgate for a libel on, ib.-

Reject motion for parliamentary reform,
Black rain, account of, at Montreal, 363 77-Meeting of the New House, and
Bonnymuir, engagement there between the members of, 469—Proceedings of, 565

radical reformers and some cavalry, 377 Common-place book, extracts from a gene-
Brechin, riot at an election there, 374

ral reader's, 40-From Mr Jonathan
Britain, Great, financial accounts of, 79 Oldbuck's, 537

Quarterly accounts of the revenue of, Conspiracy to assassinate his Majesty's mi.

nisters discovered, 277–Trial and exe-
British Legislation, 180, 379

cution of the conspirators, 474
Brother, I am My, a comedy from the Contessa, C. W., comedy translated from
German, 225

the German of, 225


on, 424

Contempt of court, trials for in High Court Gawin Douglas's translation of the Æneid,
of Justiciary, 178, 282

remarks on, 41
Convention of royal burghs, constitution General Assembly, proceedings of the, 571
and powers of the, 222

George III., reflections on the death of,
Cornwall, Barry, remarks on poems by, 155–Account of, 173–His funeral,

Coverley, John De, letter from, 515 George IV., accession of, to the British
Crime, state of, in London, in 1819, 81 throne, 174—Proclamation of, 176
Criminal laws, review of report of commit. German reviews, remarks on, 350, 522
tee on, 26

Germany, literary notices from, 162–
punishments, comparison of the Dreadful inundations in, 167–Imperial
number of, in Britain, France, Holland, museum of, 258-loundation of the
and Hanover, 252

Rhine, 454
Dante's Purgatorio, review of, 116 Glasgow, number of various tradesmen
Daubuisson on Basalt, reinarks on, 134 and artisans in, 179--Remarks on Cle-
Death of George III., reflections on the, land's Rise and Progress of, 221–Sus-
155-Account of, 173

picious movements of the reformers in,
Deaths, 94, 189, 292, 389, 486, 583 280 — Disturbances there and at Paisley,
Decameron, remarks on the poetical, 441 &c. 376

the modern, remarks on, 448 Glenfergus, a novel, extract froin, 119
Defence of Scottish poetry, 47

Goethe, on the miscellaneous poetry of,
Diary, old one, relating to the rebellion of

1745, notes from, 336

Good Hope, Cape of, hostile Caffres driven
Dinner party, modern, in Edinburgh, de from the colony of the, 73
scription of a, 541

Greece and staly, on Williams's Travels
Douglas, Gawin, on his translation of Vir in, 49
gil's Æneid, 41

Greenock, riot there, quelled by the vo-
Dramatists, Essays on the early English, lunteers of Port Glasgow, 377—Five
No. VII. 517

persons killed, and 13 wounded, 378
Edinburgh, proceeds of the Musical Festi- Gustavus Adolphus, death of, from the

val, 172_Proclamation of George IV. German of Schiller, 415
at, 176-Ancient condition of, 537— Hall, Captain, account of his voyage to
Description of a modera dinner party in, Loo-choo, 141

Hebrides, occurrence of the walrus, or sea-
Eglinton, late Earl of, memoir of, 91 horse, in the, 361
Eighteen hundred and twenty, on the man High treason, trials and executions for, ia

ners of, contrasted with former periods, London, 474

Historical work of Sir George Mackenzie,
England and Wales, population, rental, inquiry respecting an, 359
and tithes of, 79

notices of popular superstitions
Execution of Sandı, the assassin of Kotze in Tiviotdale, 342, 533
bue, 562

Hobhouse, Mr, sent to Newgate by the
Explanatory statement regarding Dr House of Commons for a breach of its

Brown's Physiology of the Mind, 530 privileges, 76
Extracts from a general reader's common- Hogg, James, review of his Jacobite Re-
place book, 40- From Williams's Tra-

lics, 31
vels in Greece and Italy, 49_From Holland, Journal of a Visit to, 17, 113,
Glenfergus, a novel, 119_From Sou. 333
they's Life of Wesley, &c. 405-Of a Huddersfield, disturbances there, 376
letter from Italy, 328–From the Com. Hume, character of Sir Robert Walpole
mon-place Book of Jonatban Oldbuck,

by, 360
537-From Lady Russell's Letters, 543 Hunt, Mr, and others, sentence on for se
Felony, singular case of, 77

dition, 571
Fires at Bristol, 78–At Oxford, 171- I am my Brother, a comedy translated

Wilful one in Fiseshire, 179-Destruc from the Gerinan, 225
tive one at Savannah, America, 268_ Icebergs, account of by Captain Scoresby
Great one at Chatham, 280

411, 413
France, trial and acquittal of Savary, Duke Illustrations of the topography of Troy,

of Rovigo, 72-Scientific notices regard 195, 313
ing, 161--Debates in the Chamber of Imitation of a passage in Tasso's, Aminta,
Deputies on the new election law, 167 536
-Wrought iron bridges in, 257—State Impudence and Modesty, an essay by
of education in, ib.- Assassination of the Hume, 125
Duke de Berri, 266_Change of mini. Indies, West, sickness in Jamaica, 75
stry in, 267—Tumultuous debates in the Inundation of the Rhine, curious account
Chamber of Deputies, 561

of an, 454

ment, 468

Ireland, disturbances in, 178-Diminu. Meteorological Tables, 87, 183, 285, 383,
tion of, 375

479, 577
Italian opera, remarks on the, 127

Methodisin, extracts from Southey's rise
Italy and Greece, on Williams's Travels

and progress of, 405
in, 49-Extract of a letter from Italy, Mexico, on the present state of, 37—State

of the revolutionary war in, 75
Ivanhoe, a romance, review of, 7-Stric- Michael Scott the Wizard, life of, 491
tures on, 54

Milton and Shakespeare, on the writings
Jacobite Relics of Scotland, review of, 31 of, 241
Jamaica, mortality among the military Mind, review of Dr Brown's Physiology
there, 75

of, 395
Journal of a Visit to Holland, 17, 113, 333 Minuet, the death of the, 453
Jury Court, case in respecting liability of Modern Decameron, remarks on the, 448

road trustees, 279-Trial respecting rob- Modern dinner party in Edinburgh, de-
bery of Paisley Bank, 570

scription of a, 541
Justiciary, High Court of, proceedings in, Modesty and Impudence, an essay by
80, 178, 281, 375, 571

Hume, 125
Kent, death of his Royal Highness the Monastery, the, a romance, remarks on,
Duke of, 173

254, 297
King George III. death of, 173_Funeral Montreal, shower of black rain there, 363
of, 270_Lines on the death of, 504 Monument to Robert Burns in Ayrshire,

IV.accession of, 174—Speech 172
of to Parliament on the death of his fa.

national for Scotland, observa-
ther, 269—Speech to the new Parlia tions on the proposed, 99, 304

Mortality bill of London, 78
Kinloch, George, of Kinloch, indicted for Moscow, notice regarding the University

sedition, and outlawed for not appearing of, 363
to trial, 80

Vhuseum, Imperial of Germany and of the
Ladies, college for, plan of a, by an Ame Crown Prince of Bavaria, notices of, 258
rican lady, 216

National Monument for Scotland, on the
Lapland, great waterfall discovered there, proposed one, 99

Navy, British, state of the, 171
Laws, penal, observations on, 248 New Year, reflections on a, 1
Letter from John de Coverley, 515 Notes from an old diary relating to the

from Italy, 8th May 1820, 528 rebellion of 1745, 336
Leyden, account of the city of, 338 Observations on Penal Laws, 248
Life of Michael Scott the Wizard, 491 Ocean, the, from Cornwall's poems, 504
Literary and Scientific Intelligence, 65, Oldbuck, Jonathan, extracts from his Com-
161, 257, 361, 457, 553

mon.place Book, 537
Lithography, state of in Scotland, 161 Opera, the Italian, remarks on, 127
London, mortality bill of, 78_State of Paisley, disturbances there, 376_Inter.

crime in, 81-Coach establishments con esting trial regarding breaking the bank
nected with, 180

of, at Glasgow, 570
London and Paris, parallel of, 531 Parallel of London and Paris, 531
Loo-choo, Hall's voyage to the Island of, Parliament, proceedings of, 76_Meeting

of, after the death of George III. and
Lützen, battle of, from the German of speech of George IV. 209-Dissolution
Schiller, 415

of, 270-Mecting of a new one, 467—
Macgregor, Sir Gregor, disgraceful con Proceedings of, 565
duct of, 76

Paris and Londoc, parallel of, 531
M“Crie, Dr, remarks on his Life of An- Parthenon of Athens proposed as a mode
drew Melville, 505

for the National Monument, 99, 304
Mackenzie, Sir George, inquiry respecting Penal Laws, observations on, 248
a historical work of, 359

Persian Gulf, expedition against the pi.
M‘Leod, Gilbert, trial of at Edinburgh rates there, 562
for sedition, 281

Persecution of Christians in China, 554
Malthus, Mr, remarks on his Principles of Petritied city, notice of a, 260
Political Economy, 431

Phreno.ogy and Metaphysics, attempt to
Marmaiden ot' (lyde, an old ballad, 122 Teconciic them, 395
Additional notes to, 452

Physiology of the Mind, review of Dr
Marriages, lists of, 93, 188, 291, 388, Brown's, 393--Kxplanatory statement
485, 383

regarding, 530
Massacre at Cadiz, 370

Playfair, the late Professor, verses address-
Melville, Andrew, remarks on the Life of, ed to, 110

Plot, discovery of a, to assassinate the Bri.
Metaphysics and Phrenology, an attempt tish Ministry, 277– Trial and execution
to reconcile them, 396

of the conspirators, 434

Poetry, defence of Scottish, 47

port of Parliamentary Committee o
Poetry-Ellen, 44-The Rose of Paradise, Criminal Laws, 26–Of Hogg's Jacobite

ib. On visiting the mansion of a de Relics, 31-Of Dr Chalmers's second
ceased friend, 46– Verses from Ana. pamphlet, 106_Of Dante's Purgatorio,
creon, 112–The Wanderer, 331-Can 116–of Captain Hall's Voyage to Loo-
zone of Tasso, 342_ The Marmaiden choo, 141_Of Burckhardt's Travels in
of Clyde, 422_Verses addressed to the Nubia, 145--Of Dr Brown's Physiolo-
late Profcssor Playfair, 440--Additional gy of the Mind, 395
notes to the Marmaiden of Clyde, 452-- Reviews, German, remarks on, 350, 522
To a Fly, ib.—The Death of the Minuet, Revolution in the government of Spain,
463_The Robin Red Breast, ib.--On 369, 465
the death of his late Majesty, 503– Rhine, curious account of an inundation of
Love, 504—Sonnet to Wordsworth, 504 the, 454
-The Ocean, ib.–St Peter's Church, Riot in Ross-shire, 282, 373
532-Imitation of a passage in Tasso, Road trustees, case respecting their liabi.

lity for accidents, 279
Poetical Decameron, remarks on, 441 Ross-shire, riots in, 282, 373
Poisonous fly, notice regarding a, 260 Royal burghs, account of the Convention
Political Economy, remarks on Malthus's of, 222
Principles of, 431

Russell, Lady R. on the Life and Letters of,
Popular superstitions in Tiviotdale, No. I.

342_-No. 11. 533

Russia, religious denominations in, 362–
Promotions, Appointments, &c. 83, 181, Marriage of Grand Duke Constantine of
283, 379, 477, 575

dissolved, 562
Publications, monthly list of new ones, Russian periodical publications, notice of,
70, 164, 263, 366, 461, 558

Purgatorio of Dante, review ot, 116 Sandt, the assassin of Kotzebue, execution
Queen, the, arrives in England, after five of, 562

years absence,573— Proceedings of Go. Savannah, destructive fire there, 268
vernment, and discussions in Parliament Schiller's account of the death of Gustavus
thereon, 574

Adolphus, 415
Radical reformers, seditious proceedings of Scientific and Literary Intelligence, 65,
in Scotland and England, 376

161, 257, 361, 457, 553
Rags, mode of converting them into sugar, Scoresby, Mr, view of his account of the

Arctic regions, 409
Rebellion of 1745, notes from an old diary Scotland, national monument for, remarks
relating to the, 336

on, 99_State of Lithography in, 161-
Remarks on the University of Cambridge, Account of the Convention of Royal

19-On the present state of Mexico, 37 Burghs of, 222—Disturbances in the
--On Gawin Douglas's translation of the west of, 376_Representative Peers of,
Æneid, 41-On Williams's Travels in in the new Parliament, 473
Italy and Greece, 49_On the year eigh. Scott, Michael, the Wizard, lise of, 491
teen hundred and twenty, 61-On the Scottish imitation of a passage in Tasso's
proposed National Monument for Scot. Aminta, 536
land, 99,304_On a Father's Second Pre. Seahorse, discovered in the Hebrides, 361
sent to his Family, 111-On the Italian Secession Church of Scotland, union of the,
opera, 127 --On Daubuisson on Basalt,

134_On Cornwall's poems, 212–On a Sedition, trials for in Edinburgh, 80, 179,
proposed college for ladies, 216_0n 281
Cleland's Glasgow, 221_On the writings

in England, 374
of Milton and Shakespeare, 241--On Selkirk, memoir of the late Earl of, 484
the Monastery, a romance, 254, 297– Shakespeare and Milton, on the writings
On the miscellaneous poetry of Goethe, of, 241--On the English dramatic wri-
329-On German reviews, 350, 522 ters who preceded Shakespeare, 517
On Benger's Memoirs of John Tobin, Shetland, fishing bank discovered there, 65
424-On Malthus's Principles of Politi. Sicilian story, a, and other poems, remarks
cal Economy, 431-On Dr Wilson's
prayers for families and individuals, 439 Snow storm, fatal accidents in a, 373
-Ön the Poetical Decameron, 441- Sonnet to Wordsworth, 504
On the Modern Decameron, 448_Ou Southey’s Life of Wesley, extracts from, 405
the Life of Andrew Melville, 505~On Soap made from a species of Carabus in
the Life and Letters of Lady R. Russell, Africa, 556

Spain, proceedings of the Inquisition in,
Relics, Jacobite, of Scotland, review of, 31 73_Mutiny of the troops at Cadiz, 167
Restrictive acts of Parliament passed in -Revolution in the government of,
December, abstract of, 169

brought about by the military, 369-
Review of Ivanhoe, a romance, 7–0f re Farther particulars of, 465

on, 212


Spitzbergen, Scoresby's account of, 410 field of battle, ib...Site of the city,

View from the top of a lofty mountain 322
in, 412_Climate of, 413

Turquoise, the, notices respecting, 259
Statistical account of Mexico, 38

University of Cambridge, remarks on, 19-
Steam-boats employed on the passage be Of Moscow, notice regarding, 363

tween Leith and Kirkaldy, &c. 571 Notice respecting English ones, 457
Steam-coach, account of a, 178

Union of the Secession Church in Scotland,
Strictures on Ivanhoe, 54

Sugar, mode of converting rags into, 258 Vesuvius, notice respecting, 555
Superstitions, &c. of Tiviotdale, historical Voyage to Corea, and Loo-choo, account
notices of, 342, 533

of, 141
Swallow, notice of a white one, 361 View of Scoresby's account of the Arctic
Swiinning, extraordinary feat of, 362 regions, 409
Switzerland, notice regarding Mount Rosa Wales, New South, increasing prosperity
in, 555

of, 73_Notice of a light-house there,
Tasso's Aminta, imitation of a passage in,


Walpole, Sir Robert, character of from an
Thistlewood, and other conspirators, tried early edition of Hume's Essays, 360

and executed for high treason, 474 Walrus, or sea-horse, discovered in the
Tiviotdale, historical notices of the super Hebrides, 361

stitions and customs of, 342, 533 Waterfall, great one discovered in Lap-
Tobin, John, remarks on Meinoirs of, &c. land, 67

Willard, Emma, remarks on her proposed
Travels in Nubia, by M. Burckhardt, re. college for ladies, 216
view of, 145

Williams, H. W. bis travels in Italy and
Treason, high, trials for in London, 474 Greece, 49—Description of the desile of
Troy, illustrations of the Topography of, Tetenoire, 50-Italian school of paint,

195—Geographical situation of the plain ing, 51-Fall of Velino, 52mChurch of
of, 199— The modern Troad, ib.--Opi St Peter at Rome, ib. Coliseum by
nions of preceding writers, 200-Cheva moonlight, 53- Ruins of Paestum, 54
ļier's hypothesis, ib.-Dr Clarke's opi. Wilson, Dr remarks on his Prayers for Fa-
nions, 205—The Trojan rivers, New milies and Individuals, 439
Illium, 206_The Simois, 207-Chan Wine merchants, trial important to, 78
ges on the face of the country, 313- Works preparing for publication, 68, 163,
The naval station, 314— The encamp 261, 364, 460, 557
ment by the Trojans, 317– Thymbra, Wrought iron bridges, notices regarding,
ib._The Throsnias, or mound of the 257, 457
plain, 319m The Scamander, 320_ The Year, New, reflections on a, 1


Alison, 83
Bagot, 575
Barlas, 283
Blantyre, 283
Boyle, 477
Bryce, 283
Buchanan, 83
Campbell, 83, 379
Cathcart, 575
Conneli, 477
Davidson, 283
Disbrowe, 375
D'Urban, 181, 477
Fairlie, 83
Fife, 379

French, 83
Glasgow, 181
Graham, 83
Grant, 83
Green, 379
Gregory, 575
Grey, ib.
Hawkness, 379
Heron, 83
Hervey, 477
Heugh, 83
Hooker, 283
Hope, 181
Jackson, 283
Kennedy, 379

Lamb, 83, 477 Rochfort, 83
Limont, 477

Scott, 379
Macleod, 83

Societies, office-bear-
Marshall, 83

ers of, 83
Military Promo Stewart, 379

tions, 83, 181, Swan, 283
283, 379, 477, 575 Tait, 379
Morton, 477 Taylor, 477
Naval Promotions, Tweeddale, 575
87, 382,

Vaughan, 477
Neville, 477

Willis, 477
Ommanney, 575 Wilson, 283, 379
Parliament, Young, 575
members, 83, 181


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