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LEITH. GLASGOW. LIVERPOOL. LOxdox. Tka, Bohea, per lb.

2 3 2 4 Congou,

2 10 3 2 Souchong,

4 3 4 6 SUGAR, Musc. cwt. B. P. Dry Brown,


63 58 63 56 60 60 Mid. Good, & Fine Mid. 76 86 03 80 61 73 64 Fine and very fine, 844 96

77 84 76 Brazil, Brown,

25 34 29 31 White,

36 53 38 Refined, Double Loaves, (130 145

1 2 (ib.) 14 Powder ditto, 108 112

90 109 Single ditto,


100 105 90 108
Small Lumps,

98 10285 91 Large ditto, 92

90 98 92 108 Crushed Lumps,


48 50 MOLASSES, British, 30 31 | 30 306 30

26 COFFEE, Jamaica,

Ord. good, and fine ord. 104 112 106 114 108 120 86 118
Fine and very fine,

134 140 (136 Dutch, Triage & very ord. 85 96

92 110 Ord. good, & fine ord. 102 112

112 122 St Domingo, 95 105

112 114 PIMENTO (in Bond), Ib. .

8 8

SPIRITSJam. Rum 160.P. 3s 3d 3 6 2 10 30 2 8 2 9 2 5

29 30

2 2 Aqua,

69 70 Wixes, Clar. Ist Gr. hhd. 69 64

35 0 65 0 Portugal Red, pipe, 38 54

500 54 0 Spanish White, butt. 55

30 0 65 0 Teneriffe, pipe,

30 35 Madeira, 60 70

35 45 Logwood, Jamaica, ton,

5 10 5 15 6 0 6 5 6 5 6 10 Honduras,


5 15 6 0 6 10 7 0 6 5 6 15 Campeachy,

6 10 0 7 0 7 10 Fustic, Jamaica,

7 10 8 017 0

8 0 90 Cuba,

3 II 9 10 10 0 8 10 90 Indigo, Caraccas fine, lb. 9s Od 11 6 7 6 8 6 8 6 9 6 10 0 10 6 TIMBER, Amer. Pine, foot, I 7 111 Ditto Oak,

3 2 36 Honduras Mahogany,

1 + 1 8 1 2 8 10 1 410 1 2 Tar, American, brl. 20

17 0

210 Archangel,


22 0 Tallow, Rus. Yel. Candle, 61

66 62

57 0 Home melted, cwt. 64 HEMP, Riga Rhine, ton, 50 52

Petersburgh Clean, 44 45 Flax, Riga Tn. & Dr. Ra.

65 Dutch, 58 100

70 80 Irish,

45 62
MATS, Archargel,
75 80

BRISTLES, Peterş. Firsts, 13 10
Ashes, Petersburgh Pearl, 34
Montreal ditto, cwt.


46 38 40 38 Pot,


36 38 32 35 37 011., Whale, tun,

33 33 34

32 Cod,

84 (p.brl. –
30 31

28 TOBACCO, Virg. fine, Ib. 8 8 9

981 61 0 8 0709 inferior, 6

34 0 33 0 42 0 5 Cottons, Bowed Georgia,

0 1 1

0 11 1 1 1 Sea Island, fine,

2 2 2 4 2 0 2 4 17 2 0 Demerara and Berbice,

1 3 1 5 1 1 5 1 3 1 5 Pernambucco,

I 1 6 1 31 1

1 5 Mgranham,

1 5

121 31 1

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ALPHABETICAL List of ENGLISH BANKRUPTS, announced between the 20th

April and 20th May 1820; extracted from the London Gazettes. Abell, T. Nottingham, lace-manufacturer

Hollis, L. Birmingham, victualler Anderson, W. Berry Pomeroy, Devonshire, brush Hutchins, F. Gloucester, checse-factor maker

illingworth, R. S. Waterloo Place, Pall Mall, Armitage, J. Shad Thames, carrier

wine-rerchant Baines, E. Leicester, tailor

Jackson, S. Romsey, Hampshire, bookseller Barrow, J. Kerkheaton, Yorkshire, clothier Johnson, N. B. Birmingham, bed-mattress-manuBartholomew, R. Basildon, Berks, farmer

facturer Bate, G. Bristol, victualler

Jones, T. Shrewsbury, dealer Beck, J. Sweeting's Alley, Comhill, watchmaker Jones, H. Holyweli, draper Beckett, H. Birmingham, victualler

Kay, R. Bury, cotton-spinner Benson, T. Sheffield Moor, grocer

Kinder, J. Manchester, cotton-manufacturer Billinge, H. Lancaster, stationer

Leeds, H. W. Wilderness Row, jeweller Biggar, W. Manchester, brazier

Leverett, J. East Dereham, Norfolk, innkeeper Blazdell, C. St Martin's Lane, locksmith

Linney, J. Chester, grocer Bourke, J. Albemarle Street, wine-merchant Lipscoinbe, W. Exeter, grocer Bower, J. and J. Bradford, Yorkshire, woolstapLodge, H. R. Cloak Lane, factor lers

Longhurst, J. Egham, Hythe, Surrey, carpenter Boydell, J. Bethnal Green, coal-merchant

Lowe, J. Bowden Edge, Derbyshire, dealer Broughton, J. Almonbury, Yorkshire, clothier Lushington, W.jun. Mark Lane, merchant Brunt, T. Leeds, worsted-spinner

Lyon, T. Jerusalem Coffee-house, merchant Bright, R. Nassau Place, Commercial Road, ha Machin, J. F., and J. S. Gill, Gloucester Street, berdasher

Queen Square, surgical-instrument makers Burton, W. Oxford Street, upholsterer

Mattinson, J. Huddersfield, merchant Carr, J. Wortley, and D, R. Tetley, Armley, Mathewinan, R. Leeds, inerchant Yorkshire, merchants

Milner, J. Cambridge, dealer Clark, W. South Shields, linen-draper

Moore, T. Lullington, Derbyshire, dealer Clarke, J. Wakefield, bookseller

Muchall, R. B. Birmingham, merchant Clunie, w, St Martin's Lane, baker

Murgatroyd, J. Idle, Yorkshire, and B. Murga. Chidley, R. Sparrow.corner, Jiinories, cheese

troyd, Bradford, grocers monger

Newell, S. Horsham, Surrey, baker Coney, R. Strand, plumber

Newington, J. Tunbridge, farmer Coldwell, T. S. Norwich, coach-master

Newtou, H. Boss Alley, Horselydown, victualler Collins, J. E. Wood Street, Cheapside, cloth-fac Neville, R. Colehester, dealer tor

New, E. Bristol, banker
Cook, W. G. High Street, Shadwell, optician Nowill, J. Cheapside, stationer
Cope, M. Derby, ironmonger

Ogilthorpe, J. Liverpool, porter merchant
Cramp, S. Vine Street, Westminster, corn-dealer Palin, T, Handley, Statiordshire, butcher
Creasy, T. Chelmsford, draper

Parkes, J. Hale's Owen, Shropshire, victualler Danvers, T. and J. Cooper's Row, Tower Hill, Parker, T. H. Kingston, Surrey, brandy-mermerchants

chant Dawson, J. Meltham, Yorkshire, clothier

Parrish, T. Brettal Lane, Sheffield, glass-cutter Dowsland, 1. jun. and T. R. Davison, Old Broad Perrey, S. Liverpool Street, ship and insurance-brokers

Peters, J. Rathbone Place, jeweller Douphrate, J. Brackley, Northamptonshire, tailor Phillips, G. Manchester, plumber Dufour, W. F. A. Berner Street, jeweller

Power, T. Brewer Street, Somer's Town, tailor Edwards, T. 0. Minories, masterinariner

Pugh, G. Sheerness, linen-draper Edwards, M. and K. Newport, Moninouthshire, Hae, A., and W. Earlc, jun. East London Theatre, linen-drapers

dealers Fallows, w. jun. Hatfield, Yorkshire, maltster

Ravenscroft, W.R. New London Road, corn-fac. Featherstone, J. Losemoor, Worcesteisbire, vic,

tor tualler

Richardson, W. Wretham, Kent, innkeeper Fitzgerald, F. Vine Street, Lambeth, timber Scarle, L. Weybridge, baker merchant

Silver, J., and J. A. Busyon, Size Lane, merchants Fletcher, W. Wolverhampton, ironmonger Slater, J. Manchester, innkeeper Fry, R. Leicester Square, linen-draper

Smith, S. Bruncliffe Thorne, Yorkshire, clothier Ganderton, J. L. Peishore, Worcestershire, plum South, J. Fulkham, plumber ber

Stevenson, W, Sheffield, grocer Garbuit, T. Manchester, woollen-cord manufac Stonhill, W. Stewbley, Bucks, butcher turer

Studd, J. L. Kirkby Street, Hatton Garden, mer. Gardner, J. Birmingham, victualler

chant George, S. Norberth, Pembrokeshire, linen-draper Sutcliffe, J. Halifax, grocer Glynn, H. Liverponi, merchant

Swindells, J. Romiley, Cheshire, dealer Gower, R. St Austell, linen-draper

Taylor, J. Leominster, skinner Green, W. Liverpool, money-scrivener

Ward, J. and J. Robinson, Mill Wall, Middlesex, Gunston, T. J. Liverpool, merchant

millers Hancock, J. St James's Street, Piccadilly, coach Warren, J. Stoke-under-Hamden, Somersetshire, maker

innkeeper Hardman, J. Spotland, Lancashire, cotton-spinner Watkins, T. Ross, grocer Harvey, C.S. Newcastle-upon-Type, brush-inaker Webb, S. Princes' Square, St George's in the East, Hay, H., and T. A. Turner, Newcastle Street, merchant Strand, printers

Welch, J. Middleton, Lancashire, cloth-manufacHardy, J. T. W. H., and J. H. Birmingham, turer merchants

Whitehead, H. Calverley, Yorkshire, drysalter Harris, C. Bradford, Wilts, tanner

Williams, J. Birminghain, japanner Hall, H. Threadneedle St: eet, broker

Wild, J. Whittle, Derbyshire, cotton-spinner Hammond, C. Durham, draper

Wilson, D., and A. Gresdale, Manchester, linen. Hobbs, J. Titchfield, Hampshire, draper

Holt, W. jun. Rochdale, woollen-manufacturer Woolverton, R. Norwich, cabinet-maker
Holmes, R., and T. F. Crane, of Northampton, Young, G. Salisbury, grocer.
Hopperton, E. Liverpool, upholsterer

Wright, J. R. High Holborn, dealer grocers


May 1820, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.

Munro, John, Glasgow, brickmake:

Scott, Robert, and Co. Glasgow, merchants
Adam, Alexander, Falkirk, tanner
Amery, John, Denny, distiller

Brown, Robert, jun. Glasgow, merchant
Connell, James, Glasgow and Montreal, merchant Don, James, Dundee, manufacturer; by Å. K15-
Craig, Andrew, Glasgow, shoe and leather mer. inond, merchant there.

Forbes, William, Aberdeen, merchant and agent; Hector, Robert, Paisley, druggist

by J. D. Milne, al vocate there. Hood, James and John, Glasgow, coopers and fish. M'Kerrell, William, Paisley, cotton-spinner; by

W. Green, merchant there. Isbister, Adam, Stromness, Orkney, merchant Phillip and Taylor, Aberdeen, merchants; by J. Mair, Hugh, and Co. Glasgow, provision-ware Ewing, advocate there. housemen

Ross, Alexander, Glasgow, clothier ; by A. PulMorton, Thomas, Portobello, merchant

larton the trustee, there.



DIED, on the 19th of April last, in his to add, that the above monastery Fas 84th year, the Right Reverend CHARLES founded above 1000 years ago, by one of ARBUTINOT, Lord Abbot of the Scots those illustrious Scotchmen who had been Monastery and College of St James's in attracted to the court of the Emperor Ratisbon This venerable Prelate was Charlemagne, whose munificence to learn. born in the parish of Longside, Aberdeen- ed men has been so often extolled by his. shire, from whence he was sent at an early torians. age to the above seminary, of which, for • The Abbot's funeral" (says our corconsiderably more than half a century, he respondent) “ was solemnized with the was the brightest ornament and guardian. greatest pomp, and attended by crowds He was eminently distinguished for his of the German nobility, eager to pay this classical knowledge, and accounted one of last mark of respect to the remains of 2 the best mathematicians in Germany, hav- man so universally beloved and so deeping repeatedly carried off the first prizes ly regretted.” from the German Universities for solving Abbot Arbuthnot possessed many mathematical problems. His uncommon qualities in common with his celebrated sweetness of disposition, benevolence of kinsman, Dr John Arbuthnot. They were heart, and elevation of soul, were strongly both descended of the same family, indicated by the manly openness of his tine were equally distinguished as the best countenance and the dignity of his ap- Classical scholars and Mathematicians of pearance,--personal qualities which he re their time. The same benevolent expres. tained unimpaired to the last. Su highly sion of countenance and dignity of persoa was this amiable man respected by the were conspicuous in each :--but the paral. German Princes, that when the Diet of lel was, it possible, more admirable in the Ratisbon, at the instigation or rather com nobler qualities of the mind ;-a rare phimand of Bonaparte, had resolved to see lanthropy of heart.-uncommon sweet. cularize the church lands of the empire, ness and even playfulness of disposition.they made an express exception in favour and, above all, the same fervent religious of 'Abbot Arbuthnot, permitting him feelings,-alike adorned and elevated the to enjoy the revenues of the establishment Churchman and the Physician of Queen during his life. It may not be improper Anne.




30. Lady Elizabeth Campbell, a daugh. 1819. Dec. 7. At Bombay, the lady of the Hon. Lieutenant-General Sir Charles May 1, At Bessell's Green, near Seren Colville, G. C. B. Commander in Chief Oaks, Kent, the lady of Sir Charles Dal. there, a danghter.

rymple, a son. 1820. March 31. At Astracan, the wife Mrs Renny, Castle Street, Edinof the Rev. John Jack, missionary, a son. burgh, a son.

April 13. At Paris, the lady of Major 5. At Arndilly House, the lady of the General John Murray, a daughter.

Hon. William Fraser, a son and heir. 16. At Hamburgh, Mrs Alexander Mac 7. Ai Milliken, the lady of Sir William Laren, twin daughters.

Milliken Napier, Bart. a son. 27. At Dumfries, the lady of Alexander 8. At Seaton House, Aberdeenshire, Lady Harley , Esq. a daughter.

James Hay, a son.

& son.

a son

8. At Abercromby Place, Edinburgh, brokeshire, to Margaret, eldest daughter of the lady of Major Orr, a son.

the late Robert Spear, Esq. of Mill Bank, 9. At Liverpool, the lady of Francis Cheshire. Maxwell, Esq. a daughter.

10. At Dumfries, James Allan Dalyell, 10. At Edinburgh, the lady of Laurence Esq. of the Hon. East India Company's Craigie, Esq. of Glendoick, twin sons. civil service, to Arentina, youngest daugh

12. At Richmond Barrack, Dublin, the ter of the late John M.Murdo, Esq. lady of Dr M.Pherson, 42d, or Royal 13. At Edinburgh, Alexander Manners, Highlanders, a son.

Esq. W. S. to Barbara Fullarton, eldest 17. At his Lordship's house in Margaret daughter of Stewart Murray Fullarton, Street, Cavendish Square, London, the Esq. of Fullarton. Viscountess Duncannon, a son.

17. At Leith!, Mr Neil Dryburgh, to 18. At Edinburgh, the lady of William Agnes, second daughter of Richard Ged, Robertson, Esq.75, Great King Street, a son. Esq. Leith.

19. At Auchincruive, the lady of Tho. 19. At Torrington, in the county of De. mas Spencer Lindsay, Esq. of Holymount, von, Dr John Forbes, physician, of Pen.

zance, Secretary to the Royal Geological At her father's house near Edin. Society of Cornwall, to Eliza Mary, eldest burzlı, the lady of William Ploiner, Esq. daughter of the late Jobn Burgh, Esq. of

Calcutta, Bengal. 21. At Alresford, the lady of the Hon. 22. At Borrowstounness, Mr W. A. Captain Robert Rodney, R. N. a son. Hartley of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, to Lilli.

23. In St James's Square, London, the as, eldest daughter of the late Andrew Tod, lady of Sir W. W. Wynn, a son.

Esq. 24. At her house, 77, Great King Street, 25. At Esher, Frederick James, youngEdinburgh, Mrs Cathcart, a daughter. est son of the late General Patrick Ross, to

28. Ai Liverpool, Mrs Dr Hannay, a Elizabeth, second daughter of R. N. Rodaughter.

berts, Esq. of Esher. June 4. At his house in Northumberland At Leatherhead, William Brown, Street, Edinburgh, the lady of J. C. Mac- Esq. of Aberdeen, to Hannah, daughter of leod, Esq. a son.

Joseph Burchell, Esq. of the former place.

27. At Si Mary-la.bonne Church, Lon. MARRIAGES.

don, Alexander Mackintosh, Esq. of Great 1819. Nov. 3. At Bombay, James Nor. Portland Street, to Mary, eldest daughter ton, Esq. of the East India naval service, of Lachlan Robert Mackintosh, Esq. of to the Hon. Eliza Bland Erskine, widow of Beverley Lolye, near Colchester, and the flon. Lieutenant-Colonel Erskine. Dalmuzie, Perthshire.

13. At Calcutta, George Swinton, Esq. June 1. At Edinburgh, Archibald Johncivil service, to Annie, eldest daughter of S. ston, Esq. younger of Pittowie, to Miss Swinton, Esq. senior member of the Board Clarkson, daughter of the late Lieutenant. of Control of Customs, &c. Calcutta. Colonel Clarkson, of the Hon. East India

Dec. 18. At Barrackpore, Donald M'In. Company's service. tyre, Esq. merchant, Calcutta, to Marga Ai Gilston House, Fifeshire, Captain ret, second daughter of John Vackenzie, John Whitehill Parsons, 10th Hussars, to Esq. of Kincraig, Ross-shire.

Mary Elizabeth, secoad daughter of the 1820. April 14. At Dalshangie, John late Major-General Dewar of Gilston. Simpson, Esq. late of the colony of Der merara, to Miss Jane Duff Grant, fourth

DEATHS. daughter of the late Duncan Grant, Esq. 1819. July 20. On board his Majesty's of Dalshangie.

sloop Curlew, then lying in the Persian 20. At Edradynate, Patrick Small, Gulf, Archibald Dalzel, Esq. Assistant younger of Dirnanean, Esq. to Mary, Surgeon of the Hon. East India Company's daughter of James Stewart, late of Der ship Ternate. culich, Esq.

Ang. 17. At Purneah, J. Maxwell Da. 24. At Edinburgh, Arthur Pollok, Esq. vidson, Esq. Civil Surgeon of that station. merchant, Grangemouth, to Barbara, se Sept. 5. At Penang, of the prevailing cond daughter of David Thomson, Esq. epidemic, and after a very short and sudwriter to the signet.

den attack of it, Patrick Carnegy, Esq. 26. At the Manse of Collessie, the Rev. aged 41 years, son of Patrick Carnegy, Esq. William Herdman, minister of Rattray, to of Lower, Forfarshire, and a partner in the Miss Walker, daughter of the Rev. Andrew house of Carnegy and Co. of that island. Walker, minister of Collessie.

14. At Purnea, Bengal, Captain William At Liverpool, Archibald Maxwell, Macpherson, of the 21th Native Infantry. Esq. to Marion, second daughter of Wil. 17. At Malda, of a bilious fever, Tho. liam Boyd of March-hill, Esq.

mas Leake, Esq. surgeon, 2d battalion May 2. At Edinburgh, John Lloyd 17th regiment Bengal Native Infantry, in Morgan, V. D. of Haverford west, Pem- the 14th year of his age.

28. At Calcutta, Captain G. L. Browne, 23. At Manse of Cluny, the Rey. Alex. late of the H. C. R. service.

Mearns, minister of that parish. 29. At Bombay, Hugh George Macklin, At Lopress, Orkney, Mrs Strang, Esq. Advocate General.

wife of William Strang, Esq. Oct. On his passage from Madras to the 25. At Queensferry, Miss Mary David. Cape, Captain Arrow, of the Hon. East son, aged 86. India Company's service.

At Edinburgh, Mr John White, 14. At Madras, Mrs Macduff Cordiner, writer to the signet. second daughter of the late Thomas Ar. At James Street, Pimlico. London, buthnot, Esq. of Kinmundy.

Patrick Colquhoun, Esq. LL. D. Author 31. At Coringa, East Indies, Mr John of the " Treatises on the Police of the Me. Salter, aged 28 years.

tropolis and the River Thames," and on Nov. 3. At Pondicherry, Mr John Paul the “ Wealth, Power, and Resources of Hugot, aged 25 years, eldest son of Jír the British Empire," aged 76. Hugot, French Consul in Scotland.

26. At Doncaster, E. Topham, Esq. a 7. Ac Pisco, aged 28, Colonel James Deputy lieutenant, and acting Magietrate Nisbett Charles, late of the lith regiment, for the North and East Ridings of York. and Aid-de-Camp to Sir Robert Wilson. shire. He was well known in the literary

25. At Calcutta, George, son of David and fashionable circles as Major Topham. Hill, Esq. Civil Secretary, Madras.

28. In consequence of a fall from his Dec. Al Hydrabad, Arthur Connell, horse, Sir John Trollope, Bart. D. C. L. Esq. surgeon in the Hon. East India Com- of Casewick, near Stamford, Lincolnshire. pany's service, son of the late Rev. James - At Gargustown of Redcastle, Alexan. Connell, minister of Sorn, Ayrshire. der Macfarquhar alius Roy, (one of the

3. At sea, Captain Samuel M.Cormick, oldest men in that part of the country,) at of the 17th native infantry, Madras, eldest the advanced age of 103 years. son of the late William M‘Cormick, Esq. - At Tunbridge Wells, Captain George Edinburgh.

Allan Maclean, of the 97th regiment, - Off Saugur Island, on his way from fourth son of the late Lieut-Colonel MacCuttack to Calcutta, Robert Kerr, Esq. lean, Tower of London. late one of the Judges of the Supreme Vå. 29. At Campbelton, near Fort George, tive Court at Calcutta, second son of the in the 73d year of his age, Mr Alex. Tul. deceased William Ker, Esq. of Kerfield. loh, merchant there.

25. At Mirzapore, after a few hours ill. My I. At Kirkaldy, John Ford, Esq. ness, lieutenant Robert Robertson Bruce, 2. At Edinburgh, James Steel, Esq. 1st battalion Ist regiment Bengal native in. writer in Edinburgh. fantry, much regretted.

At Clova, John Harry, only son of 1830. Jan. 11. At Port Louis, Mauri. Sir Harry Niven Lumsden of Aucinndair. tius, William George Waugh, Ilsq.

3. At Birdstone, James Morrison, Esq. 15. At Canton, Captain Robert Stair younger of Craigend. Dalrymple, son of the late Sir Hew Hamil. 4. At Hinckley, Leicestershire, Mary ton Dalrymple, of North Berwick and Ann, daughter of the late Sir Alex. KinBargany, Bart.

loch of Gilmerton, Bart. March 3. At Berwick on Tweed, in his At Edinburgh, on the 27th ult. 81st year, John Constable, Esq. late of Agnes, aged 13 months, youngest daugliMoorhall.

ter; on the 2d curt. Margaret Taylor, 20. At Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, aged eight years, eldest daughter; and on Assistant-Surgeon C. A. Simpson, of the the 4th curt. Susan, aged six years, second 60th light infantry.

daughter of Mr Thomas Watson Shaw, 26. At Kingston, Jamaica, the Rev. Nelson Street. John Brown, minister of the Presbyterian 6. Peter MoTaggart, Esq. senior, aged Establishment of that city.

66, above 40 years a merchant in Ayr, and April 2. Suddenly, at Lerwick, in the about ten one of the Bailies of the Burgh. 84th year of his age, Thomas Bolt, Esq. At Toward, Day Hort Macdowall, of Cruister.

Esq. fourth son of the late James Jlac. 9. At Rairag, Lochalsh, Captain Patrick dowall

, Esq. of Glasgow. Grant, late of the 68th regiment.

7. At Milnfield, Alexander M'Donel, 13. At Rome, Vr John Bell, of Edin. Esq. solicitor in Inverness. burgh, surgeon.

At Edinburgh, Mr John Ross, writer 17. at Sanquhar, Mrs Margaret Ran- in Edinburgh. ken, daughter of tire Rev. William Ran. At Govan Manse, the Rev. John Pol. ken, and wife of Lieutenant David M. lock, D. D. aged 50, and in the 20th year Adam, of the royal marines, aged 26. of his ministry.

21. At Workington Hall, Mrs Curwen, 8. At his seat of Heaton Lodge, near wife of J. C. Curwen, Esq. M. P. for the Leeds, General George Bernard, Colonel of county of Cumberland.

his Majesty's 84th regiment.

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