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Oct. 2. At Bombay, the lady of Wm. don, Esq. Surgeon to the Residency, to -Erskine, Esq. a daughter.

Maria Louis, only daughter of Mr George 6. At Madras, the lady of John Shaw, Fraser. Esq. Register of the Supreme Court of 1820. Jan. 10. At Demerary, Captain Judicature, a son.

Macduff Hart Boog, to Miss Eliza Thorn1820. Feb. 11. At St Helena, the lady ton, daughter of Thornton, Esq. of Lieutenant-General Sir Hudson Lowe, Cumingsburg. C. C. B. a son.

March 21. At Campbelton, Angus March 3). At Orange Hill, the lady of Macalister, Esq. of Balinakill, to Miss James Christie, Esq. of a son.

Frances Byng Macalister, eldest daughter April 2. In Harleford Row, London, of the late Colonel Norman Macalister, the lady of J. Cowan, Esq. a daughter. some time Governor of Prince of Wales's

3. At St Ann's, Alderney, the lady of Island. John Buchan Sydserf, Esq. of Ruchlaw, April 3. At Edinburgh, Charles Bayley, a daughter.

Esq. surgeon, to Miss Christian, daughter In Edinburgh, the lady of John L. of the late Charles M‘Kenzie, Esq. writer Campbell, Esq. of Achalader, a son. in Edinburgh.

6. At Moncrieff House, Lady Moncrieff, 4. At Braughen, Hertfordshire, the Right a daughter.

Honourable Lord Kirkcudbright, to Miss At Glentyan House, Renfrewshire, Cantes. the lady of Wm. Stirling, Esq. a daughter. 6. The Rev. Edward Bankes, son of H.

- At Banff, Mrs Williamson, a son. Bankes, Esq. M. P. to the Hon. Frances

9. Mrs R. A. Oswald, of Moore Park, a Jane Scott, daughter to the Lord Chandaughter.

cellor. · At Reading, Berks, Mrs Boyd of At St Pancras, Yorkshire, Henry Broadmeadows, a daughter.

Francis Hough, Esq. of the Hon. East 11. The lady of the Hon. Captain Maude, India Company's service, to Eliza Paton Royal Navy, a son.

Bruce, daughter of the late Lieut-General 14. Mrs Kennedy, Northumberland Robert Bruce of Elstrec, in the county of Street, Edinburgh, a daughter.

Herts. At Arbuthnot House, Lady Arbuth 8. At Aberdeen, Colin Allan, M. D. not, a son.

surgeon of the late 7th West India Regi15. At Linlithgow, Mrs Liston, a son. ment, to Jane Gibbon, only daughter of

16. In Great King Street, Edinburgh, the late Peter Jolin Knox, M. D. formerly the lady of Captain A. R. Kerr, R.N. C.B. of Santa Cruz.

10. At Edinburgh, James Dallas, Esq. In George's Square, Edinburgh, Mrs merchant, to Marion, third daughter of Corse Scott of Sinton, a son.

Robert Johnston, Esq. merchant, Edin28. At Moreland Cottage, Canaan, Mrs burgli. Ziegler, a son, being her 12th child.

At Dumbarton, the Rev. William At Hoefyser, near the Hague, the Jaffray of Dumbarton, to Elizabeth Jane lady of John Turin Ferrier, Esq. a son. Dixon, eldest daughter of Jacob Dixon,

21. At Mormond House, Mrs Gordon Esq. of Cairnbulg, a son.

14. At Inverness, Alex. Ross Suter, 23. At Edinburgh, the lady of Alex. Esq. Sheriff-clerk of Ross-shire, to Mary Hunter, Esq. W. S. a son.

Annc, eldest daughter of the late Captain 27. In Queen Street, Edinburgh, Mrs John Forbes, of the 9th veterans. Ferrier of Belleside, a son.

Captain John Barclay, of the 4th At Dumfries, the lady of Alexander Bengal cavalry, to Helen, second daughter Harley, Esq. a daughter.

of the said Captain John Forbes. 29. At Oldfield, Caithness, Mrs Hen. 17. At the house of Lord Robert Kerr, derson, younger of Stempster, a son. the Right Hon. Lord John Campbell, to

The lady of Dr Fergusson, York Miss Glassell of Longniddrie. Place, a daughter.

1t Glasgow, John Gabriel Buchan. At Burntisland Castle, the lady of an, writer, to Catherine, second daughter Major General Broughton of Rosend, a

of James Carsewell, Esq. daughter.

At Edinburgh, John Scott of Gala, At Dundas Street, Mrs B. C. Scott, Esq. to Madalene, youngest daughter of a daughter.

the late Sir Archibald Hope of Craighall, May 2. At Dumfries, Mrs Taylor of Bart. Troqueer Holm, a daughter,

Mr Methven Leslie, merchant, GlasLately, In Montagu Square, London, gow, to Eliza, only daughter of John the lady of J. R. G. Graham, Esq. M. P. Turpie, Esq.

18. William Wemyss, Esq. Deputy Commissary-General, to Mrs Davidson,

widow of the late Major Davidson, 42d 1819. Sept. 8. At Nagpoor, James Gor- regiment.

a son.

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18. At Wardour Castle, Lieut.-Colonel eldest daughter of Sir Walter Scott of Abe G. Macdonnell, C. B. late J. F. Officer in botsford, Bart. Canada, to the Hon. Laura Arundel, see May 1. At Glasgow, Lieut. Thomas cond daughter of the late Lord Arun- Moffat, R. N. son of the late Rev. Dr del.

James Moffat of Newlands, to Anna, seAt Hanover Square, London, Captain cond daughter of Hugh Bethune, Esq. of Garth, of the Royal Navy, to Charlotte, Queenslee. eldest daughter of Lieut-General Frederick Lately, At Secunderabad, East Indies, Maitland.

Capt. J. Weatherall, Royal Scots, to AlAt Aberdeen, the Rev. John Murray, meria Laura ; and Captain Frederic Lar. minister of Trinity Chapel, to Margaret, kin Doveton, Madras light cavalry, to eldest daughter of Alex. Brown, Esq. Amelia Sophia, twin daughters of Charles Aberdeen.

T. Grant, Esq. Paymaster, Royal Scots. At Glasgow, Mr James Norwell, merchant, to Eliza, second daughter of John M‘Farlane, Esq. Hutchesontown. 1819. Aug. 29. At Connatore, near Ma

At Gartincaber, John Burn, Esq. dras, Major David Carstairs, of the 1st advocate, to Anne Maule, only child of batt. 8th regiment native infantry. the late William Murdoch, Esq. of Gar Oct. 22. At Bombay, Hector Mactincaber.

donald Buchanan, younger of Drumakiln, At Callendar, Captain Ranald Mac- Cornet in the Madras cavalry. donald, of the 19th regiment of foot, to 1820. March 4. At Gibraltar, after a Flora, daughter of Alex. Macdonald, Esq. long illness, Major Charles Tayler, of the of Dalelia.

Royal Artillery. 20. At Langharne, Caermarthenshire, 14. At Stranraer, James M‘Nair, Esq. by the Rev. John Williams, Vicar, Owen late Surgeon of the Royal Navy: Evans Lewis, Esq. of Glanvrhyd, in that 15. At St Petersburgh, Louis Duncan county, son of the late David Lewis, Cassamajor, Esq. Secretary to the British Esq. of Henllan, Pembrokeshire, to Eliza, Embassy at the Court of Russia. daughter of the late John Neale, Esq. 18. At Arbroath, Dr John Peter. of Willow-yards, Ayrshire.

19. At Carlung, Ayrshire, Archibald At Stockbridge, the Rev. James Alexander, Esq. of Boydston, in the 85th Robertson, minister of Slamannan, to year of his age. Janet, daughter of the late Rev. Matthew 20. In Manchester Square, London, Murray, minister of North Berwick, East Gilbert Hall, Esq. Lothian.

22. Mr John Forsyth, manufacturer At Clatto, Lieutenant-Colonel Be- in Glasgow. thune of Blebo, to Miss Maria Low, fourth 23. At Perth, Captain Colin Campbell, daughter of Robert Low, Esq. of Clat- of the West Perthshire local militia.

24. Mrs Wright, wife of Mr John 24. At Doonholm, Ayrshire, William Wright, Hermitage Place, Stockbridge, Macdonald, Esq. of Ballishore, to Jane, Edinburgh. youngest daughter of the late Captain Wm.

- J. Peel, Esq. of Fazeley, brother to Blair.

Sir R. Peel Bart. 24. At Jessfield, John Scotland, Esq. 25. At Cadogan Terrace, Dear London, W. S. to Mary, daughter of the late Robert in her 86th year, Mrs Moore, widow of Burn, Esq. architect.

Dr Moore. 25. James M'Cook, Esq. W. S. to Anne, At his house in Forth Street, in only daughter of the late Thomas Laing, his 58th year, John Thomson, Esq. merEsq. and grand-daughter of the late Hon. chant, Edinburgh, who will be long and George Home.

sincerely regretted by an extensive circle - At Aberlady, Charles Toshack, Esq. of relatives and friends. son of the Rev. Charles Tosack, South At Innergellie, James Lumsdaine, Shields, to Mary Hamilton, only daugh- Esq. of Innergellie. ter of Mr Francis Emslie, factor for the At No. 1, Prince's Street, Edinburgh, Earl of Wemyss and March.

Miss Beatrix Thomson, aged 22. 26. At Edinburgh, Alexander Irano 26. At Edinburgh, James Dickson, Esq. vitch, Sultan Katte Gherry Krimherry, to Depute Clerk of the High Court of Admi. Anne, fourth daughter of James Neilson, ralty. Esq. of Hillbank.

28. Alexander Graham, Esq. of Lime 28. At Mouswald Mains, Annandale, kilns. Mr James Hogg, commonly called the At Kingston, Surrey, in the 79th Etterick Shepherd, to Miss Margaret Phi- year of his age, Lieutenant-General Gabriel lips, third daughter of Mr Peter Philips, Johnston, of the Hon. East India Comfarmer there.

pany's Service. 29. At Edinburgh, John Gibson Lock. At Dunbar, Mrs Kirkwood, wife of hart, Esq. advocate, to Sophia Charlotte, Mr John Kirkwood, upholsterer there.


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28. At Seafield Bathe, Joseph Thomson, Earl of Fauconberg of Newburgh Park, Esq. Jedburgh, late of the island of Yorkshire, and eldest daughter of the late Jamaica.

John Chesshyte, of Bennington Park, in At Mr Sime's, North Leith, Joesph the county of Herts. Stoney, Esq. late of Stoneyhenge, Ja 6. At Campbelton, Alexander Auld, maica.

Esq. of Garcoside, and late of Demerara. 29. At Ormiston, Miss Jane Johnstone. At Perth, the Rev. Henry Sangster,

At his house, George's Square, Edin- minister of Humbie, in the 53d year of his bargh, Robert Little Gilmour, Esq. writer ministry, and 82d of his age. to the signet.

At Langholm, the Rev. John JarAt her house in Castle Street, Edin- dine, minister of the Associate Burgher burgh, Mrs Skene, sen. of Rubislaw. congregation, in the 71st year of his age,

- At Peebles, John Murray Robertson, and 34th of his ministry. Esq. Commissary and Sheriff Clerk of 8. At Dumfries, Miss Agnes Kennedy, Peebles.

second daughter of the late Francis Ken30. At Edinburgh, Richard Drake, nedy of Dunure, Esq. youngest son of the late Admiral Deans of At his apartments in Hampton Court Huntington.

Palace, Colonel Thomas, Master of the At his house in Finsbury Square, Robes, and Groom of the Bed-chamber to London, in the 85th year of his age, Ro. his Majesty. bert Service, Esq.

At Glasgow, after a short illness, 31, At Gloucester Lodge, in his 19th George Munro, Esq. year, George Charles Canning, Esq. eldest At Peterhead, Thomas Arbuthnot, son of the Right Hon. George Canning. Esq. merchant and banker there.

Mrs Agnes Scoular, spouse of Mr At Bath, Alexander Hart, Esq. late A. Walker, Graham Street, Edinburgh. Lieutenant-Colonel of the 11th regiment

At Hampstead Heath, in the prime of light dragoons. of life, the Right Hon. Frances, Countess At Hillhead, Mr John Mair of Hillof Huntington, her Ladyship having lain head, late farmer in Crookside, of Loudin on the Sunday preceding of her tenth oun. child.

11. At Perth, Convener John Muire, At Upper Grosvenor Street, London, fesher, in the 84th year of his age. Patrick Crauford Bruce, Esq. of Glenely. 13. At St Andrew's, Mrs Alison Tulli

At Seafield, near Dundee, John But- deph, the last surviving daughter of the ter, Esq.

late Principal Tullideph, of the United April ). At Salisbury Green, Lady College, and relict of the Rev. Mr ThomDick, sen. of Prestonfield.

son, minister at Kingoldrum, in the 85th At the house of Wm. Wilberforce, year of her age. Esq. M. P. Kensington Gore, the very 14. At Paris, Dame Helen Colt, relict Rev. Isaac Milner, D. D. F. R. S. Dean of Sir David Rae of Eskgrove, Bart. of Carlisle, President of Queen's College, In Oxford Street, London, in her Cambridge, and Lucasian Professor of 74th year, the Dowager Lady Burgoyne. Mathematics in that University.

15. Alexander Moffat, Esq. of Sunday- At Anstruther Easter, David Hen- well, aged 72 years. derson, Esq. late Commander of the Prince At his house, St James's Square, Edinof Wales excise yacht, aged 77, near 50 burgh, James Robertson, Esq. w. s. years of which were spent in that service. At Montrose, Miss Katherine Ogil

2. At Brompton, in the 42d year of his vy of Newtonmill, aged 79. age, Dr Thomas Brown, Professor of 16. At Edinburgh, John, eldest son Moral Philosophy in the University of of Patrick Irvine, of Iveramsay, Esq. Edinburgh ; a man of the highest talents, W. S. the greatest worth, and the most amiable At Meggerney Castle, John Men. disposition and manners.

zies, son of Steuart Menzies, Esq. of Cul- At Cheltenham, Maj.-Gen. Kemmis. dares. 3. At Harewood House, Hanover Square, In Conduit Street, Hanover Square, London, the Right Hon. the Earl of Hare- London, William Macnamara, Esq. late wood. His Lordship is succeeded in his Captain in the Hon. East India Company's titles and estates by his only son, Lord service. Lascelles, Lord Lieutenant of the West In her house, South Audley Street, Riding of Yorkshire. His Lordship was London, Mrs Susanna Long, in the 103 in the 838 year of his age.

year of her age. At Beith, in the 75th year of his age, At Bath, in his 88th year, Lieut.. Mr William White, bookseller in Beith. General Elliot, of the Royal Marines, a He was the oldest bookseller in Scotland, descendant of the family of Stobs Castle, having been in the trade nearly 60 years. Roxburghshire.

5. The Countess of Fauconberg. Her 17. At Monymusk House, Sir Archi. Ladyship was widow of Henry the late bald Grant of Monymusk, Bart.

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17. In Upper Norton Street, London, 115 years, Theodore O'Sullivan, the cele in his 87th year, Claud Russell, Esq. brated Irish bard. This extraordinary

18. At Douglas Manse, in the 83d year man, who was a great composer in his naof his age, the Rev. William M'Cubbin, tive language, expired suddenly, on Wed. upwards of fifty years minister of that pa- nesday last, whilst sowing oats in the field rish, and, what is something singular, this of one of his great-grandchildren, and reis only the second vacancy in that parish taining his faculties to the last moment ! for upwards of 100 years.

He is said to have sung to the plough one At the Pavilion, Brighton, of a con- of his favourite lyrics, and actually breathsumption, Mr Charles Maxwell, one of the ed his last at the final stanza of his nation. junior Pages of the Presence to hais Majes. al melody. The deceased also followed

the occupation of a cooper, and is said to 20. In Glamorganshire, of a rapid de have made a churn, from which butter was cline, occasioned by the bursting of a blood taken for the christening of his 26th greatvessel, Eaton Stannard Barrett, Esq. so grandchild. well known to the literary and political At Chateauroux, in France, aged 75, world as the author of “ All the Talents” the father of General Bertrand, so well “ The Heroine," &c.

known for his talents, his heroic devotion - At Edinburgh, Miss Isabella Stu to Napoleon, and his exile. He has left a art, daugliter of the late John Stuart of widow with two children, and a consider. Castleton, Esq. W. S.

able fortune. 22. At his house, Gayfield Place, Alex At Dindigul, Major E. P. Stevenson, of ander Bonar, Esq. of Ratho, banker in the 4th N. V. Battalion. Edinburgh.

At Dublin, of a few moments illness, In George's Square, Edinburghi, Daniel Donelly, the Hibernian pugilist. Margaret, wife of Colonel Munro.

At Rome, Sister Fortune Gioncarelli, of 23. At his house on Blackheath, Peter the Ursuline Order, in the 109th year of Lawrie, Esq. of Ernespie, Scotland, aged her age, and the 74th of her residence in 58.

the Convent. 25. At Glasgow, Captain John Hastie, At Belfast, in the 6th year of his age, of the Elizabeth, Clasgow and Liverpool Dr Denham, the celebrated Irish patriot. trader.

At Up-Park Camp, in Jamaica, LieuAt Solsgirth, James Tait, Esq. in tenant Hector Innes, of the 92d regiment,

oldest son of the late Lieutenant lunes, of 26. At Edinburgh, Mrs Isobel Gardner, the 42d regiment. wife of Richard Hotchkis, Esq. of Tem At her house, St John Street, Mrs Phiplehall, W.S.

lips, widow of Richard Elliston Philips, At Wick, Patrick Thomson, Esq. Esq. late one of the Commissioners of the writer, in the 54th year of his age. Customs for Scotland.

28. At Langley, Kent, the Dowager A few days ago, in the 75th year of his Duchess of Northumberland.

age, Mr Edward Smith, of Spilsby, in - At London, William Davies, Esq. Lincolnshire, who was one of the most sinof the firm of Cadell and Davies, bookselle gular characters in the kingdom. Until ers in the Strand.

within a very few years, it was his constant Lately, At his brother's house, in Leith, practice to ride on a bull, and instead of Mr William Armstrong, aged 32 years. smoking tobacco he had his hay salted, and

At Collenswood, near Dublin, in the smoked it instead of that plant. By lis 70th year of his age, Rear Admiral Sir will he directed that his body should be Charles Fortesi'ue, Knt. Ulster King of carried to the grave by poor men, who Arms.

were to be paid 5s. each ; that the funeral At Upper Grosvenor Street, London, should take place early in the morning, and Patrick Crauford Bruce, Esq. of Glenely. that none of his relatives or friends should

At his house in Sackville Street, Lon- attend, or any mourning be worn by them don, aged upwards ot 80 years, the cele on his account, under a forfeiture of their brated Arthur Young, Esq. of Bradfield, respective legacies. near Bury, Secretary to the Board of Ag At Drumboy, Ireland, Hr Henry Hariculture.

milton, at the advanced age of 104. Until At London, John Grant, Esq. of Wal. within these two last years he had the use libon, in the island of St Vincent.

of all his faculties. At Arcueil, in France, the residence of At Bristol Hotwells, the Dowager Counthe Count Berthollet, Mr Blagden, Secre- tess of Granard. tary of the Royal Society of London.

At London, Lieutenant Colonel HandIn the parish of Aiglish, in the vicinity field, formerly of the 22d regiment of of Killarney, at the very advanced age of foot.

his 83d year.

Pripted by George Ramsay and Company, Edinburgh.






The Scots Dagazine.

JUNE 1820.


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