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Pease. Flour, 2801b.Quar.
Fd&Poj Potat. Pigeon. TickBoiling. Grey. Fine. 2d. Lout

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Average Prices of Grain in Scotland for the Four Wecks immediately preceding

15th April 1820. Wheat, 63s. 1d.-Rye, 345. 511.-Barley, 36s. 60.-Oats, 2 is. 8d.-Beans, 345, 2d. --Pcase, 54.6d.

Vatical, per boll, 18s. Ild.-Bear or Big, 27s. 1d.

COMMERCIAL REPORT. COLONIAL PRODUCE.-The transactions in our markets, during the month of April, have not been distinguished by any particular occurrence, calculated to produce greater confidence in prices of West or East India produce. The demand for Coffee has been irregular, and prices were very fluctuating. It has been observed that the prices of Jamaica and Dutch Coffees have maintained themselves proportionally higher than those of $t Domingo, Havannah, and other descriptions of foreign Coffee, which is ascribed to the small stock remaining on hand. It is stated that the crops in Cuba and Demerara will be small, and that those of Jamaica and St Domingo will not amount to average quantities. The home consumption of Coffee appears to be on the decrease, the deliveries for that purpose at Liverpool were only 260 tons ; those of last year to the same period amounted to 300 tons, whilst in 1818, 550 tons had been delivered there for home consumption, in the four first months of that year. An increase, however, is observable in the consumption of Sugar. The deliveries here have been 58,000 casks, being 16,000 more than at this time last year, and upon the whole, the trade in this article has been active throughout last month; an improvement of froin Is. to 2s. per cwt. in the prices of brown and low middling Sugars has taken place. The crops of Barbadoes and Antigua will, it is said, fall short of their ordinary amount. The sales of Cotton at Liverpool, which is the grand market for that article, were from 49,000 to 50,000 bags in April ; these were taken partly to supply the trade, in consequence of some little improvement in the demand at Manchester, and partly in speculation ; the prices of Uplands and New Orleans are about 4d. per lb. higher than in the beginning of last month. Sea Islands have declined from ld. to itd., and Brazils about d. during the same period. The quantity of American Cotton already imported this year amounts to 115,800 bags ; the total import of 1819 was 205,000 bags. Tobacco has remained pretty steady upon the whole, the inferior descriptions of Virginia and Kentucky Leaf have declined d. to £d. perlb., and ordinary stems are about fa. lower; better quali

. ties are comparatively scarce, and prices remain steady. There were no imports of Tobacco at Liverpool in April ; the stock remaining in the warehouses there is 6420 hhds. and the deliveries during the month amounted to 714 hhds. Our present stock here is rated at 10,776 hhds; namely, 10,371 Virginia and Kentucky, and 405 Marylands 5 Packages, 3 Turkey, 614 East India leaf, 10 Amersfoort, and 42 Havannah and Cuba.

EUROPEAN PRODUCE.—Prices of most export articles at St Petersburgh have continued stationary, though not much business was transacted at the time the last letters came away, in consequence of the intervening holidays. 12 hd. Flax on the spot was at 150, and on contract 145. Y. C. Tullow remained steady at the advanced price of 180 rubles on contract, and considerable business had been transacted. For Soap ditto, on the spot, 160 has been paid, and the same price was demanded on contract. London, May 2.

British MANUFACTURES.--The trade is now getting a little better in this quarter, particularly during the last week. The amendment is most conspicuous in the fancy weaving In Paisley, plaids or scarfs, and split harness shawls, have advanced about 1fd. on the shilling in the price of weaving. In Glasgow, fine plain work is easily got. Cypress weavers are in some request.-Glasgowo Chronicle, May 2.

Premiums of Insurance at Lloyd's.-Guernsey or Jersey 15s.-Cork or Dublin 158. 9d.--Belfast 15s. 9d.Hamburgh 10s: 6d.—Madeira 205.-Jamaica 30s.Green. land out and home 4 gs. to 5 gs.

Course of Exchange, London, May 9.-Amsterdam, 12 : 3. Ditto, at sight, 12 : 0. Rotterdam, 12 : 4. Antwerp, 12 : 6. Hamburgh, 36 : 11. Altona, 36 : 37. Paris, 3 days sight, 25 : 35. Bourdeaux, 25 : 85. Frankfort on the Maine, 1544. Madrid, 344. Cádiz, 34. Gibraltar, 30. Leghorn, 47: Genoa, 44", Lisbon, 5). Oporto, 50%. Rin Janeiro, 54). Dublin, 9 per cent. Cork, 95 per cent.

Prices of Bullion per oz.-Foreign gold in bars, L. 3 : 17: 103. New doubloons, L3:15:0. Silver in bars, standard, L.0: 5:03. Weekly Prices of the Public Funds, from April 19 to Moy 10, 1820.

April 19. April 26. May 3. | May 10.


Bank stock,
3 per cent. reduced,
3 per cent. consols, carro
31 per cent. do...caravanasova
4 per cent. do.
5 per cent. nary annuities
India Stock,

Exchequer bills, 2d.
Consols for account,
French 5 per cents.comvero


683 689 683 693
691 69} 69% 693

774 87! 873

87 105 106

1053 106

27 24 pr. 26 28 pr.
4 5

5 6

pr. 3 6 pr. 3 5 pr. 69} 695 697 70 73fr. 80c.75fr. 95c.


21 pr.

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2 3 2 4 Congou,

2 10 3 2 Souchong,

4 3 4 6 SUGAR, Musc. cwt. B. P. Dry Brown,

60s. 65 57 64 56 61 60 Mid. Good, & Fine Mid. 76 86 65

81 64 Fine and very fine, 84 96

87 77 Brazil, Brown,

34 30 White,

36 50 40 Refined, Double Loaves, 130 145

1 2 (ib.) 14 Powder ditto, 108 112

92 107 Single ditto, 103 112

103 106 | 97 107 Small Lumps, 94 98

105 108 97 105 Large ditto, 92 96

92 98 92 106 Crushed Lumps, 47 60

48 52 MOLASSES, British, 30 31 30 30 6 SI 6

26 6 COFFEE, Jamaica, Ord. good, and fine ord. 98 110

110 124 86 118 Fine and very fine,

138 146 136 Dutch, Triage & very ord. 85 96

92 120 Ord. good, & fine ord. 102

114 126 St Domingo, 95 105

105 110 PIMENTO (in Bond), Ib. 7

8 74 8! 8 SPIRITS Jam. Rum 160.P. 3s 3d 36 2 11 30 2 10 30 2 Brandy, gal.

4 6 Geneva,

2 9 30 Aqua,

6 9

70 WINES, Clar. Ist Gr. hhd. 60

35 0 65 Portugal Red, pipe, 38 54

500 540 Spanish White, butt. 34 55

300 650 Teneriffe, pipe,

30 35 Madeira, 60 70

35 Logwood, Jamaica, ton, £7

5 10 5 15 6 5

6 70 Honduras,


5 15 6 0 10 7 0 8 10 7 0 Campeachy,

6 10 7 0 7 0 7 10 Fustic, Jamaica,


7 10 8 0 7 0 7 10 8 8 9 0 Cuba,


9 10 10 09 09 10 INDIGO, Caraccas fine, lb. 9s 6d 11 6 7 6 8 6 9 0 10 0 10 0 10 6 TIMBER, Amer. Pine, foot, 17 1 11 Ditto Oak,

3 2 3 6 Honduras Mahogany,

14 1 8 1 2 1 8 10 14 1 Tar, American, brl. . 20

17 0 18 0 21 0 Archangel, 22 23

22 0 TALLOW, Rus. Yel. Candle, 66


64 0 Home melted, cwt. 70 HEMP, Riga Rhine, ton, 50 52

49 Petersburgh Clean, 45

42 10 FLAX, Riga Th. & Dr. Ra.

70 Dutch,

58 100 Irish,

45 52
Mars, Archangel,
75 80

BRISTLES, Peters. Firsts, 13 10
Ashes, Petersburgh Pearl, 34 35
Montreal ditto, cwt. 41 46 38 49 38

42 6

44 36 38 34 35 33 44 OIL, Whale, tun,

33 34

32 Cod,

84 (p.brl.)
- 30 31

28 TOBACCO, Virg. fine, lb. 8 88| 9 98

8 0 7 0 9 inferior, 6 6814 5

4 O 50 51 Cottons, Bowed Georgia,

11 0 111 1 0 1 0 Sea Island, fine,

2 4 2 6 2 1 2 3 1 9 2 2 Demerara and Berbice,

1 3 1 5 I 1 1 1 2 1 5 Pernambucco,

1 5 1 6 13 I 41 41 41 Maranham,

14. 15 1 2 1 30 3 4

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ALPHABETICAL List of ENGLIBH BANKRUPTS, announced between the 20th

March and 20th April 1820; extracted from the London Gazettes. Atkinson, T. Huddersfield

Masico, C. W. Mincing-Lane, broker Atkinson, J. Kirkbeaton, Yorkshire, merchant Monkhouse, M. Bedwelty, Monmouth, apothe Algar, s. C. Jubilee-place, Commercial Road, por. cary ter-merchant

Owen, O. New Bond-street, tailor Arnold, M. Flemish-street, St Catherine's, vic Parker, N. Compton-street, Brunswick-square, tualler

merchant Bysh, J. Paternoster-row, bookseller

Peat, J. Carlisle, mercer Bennet, W. Lemon-street, shoe-manufacturer Prince, T. Chester, baker Bell, J. Oxenholme, Westmoreland, farmer Porter, J. Warrington, Somerset, nurseryman Buckton, R. Jermyn-Street, St James's, working- Plummer, W. B. Kingston-upon-Hull, ironmonjeweller

ger Barker, J. Strand, hosier

Poole, c. Whitecross-street, Willow-square, ma. Bellin, J. Oxford-street, jeweller

nufacturer Berry, C. Caversham, Oxfordshire, saddler Platts, J. Chellaston, Derby, wheelwright Brewer, S. New Brentford, grocer

Parker, R. Halifax, Yorkshire, draper Clifford, R. Stow on the Wold, Gloucestershire, Phipps, J. Duke-street, Portland-place, and Maidstone-mason

enhead, Berks, tailor Cave, S. Cheltenham, jeweller

Philips, H. H. Philips, jun. and. T. Pole, BirCundy, J. Whittington, Derby, miller

mingham, toy-makers
Chapman, W. Gravesend, provision-merchant Pulleyn, w. Leadenhall-street, goldsmith
Claridge, R. Oddington, Gloucester, farmer Pugh, A. Lancaster, chapwoman
Dobell, J. Staplehurst, Kent, tailor

Parkinson, R. Liverpool, cabinet-maker
Diston, T. Tewkesbury, Gloucester, corn-dealer Roden, T. Bedford-street, Covent-garden, book-
Donaldson, J. W. Shee, and S. Mayston, Friday-

seller street, warehouseman

Raby, E. Wolverhampton, Stafford, spectacleEngland, G. Exeter, butcher

maker Elliot, G. Rochester, grocer

Robinson, G. Middlewick, innkeeper Fitch, C. Braintree, Essex, miller

Rose, G. Sheffield, grocer Farner, J. Walsall, Stafford, plater

Roy, J. Wolverhampton, tea-dealer Ferr, W. Bath, cabinet-maker

Rodman, R. Bristol, victualler Frew, J. Museum-street, Bloomsbury, baker Roach, J. Russel-court, Drury-lane, bookseller Fisher, W. Avon-cliff, Wiltshire, innkeeper Sadd, G. Kenton-street, Bloomsbury, carpenter Freeborn, R. H. Stratford-on-Avon, saddler Sheward, H. Belgrave-place, Piinlico, boardingGraham, R. and S. Sherwan, Leicester-square, house-keeper linen-drapers

Smith, J. Smith-square, Westminster, corn-merGeorge, G. Stromness, Orkney, merchant

chant Gardiner, W. Chalford, Gloucester, broad-cloth Simpson, J. Kingston-upor-Hull, merchant manufacturer

Searbriek, H. jun. Liverpool, baker Grant, J. Sullington-mill, Somerset, miller Stone, A. Manchester, merchant Gore, E. Nettlebed, Oxon

Stephens, E. Aintree, Lancaster, sail-maker H. Hoult, W. jun. late of Stourport, Worcester Thorpe, W. Epping, hawker shire, cabinet-maker

Thomas, G. Breages, Cornwall, shopkeeper Harrison, M. Runcorn, Cheshire, shopkeeper Varley, J. Great Pitchfield-street, Oxford-street, Hough, W. Manchester, shopkeeper

printseller Horner, R. Beckenham, Lincoln, jobber

Wood, J. King-street, St James's-square, breeches Harris, T. St Peter, Hereford, grocer

maker Hoard, W. H. Limehouse-hole, Middlesex, rope Wild, J. Liverpool, merchant maker

Wilcox, W. Pimlico, victualler Holt, J. Manchester, dyer

Ward, R. R. Maiden-lane, Battle-bridge, mustard. Hazledian, R. and T. Davies, late of Bridgenorth, manufacturer iron-founders

Wright, G. C. and J. Graham, Crooked-lane, upHadley, P. G. Greenwich, draper

holsterer Hepburn, C. Commercial Road, surgeon

Walker, W. Ramsgate, butcher Innocent, G. Nottingham

Wilkis, J. A. and T. E. Hammond, Birmingham, Jay, P. Cavendish, Suffolk, stay-manufacturer glass-toy-makers Johnson, T. sen. and T. Johnson, sen. Lowestoft, Woolfe, J. Birmingham, mercer Suffolk, shipwrights

Watson, J. Huddersfield, merchant Lea, J. Haighton, Flintshire, miller

Wheatcroft, S. Sheffield, grocer Millhouse, Č. Sleaford, Lincolnshire, stationer Williams, D. Fromne, Selwood, Somerset, shopMawson, G. Bradford, York, grocer

keeper Motley, T. Strand, patent-letter-manufacturer Wadsworth, J. Long Buckles, Northamptonshire, Matthews, W. Birmingham, upholsterer

dealer Marsh, J. Rotherham, Yorkshire, grover

Wood, W. Wimpole-street, wax-chandler Blott, W. R. Brighthelmstone, wine-merchant Yates, T. sen. and G, and T. Yates, jun, of Yate Miller, J. Burlington-arcade, Piccadilly, book Bank, Lancaster, cotton-spinners


ALPH ABETICAL List of Scotch BANKRUPTCIES and Dividends, announced

April 1820, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.

Calderwood, John, Irvine, merchant
Fyfe, James, Leith, joiner and cabinet-maker

Adam, John, senior, Glasgow, merchant and Guthrie, Robert, Cupar-Fife, merchant

agent; by J. M‘Ewan, accountant there Household, Charles, Glasgow, cooper

Brown, James, Alyth, merchant; by John DunLivingstone, Arthur, Kilsyth, merchant

can, jun. manufacturer there M'Gregor, Peter, Stirling, timber merchant

Clark, James, Dunbar, rope-maker and ship-buildM'Lellans and Campbell, Mains and Meiklewood

er ; by W. H. Ritchie, writer there Stewartry of Kirkcudbright, cattle-dealers

Dempster, Robert, Nairn, merchant ; by John M'Nair, É. Cochran, Glasgow, merchant and

Forsyth, writer in Forres milliner

Henderson, Andrew, Broomhills; by James FerMonteith, Robert, St Ninians, woodl

merchant gusson, writer in Annan Peddie, James, Renfield House, Renfrewshire,

Jameson, Charles, and Sons, Inverness, merchants; mason and builder

by John Edwards, writer there Scott, James, Cupar-Fife, millwright

Laird, John, and Ch. Greenock, and William Taylor, Henry, Irvine, merchant

Laird and Co. Liverpool, merchants ; by J. Thomson, David, Edinburgh, merchant-tailor

Dennistoun, merchant, Greenock. and clothic



THOMAS EARL of SELKIRK, Lord The latter years of the life of this lamento Lieutenant of the Stewartry of Kirkcud- ed nobleman were employed in the esta. bright, died in France on the 8th April, in blishment of an extensive colony in the the 49th year of his age.

western parts of British America. In the This amiable and accomplished noble prosecution of this favourite object, he had man expired on the evening of the 8th A. encountered obstacles of the most unexpect. pril, at Pau, in the south of France, where ed and formidable charaeter. With these, he had spent the winter, labouring under a however, he was admirably qualified to mortal disease, which has, at length, de contend ; as to the counsels of enlightened prived society of one of its most distinguish- philosophy and an immoveable firmness of ed members. Few men were possessed of purpose, he added the most complete hahigher powers of mind, or capable of ap- bits of business and a perfect knowledge of plying them with more indefatigable per affairs. The obstructions he met with ser.

His Treatise on Emigration ved only to stimulate him to increased ex. has long been considered as a standard ertion, and after an arduous struggle with a work, and as having exhausted one of the powerful confederacy, which had arrayed most difficult subjects in the science of po- itself against him,and which would, long litical economy. His Lordship is also ad ere now, have subdued any other adversary, vantageously known to the public as the he had the satisfaction to know, that he had author of some other literary productions, finally sueceeded in founding an industrious all of them remarkable for the enlargement and thriving community. It has now struck and liberality of their views, the luminous deep root in the soil, and is competent, perspicuity of their statements, and that from its own internal resources, to pero severe and patient spirit of induction which petuate itself, and to extend the blessings delights in the pursuit, and is generally of civilization to those remote and bound. successful in the discovery, of truth. To less regions. his friends, the death of this beloved and His Lordship was the youngest of five eminent person is a loss which nothing can sons (all of whom attained to manbood) of repair. His gentle and condescending man. Dunbar, 4th Earl of Selkirk, who died in ners wound themselves round the hearts of 1799. In the latter end of 1807, he marthose admitted to his society, and concilia- ried Jane, daugliter of James Wedderburn ted an attachment which every fresh inter. Colville, Esq. by whom he has left one son, view served to confirm. With those con now Earl of Selkirk, born in 1809, and two nected with him by the ties of kindred, daughters. Her Ladyship accompanied the and the sweet relations of domestic society, Earl to North America, and afterwards to his Lordship lived in terms of the most af- France, and continued, with painful and fectionate endearment. Indeed, seldom has unwearied assiduity, tí'administer, till the there existed a family, the members of which last hour of his life, those kind and soothwere more tenderly attached to each other ing attentions which wealth can neither than that of which his Lordship was the purchase nor reward. We trust we may head, and few families have experienced a be permitted to hope, that this noble lady more severe succession of those trials, by will soon return to St Mary's Isle, and rear which the Almighty chastens the hearts, her young and interesting family, in habits and disciplines the virtues, of his creatures. of attachment to their paternal seat, adorn

His Lordship was eminently exemplarying the surrounding society by the lustre in the discharge of every social and private of her rank, and edifying it by the exam. duty. He was a considerate and indulgent ple of her virtues. landlord, a kind and gracious master ; to We understand that the mortal remains the poor a generous benefactor, and of eve of this excellent man are to be interred in ry public improvement a judicious and li- the Protestant burying-ground at Pau. beral patron.



9. At Bombay, the lady of Captain 1819. Sept. 5. At Quilon, the lady of Keith, Sub-Assistant-Commissary-General, Captain Elphinstone, a daughter.

a daughter.

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