Miss Holford's Novel of Sir Warbeck of PRINCE MAXIMILIAN's Travels in the Wooll'steen, 2 vols. is in the press. Brazils, which have excited so great an in Dr Brown's Antiquities of the Jews, terest, owing to the quality and character 2 vols. 8vo. of the traveller, will speedily appear at A work on Early Education, or on the large, with many engravings, in the Jour- general management of Children, considernal of New Voyages and Travels.

ed with a view to their future character, In May will be published, Travels in is preparing, by Mrs Elizabeth Apple. Sicily, Greece, and Albania; by the Rev. T. S. Hughes, fellow of Emanuel College, Stories founded on Facts, by Mrs Grant, Cambridge. Each volume will be adorned of Croydon, author of " Sketches of life with engravings of maps, scenery, plans, &c. and Manners,” and “ Delineations of

A Grammar of the Arabic Language is Scenery,” &c. 12mo. preparing for the press ; by James Grey Two volumes of Ancient Spanish Ro. Jackson, Professor of Arabic ; and late mances, relating to the Twelve Peers of British Consul at Santa Cruz, in South France, mentioned in Don Quixote, with Barbary. No accurate Grammar of the English metrical Versions, by Thomas Arabic Language having yet issued from Rodd, preceded by the History of Charles the British Press, an attempt will now be the Great and Orlando, translated from the made to supply in England this deficiency Latin of Spanheim, are printing. in Oriental Literature.

A periodical series is about to be comAn Account of the Abipones, an Eques- menced, called El Teatro Espanol Moder. trian People in the interior of South no, of which the first Number will contain America, translated from the original Latin five plays of Moratin, with his Por of Martin Dobrizhoffer, one of the Ex- trait. Jesuits, two and twenty years a Missionary The Rev. John Davies, A. M. Curate of in Paraguay, is in preparation.

Kew, is preparing a work entitled, HistoTravels in England, Wales, and Scot- rical Prologues, or a versified Chronology land, in the year 1816; by Dr Spiker, of Events from the Conquest to the Death Librarian to his Majesty the King of Prus. of George the Third. sia, have been translated from the Ger. Mr G. R. Rowe, F. R. C. S. of Haver. man, and will be publislied in the ensuing hill, Suffolk, will speedily publish a Prac. month.

tical Treatise on those Nervous Disorders Mrs Opie's Tales of the Heart will be denominated 'Hypochondriasis, and Dys. published in the course of May.

pepsia, or Indigestion, equally addressed to Lochiel ; or, The Field of Culloden, a the public and profession. Novel, is in the press.

A System of Education, intended for It is proposed to publish six monthly the King of Rome, and other Princes of the parts of Picturesque Illustrations of Bue- Blood of France, drawn up by the Impenos Ayres and Monte Video : consisting of rial Council of State under the superintenViews, and faithful representations of the dence of Napoleon, and finally approved by costumes, manners, &c. of the inhabitants him, is printing in French verbatim, of those cities and their environs, taken on with an English translation. the spot by E. E. Vidal, Esq. ; and ac Dialogues, Moral and Religious, intendcompanied with descriptive letter-press.- ed chiefly for the domestic use of young Also a Picturesque Tour of English Lakes: persons in the middle ranks of life, are illustrated with forty-eight coloured views, printing. drawn by Mrs T. H. Fielding, and J. Mr T. Williams is preparing for the Walton, during two years' residence in the press a Memoir of his late Majesty and the most romantic parts of Cumberland, West Duke of Kent, as a companion to those he moreland, and Lanacashire, nd the whole published of the late Queen and Princess of them engraved in aquatinta by Mr T. Charlotte. H. Fielding

Mr Bischoff' is preparing a third edition Shortly will be published, Tabella Ciba. of his Reasons for the immediate Repeal of ria: the Bill of Fare ; a Latin Poem, with the Tax on Foreign Wool; with an ApNotes, Observations, and Directions, relat- pendix, clearly shewing the injurious ele ing to the pleasures of Gastronomy, and fects of that Tax. the mysterious Art of Cookery.

The Literary and Political Life of Ane Illustrations of Cases of Tic Douloureux gustus Von Kotzebue. Translated from successfully treated, are preparing by Mr the German. 12mo. B. Hutchinson, Member of the Royal Col. Russian 'Tarif for 1820, containing all lege of Surgeons.

the Duties of the Russian Empire. &ro.

Marcian Colonna, a Poem in three Parts, to the Hebrew, Chaldee, or Syriac, in which to which will be added, Dramatic Sketches, the root of it is to be found, the trouble of and other Poems, by Barry Cornwall. having recourse to large dictionaries is ren

dered unnecessary, till the student has EDINBURGH.

made some progress in the elements of the An Arabic Vocabulary and Index for Rilanguage; and an interesting field of phichardson's Arabic Grammar; in which the lological research is likewise opened up to words are explained according to the parts his view, in the very intimate relation of speech, and the derivatives are traced to which subsists between the Arabic, the Pertheir originals in the Hebrew, Chaldee, and sic, and the other Oriental dialects, of Syriac Languages; with tables of oriental which the Hebrew forms the original and alphabets, points, and affixes ; by James fundamental language. This intimate reNoble, teacher of languages in Edinburgh, lation will be clearly seen in this Vocabuis preparing for the press, and will be pub- lary, which contains nearly 1000 Arabic lished in July next.

words, and of these scarcely less than 1200 This Work, like Sir William Jones's In. are plainly traced to their originals in the dex to his Persian Grammar, is intended, Hebrew, Chaldee, and Syriac languages. by explaining all the difficulties which oc The engraved Table of Alphabets, incur in translating the numerous extracts tended to form the frontispiece of the from Arabic authors found in Mr Richard- Work, will also exhibit distinctly, at one son's Grammar, to facilitate the study of the view, the affinity between the Hebrew, SaOriental languages, which are so interesting maritan, Ethiopic, Syriac, Arabic, and in themselves, especially the Arabic, from Persic Alphabets, with the value of the letthe great stores of literature that are con ters employed in them to represent numtained in them, whilst, from their close con bers. nection with the Hebrew, they must always The Work will be elegantly printed on contribute highly to the proper interpreta- fine paper, in Quarto, to bind up with Mr tion of the Original Scriptures. By giving, Richardson's Grammar, to which it is inalso, full English explanations of every tended to form a sequel. Arabic word that occurs in the Grammar, In the Press, Sermons by Ministers of tracing it at the same time, if derivative, the General Associate Synod.” In 2 vols.




Souter's Schoolmaster's General CataAGRICULTURE.

logue of School Books, in all Languages. A New System of Cultivation ; by Mr Is. Beatson. 8vo. 9s. bds.

BIOGRAPHY. An Inquiry into the Causes of the pro. Memoirs of the Rev. S. J. Mills, late gressive Depreciation of Agricultural La Missionary to the South Western Section bour in Modern Times ; with suggestions of the United States, and agent to the Co. for its Remedy ; by J. Barton. 8vo. 4s. lonization Society, deputed to explore the

coast of Africa ; by G. Spring, D. D. An Introduction to Arithmetic, in which 12mo. 4s. the Primary Rules are interspersed with a A Memorial of Mrs Mary Westbrook, variety of Biographical, Historical, and wife of Mr Z. Westbrook, and daughter of Miscellaneous information ; revised and en the Rev. J. Cooke; by John Cooke. ls. larged; by R. Chambers. 2s.


Memoirs of Mrs Hutton. Is. 6d. A Catalogue of Old Books, comprising Memoir of Mrs Joanna Turner. 12mo. various classes of Literature in the Eng. 48. lish, Greek, Latin, Dutch, German, Ita Memoirs of the Life and Writings of lian, Spanish, French, and Russian Lan- Luis de Camoens; by T. Adamson, F.S.A. guages; by J. Hearne. 28.

2 vols. 8vo. L.1, 4s. A Catalogue of Books, Ancient and Mo

CLASSICS. dern, now selling at the prices affixed to Terence's Andrian; a Comedy, in Five each article, by John and George Todd, Acts, translated into English prose, with Stonegate, York. 2s.

Notes; by W. R. Goodluck, jun. 12mo. 7s. A General Catalogue of Old Books for A Translation of the Works of Virgil ; the year 1820 ; to be sold at the affixed partly original, and partly altered from prices, by Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, Dryden and Pitt; by T. King. 2 vols. and Brown, Part II. 2s.

8vo. L. 2, 2s.


nine others, for an alleged Conspiracy to Le Pronunciation Angloise rendue facile Overturn the Government by force and par Analogie. 12mo. 4s. 6d.

threats. 58. 6d. boards. Maillard's Treatise on the Participles of A Practical Guide to the Quarter Ses. the French Language.

sions and other Sessions of the Peace, Nouveau recueil de Contes et Anecdotes adapted to the use of young Magistrates, Françoise Italien. 12mo. 6s.

&c. ; by William Dickinson, Esq. Barris. Chefs d'Euvre of French Literature, ter at Law, and one of his Majesty's Jusconsisting of extracts from the Classic tices of the Peace. 8vo. L. 1, 45. French Writers, in Prose and Verse. 2 Election Acts; by T. Disney. 8vo. vols. 8vo. 12s. each.

L.1, Is. The Mercantile Letter-Writer ; or Com. Treatise on the Roman Dutch Law; by mercial Correspondent : containing a series M. Leuwen. 8vo. L. 2, 2s. boards. of Letters on Business, comprehending al

MATHEMATICS. most every subject which occurs in the A Treatise of Geometry, containing the Countinghouse, for the use of Commercial First Six Books of Euclid's Elements, toSchools ; by James Morrison, Accountant. gether with the Elements of Solid Geome. 12mno.

try; by D. Creswell, M. A. 8vo. 14s. Letters from a Mother to her Daughter Introduction to Solid Geometry, and to at or going to School, pointing out the the Study of Christallography, containing Duties towards her Maker, her Governess, an investigation of some of the properties her Schoolfellows, and herself ; by Mrs J. belonging to the Platonic bodies independA. Sargant. 18ino. 3s.

ent of the Sphere; by N. Larkin. . 8vo. FINE ARTS.

12s. Illustrations of Ivanhoe, a romance, by

MISCELLANIES. the Author of Waverley, &c. Engraved by A Review of the Colonial Slave RegistraCharles Heath, from drawings by R. West- tion Acts, in a Report of the Committee of all, R. A. Prints 8vo. 16s. Proofs 4to the Board of Directors of the African Insti. L. 1, 5s.

tution. 8vo. 2s. Italian Scenery; by F. E. Batty. 8vo. The Huntingdon Peerage, comprising a L. 6, 6s.

detailed account of the Evidences and ProPicturesque Views of the celebrated An. ceedings connected with the recent restora. tiquities of Pola, in Istria; consisting of tion of the Earldom, to which is prefiseda fourteen highly finished engravings, from Genealogical and Biographical History of Drawings; by T. Allason, Architect. Fo- the House of Hastings, with a Memoir of lio, L. 3, 15s.

the present Earl ; by H. N. Bell, Esq. Views at Hastings, and its Vicinity, With portraits 4to. from splendid Drawings; by T. M. W. Original Miscellanies in prose and verse; Turner, R. A. Part I. folio, L. 3. by L. Bicknell, F. A. S. 8vo. Is.

The Practice of Drawing and Painting A Faithful Account of the Processions Landscape from Nature in Water Colours, and Ceremonies observed in the Coronations exemplified in a series of Instructions, cal- of the Kings and Queens of England, with culate! to facilitate the progress of the engravings. 8vo. 75. 6d. learner, including the Elements of Per. The Student's Common. Place Book ; spective, &c. with plates. 4to. L. 1, Is. bds. or, New Elegant Extracts; being Selec

tions on Life, Manners, and Literature, A Historical Map of Palestine, or the from the works of the most eminent WritHoly Land, 40 inches by 271; exhibiting ers. 7s. 60. a correct delineation of the peculiar Geo Spanish Dramatic Literature.-El Teagraphical features of the country, and those tro Espanol ; Con Notas Criticas y Esplanames of places, which accord with the natorias. The first volume contains Plays Scripture Narrative. L. 1, 8s. On can- by Lope de Vega and Cervantes. Lİ, vas, L. 1, 15s.

boards-volume the second contains Plays

by Calderon de la Barca. L. 1 in boards An Introduction to Modern History,

NOVELS. from the Birth of Christ to the present time; The Astrologer, or the Eve of San Sebas. by the Rev. T. Hort. 2 vols. 18mo. 10s. 6d. tian, a romance ; by J. M. H. Halez.

Documents Historiques et Reflections Winter Nights; by N. Drake, M. D. sur le Gouvernement de la Hollande, par 2 vols. 8vo. 18s. Louis Bonaparte, Ex Roi de Hollande. Isabel, a tale; by Charles Lloyd. 12mo. 3 vols. 8vo.

10s. Chronology or Chronicle of the last fifty The Welsh Cottage, a tale, 12mo. 48. years. 13s. boards.


Edward, or the Pursuit of Happiness, The Proceedings on Election Petitions ; 12mo. 6s. 6d. boards. with precedents ; by W. Hands. 8vo. 12s. The Wharbroke Legend, a Tale of the The Trial of Henry Hunt, Esq. and Dead, in 2 vols. 14s.





acy. ls.

The Whole Correspondence of Horace Zayda and other Poems; by Oscar, fc. Walpole, Earl of Orford, now first collect8vo. 5s. 6d. boards.

ed. 4 vols. 8vo. L. 2, 8s. boards. Rhymes on the Road; by Thomas Brown A Treatise on the practical means of the Younger.

employing the Poor, in cultivating and The Castle, the Tomb of the Patriot manufacturing articles of British growth Monarch of Britain; a Poetical Narrative in lieu of Foreign materials; by W. Salisof a Visit to Windsor, on Occasion of the bury. 2s. Funeral Procession of George the Third. Substance of the Speech of the Right

Original Poems, Pathetic, Legendary, Hon. G. Canning, in the House of Comand Moral, intended for young persons ;

mons on the 24th of November, 1819, on by Richard Bennet. 4s. 6d.

the opening of the Session. 8vo. 2s. 6d. Slavery, a Poem; by L. Smith, Esq. Substance of the Speech of the Right R. N. 12mo. 4s. boards.

Hon. Lord Grenville, November 30, 1819, The Renegade, with other Poems; by on the Marquis of Lansdowne's Motion, N. Hollingsworth, 8vo. 5s. boards.

for a Committee on the State of the CounRobin Hood; a collection of all the an. try. 2s. 6d. cient Poems, Songs, and Ballads, now ex A Letter to the Right Hon. the Earl of tant, relative to that celebrated English Harrowby, President of the Council, &c. Outlaw, with Historical Anecdotes of his on the discovery of the atrocious ConspirLife. 12mo. Patronage, a Poem ; an imitation of the

THEOLOGY. Seventh Satire of Juvenal. 12mo. 3s. A Series of Important Facts, demon.

Humorous Recitations in Verse, with strating the Truth of the Christian Reli. Pride and Prejudice, or Strictures on Pub- gion, drawn from the writings of its Friends lic Schools ; by J. Rondeau. 8vo. 5s. and Enemies in the first and second cen

Retribution, a Poem; by C. Swan. 8vo. turies; by T. Jones, LL. D. 8vo. 7s.

Poetical Tributes to the Memory of his Pious Memorials, or the Power of Reli. late Majesty. 8va

gion upon the Mind, in Sickness, and at The Chieftain of the Vale and other Death ; by the Rev. George Burder. 8vo. Poems. 3s. Od.

10s. Trivial Poems and Triolets ; by P. Thoughts on Death, Sickness, and Loss Carey, edited, with preface, by Sir Walter of Friends; selected from various writers. Scott, Bart. 4to. 15s.

12mo. 55. Gd. boards. The River Duddan, a series of sonnets; Lectures on some important branches of Vaudracour and Julia, with other Poems; Religion ; by Thomas Raffles, M. A. by W. Wordsworth. 8vo. 12s.

12ino. 7s. boards. Stray Fancies, or Miscellaneous Pocms, The Age of Christian Reason; containEpigrams, &c. 8vo. 6s.

ing, exclusive of the Evidences of the Holy A Subject's Tribute to the Memory of Scriptures, a Refutation of the Political George II 1., by J. Everett. 8vo. 2s. and Thcological Principles of Thomas

Essays in Verse; by J. Hatt. 8vo. 55. Paine and M. Volney, &c.; and also a

The two first cantos of Richardetto, free, Refutation of Unitarianisin; by Thomas ly translated from the original burlesque Broughton, Esq. 8vo. 75. poem of Nicolo Fortiguerra, otherwise Car

TOPOGRAPHY, . teromaeo, with some account of the author. Guide to all the Watering and Sea Bath8vo. 55. 6d.

ing Places; an entirely new edition, with The Sceptic, a Poem; by Mrs Hemans. 100 new engravings. 16s. 8ro. 3s.

A Picture of Margate; being a com. Stanzas to the Memory of the late King; plete and accurate description of that place by Mrs Hemans. 8vo, Is. 6d.

of Fashionable Resort, and of the interestThe Glenfall and other Poeins ; by W. ing objects in its Vicinity. Embellished H. Halpine, jun. 12mo. 7s. 6d.

with a correct map and twenty views. The Comforter, a Poem. 8vo. 3s. 6d. The descriptive part by W.C. Oulton, Esq. Sketches from St George's Fields ; by 8vo. Os. Giorgione di Castel Chiuso. 8vo. 78. History and Antiquities of Evesham ;

by E. J. Rudge, Esq. M. A. 12mo. 5s. Specimens of Systematic Misrules ; by 61. Charles Maclean, M. D. 8vo. 8s. boards. The History and Topography of the Pa.

Speech of the Rt. Hon. G. Canning to rish of Sheffield, in the county of York ; his Constituents at Liverpool at the cele by Joseph Hunter. 4to. L. 4, 4s. bration of his fourth election. 8vo. Is. 6d.

History and Antiquities of the MetroA Letter to the Rt. Hon. Sturges Bourne, politan Church at York; by John Britton. from Montague Burgoyne, Esq. on the With 35 plates, 4to. L. 3, 15s. manner in which the late act for the re An Account of the Ancient and Modern moral of the Irish has been carried into State of the City of Lichfield. 8vo, effect.



Glasgow ; by Ralph Wardlaw, D. D. Travels in various countries of the East, 8yo. 1 s. 6d. being a continuation of Memoirs relating Proposals for Establishing in Edinburgh to European and Asiatic Turkey, &c.; and other towns, a newly improved apparedited by Robert Walpole, M. A. 4to. atus for the application of the vapour of L. 3, 3s. boards.

Water, Sulphur, and other medicinal subNarrative of a Journey in Persia. 8vo, stances, found so efficacious in the cure of 12s.

Rheumatism and other diseases of the skin, Sketches of the actual State of Society with a paper on the subject, which has reand Manners, the Arts, Literature, &c. of ceived the approbation of Drs Hamilton, Rome, Naples, and Florence ; by the Gregory, Barclay, Farquharson, and Me Count de Stendhall. 8vo. 10s. Cd.

Bryce. 8vo. 2s. sewed. No. II. Vol. III. of the Journal of New Observations on the Study of the Civil Voyages and Travels, containing Mollien's Law ; by Dav. Irving, LL. D. 8vo. 2s. Gd. Travels in Africa, with a large map and A Visit to the Province of Upper Canamany engravings. 3s. 6d.

da, in 1819; by James Strachan. 8vo. An Abridgment of Modern Voyages 6s. 6d. boards. This work contains every and Travels ; by the Rev. T. Clark, Vol. kind of information which an emigrant II. comprising a complete tour of Asia. can desire, derived from authentic sour8s.

ces inaccesible to former travellers, viz.

-The Civil and Religious state of the ProEDINBURGH.

vince, Climate, Soil, and Agriculture, &c. A Sermon preached in St Enoch Church, with remarks on Mr Birkbeck's settlement Glasgow, on Sunday, February 20, on the in the Iļlinois, and his statements imparDeath of his late Majesty King George the tially considered ; to which is added, a Third; by the Rev. William Taylor, jun. brief account of Mr Gourlay's proceedings D. D. Minister of St Enoch's Chapel, and as a Reformer in Upper Canada : the one of his Majesty's Chaplains for Scot. whole being carefully drawn up from maland. 8vo. Is. 6d.

terials furnished by the author's brother, An Historical and Authentic Account who has been twenty years resident in the of the Ancient and Noble Family of Keith, country, and a member of the GovernEarl Mareschal of Scotland, from their ment. origin in Germany down to 1778; also a A Continuation of the Compendium, or Full and Circumstantial Account of the General Abridgment of the Faculty Col. Attainted Scottish Noblemen who lost their lection of Decisions of the Lords of Coun. titles in 1715 and 1745, for their adher- cil and Session, from November 1817 to ence to the Stuarts; by P. Buchan, Au November 1818, comprehending the last thor of Annals of Peterhead, &c. 12mo. Volume of Decisions published in Decem. 3s. boards.

ber 1819, with a List of the Subjects, or The Fudge Family in Edinburgh, in a General Titles, Alphabetical Index of the series of Poetical Epistles collected and ar Names of the Parties; the Judgments of ranged by Nehemiah Nettlebotham, Esq. the House of Lords, pronounced in the of Brambleside, near

Second year 1818, with a Compend to the Deciedition, 12mno. 5s.

sions as applicable thereto, an Abridged 1 A Letter to His Grace the Duke of Table of the Judgments of the House of Hamilton, Lord Lieutenant of Lanarkshire, Lords, from 4th February 1752 to Nodetailing the events of the late Rebeilion vember 1818, with an Explanatory Note in the West of Scotland, with observations in reference to the Compendium; by Peter on the alarming state of this and other Halkerston, A. M. S. S. C. Soc. extra Reg. parts of the country ; by a British Subject. Phy. Soc. Folio, 8s. 8vo. 2s.

The Edinburgh Encyclopedia, conducted The Edinburgh Monthly Review for by David Brewster, LL. D. Vol. XIV. May. 8vo. 2s. 60.

Part I. 4to. L. 1, Is. boards. Peter Faultless to his Brother Simon, Nice Distinctions, a Tale. 12mo. 10s. Tales of Night, and other poems; by the 6d. boards. author of " Night.” 6s.

The Farmer's Magazine. No. 82. 35. The Poetical Decameron, or Ten Con The Kingdom which is not of this World versations on English Poets and Poetry, partly considered, in a Sermon preached in particularly of the reigns of Elizabeth and the Episcopal Chapel in Stirling, on SunJames the First; by J. P. Collier of the day, November 14, 1819, at the consecra• Middle Temple. In 2 vols. crown octavo. tion of the Right Rev. David Low, to the L. 1, Is. boards.

office of Scottish Episcopal Bishop, by the The Christian Duty of Submission to Rev. James Walker, M. A. Senior MiniCivil Government, á Sermon prcached ster of St Peter's Chapel, Edinburgh. 8vo. April 16, 1820, in George Street Chapel, 25.


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