mob continued to increase, throwing stones, flesh wound. Peter Cameron, aged 14, bottles, &c. from windows and closes, by through the right leg, flesh wound. John which many of the volunteers were hurt Gunn, aged 24, through calf of left leg. and cut. When towards Rue-end-street, The loyalty of the inhabitants of Greenthose in the rear turned round and sponta- ock has been so well known, that military neously commenced a straggling fire on were never stationed in that town. An the crowd in self-defence. The mob con event like the foregoing was therefore little tinued to follow the military to Cartsdyke expected, and is much deplored. All acBridge, where they left them and returned counts, however, from Port-Glasgow and to Greenock. The mob then assembled Greenock agree in stating, that a number before one of the gates of the jail, and were of strangers had been observed lately in making preparations to force it open, when these towns, probably some of the leaders they were addressed by one of the magis- of the disaffected from Glasgow, Paisley, trates from the top of the wall, and desired &c. flying from justice, and who, it is not to desist. This they would not, they said, to be doubted, were the instigators of the till the five prisoners were released ; and melancholy aftray. the magistrates, having no military force Political Offences.—The following is a to assist them, were unable to resist, and list of recent convictions in England for the mob effected their purpose. The five political offences :prisoners got off, and have not since been Assassination.-J. M•Innes and M. Bruce, discovered. The Port-Glasgow Volunteers, at Chester, April 3. and many of the respectable inhabitants, Manufacturing Pikes.-J. Knowles and J. were under arms all night, and barricadoed

Morris, at Lancaster, March 30. the bridge at the west end of the town, to Seditious Language at a public meetingprevent an attack from the Greenock mob,

Sir C. Wolseley, and Harrison, at which had been threatened. Indeed, a large Chester, April 11. party of them advanced for that purpose, Seditious Meeting, with pikes.-J. Knight, preceded by a bag-piper, but finding the and five others, at Lancaster, April 2. Port-Glasgow folks on the alert, they re Seditious Meeting, with unlawful banners. turned. The result of this disastrous affair

-Hunt, Knight, and three others, at is stated below. Of the Port-Glasgow de York, March 27. tachment' only three or four escaped un Seditious Libel. Sir F. Burdett, at Lei. hurt; and many of them received such se

cester, March 23. G. Rag, and vere bruises as to confine them to bed.

Osborne, at Warwick, March 31. Of this number is the serjeant-major, a Wroe and three others at Lancaster, A. very stout man, who is unable to rise.

pril 4. P. Francis, and Cahuac, "he adjutant was also severely hurt.

at Surrey, March 27. Shorter, List of Killed and Wounded on the even

W. Waiting, Whithorn, and ing of Saturday the 8th inst. as collected Sainsbury, at London, Feb. 24. from the several Medical Practitioners Blasphemous and Seditious Words. in Grecnock, 11th April 1820.

Wedderburn, at London, February

25. Adam Clephane, aged 48, dead.-Archibald Drummond, aged 20, shot dead.- Revenue.- The abstract of the nett proJames Kerr, aged 17, dead.John M. duce of the revenue for the quarter ended Whinnie, aged 65, dead.-Hugh Patterson, 5th April 1819, and the 5th April 1820, aged 14, through the leg, leg amputated. is as follows: -John Patrick, aged 30, through the thigh,


1820. doing well.-David M.Bride, aged 14, Customs L. 2,119,350 1,960,703 through cheek and jaw, doing well...A. Excise

5,377,878 5,876,335 M‘Kinnon, aged 17, through chest and Stamps

1,570,757 1,453,224 arm, doubtful.-Catherine Turner, aged Post Office 855,000 341,000 65, through the leg, leg amputated. T'he Assessed Taxes 835,246 873,716 above in the Infirmary.-John Boyce, aged Land Taxes 148,440

149,409 33, dead. - George Tillery, aged 25, Miscellarieous 75,245 48,860 through the thigh, doing well.–Robert Spence, aged 11, slightly in the foot.

L. 10,481,916 10,703,247 William Lindsay, aged 15, shot dead on The increase on divers heads in the spot.-James M‘Gilp, aged 8, ball in the quarter just ended is L. 537,896 right thigh.-Gilbert M'Arthur, aged 18, The decrease on others

316,565 through the left thigh, flesh wound, John Turner, aged 22, through calf of the leg, Increase

L. 221,331


Acts passed in the 60th Year of the Reign of George 111., or in the Second Session of

the Sixth Parliament of the United Kingdom. Cap. CXXI. To make farther regula- tol, and Glasgow, for Exportation.July tions for the prevention of Smuggling. 12, 1819. July 12, 1819.

Cap. CXXVI. For requiring the like Cap. CXXII. To permit Vessels un- Proof, to obtain Drawback of Duty on der a certain Tonnage to trade between the Coals used or consumed in calcining or United Kingdom and New South Wales. smelting Tin, Copper, or Lead Ores in the July 12, 1819.

Counties of Devon and Cornwall, as is reCap. CXXIII. To empower the Offi- quired on Coals used in Mines of Tin, Copcers of the Customs in Great Britain to per, or Lead, in the said Counties.-July allow Reports of Vessels Cargoes to be 12, 1819. amended ; to require Goods which have Cap. CXXVII. For making Provision been warehoused without payment of Du. for the better Care of Pauper Lunatics in ties, or being prohibited, warehoused for England. July 12, 1819. Exportation, to be put on board Vessels Cap. CXXVII. For the further Proby Persons licensed for that Purpose ; to tection and Encouragement of Friendly Sodirect that Cocquet and Bond shall be re cieties, and for preventing Frauds and quired for Slate and Stone carried Coast Abuses therein.July 12, 1819. wise; and to empower Officers of the Cus Cap. CXXIX. To continue ir force, toms to administer Oaths.July 12, 1819. until the Expiration of Three Calendar

Cap. CXXIV. For amending an Act Months after the Commencement of the made in the Forty-third year of the Reign next Sessions of Parliament, Three Acts of of His present Majesty, for regulating the His present Majesty, for the Relief of InVessels carrying Passengers from the Unic solvent Debtors in England. July 12, ted Kingdom to His Majesty's Plantations 1819. and Settlements abroad, or to Foreign Cap. CXXX. To continue the several Parts, with respect to the Number of such Acts for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors in Passengers, and for making farther provi. Jreland, until the First Day of June One sion for that purpose. July 12, 1819. thousand eight hundred and twenty.--July

Cap. CXXV. To admit certain Goods 12, 1819. imported from the East Indies to Entry Cap. CXXXI. For raising the Sum and Payment of Duty without being ware of Sixteen Millions Five Hundred Thou. housed; and to permit the Exportation of sand Pounds, by Exchequer Bills, for Sercertain East India Goods to Guernsey and vice of the Year One Thousand eight hunJersey, and the Removal of certain East dred and nineteen.--July 12, 1819. ludia Goods to Liverpool, Lancaster, Bris



tutors to his Grace the Duke of Buccleuch, have March 11, George Tait, Esq, advocate, is ap

been pleased to present the Rev. James Green, pointed Sheriff-substitute of the county of Edin preacher of the Gospel, to the parish of Wester burgh, in room of H. Davidson, Esq. who has re

kirk, as assistant and successor to the Rev. W. signed.

Little. 30. The King has been pleased to direct letters

23. The Magistrates and Town Council of Perth patent to be passed under the Great Seal of the

unanimously appointed the lev. Samuel KenUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, for nedy, of Leith Wynd Chapel, Edinburgh, and eldgranting the dignity of a Baronet of the said United est son of the Rev. Mr kennedy of St Madoes, Kingdom to Walter Scott of Abbotsford, in the

to be Minister of the West Church of Perth, vacounty of Roxburgh, Esq. and to Uic heirs-inale cant by the death of the late Rev. Mr Kay. of his body lawfully begotten.

28. The Rev. Alexander Canpbell, of the InApril 1. The Right Honourable the Earl of Fife verness Academy, was ordained ind admitted inito be Lord Rector of the Marischal College of

nister of the parish of Dores, Presbytery of InverAberdeen.


April 1. The King has been pleased to present

the Rev. Alexander Stewart, D. D. Minister of II. ECCLESIASTICAL.

Dingwall, to the vacant charge of the parish of March 9. The Rev. James Harkness, formerly Canongate, Edinburgh. assistant in the parish of St Quivox, was ordained, by the Rev. Alexander Cuthill, Moderator of the Presbytery of Ayr, to the charge of the Presbyte

II. MILITARY. rian Church of St Andrew, in the city of Quebec,

Bt. Major Hon. F. Cathcart, 2 Dr. to he and province of Lower Canada,


ih Feb. 1820. 11. The Rev. John Wilson, A. M. of North

Capt. Frye, 4 F. Major 12th Aug. 1813. Shields, has received an appointment to the

Cowell, Coldst. Gds. Major church and parish of Irvine, Ayrshire, vacant by

17th Feb. 1820. the death of the Rev. J. Henderson

1 Dr G. General Gwyn, fm. 22 Dr. Colonel, vice 23. Lord Montaguc and thc Hlon. Mr Douglas, Sir D. Dundas, dcad

13th du.



1 Dr. G. Lieut. Elmsall, Capt. by pur, vice Naylor, 67 Cornet Marriott, fm. 17 Dr. Lieut. vice ret, 2d March 1820.

Jones, dead

18th July 1819. Cornet Grierson, Lieut. by pur. do. 70 Lieut. Mackay, Capt. vice Cameron 6 T. Alcock, Cornet by pur,

Vet. Bn.

2d March 1820. 15 Dr. Ramsden, Cornet by pur. vice Elton pro.

Ensign White, Lieut.

do 24th Feb.

Gent. Cadet J, L. Clarke, fm, R. Mi. 17 Ensign Dalzell, fm. 45 F. Cornet, vice

Coll. Ensign

do. Marriott, 67 É.

18th July 73 Lieut. Watts, fm. 16 F. Capt. vice ValA. B. Bromwich, Cornet, vice Nixon,

lance, dead

24th Feb. dead

17th Feb.

75 Troop Qua. Mast, M. M:Phail, Q. 22 Cornet Bebb, Lieut. vice Taunton, dead

Mast. vice Murray, dead 9th March 2d Sept. 1817. 79 Lieut. Cameron, fm. h. p. Lieut. vice F. W. E. Barrell, Cornet, vice Davis,

M'Arthur, 2 Vet. Bn.

do. dead 17th Feb. 1820. 84

Ensign Ingilby, Licut. vice M'Carthy, 1F. Lieut. Clyne, Capt. vice Butler, dead


30th May 1819. 9th March

G. P. Clarke, Ensign 17th Feb. 1820. 1

Anderson, fm, h. p. 97 F. Payın. 86 Surg. Rule, fm. h. p. 58 F. Surg. vice vice Lonsdale, h. p.

Bellairs, h. p. 58 F.

24th do. 10

· Thaine, Capt, vice Mullengar, can 87 Lieut. Caroll, Adj. vice Hutchinson, pro. celled 17th Feb.

25th May 1819. 11

Ensign Hopkins, Lieut. vice Smith, 8 89 Ensign Macdonald, Lieuta vice Hewson,
Vet. Bn.

2d March

26th June Mac Duff Watt, Ersign


W. J. King, Ensign 1st March 1817. 17 Ensign Cain, Lieut. vice Maw, dead


Ensign Sneyd, fm. h. p. 39 F. Ensign 12th June 1819.

9th March 1820. G. D. Young, Ensign

6th April

Trimmer, Lieut. vice Hood, 9 18 Ensign Leslie, fm. 46 F. Ensign, vice

Vet, Bn.

2d do. Gordon, h. p. 83 F. rec. diff.

D. Macdowall, Ensign

do. 2d March 1820. 92 Lt, Meiklejohn, fm, h. p. 56 F. Paym. Lieut. Craster, Capt, by pur. vice Lay,

vice Gordon, h. ). ret.

4th Feb. 93 Lieut. Sparks, Capt. vice Boulger, 7 Vet. Ensign Butler, Lieut.


17th Feb J. B. Gough, Ensign

Ensign Arthur, Lieut.

2d March 23 2d Lieut. Kennedy, 1st Lieut. vice Trot

Spens, Ensign

do. ter, 9 Vet. Bn.

2d March Rifle Brig. Field Marshal The Duke of Welling. G. Buller, 2d Lieut.


ton, K. G. and G. C. B. Colonel in Lieut, Berwick, fm. 94 Dr. Lieut. vice

Chief, vice Sir D. Dundas, dead
Smith, Adjut.
19th Dec. 1818.

19th Feb. Ensign Dore, Lieut. 21st Aug. 1819. 1 W. I. R. Capt. Fane, fm. 36 F. Major by purch. M. Schorff, Ensign, vice Chamberlin,

vice Irby, ret.

2d Mar. dead 1st Feb. 1820.

R. S. C. Vise. Beauchamp, Ens. do. G. Frankland, Ensigni 1st Sept. 1819.

vice Myers, prom.

24th Feb, 95 Lieut. Robertson, Capt. vice Juxon, 10 2

Lieut. Barry, Capt. vice Hance, 1 Vet.
Vet. Bn.
2d March 1810.

2d Mar. Ensign Blackwell, Lieut.


M‘Lean, fm. h. p. Afr. Corps,
T. Robinson, Eusign


do. 29 Lieut. Popham, Capt. vice Patison, 8 1 Ceyl. R. 2d Lieut. Gray, Ist Lieut, vice Tulloh, Vet. Bn,

9th do,

1st June 1819. Ensign Parker, Lieut.

do. 2

Lt. Col. Smelt, fm, h. p. York Ra. Lt 30 Lieut. Spratt, fm. h. p. 1 W. I. R. Lieut.

Col. vice Fleming, 53 F.
vice Ross, 4 Vet. Bn.
2d do.

24th Feb. 1820. 31 Ensign Chambers, Lieut. vice Hearne, York Chas. A. Boetefeur, Ensign by purch. vice dead 5th July 1819. Doriner, prom.

9th Mar. 36 Licut. Moody, Capt. by pur. vice Fane, Med. Dep. J. Campbell, Hosp. Assist. rice Cou1. W. I. R. 2d March 1820.

sens, dead

94th Feb. M'Kenzie, Capt. vice Chisholm, 4 Garrisons. Gen. Sir Samuel Hulse, Gov. of Chel Vet. Bn.


sca Hospital, vice Dundas, dead Ensign M'Iver, Lieut. do.

19th do, R. Macdonald, Ensign


Lt. Gen. Sir Harry Calvert, Bt. G.C.B. 43 Ensign Cradock, Lieut. vice Madden, 92

Lt. Gov. of Chelsea Hospital do. F.

24th Feb. Ferguson, Ensign


Exchanges. 45 T. Eman, Ensign, vice Dalzell, 17 Dr.

17th do. Bt. Lt. Col. O'Malley, fm. 38 F. with Major CuyN. Sykes, Ensign, by pur. vice William ler, h. p. 60 F. son, 75 F.

9th March

Bourchier, fm. 11 Dr. with Major 46 Ensign Orange, Lieut. vice Watts, 73 F. Smith, 92 Dr.

17th Feb. Bt. Major Milner, fm. 4 F. with Bt. Major Frye, W. N. Hutchinson, Ensign 24th do. h. p. 3 F. Ensign Tait, fm. h. p. 83 F. Ensign, pay. Capt. Ramsey, fm. 11th F. rec. diff. with Capt. ing diff. vice Leslie, 18 F. 2d March

Knollis, h. p. 18

Weston, Lieut. vice Archer, 6 Vet. Brownson, fm. 25 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Bn.

do. Priestley, h. p. 5 Gar. Bn. W. Codd, Ensign

do. Nolan, fm. 70 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Reel, 49 Lieut. Gen. Sir M. Nightingall, Colonel, h. p. 4 W. I. R. vice Maitland, dead

19th Feb, Lieut. M'Kenzie, fm, 22 Dr. with Lieut, Robison, Bt. Major Glegs, Major by pur. vice 24 F. Ormsby, ret,

9th March

Mullenger, fm. 10 F. with Lieut. Blane,
Licut. Lamont, Capt. hy pur. do. h. p. 1 F. G.
Ensign Sanders, Lieut, by pur. do,

Leavach, fm. 21 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.
Gent. Cadet G. Ross, fm. R. Mil. Coll. Johnston, h. p. 3 W. I. R.
Ensigu, vice Power, cancelled 20 do.

Reveley, fm. 46 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.
Surg. Jones, h. p. 1 F. Surg. vice Ross, h. Campbell, h. p. 30 F.

17th Feb. - Ridge, fm. 56 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. MA53 Lt. Col. Fleming, fm. 2 Ceylon R. Lt. son, h. p. Col. vice Brereton, h. p. York Ran.

Lee, fm. 81 f. with Lieut. Dixon, h. p.

24th do. 85 F. W. Warren, Ensign 8th May 1819.

Boyton, fm. 2 Ceylon Regt. with Lieut. 59 Ensign Barlow, Lieut. vice Macpherson, Poynts, h. p. 30 F. dead

13th do.

Croft, fm. 1 F G, rec, diff. with Lieut. 65

Mulkern, Licut. vicc Thomson, Lyster, h.p. dead

15th July

Stacpoole, fm. 18 F. rec. diff. with Lieut, W. Pitz Maurice, Ensign

Lynar, h. p. 49 F.

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P. IF.


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Lieut. Smith, fm. 20 F. rec. diff, with Lieut.

Alterations and Additions. Holmes, h. p. 14 F.

Harrison, fm. 41 F. rec, diff. with Lieut. 1 Life G. Capt. E. of Uxbridge, fm. 7 Huss. to Borrowes, h. p. 103 F.

be Capt. vice Mayne, ex. rec. diff. Clemens, fm. 41 F. with Lieut. Purdon,

8th March 1890. b. p. 4W.I.R.

1 Dr. G. Lirut. Dames, fm. h. p. 56 F. Lt. vice Stern, fm. 60 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Wil

Waldron, exch. rec. diff. 16th do. liams, h. p. 61 F.

2 Dr. Capt. Spooner, Major by purch. vice Prior, fm. 69 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

James, ret.

do. Windsor, h. p. 1 W. I. R.

Lieut. Graham, Capt. by purch. do. Cornet M'Cally, fm. 11 Dr. with Cornet Wymer,

Cornet Shawe, Lieut. by purch. do. 22 Dr.

A. W. Wyndham, Cornet, by purch. do. Ensign Forbes, fm, 22 F. with Ensign Smith, 89 7 Capt. Mayne, from 1 Life Gds. Capt. F.

vice E. of Uxbridge, exch. 8th do, Dallas, fm. 52 F. rec. diff. with Ensign 7 F.

Lt. Black, fm. h.p. Rifle Brig. Lt. vice Lodington, h. p. 4 F.

Payne, exch, rec. diff. 16th do. Qua. Mast. Smith, fm. 14 Dr. with Qua. Mast. 3 F.G. J. Berners, Ens. & Lt. by purch, vice Houghton, h. p. 25 Dr.

Armit, ret.

do, Jackson, fm, 10 F. with Qua. Mast. 1F. J. Mackenzie, Qua. Mast. vice Park,

dead Hales, h. p. 67 F.


Lieut. St John, fm. h. p. Meuron's R.
Resignations and Retirements.

Lt. vice Robinson, exch.


10 Lieut. Mac Nair, fm. h. p.& F. Lieut. Colonel Cooke, 3 West York Mil,

vice Sims, exch. rec, dift.

do. Lieut. Colonel Irby, 1 W. I, R.

28 Lieut. Arbuthnot, fm. h. p. 11 Dr. Ormsby, 19 F.

Capt. by purch, vice Teulon, prom. Major Naylor, 1 Dr. G.

29 R. P. Douglas, Ensign, vice Parker, Captain Lay, 22 F.


do. 53 Lieut. Emery, Capt. vice Whannel, Appointments Cancelled.


do. Captain Mullingar, 10 F.

Lieut. Prideaux, fm. h. p. 80 F. Lieut,

do. Comet Erskine, 21 Dr.

55 Lieut. Pack, fm. h. p. 71 F. Lieut. vice Ensign Power, 50 F.

Clements, exch. rec. diff. do. Assist. Surg. Greig, 67 F.

60 Lieut Chichester, fm. h. p. 14 F. Lieut. Dismissed.

vice O'Hehir, exch. rec, diff. do. 80

Capt. Addison, fm. h. p. 62 F. Capt. Dep. Assist. Commis. Gen. Phillips,

vice Dick, ex. rec. diff.

do, 81 Lieut. Spottiswood, Capt. by purch. Deaths.

vice Rowe, ret.


90 Lieut. Conroy, Capt, vice Wood, 3 Vet. General Walker, Roy. Art. at Chelsea


do. 14th Mar. 1820, Rifle B, Qua, Mast. Serj. W. HiH, Qua. Mast. Hartcup, Roy. Eng. in London 28th Feb.

vice Surtees, 4 Vet. Bn.

do. Lieut. General Cheney, from Gren. Gds. at Be 2 W. I. R. Major Bradley, Lt. Col, vice Ross, 7 verley

9th Mar.
Vet. Bn.

do. Major General P. Mackenzie, Col. of 3 Vet. Bn.

Captain Lord, Major

do. at Sheffield

7th Mar.
Lieut. Anderson, Captain

C. Irvine
1th June 1819.
Ensign Redman, Lieut.

Hamilton, R. Wag. Tr. London

Ensign Holt, fm. h. p. 4 W. I. R. En-
18th Mar. 1820.

do. Colonel D. Rattray, h. p. York Lt. Inf. Vol. 1 Vet. Bn. Lieut. Worlledge, from h. p. 3 Gar. Bn.

24th Feb.

24th Feb.
Sheldrake, R. Art. at Reading 230 do.

Bt. Maj. M'Intyre, from 2 W. I. R. Lieut. Colonel R. French, h. p. 89 F.


do, Hailes, h. p. Canadian Fenc. at

Licut. Williams, from 60 F. Lieut. vice Fredericton, New Brunswick, Aide-de-camp to

Semple, cancelled

do. Major Gen. Smyth

30th Dec, 1819. 3

Maj. Gen. St George, Colonel, vice Mac-
Middleton, R. Mar. Chatham

kenzie, dead

16th Mar. 5th Mar, 1820.

Assist. Surg. Tonge, M.D. fm. h. p. 13
Major A. Macdonald, h. p. Portugueze Service

Vet. Bn. As. Surg. vicc La Cloche,
2d April 1819.

24th Feb.
Gilbert Elliott, R. Mar. on passage from 4

Qua. Mast. Surtees, from Ritle Brig. Mediter. 17th Feb. 1820.

Ensign, vice Fraser, 7 Vet. Bn. do. Capt. Nixon, 10 Vet. Bn, in Guernsey 25th Jan. 5 Bt. Major Ebrington, fm. h. p. 21 F. Haggerston, of late 8 Vet. Bn.

Capt. vice Campbell, cancelled do.
18th Oct. 1819.

Lieut. Menzies, fm. h. p. 25 F. Licut.
Whannell, 53 F. Duke of York Indiaman

19th Feb. 1820.

Ensign Walker, fm. h. p. W. I. Rang.
Montgomerie, 57 F. Clonmell 28th Jan.

Ensign, vice Bradley, cancelled do.
A. F. von Brandis, late Germ. Leg.


Lieut. Col. Ross, fm. 2 W. I. R. Lieut. 28th Jan.

Col. vice Walker, cancelled do.
Lieut, S. Swiny, h. p. 38 F. 26th Nov. 1819.

Lieut. Tubb, fm. 5 Vet. Bn. Lieut.
Lowson, h, p. 92 Dr.
25th Scpt.

1st Nov. 1819.
Ross, late 5 Vet. Bn. Guernsey

Lieut. Balderson, fm. h. p. 100 F. Lt. 3d March 1820.

21th Feb. 1820. James Fraser Dunlop, h. p. 58 F. London 9 Capt. Logan, from R. Scots, Captain, derry, Ireland

9th Mar.
vice Frederick, cancelled

Roberts, late 5 Vet. Bn, Alderney

Ensign Renwick, fm. h. p. 2 Gar. Bn.
30th Dec. 1819.

Ensign, vice Kemmeter, cancelled do.
Green, 67 F. Bombay

20th July

Ensign Mackay, fm, h. p. Cape Regt.
Burton, 5 Vet. Bn. late h. p. 4 Gar. Bi.

Ensigo, vice M.Pherson, cancelled
25th Feb. 1820.

do. Ensign James Fraser, 1 Vet. Bn. 15th Feb. 10 Lieut. Hargrove, fm. h. p. 92 F. Lieut. F. Sander, late Germ. Leg. 19th do.

vice Taylor, cancelled Paymast. A. Macdonald, h. p. Ritle Brig.

Ensign M'Phail, fm. h. p. 35 F. Ensign,
Nichols, 19 F. "28th Aug. 1819.

vice Hay, cancelled

do. Burgess, 2d Lancashire Militia

Med. Dep. Hosp. Assist. - Arthur, from h. p. 14th Feb. 1820.

Hosp. Assist. vice Moir, cancelled Assist. Surg. Ader, h. p. Germ. Leg.

15th do. 30th Dec. 1819. Staff. Maj. Gen. Sir Henry. Torrens, K. C.B. Ruhstadt, do.

24th Oct.

to be Adjutant General to his MajesDep. Assist. Coinmis. Gen. Rankin, Canada.

ty's Forces

25th Mar.


Horse Guards, 25th March 1820.

Ist Lt. Tomkins, from h. p. Ist Lt.

25th December 1819. His Royal Highness the Commander-in-Chief

20 Lt. Stow, 1st Lieut.

de. has been pleased to appoint Major General Sir

May, from h. p. 2d Lieut. do. Herbert Taylor to be his Military Secretary. Roy. Eng. Ist Lieut. Baddeley, from h. p. Ist Le. ORDNANCE DEPARTMENT.

2d Lieut. Poster, Ist Lieut.

Smith, from. h. p. 20 Lt. do Roy, Art. 22 Capt. Stopford, from h. p. 2d Capt. Medical. 2d Assist. Surg. Parratt, from h. p. 2d

26th Dec. 1819.

Assist. Surg. vice Humphreys, h. 1st Lt. Campbell, 2d Captain do,

1st Feb. 1820.

7th Sept

[blocks in formation]

Vice-Admiral Sir Graham Moore, Commander-in-Chief in the Mediterranean.

Secretary, Harry Munro.
Rear-Admiral William Charles Fahie, Commander-in-Chief at the Leeward Islands,
Flag-Lieutenant, Joseph R. Thomas.--Secretary, E. E. Vidal.


Miscellaneous Appointments. Resident Commissioners of the Victualling at Plymouth and Portsmouth, respectively-Capt. Rietd.

Creyke, R. N. and Capt. Henry Garrett, R. N. Clerk of the Survey, Deptford-yard - Daniel B. Dawcs. Surgeon of Chathain-yard-David Rowlands, M. D.

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