In short, the Jews have their Syna- most fearful apprehension in the minds of gogues, their Rabbins, and a superior school many persons. In Montreal, also, the at Witepsk.

darkness was very great, particularly on a In general, all religious persuasions are Sunday morning; the whole atmosphere allowed the most entire liberty in Russia, appeared as covered with a thick haze of a provided they do not attempt to make dingy orange colour, during which rain fell proselytes.

of a dark inky appearance, and apparently University of Moscow.–Although the impregnated with some black substance, whole buildings of the University of Moscow, resembling soot. At this period many conwith its splendid library and museum, fell jectures were afloat, among which, that a a sacrifice to the flames in 1812, when volcano had broken out in some distant Russia was ravaged by the French army, quarter.

The weather after this became yet, through the activity of the Govern- pleasant, until the Tuesday following, when, ment, aided by the munificence of the Em at 12 o'clock, a heavy damp vapour enveperor Alexander, the whole has been rebuilt. loped the whole city, when it became neThe Museum of Natural History is alrea- cessary to light candles in all the houses ; the dy very extensive ; and the Emperor has stalls of the butchers were also lighted. purchased for L. 6000 the famous anato. The appearance was awful, and grand in mical collection of the celebrated Loder, the extreme. A little before 3 o'clock, a formerly Professor of Anatomy at Jena, slight shock of an earthquake was felt, acbut now called to Moscow. Dr G. F. companied with a noise resembling the disHoffmann, the well known botanist, and tant discharge of artillery. It was now formerly Professor of Botany at Göttingen, that the increasing gloom engrossed univerhas accepted the liberal offers of the Em- sal attention. At twenty minutes past 3, peror, and is now Professor of Botany, and when the darkness seemed to have reached Superintendent of the Botanical Garden at its greatest depth, the whole city was instanMoscow. The Natural History department taneously illuminated by the most vivid is under the direction of Dr F. Fischer, a flash of lightning ever witnessed in Montdistinguished naturalist, and well known to real, immediately followed by a peal of the scientific world by his numerous works thunder, so loud and near as to shake the in different branches of natural history.- strongest buildings to their foundation, Edin. Phil. Jour.

which was followed by other peals, and acEgypt.-The last news from this coun- companied by a heavy shower of rain, of try of inexhaustible curiosity, contains in the colour above described. After 4 P. M. formation respecting the labours of that the heavens began to assume a brighter apmagnificent undertaking, the Grand Canal pearance, and fear gradually subsided. of Alexandria. Already the primary ef Between 4 and 5 it was discovered that fects of it have given an impulse to agri- the steeple of the French Church in Notreculture and industry, such as might be ex. Dame Street was on fire. The flames were pected from it. The culture of cotton, of seen issuing from the top of the spire, the sugar-cane, of the mulberry-tree, is be- which, through the haze, had the appearginning to assume a degree of activity, is ance of a lighthouse seen far at sea. also the rearing of silk-worms ; and some small engine was taken up the steeple, and important new manufactories are already at the fire extinguished, after great exertions, work, holding out the promise of future between 8 and 9 o'clock at night. At 8 commercial prosperity.

o'clock the iron crucifix fell with a tremenIn Upper Egypt, above i he province of dous crash, and broke in several pieces.' Esne, there have been lately discovered, be South America.--A number of scienti. sides the sulphur mines found some time fic Voyagers have, for some time past, been ago, iron and lead mines; the latter are exploring the territories of Brazil, with the said to be very rich. The Pacha has sent sanction of the Portuguese Government, to those parts several persons to look for and at the expence of the Austrian, Bavathe gold and emerald mines, which have rian, and Tuscan Government. On the been neglected for some centuries.

part of Austria, we find Professor Mikan Black Rain. The following account for natural history in general, and botany has been published in the American Jour. in particular ; for researches in mineralonals :

66 November 23, 1819. Awful gy, Dr Pohl ; in the department of zooloStorm at Montreal.-The dark and thick gy, M. Natterer ; as a painter of landweather which was expérienced in this city scapes, M. Ender; as a painter in botanisome time back extended throughout the cal subjects, M. Backberger ; and for paintUnited States, as well as the neighbouring er in natural history, M. Frick.- On the provinces. In the district of Maine, the part of Bavaria appear the names of Dr darkness was very great at times, during Spitz as zoologist, and of Professor Marwhich there were occasional peals of thun- tens as botanist. Dr Badi has been apder, and very vivid lightning. The ar- pointed naturalist on the part of the Grand pearance of the firmament was awfully Duke of Tuscany. grand and terrific, which gave rise to the New South Wales. By a late return it


appears, that in 1818 the land cleared and ses, 6500 cattle, 700 sheep, and 700 hogs ; cultivated consisted of 284,000 acres, or while the total number of population was double the surface of Rutland. That the 25,000. In the year 2000 the Republic of produce was 1543 bushels of wheat and New Holland may sway the Eastern 42,000 of maize; and the stock, 700 hor. Archipelago.



tionary of Arts, Sciences, and Literature, A very interesting volume will appear by Abraham Rees, D. D. F. A. S. L S. next month, entitled the History of the Re &c. will be completed in one more part, bellion in 1745 and 1746 ; containing the making seventy-eight, which will be pubcauses of the Pretender's defeat at Culloden, lished in a few weeks. and a variety of interesting anecdotes, by Mr Leigh Hunt, author of Rimini, will Chevalier Johnstone, Aid-de-camp to Prince soon publish a Translation of Amyntas, a Edward ; with an account of his subse. Tale of Woods, from the Italian of Torquent adventures in Scotland, England, quato Tasso. This work will be embel. Holland, France, Russia, and America. lished with a highly-finished Portrait of The manuscript was originally deposited in Tasso. the Scots College at Paris.

The next Number of the Journal of New A Na rrative of the late Political and Voyages and Travels will consist of Mol. Military Events in British India, under lien's Travels in Africa to the sources of the brilliant and liberal administration of the Gambia, with plates. It will be folthe Marquis of Hastings. By Henry T. lowed, in May, by Pertusier's Promenade Princep, Esq. with maps, plans, and round Constantinople, with splendid enviews, will be published in a few weeks. gravings.

The personal History of George the An interesting Journal, under the title of Third, undertaken with the assistance of “ Annals of Oriental Literature," to be persons officially connected with the late published quarterly, will appear on the King; and dedicated, by permission, to his first of May. The Editors mean to devote present Majesty, by Edward Hawke Lock. a large portion of their work to a critical er, Esq. F. R. S. will soon appear, hand account of productions on oriental subjects ; somely printed, with portraits, fac-similes, to communicate early notices of all such &c. in 4to.

publications to British orientalists. The Mr Malthus announces the Principles of eastern regions of Asia still have much Political Economy considered, with a view worthy of being explored ; and the vast to their Practical Application.

fund of literary treasures which China preMr James Grey Jackson, late British sents will not be overlooked ; the portion Consul at Santa Cruz, South Barbary, and of Africa, which lies to the east of Europe, resident merchant upwards of sixteen years will be classed, without impropriety, under in various parts of the Empire of Morocco, the head of Oriental Literature. The plan Professor of Arabic, and author of an is to publish an octavo volume, of nearly Account of the Empire of Morocco, and 200 pages quarterly. Each part is to be the districts of Susa, Tafilet, Timbuc- divided into three sections the first de. too, &c. has in the press, and will publish voted to original essays, translations, &c next month, in one volume octavo, an Ac- the second to reviews of oriental works count of Timbuctoo and Housa, territories the third to short notices of books, and in the interior of Africa, by El Hage Abd miscellaneous intelligence. Salam Shabeenie, a native of Morocco, who The first volume of the Comedies of personally visited and resided as a mer- Aristophanes, translated from the Greek, chant in those interesting countries, with with numerous illustrative notes, by Thonotes, critical and explanatory. To which mas Mitchell, A. M. late Fellow of Sida will be added, Letters descriptive of seve ney-Sussex College, Cambridge, will be ral Journies through West and South published in a few weeks. Barbary, and across the Mountains of Travels, in 1816 and 1817, through Atlas.

Nubia, Palestine, and Syria ; in a series of The Life of the Right Honourable R. familiar Letters to his Relations, written on B. Sheridan, by Thomas Moore, Esq. with the spot, by Captain Mangles, R. N. are a portrait, is in progress; as well as the printing. works of the same writer, now first collect The History of the late War in Spain, ed and edited.

by Robert Southey, &c. is in preparaThe New Cyclopædia ; or Universal Dic. tion.

Mr Jacob is printing his Travels through Inflammation, and the Contractile Power Holland, Germany, and part of France, in of the Blood Vessels. 1819, with references to their Statistics, Porson's Euripides, complete, with an Agriculture, and Manufactures.

Index, is printing in an octavo volume. A History of the several Italian Schools Mr Gifford's edition of the Plays and of Painting, with Observations on the pre- Poems of James Shirley, now first collected sent state of the Art.

and chronologically arranged, are nearly A Mineralogical Dictionary is in pre- ready for publication. paration ; comprising an alphabetical no. A reprint is preparing of the famous menclature of mineralogical synonymes, Century of Inventions of the Marquis of and a description of each substance. To Worcester, from the original MSS. with which is prefixed an explanation of the Historical and Explanatory Notes, a Bio. terms used in describing the external cha: graphical Memoir, and an original Porracters, and crystalline structure and trait. forms of minerals. It will be illustrated The Village of Mariendroft, a Romance, by numerous plates, many of those relating by Miss Anna Maria Porter, is in the to the theory of crystallography are en. press. tirely original.-- The whole to be engraved Speedily will be published, Lacon or, by Mr and Miss Lowry.

many Things in few Words, by the Rev. A new interesting volume of Natural C. Colton, late Fellow of King's College, History will shortly appear under the title Cambridge. of Toxidermy, or the art of collecting, pre A Work is in preparation, called “ Roy. paring, and mounting objects of Natural al Virtue,” or a Tour to Kensington, History, for the use of Museums and Tra. Windsor, and Claremont, or a Contemplavellers.

tion of the character and virtues of George Mr Frederick Nash, having been em. III. the Duke of Kent, and the Princess ployed at intervals, during the last three Charlotte, in the scenes where they were years in Paris, in making drawings of its principally displayed. principal buildings and the surrounding The Rev. W. Moorhouse, West-Melton, scenery, proposes to publish a series of en near Rotherham, is transcribing for the gravings (in number from fifty to sixty) press, “ Thoughts on the essential requiunder the title of Views in Paris and its sites for Church Communion ;' in which Environs.

will be considered the sentiments of the The first number of a New Quarterly Rev. S. Greatheed, F. R. S. with an apJournal and Review, to be entitled, The pendix of miscellaneous Essays, chiely Investigator, will be published on the 1st theological. May. “Its object,” say the Editors, “ is Early in April wlil be published, an to connect sound Learning and the various Italian and English Grammar, from Verbranches of Police Literature, with an un- gani's Italian and French Grammar, in deviating attention to the Principles of pure twenty lessons, with exercises ; a new edi. and undefiled Religion, and to the best In- tion, corrected and improved, by M. terests of Society, without distinction of Piranesi.--Also, a Key adapted to the sect or party.”

French and Italian, as well as the English The Journals of the Two Expeditions and Italian. behind the Blue Mountains, and into the A Translation is preparing of M. Cottu's Interior of New South Wales, undertaken Work, on the Administration of Criminal by order of the British Government, in the Justice in England, and on the Spirit of the years 1817-18. By John Oxley, Esq. British Constitution. Surveyor-General. With maps and views A History of the Modes of Belief usu. of the newly discovered country, will soon ally termed the Superstitions of the Middle be published.

Ages, with some curious plates, will speedia T'he Poetical Decameron ; or Conversa. ly be published. tions on English Poets and Poetry, par The Topography of Athens, with some ticularly of the reigns of Elizabeth and Remarks on its Antiquities, by Lieut.-Col. James' I. by J. Payne Collier, of the Leake, is in the press. Middle-Temple, will appear in a few The History of Parga ; containing an ac! days.

count of the vicissitudes of that part of Mr Henry Neele is employed upov a Greece during the French Revolution ; new Narrative and Descriptive Poein, supported by authentic documents, transwhich will be given to the public in the lated from the Italian MS. of Hugo Fosensuing winter.

colo, will soon appear. Dr Charles Hastings, Physician to the Mr C. P. Whitaker is preparing an im. Worcester Infirmary, has in the press, in proved edition of Hamoniere's French and one volume octavo, a Treatise on Inflam- English Dictionary, in a portable volume. mation of the Mucous Membrane of the In April will be published, Le Guesta Lungs; to which is prefixed, an Experi. d'Enrico IV. in Italian verse, by M. mental Inquiry into the general Nature of Guazzaroni.

The Adventures of Thomas Eustace, of Mr Murray's “ Historical Account of Chinnor, Oxfordshire, are printing under Discoveries and Travels in Asia," which the direction of the Rev. Sol. Piggott. has been for some time announced, will

Mr James Wilson has in the press, a make its appearance in the course of May Journal of two successive Tours in 1816. next. The object of this work, as of that 17-18; containing an account of the South on Africa, is to comprise, within a moderate of France, the great road over the Alps, compass, whatever is most important and and the most interesting parts of Italy. amusing in the narratives of ihe various

Mr Grant is printing a third volume of travellers, who have visited this extensive his History of the English Church, which quarter of the globe. Besides the best will bring the narrative down to 1800. works of known and standard travellers,

A Series of Characteristic Portraits of the author has introduced a considerable Cossacks, attached to the Russian Army number, which, as they exist only in the that entered Paris in 1815-1816, with some less known European languages, or in the account of the different tribes, is print- MSS. of our public libraries, may proba. ing.

bly be new to the English reader. Among Mr Corry is preparing for the press, these may be mentioned, Clavijo's EmbasCromwell, or the Adventurer, a tale. sy to Timur in 1404–Andrada's Passage

Memorials of Royal Worth are printing i of the Himmaleh in 1624_Don Garcia de containing a complete collection of Anec. Sylva's Embassy to the Court of Shah dotes of George III. ; with various tribute Abbas in 1618-Sir Thomas Grantham's of grief on the death of the benevolent Voyage in the Indian Seas in 1683-4Duke of Kent; collected by Ingram Cob. Proceedings of the Portuguese Missionaries bin, M. A.

in India and Japan, (from the great works A new Periodical Work will shortly be of Gusman, Nieremberg, the Oriente Con. submitted to the world, under the title of quistado, &c.)-MS. Reports to the se Thc Christian Champion.

nate of Venice, on various countries of the

East; and narratives relative to Asiatic EDINBURGH.

Russia, from the German collections of Peter Faultless to his Brother Simon, Pallas and Muller. The whole will be Tales of Night in Rhyme, and other Poems; accompanied with geographical and histori. by the author of “ Night." In one yolume cal illustrations of the past and present foolscap octavo,

state of the continent.




The Cenci, a Tragedy in five acts ; by
The Life of Wesley, and the Rise and Percy B. Shelly. 8vo. 4s. 6d.
Progress of Methodism; by Robt. Southey, Dramatic Scenes; by J. Cornwall. 12mo.

75. The Life and Adventures of Antar, a The Fall of Jerusalem, a Dramatic celebrated Bedowen Chief, Warrior and Poem, by H. H. Milman, M. A. author Poet, who flourished a few years prior to of Fazio, 8vo. the Mahommedan æra, now first translated Ivanhoe ; by Mr Beazley. 8vo. from the original Arabic ; by Terrick Too Late for Dinner ; a Farce. 25. Hamilton, Esq. Oriental Secretary to the 6d. British Embassy at Constantinople, 4 vols.

EDUCATION. 8vo. L. 1, 10s.

Fables for Children ; by Jauffet, Ad. The Life of Fenelon, with other Bio thor of Rolando's Travels. Plates, 3s. graphical and Historical Tracts ; by Charles 6d. Butler, Esq. 8vo. 10s. Gd.

The English Primer; or First Book for CHRONOLOGY.

Children ; by the Rev. T. Clark. Gd. The Chronology of the last fifty years, Stephen's Greek Thesaurus, No. 3. containing accurate details of all events, The Delphin and Variorum Classics ; occurrences, and incidents of general in. Nos. II and 12; containing the concluterest, which have taken place between sion of Cæsar and the Commencement of the years 1770 and 1820. Royal 18mo. 14s. Juvenal. 8vo. L. 1, Is. small, and L. 2, boards.

2s. large paper: A Key to the Chronology of the Hin. Cornelius Nepos, with English Notes, dus ; being an attempt to facilitate the and Historical and Geographical Questions progress of Christianity in Hindostan. 2 for Schools ; by the Rev. C. Bradley. vols. 8vo. 18s.

3s. Cd.

Cæsar's Commentaries from Oberlin's Peter's Hospital and the Bristol Infirmary ; Text, with all the Delphin Notes, but with. by James C. Prichard, M. D. out the Interpretatio. Plates, 8vo. 10s. 6d. Observations on the Nature and Cure of

A Greek and English Lexicon; by M. Cancer ; by Charles Aldis. 8vo. 4s. 6d. Bass. 18mo. 4s.

Medical Notes on Climate, Diseases, A Greek Selection : by W. Hodge. 8vo. Hospitals, and Medical Schools in France, 10s. 6d.

Italy, and Switzerland ; by James Clark, The Nature and Genius of the German M. D. 8vo. Language displayed in a more extended re

MISCELLAXIES. view of its grammatical forms than is to A Manuscript, found in the Portfolio of be found in any grammar extant; and Las Casas, containing Maxims and Obserelucidated by quotations from the best au- vations of Napoleon; collected during the thors; by D. Boileau. In one thick vo. last two years of his residence at St Helelume, bds. 12s.

na, translated from the Prench. 4s. 6d. FINE ARTS.

Miscellanies ; by the Rev. Richard A Progressive Drawing Book, in water Warner. 2 vols. 12mo. 10s. colours, of select Rural Cottage Scenery, The Builders' Price Book, for 1820; by illustrated in a series of subjects, from an Mr Crosby. 4s. sewed. Outline to a finished Drawing, with a de Lessons of Thrift ; published for genescriptive scale of all the Tints used through- ral benefit, by a member of the Save All out each Drawing ; by J. Hassell, No. 1. Club, with humorous coloured plates, roy5s. each No.

al 8vo. L. 1, Is. A Sketch Book ; by Mr Crayon. 8vo. 12s. Lady Russell's Letters. 12mo. 6s.

Hakewill and Turner's Views in Italy, The Glory of Regality; a Historical No. 9. royal 4to. 12s. 6d. large paper 18s. Treatise of the Anointing and Crowning of India proof, L. 1, 10s.

the Kings and Queens of England; by A. The Architectural Antiquities of Nor- Taylor, F. S. A. 8vo. 1ūs. mandy, in a series of one hundred etchings ; A Gazetteer of the Colonies of Great with historical and descriptive notices ; by Britain. No. 1, 8vo. 2s. T. S. Cotman. Part I. (containing 25 A New Dictionary for the Fashionable plates) royal folio. L. 3, 3s.

World, translated from the French, with Views in the French Capital and its vi- Selections and Additions. 12mo. 6s. cinity ; by Captain Batty, 4to. 12s.

The Rudiments of Chemistry ; by Mr A Historical and Statistical Account of Parke. l&mo. half bound, 5s. the Principalities of Wallachia and Molda A Commentary on the Systems which via, including various political observations have been advanced for explaining the respecting them; by Wm. Wilkinson, Planetary Motions ; by J. Burney, R. N. Esq. late His Britannic Majesty's Consul F. R. S. 8vo. to the above mentioned principalities. 8vo.


The Periodical Novelist; Vol. IIl. conLetters on History. Part II. (profane) sisting of Andrew of Padua" from the 12mo. 5s. Od.

Italian of Francisco Furbo, and " The A New and Impartial History of Tre- Vindictive Father," from the Spanish of land, from the earliest accounts to the pre- Leandra of Valladuras. 12mo. Os. sent time ; by M. M‘Dermott. Vol. I. Les Jeunes Femmes ; par T. N. Bouil. 8vo. 12s.

ly, Membre de Plusieurs Sociétés Savantes LAW.

et Literaires. 2 vols. 12mo. with plates. Reports of Cases of controverted Elec. 10s. 6d. tions, in the sixth Parliament of the United Good Humour ! or, My Uncle the GeneKingdom ; by Uvedale Corbett and Ed- ral; by a Third Cousin. In this work will ward R. Daniell, Esqrs. Barristers at Law. be found some interesting particulars re

lative to the Retreat of the late Lieutenant State Trials ; by J. Howell. Vol. General Sir John Moore to Corunna. XXVII, royal 8vo. L. 1, lls. 6d. 2 vols. 12mo. 12s. Impey's Forms. Evo, 7s. Od.

Olivia ; a Tale. By a Lady of Distinc

tion. 2 vols. 12mo. 128. 6d. A Treatise on Uterine Hæmorrhage ; The Orientalist; or, Electioneering in by Duncan Stewart, Physician, Accoucheur Ireland ; a Tale. 2 vols. to the Westminster Dispensary, 8vo. Gs. The Hermit of Glenconella ; a Tale;

A Sketch of the Economy of Man ; by by Eneas M.Donnell. 7s. Whitlock Nicholl, M.D.M.R.S. &c. 8vo. The Young Countess; a Tale ; Øs. Gd. 10s.

Italian Mysteries, by F. Lathom. 3 vols. The Pharmacologia; by T. Paris. 8vo. 10s. 12mo. 16s. 6d.

A History of the Epidemic Fever, which Coincidence ; or, the Soothsayer; a prevailed in Bristol, during the years 1817, Novel : by Paul Sebright. 3 vols. 12mo. 1818, and 1819, founded on Reports of St ICs. Od.



8vo. 9s.


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