Spence, T. Maryland Point, Essex, dealer

Watson, J. and J. Friday Street, warehousemen Stevenson, J. Broad Street, Bloomsbury, corn Wood, J. Nottingham, hosier chandler

Worthington, J. Warton, Lancashire, coal mer Skinner, J. Sharp's Buildings, Rosemary Lane, chant slopseller

Waters, J. East Lane, Bermondsey, victualler Stevens, J. Cherryinton, Cambridge, gardener Warrel, w. Liverpool, merchant Steward, C. Kingston-upon-Hull, wine merchant Whitley, J. Bingley, Yorksure, worsted spinner Shuttleworth, J. and T. Stevens, Torkington, Wire, J. Colchester, grocer dealers

Walton, R. Wood Street, Cheapside, hosier Savile, Smith, Stayley, Chester, cotton-spinner Weile, W. P. Tooley Street, hat-manufacturer Shaw, J. Micklehurst, Chester, clothier

Wratnell, C.C. Lancaster, dealer in coals T. S. and W. S. Button, Sunbury, and T. Adkin, Want, J. Russell Place, Fitzroy Square, surgeon Colchester, millers

Winterbottom, J. Manchester, druggist Thompson, J. Manchester, bookseller

Windeatt, R. Bridgetown, Devon, woollen manuTaylor, T. Preston, grocer

facturer Thomas, B. B. Plymouth Dock, beer brewer Wornell, W. Downton, Wilts, linen-draper Tyler, J. Petworth, Sussex, spirit-merchant Wilson, R. Birminghain, merchant Tipping, T. Varrington, Lancaster, miller Walker, J. jun. Asbridge, Somerset, brewer Todd, A. Catherine Street, Tower, merchant Wester, J. Tenterden, Kent, printer Turner, N. J. Tower Street, merchant

Wilson, R. Vauxhall, linen-traper Taylor, J. Moreton in Marsh, Gloucester, wine Willians, B. Birmingham, chemist merchant

Wilkinson, C. Wormwood Street, tea-dealer Wilson, W. Rotherhithe, corn-factor

Williams, J. Crowland, Lincoln, grocer.

ALPHABETICAL List of Scotch BANKRUPTCies and DIVIDENDS, announced

February 1820, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.



Bute, W. Glasgow, wright and builder
Cotton, S. Glasgow, china and carthenware mer.

Cowan, W. Paislev, flesher and horse-dealer
Dods, J. Edinburgh, wright and builder
Douglas, J. Stirling, merchant
Ewing, Miller, and Co. Greenock, and Miller,

Fergus, and Co. Newfounland, merchants
Glen, W. Arusheugh, cattle-dealer, &c.
Gordon, J. Aberdeen, cooper and fislı-curer
Gray, A. Irvine, cloth-merchant
Henderson, T. jun. Anstruther Easter, mere

Howie, J. and J. Irvine, merchants, spirit-dealers,

shoemakers, &c. Lawrie, J. and G. and Co. Edinburgh, surgeons

and druggists M'Kellar, D), Grecnock, merchant Neilson, J. Waulkinill Store, near Airdrie, mer

chant Plimpton and Co. Edinburgh, merchants Robertson, R. and Co. Greenock, spirit-dealers

and umbrella manufacturers Robertson, W. Inverness, merchant

Brodie, G. Leith, merchant; by J. Duncan, mer.

chant there, 11th March. Carrie, J. Arbroath, merchant; by J. Walker,

merchant there, 31st March. Henderson, T. and W. Edwburgh, merchants;

by R. Thomson, jun, merchant there, 13th

Johnston, late D. Glasgow, manufacturer ; by J.

Kerr, accountant there, 25d March.
Mackay, D, Jelburgh, innkeeper ; by T. Caver.

hill, merchant there, 18th March.
M‘Alister and Bryson, Glasgow, merchants; by

J. Ewing, merchant there, 15th March, Robertson, J. Leith, merchant; by M. Smillie.

writer there, 26th March. Sim, G. M. and Co. Glasgow, merchants; by

G. Stodart, merchant, Leith, 15th March. Stewart, J. Aberdeen, general agent; by J. Ewing,

advocate there, 3d April. Watt, J. Aberdeen, tiesher ; by W. Bathgate,

skinuer there, 16th March. Wright, P. Glasgow, manufacturer; by Wal

kinshaw, Dow, and Walkinshaw, Ingram Street there, 3d April,



31. The Viscountess Duncan, a son. Jan. 1820. At Quebec, the lady of James Feb. 1. Mrs Patrick Robertson, Pitt Kerr, Esq. Judge of the Court of King's Street, Edinburgh, a daughter. Bench., a son.

The Countess of Clonmell, twin 15. At Gibraltar, the lady of Major daughters. Thomas Fyers, Royal Engineers, a son. 3. At Kirkaldy, Mrs Robert Kirk, :

19. A: Boulogne, the lady of Hugh son. Rose, Esq. of Glastulich, a daughter. 4. Mrs Forrest of Comiston, a daughter. 23. Lady Petre, a son.

At Ayr, Mrs H. D. Boswell, a 27. At Timpendean, Mrs Walker, a daughter. daughter.

5. At Pendreech, Mrs Captain Mac28. At Newington, Edinburgh, Mrs J. kenzie, a daughter. R. Skinner, a son.

7. At Portobello, Mrs Douglas, Great The lady of G. A. Fullarton, Esq. of King Street, a son. Fera Hill, Berks, a son.

8. Mrs Terrot, Albany Street, Edin. At the Manse of Kinglassie, Mrs burgh, a daughter. Cunnyngham, a son.

At Milsington, Mrs Scott, a son. 31. The Marchioness of Sligo, a son 9. At Peebles, Mrs M Gowan of Winkę and heir.

ston, a son,


9. At the Union Hotel, St Andrew's Manning, jun. of the Civil Service, Esq. to Square, Edinburgh, Mrs Horrocks, a son. Caroline, eldest daughter of Lieutenant-Ge

At Edinburgh, Mrs George Wauc- neral Russell, of the Bengal Establishment. hope, a daughter,

Nov. 1. At Kingston, Upper Canada, 13. In Constitution Street, Aberdeen, Major Huxley, of the 70th regiment, to the lady of Captain Burns, of the 80ch re- Jessie, eldest daughter of Thomas Scott, giment of foot, a daughter.

Esq. Paymaster of the said regiment. 17. At Island Bridge, near Dublin, the Jan. 24, 1820. At Kinghorn, Lieutenlady of Captain H. G. Jackson, a son. ant James Nairne, R. N. to Miss Sophia

18. At Newmains, Mrs David Syme, a Sprunt, daughter of Mr James Sprunt, ma. daughter.

nufacturer there. - At Hilton, Mrs Pearson of Myre 25. At Plocktown, Lochalsh, Donald cairnie, a daughter.

Matheson, Esq. of Achnadarroch, to Mary, 19. Mrs Cathcart, Gayfield Square, E. daughter of Mr Duncan M'Rae, late of dinburgh, a son.

Conchra. Mis Crosbie, Northumberland Street, 31. At Glasgow, Gavin Hamilton, Esq. Edinburgh, a daughter.

of Springbank, parish of Avondale, to Miss Ai Lathrisk House, Fifeshire, the Nancy Paterson, youngest daughter of the lady of William Johnston, Esq. of Lath. late Mr William Paterson of Oldhill. risk and Bavelaw, a son and heir.

At Dumfries, Benjamin Nicholson, 20. At Loanhead, the lady of the late Esq. surgeon, to Miss Margaret M'Gowan. Robert Riccalton, Esq. Surgeon, Royal Mr James Stark, printer in Glasgow, Navy, a daughter.

to Maria, seventh daughter of the late 21. At Culloden, Mrs A. Gordon, a son. George Kinloch, Esq. Stonchaven. 22. At Edinburgh, the lady of William At Prestonhall, near Cupar Fife, Ogilvie, Esq. younger of Chesters, a daugh. Captain Allan Briggs, of the Elizabeth of

Kirkaldy, to Miss Swan, daughter of the 23. Mrs James Borthwick, Abercromby late John Swan, Esq. of Prestonliall. Place, Edinburgh, a daughter.

Feb. 1. Captain John Grant, 72d regi. Mrs John Wardrop. 103, George ment, to Miss Jane Gordon, second daughStreet, Edinburgh, a daughter.

ter of the late Rev. John Gordon, minister 25. Mrs Charles Tawse, Gayfield Square, of Cabrach. Edinburgh, a son.

2. At Glenpan, Neil Campbell, Esq. to 26. At Edinburgh, Mrs Stevenson, Al. Matilda, daughter of Duncan M‘Dougall, bany Street, a daughter.

Esq. of Ardinhive. 28. At Reading, Berks, the lady of 8. At St George's, Hanover Square, LonLieutenant Colonel Wemyss, a son and don, the Earl of Uxbridge, eldest son of the

Marquis of Anglesey, to Eleanora, second At Deal, the lady of Captain M'Cul- daughter of the late John Campbell, Esq. loch, of his Majesty's ship Severn, a son. of Shawfield, having been previously mar.

March 1. At Teviot Bank, the Honoura ried, on the 5th of August last, at Altyre, ble Mrs Elliott, a daughter.

in Scotland, the seat of her brother-in-law, At Edinburgh, the lady of Alexan.. Sir W. G. Cumming, Bart. der Norman Macleod, Esq. of Harris, a At Woodlands, near Dumfries, Mr daughter.

John Walker, of London, merchant, to 5. The lady of Major-General the Ho- Jessie, eldest daughter of the late John nourable Alexander Duff, a daughter. Johnston, Esq.of St Thomas's in the East,

At Ladyland, Mrs Cochran, a daugh Jamaica. , ter.

At Inverness, John M‘Lennan, Esq. 10. At Paisley, the lady of Captain of the colony of Berbice, to Catherine, Tronson, 13th regiment, a son.

youngest daughter of the late Rev. Angus Lutely. At London, the Countess of Bethune, minister of Alness. Cowper, a daughter.

9. At Devonbank, the Rev. William At the house of Viscountess Nelson, Ex. Brash, Glasgow, to Miss Jane Dick, youngmouth, the lady of T. Nesbitt, Esq. R.N. a est daughter of James Dick, Esq. of Deson and heir.

vonbank. At the house of her father, Lieutenant 10. At Edinburgh, Major-General HenGeneral M.Leod, St James's Park, Lon- ry Elliot, Colonel of the 5th Veteran Batdon, Lady Gardiner, a son.

talion, to Mrs Pringle of Rosebank. At Madras, the lady of Lieutenant D. H. 17. At Hampstead, John Loch, Esq. Mackenzie, of the artillery, a daughter.

to Rubinia Marion Cullen, youngest daughAt Madras, the lady of A. Mackenzie, ter of Archibald Cullen, Esq. one of his E.sq. Surgeon of his Majesty's 69th regi- Majesty's Counsel. ment, a son.

W. G. Macknight, Esq. of Green

Castle, Jamaica, to Eliza, youngest daugh. MARRIAGES.

ter of T. Manners, Esq. of the Crescent, Aug. 23, 1819. At Calcutta, Henry Minories.




17. At Midmar Castle, G. R. Nuttall, At Paddington, William Lushing, Esq. M. D. of London, to Marion, third daugh- of Paddington, to Miss West, only daugh. ter of James Mansfield, Esq. of Midmar. ter of the late Captain H. West, Royal

At Kensington Church, Anthony Navy. Macdonald, Esq. of Lochgarry, to Miss Macdonald, of the Grange, Brompton.

18. At St John's Chapel, Edinburgh, May 3, 1819. At the island of Banca, Captain Charles S. J. Hawtayne, R. N. to Mr Francis Buchan Fraser, merchant in Anne, second daughter of the late Charles Calcutta, youngest son of Mr William Fra. Hope, Esq. Commissioner of the Navy. ser, senior, merchant tailor, High Street,

21. Frederick W. Campbeil, Esq. of Edinburgh. Barbreck, to Sophia, daughter of the late 28. At Lodiana, Nepaul country, John Sir Edward Winnington, Bart. of Stanford Balfour, Esq. surgeon in the service of the Court, Worcestershire.

Hon. East India Company. 22. At Edinburgh, Robert Hartshorn June 6. At Gyah, in Bengal, Major Barber, of Hayton Castle, in the county Colin Campbell, of the 4th regiment native of Nottingham, Esq. barrister at law, to infantry ; and on the 8th, two days after, Sarah, only daughter of Samuel Words Mrs Campbell, his widow. worth, of Nottingham Place, Esq.

12. At Calcutta, Major Peter Lewis At Pinkston, James Harvey, Esq. Grant, 12th native infantry, Acting Town writer, Glasgow, to Mary, second daughter and Fort Major of Fort William, Bengal; of John Gourlay, Esq. of Cowlairs. and on the 2d of September follow.

29. At Edinburgh, Lieutenant D. Mac- ing, Anne, his wife, daughter of George Farlane, late of the rifle brigade, to Jane, Powney, Esq. of Grosvenor Square, Lon. eldest daughter of John Drummond. Esq. don.

At Bonnington, Sir Charles Macdo. 30. Aged 28, William Gerard, Esq. of nald Lockhart, of Lee and Carnwati, Bart. Midstrath, surgeon to the Political Mission to Emilia Olivia, eldest surviving dangh- at Lahore, Bengal Establishment, second ter of the deceased Lieutenant-General Sir son of the late George Gerard, Esq. young. Charles Lockhart Ross, of Balnagown, Bart. er of Midstrath.

March 1. Lieutenant-Colonel Colquhoun July 25. At Furrackabad, East Indies, Grant, Forres, to Miss Margaret Brodie, Wm. Rennell, Esq. Collector of Govenisecond daughter of James Brodie of Bro- ment Customs at that station, and young. die, Esq.

est son of Major Rennell. At Aberdeen, the Rev. Alexander

August 8. The Hon. Colonel J. A. Ban. Cushnie, Strachan, to Ann, eldest daughter nerman, Governor of Prince of Wales's Isof the late Rev. Alexander Rubertson, mie land. nister of Coull.

17. At Fort William, in the East Indies, 2. At Edinburgh, Major Balmain, of lIugh Murray, Esq. younger of Rosethe Honourable East India Company's mount, in the county of Ross. service, to Jane, third daughter of the 31. At Madras, the Rev. J. Mouseley, late Forrest Dewar, Esq.

D.D. Archdeacon of Madras. 5. At Straloch, Aberdeenshire, H. George September 18. Near Aidelabad, on the Leslie, Esq. of Denlugas, to Mrs William route from Nagpoor to Hyderabad, Major Brebner.

P. G. Blair, of the artillery. He was cut 6. At Edinburgh, James Cross, Esq. St off by the tatal epidemic. John's, Newfoundland, to Barbara, third 19. At Calcutta, Arthur J. Macan, daughter of Mr Laidlaw, Johnston's Place, Esq. Stockbridge.

October 22. At Kingston, Jamaica, of 7. At Scotscraig house, Captain Hugh the yellow fever, Mr Edward Richardson, Lyon Playfair, of the Honourable East aged 16 years, son of the late Gabriel India Company's service, to Jane, young. Richardson, Esq. of Dumfries. est daughter of William Dalgleish, Esq, of Nov. 1. At Antigua, Lieutenant-Gene. Scotscraig.

ral Ramsay, Governor of that island ; and 8. At Edinburgh, Captain M'Queen, of on the 13th, Lieutenant-Colonel Kirby, his the Honourable East India Company's successor, Commander in Chief. service, to Mary, eldest daughter of the 8. At Up-Park Camp, Jamaica, John deceased John Moir, Esq. of Hillfoot. Owen, Esq. Major in the Olst regiment.

10. Captain Robert Anderson, 91st re 11. At sea, on board the Salisbury, giment, to Charlotte Erskine, eldest daugh- Rear-Admiral Donald Campbell. ter of the late J. P. Wade, M. D. of 17. (0. S.) At Kagul, near Moscow, the Honourable East India Company's ser Mrs Margaret Lawson, aged 47, wife of vice.

Mr Alexander Rodger, factor to his ExcelLately. At Madras, C. M. Bushby, Esq. lency Count Romanzoff. of the Honourable Company's Civil Ser Dec. 14. At Trinidad, Charles Melville, vice, to Mary Catherine, eldest daughter of Esq. formerly Secretary to the Governor of the late Colonel Andrew M'Cally.

that island.

14. At Port Antonio, Jamaica, in the Lieutenant-Colonel Nasmyth, late of the prime of life, Dr Thomas Reid, eldest son 7th West India regiment. of the Inte Mr Robert Reid, land surveyor, 17. Mr Philip T. Meyer, the eminent Perth; a young gentleman universally es- Composer and Professor of the Harp, in teemed, and sincerely lamented.

the 88th year of his age. He is supposed Jan. 1, 1820. At Demerara, Milliken to have been the first person who introduced Craig, Esq. of Ballewan, late Commander the pedal harp into this country, in the in the Hon. East India Company's service. year 1776.

9. In Charlestown, North America, Mrs 18. At Belwood, John Young, Esq. late Starr Barrett, after fully completing one of London. hundred and twenty years of an active 21. At Moyhall, Sir Æneas Mackintosh, and various life. This venerable lady of Mackintosh, Bart. Captain of Clanchata was born in the year 1699 of the Chris- tan, in the 19th year of his age. He was tian era, and 1078 (solar calculation) a gentleman of the greatest worth. Du. of the Hegira of the Mahomedans, about ring the late distressing period, he gave up a vear before the death of Charles II.

to a great proportion of his tenants a full King of Spain—to which country her fa- third of their rents, for three successive mily had emigrated at an early period of years, and enabled farther such of them her life. She was born in one of the Bar as had particularly suffered from the sevebary States, which could not be ascertained rity of the seasons, to re-stock their farms by the writer, but it is supposed under the with sheep and cattle. His funeral was atEmpire of Morocco. Peter I. was then tended by upwards of forty carriages of all Czar of Muscovy-a title now enlarged to descriptions, and a large concourse of comthat of Emperor of all the Russias ; Fre mon people, both on foot and horseback. derick Augustus was King of Poland ; -Six of the family servants in deep mournCharles XII. was King of Sweden ; Fre- ing, and three pipers, playing the Clan's deriek IV. (son to Christian V.) was King Lament, &c. preceded the hearse and six of Denmark; William III. King of Eng- horses, wliich was followed by the family land; Peter IV. King of Portugal; and chariot and four, empty, and three mournLouis XV. King of France.

ing carriages, containing the more im10. At Stirling, John M‘Gibbon, Esq. mediate connections.of the deceased. of Southlodge, who for 50 years discharged - At Kirkcudbright, in the 86th year of the duties of Town Clerk of that burgh, his age, and 50th of his ministry, the Rev and for 34 years those of Sheriff Substitute Dr Robert Muter, one of the Deans of the of the county. Such was the estimation in Chapel Royal, and Chaplain in Ordinary which Mr M‘Gibbon was held, that the to his late Majesty. Magistrates and Town Council ordered the At Arbroath, John Spink, Esq. aged Established Churches of the town to be 84. hung with mourning, for five weeks after 22. At Glasgow, John Black, Esq. of his interment; they also voted that a mo Claremont. nument should be erected to his memory 23. Prince Charles of Schonditch Caro. in the West Church, in one of the niches lath, in the 35th year of his age, after a appropriated to those who have rendered painful illness of many years. great and essential services to their native At Househill, Mrs Dunlop, wife of place.

Colonel Dunlop of Housebill. 12. At Quebec, William Scott, Esq. At Bathgate, the Rev. Patrick Con. younger of Wooll.

nel, minister of the Associate Congregation 13. In the 82d year of his age, Mr John there, in the 55th year of his age, and 33d Thomson, parish schoolmaster, Muthil. of his ministry. He was much esteemed for his social and 24. On board the Castle Huntly East affectionate manners ; was an excellent Indiaman, for Bengal, James, eldest son classical scholar, and upwards of 66 years of James Hay, writer to the signet. a public teacher of youth.

At Naples, Cardinal Caracciolo, At Paisley, Mr Andrew Wright, Bishop of Palestine. Diegna Ignatius manufacturer, in the 65th year of his Caracciolo was born on the 16th of July

1759, at Martin. Having entered the Pre14. At St Andrew's, the Rev. Dr Henrylacy, he followed Pope Pius the sixth into David Hill, Professor of Greek in that France, and was with that Fontiff when he University, much and justly regretted. died at Valencia. It was in honour of his

At Docraw, in the parish of Beith, attachment to the Head of the Church that Lieut. Wm. Leavach, of the 21st Royal Pius VII., made him a Cardinal, on the North British Fusileers.

Ilth of August 1800. This was the first 15. At Jeuburgh, at an advanced age, hat given by the present Pope. Mrs Elliot, sen. of Harwood.

25. At Scone, Mrs Brodie, widow of the 16. At Lingen, in Westphalia, James Rev. John Brodie, late minister of KinMacrae, Esq. late of Holmains.

loch. At Nether House, Lesmahagow, At Richmond, Miss Maria Dundas.


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26. At Royston, Herts, in his 76th year, Miss Stair Primerose, youngest daughter Mr Henry Andrews, the editor of “ Moore's of the late Sir Arch. Primerose, Bart. of Almanack." He was an able astronomer, Dunipace. and was for many years engaged by the 1. ‘At Gayfield Square, Edinburgh, Board of Longitude to compute

66 The Mr Robert Horsburgh. Nautical Ephemeris."

At Perth, Widow M'Lean, whose Viscountess Gormanston, of Gorman- maiden name was Elspet M Gregor, aged ston Castle, county of Meath.

102 years, and three months. She retain. At Dumtries, Gabriel Richardson, ed her faculties to the last, and was never Esq. late Provost of that burgh.

confined to bed before the beginning of At Charlotte Street, Glasgow, Agnes the late storm. Although infirm, she Buchanan, relict of James Fisher, late far had the complete enjoyment of sight, and me a Craigend of Campsie, aged 83. Her never required the use of spectacles. Her husband died 25th Dec. 1806, aged 75. husband was many years a tepant on the They were married 52 years, and it is sin estate of Breadalbane, and she herself was gular, that during that period no death till a servant at an inn at Killin, in the year the husband's occurred in their house; and 1743, when Prince Charles was there, with there were 15 persons on an average lived whom she shook bands, and often boasted in the family with thein. They had 87 of the honour. She has left a son living, descendants, of whom 50 are still alive. aged 72 years, and had a daughter, who Their memory will be long respected. dicu last midsummer, aged 70.

At Springfield, near Forres, Niel 2. At Berwick, James Hogarth, Esq. Currie, Esq. of Springfield, late surgeon in aged 76, deeply regretted. the 78th regiment.

At his house, in York Place, London, 27. At Dumfries, in the 80th year of Joseph Madocks, Esq. of an inflammation her age, Mrs Janet Macintyre.

in his chest. This gentleman (who was At Mundie, parish of Aberdalgie, well known in the gay world some years the Rev. David Meliss, M. D.

since, as the “

gayest of the gay," he be- At Traneni, the Rev. Robert Shirreff, ing the life of every circle) died so suddenin the 66th year of his age, and 42d of his ly as to preclude the last offices of his ministry.

nearest friends. It is said that he was ac. At his seat, Trelowarren, Cornwall, tually sitting up in his bed at the time. It Sir Vyall Vyvian, Bart.

was only a few days since he was walking 28. At Edinburgh, after a few days ill. among his friends' in St James's Street ness, Mrs lathorn of Castlewing.

Mr Madocks was the first amateur actor At the manse of Clcisi, Miss Eliza- of his day. His performance of Falstaff beth Darling

was truly, excellent. He was long the conAt Edinburgh, Christian, youngest vivial companion of Frank North, afterdaughter of Mr Alexander Grcig, W. S. wards Earl of Guilford.

At Ord, near Berwick, Mr George At Ardfreck, in the Isle of Sky, Mrs Laing, farmer.

Macleod, Dowager of Talisker, at the adAt his house, Fyfe Place, Donald vanced age of 91. This excellent and acMʻLaine, Esq. merchant in Edinburgh. complished lady had passed the earlier

29. At Sunnin: Ilill, Berks, Miss Grace years of her life in the politest circles of Campbell, daughter of tiie late Robert society in Europe ; her husband, the late Campbell of Monzie, Esq.

Colonel Macleod, having risen to high rank At his house, George's Square, Edin. and deserved estimation in the service of burgh, David Blair, lisq. merchant. 'the States General of Holland. In the sea

At Carlisle, of apoplexy, Isabella, clusion of a country life in one of the te. wife of Mr Jeremiah Jollie, printer, aged motest of the British isles, their hospitable

mansion became, for many years, the re30. At London, John Latouche, Esq. sort of their numerous friends and acquaintone of the Representatives in Parliament ances, who flocked from all parts of the for the county of Leitrim.

world to visit them in their delightful reAt Ord, Alex. Mackenzie, Esq. of tirement. On the Colonel's death, in the Ord, aged 66.

year 1798, she retired to her jointure house, , 31. At Camberwell, on the day he com where she passed her disconsolate widow. pleted his 98th year, the Hon. Colonel hood, an eminent example of female worth Peter Frye, Judge of the Superior Court and dignity to her sex, in the duties of of Massachusetts, previous to the Revolu. fervent Christian devotion and extensive tion.

charity. Throughout the whole of her At sideburgh, Lieutenant-General useful life she was uniformly distinguished William Robertson of Lude.

by the elegance of her manners, by the - At Paris, Robert Alexander, second unaffected ardour of her piety, and by her son of the late Lieutenant-General Sir kind concern for the temporal and spiritual James Leith, G. C. B.

interests of those within the sphere of her Feb. 1. At her house of Hermitage, active beneficence. Few have ever been

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36 years.

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