ture of those principles by which the peace The Lord Chancellor then prorogued and happiness of the nation were so serious. (pro forma) the Parliament to the 13th of ly menaced, or of the excesses to which March. they were likely to lead, the flagrant and The Gazette of the 29th contained a sanguinary conspiracy which has lately proclamation dissolving Parliament; and been detected must open the eyes of the directing writs to be issued for calling a new most incredulous, and must vindicate to one; the writs to be returnable on the 21st the whole world the justice and expedien- of April next. Another proclamation di. cy of those measures to which you judged rected the Peers of Scotland to meet at it necessary to resort in defence of the laws Holyroodhouse on the 11th of April, to and constitution of the kingdom." chuse their 16 representatives.


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L.120 5 0 The sessions at Manchester terminated 11 Pointers and Shooting Pony 205 0 0 at a late hour on Saturday night, the 29th 15 Brace of Golden Pheasants, ult. having been held for the unprece Cocks and Hens

59 190 dented period of fourteen days. There Six Silver Pheasant Cocks and were 231 prisoners, charged with riot, se three Hens

19 6 0 dition, and unlawful drilling, of whose Four Pheasant Mules, betwist sentences the following is a summary : the ring-necked Pheasint Transported for seven years

and common Brown Hen 2 70 Imprisoned for two years 22 Eight Carriage Horses

508 10 6 Imprisoned for one year

31 Also several Hackneys sold, price from Imprisoned for six months

L. 10 to L.50 each. Imprisoned for three months 26

The Queen.-On Saturday the 13th Imprisoned for two inonths

was held a Privy Council, at which his Imprisoned for one month 33 Majesty presided, for the purpose of deImprisoned for shorter periods 13

termining the necessary alteration in the Delivered to the overseers

form of prayer for the Royal Family. An Discharged on recognizance

order has accordingly been issued, directAcquitted

15 ing that in those parts of the church serNo bills found against

8 vice where their Royal Highnesses

George Prince of Wales, the Princess of Total

231 Wales, and all the Royal Family,” are 18.—The valuable stud of horses, &c. prayed for, the words in Italics should the property of the late Earl of Eglinton, henceforth be omitted. According to this sold the 15th inst. by Thomas Hibbert, direction, the name of the Queen will be Glasgow, as follows:

omitted in the prayers of the churches. It Blue Stocking, a Colt Foal at

was of course left out in the liturgy at the her foot

L.220 100 late Queen's death, and no orders being Archibald

529 4 0 given for restoring it, the King will now Chesnut Fil

99 4 0 be prayed for without the Queen. An or Bay Colt, brother to Archibald 126 15 0 der has been sent to this effect to the MoMonreith

237 11 0 derator of the Church of Scotland. Sans Culotte

73 3 6



This interesting ceremonial, of which an official account follows, extracted from the London Gazette, took place on Wednesday the 16th. The day was generally observed throughout the three kingdoms with peculiar solemnity. In the afternoon business was altogether abstained from ; and in the metropolis and various other places, the churches were opened for divine service; while the chimes and muffled peals of the church bells produced a singularly mournful effect. Minute guns were fired in the garrisons, and on board the ships of war, while their colours were hoisted half-mast high. Almost every person appeared in deep or decent mourning; and, indeed, the whole observances of that eventful day marked most strikingly the veneration and respect which was entertained for the character and virtues of the late Sovereign by all classes of his subjects.

Herald's College, Feb. 19, 1820. The remains of his late Most Sacred Majesty, King George the Third, of blessed memory, lay in state in the audience chamber of Windsor Castle, attended by one of the Lords of his Majesty's Bedchamber, two Grooms of his Majesty's Bedchamber, two Heralds of Arms, four of his Majesty's Gentlemen Ushers, four of the Pages of his late Majesty, and ten of the honourable band of Gentlemen Pensioners, with two offi. cers, from Tuesday morning the 15th instant, at nine o'clock, to the time of interment. The Royal Body, covered with a Holland sheet, and a purple velvet pall, adorned with escutcheons of the Royal Arms, with the Imperial Crown of the United Kingdom and the Royal Crown of Hanover laid thereon, was placed under a canopy of purple cloth, also adorned with escutcheons. At the head of the corpse was seated the Lord of the Bedchamber between two Grooms of the Bedchamber, and the Heralds stood at the feet. The state apartment was hung with purple cloth; the King's guard chamber and presence chamber, leading to the state apartment, were hung with black cloth, and lined by the Yeomen of the Guard ; and the King's drawing room, leading from the state apartment, as well as the grand staircase, were also hung with black cloth, and lined by the Yeomen of the Guard. The public were admitted to the state apartment from ten to four o'clock on Tuesday the 15th instant, and from ten to three the following day.

At seven o'clock on Wednesday evening, the 16th instant, his Royal Highness the Chiet Mourner, attended by his Supporters, took his seat at the head of the corpse ; and, at half past eight o'clock, the procession (which was marshalled under the direction of Sir George Nayler, Knight, York Herald, executing this duty on behalf of Garter Principal King of Arms) moved through the state apartment, and the Royal Remains were conveyed to St George's Chapel in the following order : Trumpets and Kettle Drums and Drums and Fifes of the Foot Guards. Knight Marshal's men, two and two, with black staves.

Knight Marshal's officers.

The Knight Marshal,
Sir James Bland Burgess, Bart.
Poor Knights of Windsor, two and two.

Pages of his late Majesty, viz.
Samuel Wharton.

Jenkins Stradling
Joseph Norden.

Robert Jenkins.
Samuel Bowtell.

John Wood.
Charles Downes.

Joseph Bott.
John Clarke.

Anthony Healy.
William Baker.

John Bott, Esq.
Apothecary to his Majesty,

Surgeons to his Majesty,
Richard Walker, Esq.

Thomas Keate, Esq.

J. Phillips, Esq.
Apothecaries to his late Majesty,

Alfred Jones, Esq.
Everard H. Brand, Esq.

Robert Battiscombe, Esq.
The Curate of Windsor.

The Vicar of Windsor.
The Rev. William Thompson. The Rev. John Graham.

Gentlemen Ushers Quarterly Waiters to his Majesty.
William Lewis, Esq.

The Honourable Heneage Legge.
Robert Brown, Esq.

Edward Ash, Esq.
John Clarke, Esq.

Pages of Honour to his Majesty,
Arthur Richard Wellesley, Esq.

Frederick Paget, Esq.
The Honourable William Thomas Graves.

Grooms of the Privy Chamber to his Majesty,
W. C. Fowle, Esq.

R. Beresford, Esq.
F. Chapman, Esq.
Gentlemen Ushers Daily Waiters to his Majesty,
George H. Seymour, Esq.

T. Ramsden, Esq.
Serjeant Surgeons to his Majesty,
P. Macgregor, Esq.

Sir David Dundas, Bart.

Physicians to his Majesty,
Sir Matthew John Tierney, Bart. Sir William Knighton, Bart.

Sir Gilbert Blane, Bart.

Physicians to his late Majesty,
Dr Robert D. Willis.

Dr John Willis.
Dr Heberden.

Dr Baillie.
Sir Henry Halford, Bart.
Household Chaplain to his late Majesty,

The Rev, Isaac Gosset.

Deputy Clerks of the Closet to his Majesty,
The Rev. Dr J. Stanier Clarke.

The Rev. Dr T. Hughes.
The Rev. Frederick Blomberg, M. A.
Equerries to his Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester,
Edmund Curry, Esq.

Lieutenant-Colonel Higgins.
Colonel Willoughby Cotton.
Equerries to his Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge,

Major Jones.
Lieutenant-Colonel Keate.

Lieutenant-Colonel Linsingen,
Equerries to his Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex,
Henry Frederick Steplienson, Esq.

Major Parkins Magra.
Major-General Ogg.
Equerry to his Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland,

Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Wade Thornton.

Equerries to his late Royal Highness the Duke of Kent,
Captain Conroy,

Lieut.-Col. Sir H. W. Carr, K.C. B.
Colonel Hon. G. A. C. Stapylton. Colonel Drinkwater.
Major-General Moore.

Lieutenant-General Wetherall.
Equerries to his Royal Highness the Duke of Clarence,
Captain A. Vincent, R. N.

Captain Usher, R. N.
Vice-Admiral Sir Richard Goodwin Keats, G. C. B.

Equerries to his Royal Highness the Duke of York,
Culling Charles Smith, Esq.

Colonel Delancey Barclay.
The Honourable Colonel Stanhope.

Equerries to his Majesty,
Colonel Charles Quentin.

Lieutenant-Colonel H. Seymour.
Major-General Bayly.

Licutenant-General Sir R. Bolton.
Sir William Congreve, Bart.
Clerk Marshal and First Equerry,

Lieutenant-General F. T. Hammond.
Gentlemen Ushers of the Privy Chamber to his Majesty,
W. C. Master, Esq.

John Hale, Esq.
Grooms of the Bedchamber to his Majesty,
Colonel Joseph Whatley.

Admiral Sir G. Campbell, K. C. B. Colonel the Hon. H. King.

Lieutenant-General Sir H. Turner.
The Hon. A. Cavendish Bradshaw. General Sir W. Keppel, G. C. B.

General the Honourable Edward Finch.

Sir John Singleton Copley, Knight. Sir Robert Gifford, Knight.

Baron of the Exchequer,

Sir William Garrow, Knight.

Justices of the Court of Common Pleas,
Sir John Richardson, Knight: Sir James Burrough, Knight.

Sir James Allan Park, Knight.

Justices of the Court of King's Bench,
Sir William Draper Best, Knight Sir George Sowley Holyroyd, Knight.

Sir John Bayley, Knight.
The Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer. The Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas.
The Right Hon. Sir R. Richards, Knt. The Right Hon. Sir R. Dallas, Knt.

The Vice-Chancellor of England,
The Right Honourable Sir John Leach, Bart,

The Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench,
The Right Honourable Sir Charles Abbot, Knight.

Treasurer of his Majesty's Household,

The Right Honourable Lord Charles Bentinck. Privy Councillors, (not Peers,) attended by James Buller, Esq. one of the Clerks of

the Council in Ordinary. The Right Hon. J. Beckett.

The Right Hon. C. Bagot. The Right Hon. W. S. Bourne.

The Right Hon. W. Huskisson, The Right Hon. F. J. Robinson,

The Right Hon. Sir J. Nicholl. The Right Hon. R. Ryder.

The Right Hon. N. Vansittart. The Right Hon. C. Arbuthnot.

The Right Hon. C. Long. The Right Hon. C. Bathurst.

The Right Hon. T. Wallace. The Right Hon. W. Dundas.

The Right Hon. G. Canning. The Right Hon. Sir W. Scott.

The Right Hon. W. W. Pole. The Right Hon. Sir A. Paget, G. C. B. The Right Hon. John Charles Villiers.

The Right Honourable Charles Manners Sutton.

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Bluemantle Pursuivant of Arms,

William Woods, Esq.

Eldest Sons of Barons, The Honourable W. G. Harris.

The Honourable F. Stewart. The Honourable H. L. Rowley.

The Honourable C. J. Shore
The Honourable S. E, Eardley.

The Honourable C. Blaney.
The Honourable R. W. Curzon.

Eldest Sons of Viscounts,
The Honourable G. A. Ellis.

The Honourable R. W. Chetwynd. The Honourable F. J. Needham.

The Honourable J. R. Townshend.
Portcullis Pursuivant of Arms,
George Frederick Beltz, Esq.

Lord Prudhoe.

Lord Harris.
Lord Decies.

Lord Alvanley.
Lord Lilford.

Lord Rolle.
Lord Braybrooke.

Lord Kenyon.
Lord Montagu.

Lord Walsingham.
Lord Aston.
Rouge Dragon Pursuivant of Arms,
Charles George Young, Esq.

The Lord Bishop of Oxford.

The Lord Bishop of Chester. The Lord Bishop of Exeter,

The Lord Bishop of Salisbury,
Clerk of the Closet to his Majesty. Chancellor of the Most Noble Order of

the Garter.
Windsor Herald,
Francis Martin, Esq.

Eldest Sons of Earls,
Viscount Sandon.

Lord Pelham.
Viscount Bernard.

Viscount Duncannon.
Viscount Valletort,

Viscount Ingestrie.
Lord Binning.

Lord Brudenell.
Somerset Herald,
James Cathrow, Esq.

Viscount Sidmouth.
The other Viscounts present supported the Canopy.

Eldest Sons of Marquises,
Viscount Castlereagh, K. G.

The Earl of Ancram.
Richmond Herald,
Joseph Hawker, Esq.

The Earl of Powis.
The remaining Earls who attended walked in other places.

Lancaster Herald,
Edmund Lodge, Esq.

The Marquises present

walked in other places.

The Dukes present supported the Pall.

The Deputy Earl Marshal,
Lord Henry Howard-Molyneaux-Howard.
The Deputy Lord Great Chamberlain,

Lord Gwydir.
The Lord Privy Seal,

The Lord President of the Council, The Earl of Westmorland, K. G.

The Earl of Harrowby.
Chester Herald, acting for Norroy, King of Arms,

George Martin Leake, Esq.

Lords of his Majesty's Bedchamber,
Lord Amherst.

Lord Graves.
The Earl of Delawarr.

Viscount Lako.
The Marquis of Headfort, K. St P.

Gold Stick, the Earl Cathcart, K. T.
Captain of the Band of Gentlemen Pensioners,

The Earl of Courtown.

Groom of the Stole,
The Marquis of Winchester.



The Banner of Brunswick,

The Banner of Hanover, borne by

borne by
Lord Howden, G. C. B.

Lord Hill, G. C. B.
The Banner of Ireland,

The Banner of Scotland,
borne by

borne by
The Earl of Roden, K. St P.

The Earl of Breadalbane.
The Union Banner,

The Banner of St George,
borne by

borne by Lord Grenville.

Lord Howard of Effingham, K. C. B. The Great Banner,

borne by

Lord Clinton.

The Royal Crown of Hanover, borne, on a purSupporter, ple velvet Cushion, by Sir Lewis Moeller,

Supporter, T. B. Mash, Esq. Knight of the Royal Hanoverian Guelphic J. S. Dobyns, Esq. one of his Majesty's Order, in a Tabard and Collar, acting one of his Majesty's Gentlemen Ushers. for Sir G. Nayler, Blanc Coursier King Gentlemen Ushers.

of Arms of Hanover. Supporter,

Supporter, R. Powell, Esq. The Imperial Crown of the United King

Samuel Randall

, one of his Majesty's dom, borne, on a purple velvet Cushion,

Esq. one of his by Ralph Bigland, Esq. Norroy, acting | Majesty's Gentle Grooms of the Privy Chamber. for Clarenceux, King of Arms.

men Ushers The Lord Steward of his Majesty's Household. The Marquis of Chelmondeley, attended by his Secretary, Timothy Brent, Esq.

The Lord Chamberlain of his Majesty's ) H. J. Harton, Esq. Horace Seymour,


one of his Majesty's Esq. acting as one of his Majesty's

The Marquís of Hertford, K. G. Gentlemen Ushers
Attended by his Secretary,

of the Privy Cham. Gentlemen Ushers. John Calvert, Esq.

ber. THE ROYAL BODY, Covered with a fine Holland sheet and a purple velvet pall, adorned with ten escutcheons of the Imperial Arms, carried by ten Yeomen of the Guard, under a

canopy of purple velvet Supporters Supporters

Supporters Supporters
of the of the

of the of the

Pall, Canopy,
Viscount The

The Viscount
Melville. Duke of

Duke of Carleton.

Viscount K. G.


Viscount The


Sidney. Duke of

Duke of Earl of

Buccleuch. St Germans
K. T.
The Earl


Earl of

The Duke of

Earl of Beauforti

Duke of The Earl
Chichester. K. G.

Richmond. of Mayo.
First Gentleman Usher,

Gentleman Usher of the Garter Principal King of Daily Waiter to his Ma. jesty, Hale Young Wor, Arms, Sir I. Heard, Knight,

Black Rod, Sir T. Tyrtham, Est: bearing his sceptre.

whitt, Knight, bearing

the Rod reversed. Supporter,

Supporter, The Marquis of CHIEF MOURNER,

The Marquis of Stafford, K. G. His Royal Highness the Duke of York, Buckingham. In a long Black Cloak, with the Star of the Order of the Garter embroidered thereon, and wearing the Collars of the Garter, the Bath, and of the Royal

Hanoverian Guelphic Order.


Five Gentlemen Pensioners, battle-axes reversed.

Five Gentlemen Pensioners, battlo-axes reversed.


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