Macer of Jury Court.

on the Pier snd Shore by the Sheriff-Clerk Lord Chief Commissioner. and Magistrates of Leith, and the style Clerks of Court.

and titles of his Majesty proclaimed by the Judge-Admiral.

Heralds. In the meantime, the procession Procurator Fiscal and Admiralty Clerk. returned in the same order (but inverted) The Commissaries of the Supreme Con to the Parliament House. On the head of

sistorial Court of Scotland. the procession arriving at the Parliament Commissary Clerks.

House, the whole halted and opened to the The Commander of the Forces. right and left, to allow the Heralds, &c. Ilis Suite.

to pass between the ranks, and to enter the Baronets of Nova Scotia, according to Parliament House in the same order in their Precedency.

which they originally left it. Baronets of Great Britain, in like manner. The health of King George the Fourth Knights of the Bath.

was given by the Lord Provost, accoma Knights Bachelors.

panied by a flourish of trumpets and loud Commissioners of Custonıs and Excise. acclamations; then that of the rest of the

Lieutenancy of the County. Royal Family in a similar manner; after Dean of Faculty-Solicitor General. which the proclamation was signed by Members of the Faculty of Advocates. those present, and a flourish of trumpets Deputy Keeper and Clerks to his Majesty's at the door of the Parliament House closed Signet.

the ceremonies. Dean of the Chapel Royal and Almoner. The band of the 10th preceded the proPrincipal and Professors of the University. cession from the Exchange to the Castle,

Officers of the Army and Navy. and from thence to the Palace, and back Esquires, Gentlemen, and respectable to the Parliament House. Burgesses.

The day was very unfavourable, as a Magistrates of Leith and Portsburgh. dense fog hung over the city, notwithstand. The remaining half of the Constables, pre- ing which, the whole had a grand and im

ceded by their Treasurer. posing appearance. The balcony in front When the procession reached the Cross, of the Exchange was entirely occupied by the Heralds, Pursuivants, Lord Provost, the procession. Right Hon. the Lord Pro&c. ascended the balcony in front of the vost, the Sheriff, the Magistrates, and the Royal Exchange, when the proclamation Heralds, took their station in the centre. was read by the Lord Provost and Heralds, During the different readings of the prorespectively; after which the Heralds pro- clamation the whole were uncovered, and claimed the style and title of his Majesty at the conclusion, a burst of acclamation KING GEORGE THE FOURTH, three se- followed, which was loudly re-echoed by veral times, each time accompanied with a the people and the military ; similar enflourish of trumpets and loud and general thusiasm was displayed after proclamation acclamations, followed by a royal salute of his Majesty's style and titles. Among from the guns in the Castle, where the the persons of distinction in the procession Royal standard, which till then had been were observed the following: at half-staff, was hoisted.

Earl of Morton, Earl of Wemyss and The procession then moved to the Castle. March, Earl of Rosebery, Lord Duncan, hill, and on approaching the Castle-gate, Lord Sinclair, Lord Turphichen, Lord Elithe head of the procession returned down bank, Lord Ashburton, Sir H. Moncreiff the hill. A square was thus formed, and Wellwood, Sir Jolin liay, Sir W. Forbes, the Heralds, Sheriff, Lord Provost, and Sir John Sinclair, Sir A. Gordon, Barts. eldest Bailie, alvanced in front of the cen. &c. tre, when the proclamation was read by The crowd, which was 'immense, behathe Sheriff, and the Heralds proclaimed in ved with the greatest orler, and every the same form as had been done at the window in and near the line of procession, Exchange, the guns then firing a Royal from which a glimpse could be obtained, salute.

was filled with spectators. The coup d'oeil, The procession next proceeded towards on account of the number of spectators on the Palace of Holyroodhouse, and was re the streets, in the windows, and on the ceived at St John's Cross by the Magi- tops of the houses, had a grand effect.strates of Canongate, who fell into the pro- A number of carriages had ranged up becession in rear of the Magistrates of Edin. tween the Parliament Close and the Exburgh.

change, but these were very properly reProclamation being again made in front moved. The whole procession was well of the Palace by the Sheriff, in the same arranged ; and although the pressure was form as at the Castlehill, the Sheriff-Clerk, great, we have not heard that a single accialong with the Magistrates of Leith, He- dent occurred. The line was admirably ralds, and attendants, proceeded to Leith, kept by the Hussars, commanded by Lieuwhere they were joined by many respect. tenant-Colonel Taylor, who frequently reable persons; the proclamation was read commended forbearance to the men, and


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in explaining to the populace the necessity January, and signed by two engineers and or falling back was gentlemanly and polite. one millwright, stating that they had tried

Ireland.Disturbances in Ireland, of a Mr Bellingham's new invented steam pres. very alarming and dangerous character, sure on the most billy road within twenty seem to increase. That indifference to the miles of that town, that it impelled a taking away of human life, which has too coach loaded for the purpose, weighing in long stained the really brave spirit of the all four tons, at the rate of twenty English sister island, is unhappily veering towards miles in an hour, without any inconvewhat hitherto has been considered as the nience except the airing of the nave of the creature of meanness and cowardice only, wheel. One man steered it with ease, and viz, assassination. The Limerick Chro- they consider it the safest and best mode of nicle states, that about 3 o'clock in the impelling a carriage ever invented, and not afternoon of the 13th inst. Edward Brown, so liable to accident as a carriage drawn by Esq. of Castlemoyle, was shot dead, as he horses. was passing near Horseleap, in his gig, High COURT OF JUSTICIARY. with his servant. The assassin escaped. Atrocious Assault. On the 10th Janu. Mr Brown was a young man highly re ary, the Court proceeded to try David Barspected. He was, it is supposed, mistaken net, labourer, residing.at Auchterarder, in for another person, whose extraordinary the county of Perth, and John Brown, rezeal in suppressing sedition had made him siding at Dunning, in same county, accuobnoxious to the disaffected peasantry, sed of a very violent attack upon Dugal One of the patrole of Finglas was found Cameron, residing at Stirling, an extra asshot through the heart with his own pistol, sistant excise officer, upon Saturday the on the banks of the Royal Canal, the same 6th day of March 1819. The facts of this night. He had separated from his com case, which were of a very aggravated na. panions a short time before in pursuit of ture indeed, were distinctly made out in a man named Cummins, against whom a evidence. The jury unanimously found verdict of wilful murder has been found. the pannels guilty, and the Court, under A young man, and a young woman to all the circumstances of the case, adjudged whom he was to have been married on the them to eighteen months imprisonnient in following morning, were poisoned at Bo the jail of Perth, and thereafter to find cauherbuoy on the 9th inst. by punch which tion for their good behaviour for a period was administered to them in the house of of three years, each under a penalty of the young woman's father, at the merry. L. 40 Sterling. The Lord Justice-Clerk, making on the wedding-eve. They ap- in addressing the pannels, observed to peared to be tipsy with the deleterious be. them, that they ought to consider the puverage, and were laid in a loft, apparently nishment inflicted as a comparatively small asleep, but it proved the sleep of death; one, for, had the officer died from the bar. and on opening them, poisonous drugs barous treatment he had received, their were found in their stomachs. Seven per case would have been a mosi aggravated sons are in custody on suspicion for this case of murder. crime, which is supposed to have been in Contempt of Court.- On the 12th ult. stigated by the fortune of the female suf: Gilbert M'Leod, and William Carse, printferer, about L. 400. The outrages of the ers in Glasgow, were brought to the bar Ribbon-men, breaking into houses in dis- of the Court, at the instance of the Lord guise in the night, and robbing them of Advocate, to answer for a gross slander arms, still continue ; and several parishes upon and contempt of the Court. The have been declared, under the insurrection offence was contained in a newspaper, said act, in a state of disturbance.

to be printed by them in Glasgow, entitSteam Coach.-An advertisement in a led The Spirit of the Union," in which Dublin paper of the 24th ult. announces, was a passage commenting on the proceedthat, on the 1st day of March, a new in- ings of the Court in the case of Mr Kinvented coach, impelled by steam and air loch of Kinloch. The passage in question, pressure, is to leave the Moira Hotel, Sack. besides alleging that juries were unfaitly ville Street, at twenty minutes past seven chosen in such cases, stated that “ Mr o'clock morning, and deliver passengers Kinloch acted wisely in flying from a and luggage in Belfast at two o'clock; to court which was ready to inflict upon him remain forty minutes at Belfast, and reach an ignominious punishment-not ignoni. Dublin again at nine o'clock. Its motion nious, indeed, when we consider the chais equal to thirteen Irish miles an hour. racter of the men who were about to inThe coaches are mounted on Mr Belling. flict it," or words of a similar purport. ham's patent axles. It is added, that the M'Leod, when interrogated, avowed himproprietor having an exclusive patent, will self the editor, printer, and publisher of neither take mails nor use horses ; there. the paper in question, and the author of fore no delay from post-offices or toll-gates the paragraph containing the libel; but can occur. Subjoined to the advertise. pleaded that it was meant as a comment ment is a certificate, dated Glasgow, Ist upon a paragraph in other papers, input

ing words to the Lord Justice Clerk, which MʻGheer, or M'Gherr, and Charles Brithe since understood had not been spoken ton, or Britain, accused of stouthrief and by him. That at the time of writing it, robbery, by breaking into the house, at he laboured under great agitation of mind, Boreland, Ayrshire, inhabited by James in consequence of the death of a child. Drennan, farmer there, (then lying on a That he never meant any thing disrespecto death-bed,) under pretence of searching for ful to the Court; and if the paragraph in fire-arms, and of robhing the said house question contained any thing offensive, he of a number of articles. The pannels requested the Court to receive his sincere pleaded not guilty, and a jury being chocontrition. Carse denied having any con sen, and a number of witnesses examined, cern in the publishing of the paper, far- the case, which was one of a very aggrather than allowing it to be printed in his vated nature, was clearly proven, and the office, being paid by M•Leod for the use jury, without leaving the box, unanimousof his materials, and asked pardon of the ly found them guilty ; when the Lord Court if he had acted wrong in so doing. Justice-Clerk, after a most suitable and The Counsel for the parties objected to the serious admonition, sentenced them to be Court proceeding to judgment, without his executed at Ayr on the 10th day of March dients having the benefit of a trial, which next. The two unfortunate men, who are the Court overruled ; and their Lordships ha. in the prime of life, are natives of Ireland. ving taken the case into their consideration, M‘Gheer fainted on sentence being prothen dismissed Carse with a reprimand, nounced against him. and sentenced M.Leod to four months im 15. Wilful Fire.-On Tuesday mornprisonment in Glasgow juil, and to find se- ing, the 8th instant, about three o'clock, curity for his good behaviour for three a most destructive fire broke out in the years, in the penalty of L. 40 Sterling, premises of Mr Paterson, in the village of

Sedition and Blasphemy. On the 17th Lochee. The property is composed of two ult, the Court wet, in order to proceed to ranges of buildings, which lately formed the trial of Andrew Marshall and Marga- one of the most extensive sailcloth manuret Wright, his wife, of Glasgow, accused factories in Scotland, and two dwelling of vending blasphemous and seditious houses—one of which and a great part of pamphlets. On their names being called, the manufactory were consumed to ashes. they failed to appear, and sentence of out. The circumstances attending this event are lawry was passed in the common form of a very strange and suspicious character. against them. The Lord Advocate then The flames were observed to break out at prayed for a warrant to apprehend the once at three different places, so distant above persons, and bring them before the from each other as to render impossible any Court for trial. His Lordship stated, that, belief of accidental communication, and had this ease gone to a proof, he would with such force as to terrify the spectators. have produced a document consisting of an The fire was completely got under about account current between Marshall and the 10 A. M. but it was not entirely extinguish, publisher of various seditions and blas. ed at 5 P. M. and the ruins presented a plemous publications, occupying no less frightful appearance. Some articles which than 14 folio pages, and showing that had been saved from the conflagration were 16,930 copies of the pamphlets had been placed in the dwelling house to which the received by Marshall for circulation in burning had not reached ; and next night Glasgow. Such was the low price of these this house was also discovered in flames ; publications, that the whole sum amount and one of the leathern pipes of the fire, ed only to L. 147, and showed that they engine had been cut, for the purpose, it is were merely intended for the very lowest supposed, of rendering it unfit for use. orders of the people. His Lordship far. There is strong reason for suspecting that ther observed, that the knowledge of such these fires have been wilfully raised. None transactions as these must convince the of the houses were inhabited ; in'none of most prejudiced, that the public prosecue them was fire used; some of them were tor had not interfered with the press till it even shut up; and we have remarked that had become his imperious duty.

on the first occasion, where there were no On the 24th, the Court met to proceed visible means of cominunication, the flames to the trial of Walter Baillie, and Janet burst from the interior of three different Simpson, his wife, residing in Grassmarket and widely separated buildings at once. Street, Edinburgh, accused of sedition, in The Procurator-fiscal of the county arrived vending certain numbers of Wooler's Black at Forfar on Thursday, to lead a precogDwarf. Baillie, failing to appear, sentence nition, at the instance of the Dundee Asof fugitation was pronounced against him. surance Company, who had taken an inThe Court deserted, the diet against his surance on the premises, to the extent, it wife, pro loco et tempore, and she was dis. is said, of three thousand five hundred missed from the bar.

pounds. Housebreaking and Robbery. On the Glasow. Within the Royalty of Glasith inst. came on the trial of William gow there are of Weavers and Warpers,

3525_Calenderers, 504—Spirit Dealers, that a person has 1500 opportunities of Vintners, and Shopkeepers, 2166_La- leaving London in the course of the 24 bourers, 1852—House Carpenters, Cabinet- hours, by stage coaches, including the remakers, and Glaziers, 1096_Boot and peated trips of the coaches which ply the Shoe Makers, 956– Tailors, 746— Blackshort distances. It is understood that smiths, Whitesmiths, Coppersmiths, and about three hundred stage coaches pass Pewterers, 712_Manufacturers of Cotton through Hyde Park Corner daily. There Cloth, 574_Porters, 560_Masons, 424 are about 40 Brighton coaches. There are -Bakers, 348_Carters, 319_Writers, 84 coaches belonging to Birmingham, of 265~ Surgeons, 176— Fleshers, 175 which 40 are daily ; to Chester 19, of Teachers, "158_Coopers, 145–Skinners which 16 are daily; to Manchester 70, of and Curriers, 118–Gardeners, 100_Bar- which 54 are daily ; in the year 1770, bers, 90-Dyers, 82—Farmers and Far- there belonged only two stage coaches to mers' Male Servants, 19_number of pro- Manchester, one to London, the other to fessions not before enumerated, 5610- Liverpool, and they went only twice a Number of males above 18 years of age, week; there are now 20 coaches passing who have no visible profession, 761—in backward and forward between these two this number, sons residing with their pa- places. There are 60 coaches belonging to rents are included. In 1819, within the Liverpool, of which 56 are daily ; to Pres. Royalty, there were 885 persons licensed ton 12 ; to York 18; of which 10 daily; to retail spirituous liquors, of whom 631 to Hull 12 ; to Newcastle G; to Glasgow possessed low-rented houses.

13; to Edinburgh 39; to Aberdeen 9; Coach Establishments. It is calculated to Inverness 3 ; and to Whitehaven 3.


Acts passed in the 59th Year of the Reign of George III., or in the First Session of the

Sixth Parliament of the Uniled Kingdom. CAP. LXXXIV. To amend the Laws, Cap. LXXXIX. To continue, until for making, repairing, and improving the 10th day of October 1824, an Act the Roads and other Public Works in Ire. made in the 57th Year of his present Maland, by Grand Jury Presentments, and jesty, for suspending a Part of the Duties for a more effectual Investigation of such on Sweets or Made Wines.-July 12. Presentments, and for further securing a Cap. XC. For the Prevention of Frauds true, full, and faithful, Account of all Mo- in the Duties on Soap ; for preserving the nies levied under the same.-July 7, 1819. Books or Papers called Specimens, left by

Сар. . LXXXV. To amend and cor. Officers of Excise on the Premises of Trarect an Act of the last Session of Parlia- ders ; and for requiring more speedy Pay. ment, for the Regulation of Parish Vestries ment of the Excise Duties on Printed Caliin England.- July 7.

coes.July 12 Сар. . LXXXVI. For regulating the Cap. XCI. For giving additional FaExercise of the Right of Common of Pasture cilities in Applications to Courts of Equity, in the New Forest, in the County of South regarding the Management of Estates or ampton; for repealing certain Parts of Funds belonging to Charities.-- July 12. two Acts passed in the 39th and 40th, and Cap. XCII. To enable Justices of the the 520 Years of his present Majesty ; and Peace in Ireland to act as such, in certain for the better Collection and Recovery of Cases, out of the Limits of the Counties in the Gale Rents in the Forest of Dean, in which they actually are; to make Provithe County of Gloucester.-July 7. sion for the Execution of Warrants of Dis

Cap. LXXXVII. To grant to his tress granted by them; and to authorize Majesty certain Duties of Excise in Ire- them to impose Fines upon Constables and land on Malt. - July 12.

other Officers for Neglect of Duty. and on Cap. LXXXVIII. To repeal the annual Masters for Ill-usage of their Apprentices. Excise Duties upon Malt, Tobacco, and July 12. Snuff, continued by an Act of the present

Cap. XCIII. To continue for one Session of Parliament, and to grant other Year, and from thence until the end of the Duties in lieu thereof, for the Service of the then next Session of Parliament, an Act, Year ending the 5th Day of July 1820.- made in the 50th Year of his present Ma. July 12.

jesty's Reign, to make Provision for secu

ring the Profits of the Office Clerk of against the Laws for abolishing the Slave the Pleas of his Majesty's Court of Exche Trade. - July 12. quer in Ireland.- July 12.

Cap. XCVIII. To limit the Continu. Cap. XCIV. To explain and amend ance of the Operations of the several Acts two Acts, passed in the 39th and 40th, and for imposing Fines upon Townlands and 47th Years of his present Majesty, concern. Places in Ireland, in respect of Offences reing the Disposition of certain Real and lating to the unlawful Distillation of SpiPersonal Property of his Majesty, his Heirs rits; and to amend the said Acts; and to and Successors.July 12.

provide for the more effectual Prevention Cap. XCV. For confirming ancient or Suppression of such Offences. July 12. Separations of Towns corporate from Pa Cap. XCIX. To continue, until the rishes, in regard to the Maintenance of the 1st day of June 1823, the Restrictions on Poor..July 12.

Payments in Cash by the Bank of Ireland, Cap. XCVI. To facilitate the Trials of and to direct the gradual Resumption of Felonies committed on Stage Coaches and Cash Payments by the said Bank. July Stage Waggons, and other such Carria. 12. ges; and of Felonies committed on the Сар. С.

To amend an Act of the 50th Boundaries of Counties.—July 12.

Year of the Reign of his present Majesty, Cap. XCVII. To extend the Provie relating to Prisons in Ireland.—July 12. sions of an Act made in the forty-sixth Year Cap. Cl. To enlarge the powers of an of his Majesty's Reign, intituled “ An Act Act passed in the 56th year of his present for the more speedy Trial of Offences com Majesty, relative to the Transportation of mitted in distant Parts upon the Seas," to Offenders, to continue until the 1st day of the Trial of Offences committed in Africa May 1821.- July 12.



Jan. 17. Right Honourable George Earl of
Glasgow, to be Lord-Lieutenant of Ayrshire.

Major-General Sir Benjamin D’Urban, to be Governor of the Island of Antigua.

Sir William Johnstone Hope, to be one of the
Lords of the Admiralty.
Member returned to serve in Parliament.
Borough of Clifton, Dartmouth, Hardness.-
Charles Milner Ricketts, Esq.


Col. Gas. Ensign and Lieut. Bentinck, Lieut. and

18th Jan. 1820, Cornet Smith, prom. 2 Dr. G. Ensign and Lieut.

do. 1 F. Bt. Maj. Wetherall, Major, vice Lynch, dead

30th Dec. 1819. Lieut. Macdonald, Capt.

do. Ensign Eddington, Lieut. vice M'Ewen, dead

do. Lewis, Lieut.

do. W. Tottenham, Ensign 92d Mar. 1817. W. Home, Ensign 30th Dec, 1819. Lt. Cameron, Adj. vice M'Ewen, dead

do, 11 Bt. Maj. Campbell, Maj. vice Elrington, 1 Vet. Bn.

do. Lieut. Walker, Capt.

do. Ensign Marsh, Lieut. 22 Ass, Surg. Brown, from h. p. 4 Dr. G. Ass. Surg. vice Martin, E. Ind.

6th Jan. 1820. 29 H. Deedes, Ensign by purch. vico Burke, ret.

254 Dec. 1819. 30

Ensign Warren, Lieut. vice Harrison, dead

13th Nov. 1818. Paton, h. p. 34 F. Ensign

do. 41 Ensign Gossip, 87 F. Ensign vice Burrowes, h. p. York Chass.

30th Dec. 1819. W. Fludyer, Ensign vice Barry, dead

do. Ensign Woollart, Adj. vice Barry, dead

do. 50 - Flude, Lieut. vice Edwards, dead

29th do. Weir, Lieut, vice Harley, dead

30th do, Gent. Cadet J. Foy, from R. Mil. Col. Ensign

29th do, S. J. Hodgson, from R. Mil. Col.

30th do. Lieut. Vinicombe, from h. p. 68 F. Paym. vice Montgomery, dead

6th Jan. 1820. 58

Fugion, from h. p. 37 F. Paym. vice Tomer, dead 23d Dec. 1819. J. Skinner, Ensign

50th do. 61

Lieut. Furnace, Capt. vice Mackrill, dead


Army. Lieut.-Col. Tuyll, h. p. 26 Dr. to be
Col. on the Continent only

16th Dec, 1819.
Capt. Pierce, Roy. Art. Major

12th Aug. Nicolls, do. do.

do. M. of Worcester, 37 F. Major

30th Dec. 2 Dr. G. Collins, Cornet by purch. více Cot

ton, prom. 25 Dr. 6th Jan, 1820. 3 Dr. Major Wildman, Lieut.-Col. by purch. vice Lord Hartland, ret.

23d Dec. 1819
Capt. Hurt, Major by purch.

Lieut. Minchin, Capi. by purch.
Cornet Porter, Lieut. by purch. do.
Wm. Beresford, Cornet by purch. do.
Comet and Adj. Wells, rank of Lieut.

30th do.
Hon. R. H. S. Cotton, from 2
Dr. G. to be Lieut. by purch, vice
Jefiries, prom.

23d do, Gr. Gds. Ensign and Lieut. Dirom, Lieut. and Capt. by purch. vice Molloy, ret.

6th Jan. 1820.

Lord Howard de Walden, from h. p. Ensign and Lieut. by purch.

do. Col. Gda, Col. Woodford, ist Major, vice Jackson, Staff Corps

18th do. - Bouvetie, 2d Major

do, Bt. Lieut. Col. Steele, Capt. and Licut.Col.



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