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harm, n. injury, moral wrong. At, prep. denoting presence or


hat, n. a covering for the head. Aunt, n. a father's or a mother's sister.

haunt, v. to frequent, to visit as a ghost.

Ate, v. did eat, devoured. hate, v. to dislike intensely. Asp, n. a small venomous ser


hasp, n. a clasp, the clasp of

a padlock.

Al'oe, n. a tree producing the gum called aloes. hal'low, v. to make holy. Ardour, n. eagerness, warmth

of feeling.

Elm, n. a forest tree prized for its timber.

helm, n. the rudder and wheel in ships.

Ere, adv. before, sooner than. hare, n. a common timid animal.

Erring, v. going astray, sinning. herring, n. a common small sea fish.

Erred, v. went astray, mistook. heard, v. perceived, listened to. Earl, n. an English nobleman. hurl, v. to throw with violence. Err, v. to go astray, to mistake.

her, pron. objective case of She.

Ewe, n. a female sheep.

harder, a. more hard, more diffi- hew, v. to cut in pieces.


Ear, n. the organ of hearing. hear, v. to harken, to listen to. Eat, v. to chew and swallow. heat, n. sensation of warmth. Eaves, n. projecting edge of the roof.

heaves, v. lifts up, to cause to


Edge, n. the border of anything.

hedge, n. a fence round a field. Eel, n. a serpent-like fish. heel, n. the hind part of the foot.

Ell, n. a measure of length; 14 yards.

Hell, n. a place of punishment after death.

Erse, n. the language of the Highlands. hearse, n. carriage for conveying the dead.

Ewer, n. a large jug placed on a wash stand.

hew'er, n. one who hews. You, pro. plural of Thou. hue, n. appearance, colour, tint. Em-, a prefix, as embark, embank.

hem, n. the border of a garment. En-, a prefix, as endure, enlist. hen, n. the female of the domestic fowl.

Eye, n. the organ of sight. high, a. elevated, lofty, tall. Ides, n. in ancient Rome the

13th or 15th of the month. hides, v. skins of beasts. Ill, a. evil, bad, wicked. hill, n. an elevation less than a mountain. In, prep. into, within. inn, n. hotel, a public house. Im-, a prefix, as impure, imbue. him, pro. objective case of He.

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Ire, n. anger, rage, resentment. hire, v. to engage for wages. I've, v. I have. hive, n. the habitation of bees. Oar, n. a pole with flat ends for rowing with.

hoar, a. white with age or frost.

Old, a. advanced in years; ancient.

hold, v. to keep possession of; to contain.

Osier, n. the water-willow,

used in making baskets. hosier, n. a dealer in stockings, &c.

Otter, n. a large kind of wea

sel that lives on fish. hotter, a. comparative of hot,


Owes, v. is indebted to. hose, n. stockings. Owl, n. a nocturnal carnivorous bird.

howl, v. to yell, to wail, to roar. Ooze, v. to percolate, as a liquid through pores. whose, pro. possessive case of Who or which.

Ope, v. used in poetry for To open.

hope, n. a desire of some good. Own, v. to possess; to acknowledge.

hone, n. a stone for sharpening instruments.

Odd, a. not even; unusual. hod, n. a trough for carrying bricks and mortar.

Oaks, n. plural of Oak, a forest tree.

hoax, n. a practical joke. Owe, v. to be indebted, to be bound to pay.

hoe, n. a gardener's tool. Usk, n. a river in Monmouth. husk, n. the covering of certain nuts and seeds. Wales, n. a part of Great Britain.

whales, n. plural of whale, a

very large fish.

Ware, n. merchandise, commodities.

where, adv. at which or what place.

Way, n. passage, road; manner. whey, n. the watery part of

milk in making cheese. Wen, n. fleshy pulpy tumor. when, adv. at which time. Wet, a. containing water; rainy.

whet, v. to sharpen by rubbing. Weal, n. welfare; prosperous state.

wheel, n. a circular frame turning on an axis.

Oyster, n. a well-known shell-Weather, n. state of the air.


hoist'er, n. that which hoists

or lifts.


whether, conj. which of two alternatives.

Wile, n. a sly artifice, a fraud.

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Wig, n. an artificial covering of hair for the head. whig, n. the name of a political party. Wist, v. knew.

whist, n. a game at cards. Wight, n. a creature or person. white, a. of the colour of snow; pale.

Witch, n. a woman regarded as having supernatural power.

which, pro. that or those which.

Wye, n. a river in Herefordshire.

why, adv. for what cause.


Words nearly alike in sound but differing in spelling and signification. These words are often pronounced alike, but improperly so, by careless speakers.

Ah! exclamation of surprise, excess, n. that which exceeds; pity, &c.

are, v. plural of Is.

intemperance. Advice, n. opinion, counsel. Alms, n. pl. relief given to the advise, v. to counsel, to inform.

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Ass, n. an animal of the horse family.

as, adv. like, for example, while.

Awe, n. reverential fear, dread. or, conj. marking an alternative.

Area, n. the sunken space round the basement of a building.

airier, a. more open to the air. Accept, v. to receive, to agree to.

except, v. to exclude, to leave out.

Affect, v. to move the passions or feelings.

effect, v. to produce, to accomplish.

Abolition, n. the act of being abolished.

ebullition, n. the act of boiling; agitation.

Access, n. a coming to, an approach.

Arrange, v. to put in proper


arraign, v. to call to account, to accuse.

Arrant, a. notorious, very bad. errand, n. a message; an order. Bold, a. daring, courageous. bowled, v. did bowl, as at bowls.

Bodice, n. a woman's stays. bodies, n. plural of Body. Balm, n. a bâlsam, something soothing.

balm, n. yeast in brewing ale. Boa, n. a large kind of serpent. boar, n. the male of swine. bore, v. to make a hole in. Ballad, n. a short narrative poem.

ballot, n. a method of secret voting.

Boy, n. a youth, generally under 12 years of age. buoy, n. a floating beacon; v. to bear up.

Born, part. of Bear, to bring forth.

borne, part. carried.

Bust, n. the upper part of the commence', v. to begin, to

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originate. Confirmation, n. act of con

firming; convincing proof. conformātion, n. relative form, structure.

Cop'pice, n. a wood of small growth for cutting. cop'ies, n. plural of Copy. Con'cert, n. a musical entertainment.

con'sort, n. a wife or husband. Command', v. to order, govern. commend, v. to praise. Confidant', n. a bosom-friend. con'fident, a. positive, bold, trusting.

Currant, n. a small kind of raisin.

current, a. generally received;

n. a stream. Com'fort, n. ease, quiet enjoyment.

com'fit, n. a dry sweetmeat. Cor'poral, a. belonging to the body.

corpo'real, a. having a body or substance. Correspon'dence, n. communication by means of letters. correspon'dents, n. those who correspond.

Calk, v. to stuff oakum into a

ship's seams.

cork, n. the outer bark of the cork tree.

Courier, n. a state servant or


currier, n. one who dresses

tanned leather. Crit'ic, n. a judge in literature or the fine arts. critique', n. a criticism.

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