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wright, n. a workman; (chiefly use in compounds). right, a. straight; just, upright, proper.

Road, n. a way or route. Rhode, n. an island in America. rowed, v. did row; as with oars. rode, v. did ride; as on horseback.

Roe, n. the eggs or spawn of fishes; the female of the hart.

row, n. a line, a rank; persons

or things in a line. Rood, n. the cross; the fourth

part of an acre. rude, a. uncultivated, rough, uncivil.

rued, v. did rue, repented, lamented.

Room, n. space; an apartment. rheum, n. discharge from the

nostrils caused by a cold. Root, n. the part of a plant

which is fixed in the earth. route, n. road, way; a line of march.

Rhone, n. a river in France.

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roan, n. a bay or dark reddish Saver, n. one who saves or

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rough, a. not smooth, rude, seize, v. to take by force, to

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See, v. to perceive by the eye; to observe.

sea, n. the ocean. Seen, v. beheld, observed. scene, n. a view, spectacle, prospect.

Slay, v. to kill, to put to death. sley, n. a weaver's reed. sleigh, n. a vehicle for travelling on snow. Sheer, a. pure, unmixed. shear, v. to shave, clip, or cut. Sign, n. mark, token ; omen. sine, n. a line in geometry. Sion, n. (also Zion), a hill in


scion, n. a twig, a young shoot;

a young member of a family. Size, n. quantity, magnitude; weak glue.

sighs, v. does sigh; n. plural of sigh.

Serge, n. cloth of twilled worsted.

surge, n. the swelling of a


Scull, n. a small oar; a small boat.

skull, n. the cranium, the head. Slight, a. weak, small, trivial. sleight, n. cunning, a dexterous trick.

Sloe, n. a small wild plum. slow, a. not swift, dull. So, adv. thus, in this manner. Sow, v. to scatter seed. sew, v. to join with needle and thread.

Sole, a. solitary, only, single;

n. a flat fish. soul, n. the immortal part of. man; the spirit. Soar, v. to mount into the air.

sore, n. a wound, an ulcer or boil.

Soared, v. did soar, flew aloft. sword, n. a weapon for thrusting or cutting.

Stake, n. a post; a wager, a pledge.

steak, n. a slice of broiled beef.

Stair, n. a series of steps for ascending.

stare, v. to look with a fixed gaze.

Steel, n. iron refined and hardened.

steal, v. to take by theft, to rob.

Step, n. a pace, a degree; a proceeding.

steppe, n. a vast uncultivated plain.

Stile, n. steps over a fence or wall.

style, n. manner of writing, diction.

Staines, n. a town near Windsor.

stains, n. spots, blots. Strait, n. a narrow pass in the ocean between two portions of land. straight, a. direct, not crooked, upright.

Sum, n. the amount or whole of anything.

some, a. a certain quantity, less than the whole. Sun, n. the body which is the source of light and heat. son, n. a male child. Subtler, a. more cunning. suttler, n. one who follows an

army and sells provisions.

Sweet, a. tasting like sugar; Tailor, n. one who makes

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men's clothes.

Taylor, n. an English proper


Trea'tise, n. a written composition.

treaties, n. plural of treaty, an agreement.

Teem, v. to produce plentifully, to be full of. team, n. a yoke of horses or


Time, n. measure of duration. thyme, n. an aromatic plant. Their, pron. belonging to them. there, adv. in that place. they're, pron. for They are. Threw, v. did throw, flung, cast.

through, prep. from one end

to the other; by means of. thro', contraction of through in poetry.

Throne, n. a regal seat of state.

Suck'er, n. that which sucks thrown, v. was cast, projected.

or draws in.

suc'cour, n. help, aid, relief. Tacks, n. small nails; v. does tack as a ship.

tax, n. a rate of impost; v. to


Tail, n. the part of an animal which terminates its body behind.

tale, n. a narrative or story.

Throw, v. to fling, cast, project.

throe, n. extreme pain, agony. To, prep. the opposite of From. two, a. twice one, a couple. too, adv. overmuch, also. Toe, n. part of the foot. tow, n. the coarse part of flax. Tun, n. a large cask; 252 gallons.

Tare, n. the weight of pack-ton, n. twenty hundred weight.

ages in which goods are contained.

tear, v. to rend or separate with violence. Tear, . water from the eye. tier, n. a row, when rows are placed one above another.

or 2240lbs.

Tray, n. a broad shallow trough

of wood or metal.

trey, n. the Three at cards or dice. Trait, n. (also pronounced trait), a touch, a feature.

Told, v. did tell; said, spoken. tolled, v. did toll, as a bell. Tract, n. a region; an essay, treatise.

tracked. v. did track, traced. Tied, v. did tie, bound, fastened. tide, n. flux and reflux of the


Teas, n. pl of Tea, a Chinese plant.

tease, v. to annoy ; to comb wool.

Tyre, n. a seaport town in Syria.

tire, v. to harass, vex, weary. Trav'el, v. to walk, to journey. trav'ail, n. excessive labour, toil.

Urn, n. a kind of vase. earn, v. to gain by labour. Use, v. to make use of, employ. Ewes, n plural of ewe, a female sheep.

Vain, a. empty, futile, false. vein, n. a blood vessel, a turn of mind.

vane, n. a weathercock. Vale, n. a valley. veil, n. a thin cover to hide

the face (also spelled vail). Wail, v. to lament, to bewail. wale, n. a ridge or streak, mark

of a rod.

Wane, v. to grow less, to decline. wain, n. a waggon or fourwheeled cart.

Waist, n. the middle part of the human body. waste, v. to squander, to diminish.

Wait, v. to stay, to tarry. weight, n. heaviness, impor


Ware, n. in composition, as. hardware, earthenware. wear, v. to carry on the body; to waste by rubbing. Wave, n. of the sea, billow. waive, v. to relinquish, not to. insist upon.

Wey, n. 40 bushels.

way, n. a road; course, manner. weigh, v. to ascertain the weight.

Weald, n. a forest; a wooded region.

wield, v. to sway, to govern. Weather, n. state of the air. wether, n. a male sheep. Weak, a. feeble, infirm. week, n. the space of seven days.

Won, v. did win, gained, conquered.

one, a. a single thing. Wood, n. timber, a forest. would, v. past tense of Will. Ween, v. to think, to fancy. wean, v. to take a child from the breast.

Wade, v. to walk through water.

weighed, v. did weigh. Wall, n. of brick or stone to enclose or protect.

waul, v. to cry, as a cat. Week'ly, a. once a week. weakly, a. weak in body or mind.

Yoke, n. a couple or pair; bondage.

yolk, n. the yellow part of an


You, pro. plural of Thou. yew, n. an evergreen tree. ewe, n. a female sheep.


Words pronounced exactly alike, except that the second word of each pair is aspirated; but differing in spelling and signification.

Ail, v. to be ill, to feel pain. hail, n. frozen rain; v. to salute.

Ale, n. malt liquor, strong beer.

hale, a. strong, healthy. Air, n. the atmosphere, a gentle breeze.

hair, n. of the head.

All, a. the whole, every one. hall, n. a large room, a manor house.

Arras, n, tapestry.

har'ass, v. to fatigue, torment,


Arbour, n. a bower, an enclosed seat in a garden.

harbour, n. a port of refuge for ships.

Arrow, n. a weapon to be shot from a bow.

harrow, n. a frame with spikes

to tear up the soil. Art, n. skill, contrivance; a profession or trade. heart, n. the organ that circulates the blood.

Aye, adv. always, for ever. hay, n. grass cut and dried. Ash, n. a large hardy tree.

Awl, n. a cobbler's tool for hash, v. to mince, to chop.

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