Varieties of Russian Activism: State-Society Contestation in Everyday Life

Jeremy Morris, Andrei Semenov, Regina Smyth
Indiana University Press, 2023年4月4日 - 314 頁

Despite decades under Putin's rule, it is too simplistic to assert that authoritarianism in Russia has eliminated activism, especially in relation to everyday life. Instead, we must build an awareness of diverse efforts to mobilize citizens to better understand how activism is shaped by and, in turn, shapes the regime.

Varieties of Russian Activism focuses on a broad range of collective actions addressing issues from labor organizing to housing renovation, religion, electoral politics, minority language rights, and urban planning. Contributors draw attention to significant forms of grassroots politics that have not received sufficient attention in scholarship or that deserve fresh examination. The volume shows that Russians find novel ways to redress everyday problems and demand new services. Together, these essays interrogate what kinds of practices can be defined as activism in a fast-changing, politically volatile society.

An engaging collection, Varieties of Russian Activism unites leading scholars in the common aim of approaching the embeddedness of civic activism in the conditions of everyday life, connectedness, and rising society-state expectations.




Tracking the Evolution of Russian State and Society Relations Jeremy Morris Andrei Semenov and Regina Smyth
The Building Blocks of Everyday Activism Identity Networks and Social Trust Regina Smyth
Organizational Roles in Mobilization for Activism Communication Cooperation and Conjunction Jeremy Morris
Institutional Environment and Opportunity Structures for Urban Activism Andrei Semenov

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