The Defeat of the Republicans in 1882

University of Wisconsin--Madison, 1923 - 154 頁

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第 13 頁 - Subordinates in public place should be selected and retained for their efficiency, and not because they may be used to accomplish partisan ends. The people have a right to demand, here, as in cases of private employment, that their money be paid to those who will render the best service in return, and that the appointment to, and tenure of, such places should depend upon ability and merit.
第 40 頁 - Like the slight sound amid the frozen silence of the Alps that loosens and brings down the avalanche, the solitary pistol shot of the 2d of July has suddenly startled this vast accumulation of public opinion into conviction, and on every side thunders the rush and roar of its overwhelming descent, which will sweep away the host of evils bred of this monstrous abuse.
第 43 頁 - Indiana was really, I suppose, a Democratic State. It had been put down on the books always as a State that might be carried by close and perfect organization and a great deal of — (laughter). I see the reporters are present, therefore I will simply say that everybody showed a great deal of interest in the occasion and distributed tracts and political documents all through the State.
第 53 頁 - The act of congress under consideration in that case, provides "that all executive officers or employees of the United States, not appointed by the president with the advice and consent of the senate, are prohibited from requesting, giving to, or receiving from any other officer or employee of the government any money or property, or other thing of value, for political purposes...
第 49 頁 - Please say to Brady that I hope he will give us all the assistance possible. I think he can help effectively. Please tell me how the departments are doing.
第 61 頁 - ... subject, and the people of the country, apparently without distinction of party, have in various ways and upon frequent occasions given expression to their earnest wish for prompt and definite action.
第 55 頁 - Presidential election in 1884 as well as the Congressional struggle ; and it may therefore reasonably hope to have the sympathy and assistance of all who look with dread upon the possibility of the restoration of the Democratic party to the control of the Government.
第 25 頁 - ... gentleman from New York made but one. I would like to see the gentleman practice what he preaches. It is a notorious fact that the gentleman from New York on many occasions in the past, when he has failed to secure what he wanted from the Republican party, has not given it the hearty support that I have. I object to that resolution for this: That resolution recites that a man who dares assert his independence in this Convention is not worthy of a seat in the body. I say he is, and I object to...
第 56 頁 - Great political battles cannot be won in this way. This committee cannot hope to succeed in the pending struggle if those most directly benefited by success are unwilling or neglect to aid in a substantial manner. We are on the skirmish line of 1884, with a conflict before us, this fall, of great moment to the Republic, and you must know that a repulse now is full of danger to the
第 55 頁 - In order that it may prepare print and circulate suitable documents illustrating the issues which distinguished the Republican party from any other and may meet all proper expenses incident to the campaign, the committee feels authorized to apply to all citizens whose principles or interests are involved in the struggle. Under the circumstances in which the country finds itself placed...